Question from lilyfern

Asked: 3 years ago

I cant stop time at the FINAL boss! Why?

When ever I get a phantom orb or whatevr their called, I cant stop time to hit him, in the temple and the Phantom ship wreckage. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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Once you've got the orb make sure you press the hourglass icon in the center-botton of the screen, then Quickly, I really mean, QUICKLY make the 8 figure, infinite symbol, and that should do the trick.
Hope to help.
TIP: Take a good look when the fairy shows the exact start point and how to do it.

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to get the phantom SPHERE you must fight Linebeck to get it . then tap the icon at the bottom of the screen and draw an 8.

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Once you have the orb, tap it and draw an 8.

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