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how do I evolve my spectrobes (adult to evolved?

I have no clue.

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Abyssal_Rider answered:

!!!Steps to evolve a Spectrobe!!!

step 1. put in the Incubator
step 2a. feed minerals if not glowing
step 2b. if already glowing go to step 3b
step 3a. wait for a hour or two with spectrobe in Incubator, advice is to go mining.(when glowing go to step 3b)
step 3b. touch the spectrobe detail icon in the Incubator, the thing to zoom in on the spectrobe
step 4. pick spectrobe
step 5. touch the touch the spectrobe
step screen for next step (must have the Zeta cube for evolving Adult spectrobes)
step 7. scratch the egg-shaped casing on the screen with your stylus.
step 8. Congraulations you just evolved your spectrobe!
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Abyssal_Rider answered:

note, the steps are the same for Child-Adult AND Adult-Evolved, you just need the Zeta cube for evolving Adult Forms
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19Jazz97 answered:

Abyssal_Rider, What do you mean by glowing?
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Abyssal_Rider answered:

By glowing i mean they will start to sparkle, little bright dots will apear around the spectrobe ike it does before they evolve from child to adult.
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