"This wasn't as great as The Twilight Princess, but it still was outstanding."

I rated it a 9/10, because it has it's cons as well as it's flaws. I heard of it and thought to myself: "Whoa! A new Zelda Game! But using the stylus just ruins all the fun. I mean, click something and it dies. Boring." So I wasn't planning to buy it. Then I got it one day and thought: "Hm. Well, let's check it out then." Boy was I blown away when I finished the game. Sure the Graphics were a little clunky, but they way they used the stylus and microphone features made me look past the Graphics.

Graphics: 7/10
I liked the graphics. They're quite different from the first few 3D Zelda Games, and really different than the original Zelda Titles. PH retained the original style seen in WW. In that case, it's great graphics.

Microphone: 7/10
I loved the way they used the Microphone in some ways. Like to blow away dust or yell out to someone. I just wished they used it more, like, blowing into the boat to make it go, but I would get dizzy. Still, I think that the way they used the microphone just enough that it wouldn't get old.

Stylus: 7/10
Now this is why I truly loved the game. The stylus you hold is like a small sword. Wherever you swing it, the sword swings also. It was fun at first, but then, I found out that just swinging the stylus in one direction will make you swing. It didn't matter if you swung lightly or with force, it would still swing. Even senseless swinging will do that. They should have worked on that.

Items: 6/10
I wasn't too impressed by the items however. I mean boomerangs and potions are so old already. But the way they turned "The Old Item" around, was that you could play a part in it more than ever. I mean you could chose the path of the boomerang, or you could choose how far the Grappling hook could go, and that was just plain fun. The Phantom Hourglass also comes to mind. You couldn't play a part in it, yet you could. You could add more and more sand to it as you progressed, and that was fun.

Boat/Boat Parts: 10/10
This feature was also fun. You could customize your very own boat! And the best part? The parts would randomize in Value and Location, every time you started a new file. Doing that, will mean that you could ALMOST never have 2 files with boat parts of the same value, in the same location. It's almost a rare thing, like snowflakes.

Game Files: 7/10
This disappointed me greatly. I turned on the game and saw that it only had 2 files, in comparison to the original 3 the other Zelda Games had. Still, I remembered that this game has a lot of features and such, seeing it from that point of view, I understand why only 2 files could be included.

Selling Parts/Items: 9/10
This was another fun feature, you could sell certain items and parts. You could get rich quick, by selling almost all of your stuff!

Plot: 8/10
I loved the story line and characters. I loved how the story ended. And when I finished it, I put it down and said: "That was fun."

Wi-Fi: 8/10
This was also a fun feature. To actually play with other people from around the world as Link or as a Guard simply was too much fun. I loved the features there too. But I just wish that the microphone was usable in Wi-Fi. It would've been fun to scream and shout to your opponent and launch some taunts.

So overall, I say that it was near perfection. It could had a few more modifications, but the way it is, is just fine with me.

Reviewer's Score: 9/10 | Originally Posted: 01/26/09, Updated 07/15/09

Game Release: The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (US, 10/01/07)

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