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Sun key?

I have the sun key but where do i put it? plz help me?

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gamemaster1214 answered:

Go to molida island enter the cave next to the house on the far right. But 1# enter the house and talk to the guy. Next try to leave the house the guy will tell you to wait. Then talk to him again he'll give you permission to enter the cave. Some gal will tell you to be careful. Next go to the far left up the steps to the platform. Then hop to the right 5# times go to the north beet the fish monster,by slinging the boomerang at its back it will be stunned momentariley slash him fast untill he dies.Move forward through the cave and defeat the monsters exit the cave to the left.Then grab the bome explode the crack to the left then entrer the cave get the tresurer chest to get the shovel. Leave the place leave the cave go to the rock path by the gal go west to the first tree, dig infront fo it walk over it you will fall into the hole get the tresurer chest tap the map draw that on your map.Go north/west defet the electric monster go north theres the sun door.
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