Question from protojtc

How do I solve the riddle to the uncharted island?

it says : it steers with rudder, then makes spray! And third, it paddles, then sees a way! : PLZ HELP i have no clue about how to solve it

Accepted Answer

Kaito_Kitsune answered:

Draw the map.
Frist hit the center springy rocks. and
Second hit northeastern springy rock
Third hit northwestern springy rock
Fourth hit south and go east of your ship springy rock
Fifth hit north of your ship springy rock.
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dortxxx answered:

When you draw the map, you'll notice it's a whale shaped island.
Hit the center springy rock, and he'll tell you the riddle.

Hit the rocks in this order, tail, spray, fins, and eye.

If you do it correctly, a bridge to the tunnel in the center should become visible.
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