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Asked: 6 years ago

How do I get past the man on Molida Island?

I talk to the woman and she does not tell me anything about being this man's mother. I go into the hut and the man does not yell at me and tell me to stop. I then try to go outside the woman in the garden will not let me past. I have also tried marking all of the tablets and I have only found 3 so far. What do I do?????:))

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From: MysticalChicken 6 years ago

I think you need to say "yes" (or the equivalent of that) when the guy asks you if you want to "go your own way". After listening to his spiel, leave, and he should say "WAIT, KID! COME BACK!" Go back inside the hut and talk to him again, and he should say it's okay to go into the cave. Go back outside and the woman will stop you from going into the cave, but then she'll say it's okay and you can go in.

If that doesn't work, either your game is glitched, or you're talking to the wrong guy.

BTW, the "real" hiding place of the guy's father is in front of one of the palm trees (sort of in the middle of the island, to the north of the lower area). There's no "diggy spot" in front of the tree, but when you dig there'll be a hole there.

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I am the one that asked the question and finally figured out after attempting everything, that I did not go far enough through the fog chasing the ghost ship. I had gone, but the captain had not told me to turn around. I even went back to the previous island and then went farther in the fog then. When I got back to the island, everything was completely different. The captain said something completely different when we got the Molida Island. I could tell from how everyone was saying different things than previously that I had done what I needed to do.

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