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Ghost Ship switches??????!!!!!????!!!!!!

ok, well im on the ghost ship trying to find the fourth little girl. in the first area there are 5 switches. i read this rock thing that told me the order so i went back to pull the switches, and it didnt work. ive been stuck here for several months and it wont work. ive tryed left to right, vice versa, and ive pulled rand switches in random order, dut i dosnt work. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chopy7 provided additional details:

its in the last room where the last girl is hiding in a barrel looking thing behind sum of that purple fire. in the begining of the room there are 5 switches. i found the order to pull the switches and i did it, but it didnt work. That good enough?

Accepted Answer

---Nintendo--- answered:

You need to pull the switches in this order (from left to right):

4th switch
1st switch
5th switch
2nd switch
3rd switch
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pokeaddict17 answered:

Do they have shaped holes? please gve more imformation.
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