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Where Do You Find The Bomb Bag?

In The Legend Of Zelda

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You can find it in the goron island shop.

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Or in some chest in the temple of wind

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You get the bombs in a chest in the Temple of Wind.
Bomb bag upgrade #1 - beat the cannon game on Bannan Island.
The 2nd and final bomb bag upgrade isbeing sold at a Beedle's Shop Ship 1,000 Rupees. After getting both bomb bag upgrades you will be able to hold up to 30 bombs.

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You get bombs in the wind temple , then you can get two more by winning the cannon game and you can buy one from beedle for 1000 ruppees.

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Actually,I second Zeldamaster's answer, but 2 b exact,it is in the room with those worms in the northeast corner room.

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In the Temple of Wind. It's on the island after you pass the fog.

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