Deck Building Guide by MeddlingMage21

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Marvel TCG (PSP)
Deck Building Guide
ver 1.0 -- 05/07/07

This guide Copyright 2007 Vincent Cheng.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

Table of Contents
I.   Introduction
II.  Version History
III. Starting out and how to make decks
IV.  Real Decks and where to find the cards
V.   Acknowledgments

----------------- I.Introduction -----------------------------------------
Hi, this is the first FAQ I ever wrote. I am a Magic player, but a bunch of
my friends play Marvel TCG, so I picked up this game to learn how to play.
Since I play Magic TCG, it took me about 5 minutes through the tutorial
to learn the game. In this guide, I will help noobs out with deck construction
before more powerful packs are unlocked and then I will cover decks that are
good, but require a pretty decent collection to build.

---------------- II. Ver. History -------------------------------------------

Ver. 0.5 - First version of guide

Ver. 0.9 - almost done, want to make decks for a couple more affiliations.

Ver. 1.0 - Final update, refined existing decks and offer alternate card
           choices. Included instant library code. Added remainder of
           promised decklists. Any further updates will be to post any
           decklists that are e-mailed to me. I no longer provide card
           locations as the code makes this moot.

----------------III. Starting Out ------------------------------------------

	There are people who probably disagree, but I believe that everyone 
should start with the Hero missions first. My main reason for doing so is a 
specific mission in Chapter 5. 

*SPOILER: If you choose Hero missions, you will be playing as Daredevil vs. 
Bullseye with Sniper already in play. This mission is considerably easier than
Villain Mission 5-9 which is vs Elektra with a 5-drop Elektra already in play,
and in my opinion, even harder than the last boss - Mastermold cuz the CPU 
will relentlessly KO your characters.

	I segwayed into this little spoiler because you, the reader needs 
access to Hero Pack 7 ASAP. Since Hero Pack 7's cards are identical to Villain
Pack 7's, it is highly recommended to go the Hero path, even if you like 
villains better (like myself). I also assume that readers are already familiar
with most of the terms and all of the rules of the game. Without further ado:

Hero Starter Deck
1x Advance Recon
1x Armored Spider Suit
2x Base of Operations
2x Battering Ram (Short-Lived Strongman)
2x Bishop (Lucas Bishop)
2x Black Cat (Felicia Hardy)
2x Blind Sided
1x Crushing Blow
2x Crystal (Inhuman)
2x Dagger (Tandy Bowen)
2x Ezekiel (Spirit of the Spider)
1x Flying Kick
2x Frog Man (Eugene Patilio)
2x Grounded
2x Hornet (Eddie McDonough)
2x Human Torch (Friendly Rival)
1x Iceman (Cool Customer)
2x Jetpack
2x Marvel Team-up
1x Mattie Franklin (Gift of Power)
2x Meltdown
2x Nova (Richard Rider)
2x One-Two Punch
1x Personal Forcefield
2x Pleasant Distraction
2x Prowler (Hobie Brown)
1x Psylocke (Betsy Bradock)
2x Punisher (Vigilante)
2x Reconnaissance
1x Rise from the Grave
2x She-Hulk (Green Jeans)
1x Spider Senses
1x Spiderman (The Amazing SpiderMan)
1x Thing (Strongman)
2x Unexpected Mutation
2x Wild Pack

This is the pile that you start with as a hero. Notable cards include Blind 
Sided, Rise from the Grave and The Amazing Spider-Man. While the deck isn't
complete crap, it won't last long after chapter 2, so you need to learn to
customize it and fast.

The main problem with this deck is that you are given X-men, Spiderfriends, 
and Fantastic Four characters, but only two Marvel Team-ups. This may not
seem that important, but you will see when you can't team attack a larger
character or reinforce against a savage attack at one of your weaker guys.

----------------------III,A. Deckbuilding Tips-----------------------------

Based on the available packs in the first couple of chapters, I would suggest
these following types of decks: 

1. Spiderfriends only (easy enough because the Hero Starter has mostly Spider-
  friend affiliated characters). 

2. A bit after trying Spiderfriend only, you can make X-Men and Fantastic Four, 
  but you'll need a lot more cards. Bishop will be your best friend throughout 
  the first 2 chapters. Without Overload, Bishop > random ranged guy.

Here's some guidelines on deck construction:

1. You'll need anywhere from 28 to 33 characters, 33 being the absolute max

2. Rule of thumb is about 6-12 (1 or 2 drops), ~12 (3-4 drop), 4 (6+ drop), 
   the rest is up to you. It really depends whether or not it's a rush deck

3. 20+ Plot Twists. and the rest = locations and equips

4. Of course these are merely guidelines, but it helps when you make your own 
   deck. Keep in mind, 1 and 2 drops become obsolete quick, so don't worry 
   too much if you're not matching the CPU drop for drop early on.

5. Stay within 1 or 2 teams.

6. Later on, starting w/ Pack 3, tutors will be available (Signal Flare). 
   These kinds of cards are absolutely neccessary in later chapters and 
   with the inclusion of tutors, your deck will no longer seem like a pile.

Brief overview of affiliations and what they're good at:

Avengers: Their strengths are having strong cards and a stronger tutor
          in Jarvis <Honorary Avenger>. That and Earth's Mightiest Heroes
          (+7 attack) is even stronger than Savage Beatdown.

Brotherhood: Essentially the "bad guys" they are best suited for beatdown
             as Sabretooth <Feral Rage> is the best 4-drop in the game.
             They have several great locations as well.

Crime Lords: Like Brotherhood, they are suited for quick beats and try
             to end the game quick. Fixer is especially useful if you want
             your deck to easily curve out. Deadpool is one of the best
             concealed characters in the game.

Doom: Even better than the X-men at controlling the game, Doom cards are
      especially good at slowing your opponent down. 

Fantastic Four: Very equipment oriented, with a super unfair Location by the
                name of Antarctic Research Base. Strangely, FF performs even
                better when paired with Doom.

Kang: Weird affiliation where you have strong characters, but you need to
      wait for them. Best tutor in the game is Kang Kong; it lets you look
      for ANY card in the deck. Another benefit is that like 30 characters
      in your deck is named Kang, so powering up is easy.

Marvel Knights: This affil. has probably the most concealed characters of
                any group. This works well with cards like Crushing Blow
                that punish you opponents for having exhausted dudes. The
                other thing they are good at is KO-ing characters.

Masters of Evil: I haven't much experience with this group, but their
                 main theme is using resource points for special effects.

Sentinel: There are two versions of this: Vomit Sentinels and Curve. Both
          abuse the fact that they are Army and that reconstruction Program
          lets you bring back up to 3 guys.

Sinister Syndicate: Very similar to Crime Lords in the fact that they try
                    to kill ASAP. In fact, there is a specific team-up for
                    these two (Honor Among Thieves) that give 3 cost and
                    less characters on your side a +1 bonus.

Spiderfriends: A fun group to try out. Initially, you only get to see a
               fraction of what they can do. Later, when you get the evasion
               and characters that give Evasion guys bonuses, it minimizes the
               damage done on their initiative. 

Squadron Supreme/Thunderbolts: These two groups combine to be even faster than
                               even Brotherhood decks; if you can imagine that

Underworld: Mainly focused on the graveyard (discard pile)

X-Men: Very balanced and even more powerful with their numerous locations
       Too bad they're very predictable, like the Avengers

X-Statix: Weird affiliation with 2 themes: Either having a group of them or
          just one hero tearing it up.

--------------------III,B. Booster Pack Cheat-----------------------

Here is a trick submitted by Yu Gi Jai on the message boards. Unfortunately, 
I found out about it after going through 1.3 million points. It is to help 
you get what you want through the card store.

1. Have a bunch of points through games.

2. Look at Jajuga's Pack List FAQ to see what you want.

3. Eject memory stick from PSP

4. Buy packs and choose Continue Without Saving

5. Check out your cards. If it's not what you want, back up to profiles.

6. Re-insert memory stick and load profile.

7. If you like what you saw, make changes to deck, pop in the stick 
   and save changes.

-----------------------Instant Library Cheat-------------------------

This trick was submitted to me along with a Masters of Evil decklist
courtesy of Aaron Souders (I apologize for the previous mis-spelling)
Note: this code makes the above trick obsolete.

In the Name Deck part of the Deck Editor, enter blvrtrsk as your
deck name and voila!, you instantly get 20 of each card; I think you 
also get 7-drop Mr. Fantastic as the 853rd card (correct me if I'm wrong)

Here's what you want to pick up by packs, though don't sweat it too much, 
because you still want other cards for your collection. I'll only go 
through the first 3 packs since after Chapter 3, you should have a good 
grasp of the game and have an idea of what you want to do with your deck. 
Also, starting with Pack 4, the number of different affiliations jump, 
so please refer to jajuga's Booster Pack contents FAQ.

Hero Pack 1:


Antarctic Research Base (This card is so broken, it's banned in real life)
Professor X's Mansion
Earth's Mightiest Heroes (for later)
Human Torch <Hotshot>


Luke Cage <Hero for Hire>
Rogue <Powerhouse>
Dagger <Tandy Bowen>
Dagger <Child of Light> (for later)


Borrowed Blade
Invisible Woman <Protector>
Base of Operations
Finishing Move
Midnight Sons (for later)
One-Two Punch
Daredevil <The Man Without Fear>
Wild Pack <Army>
Bishop <Lucas Bishop>
Jean Grey <Marval Girl>

Hero Pack 2:


Emma Frost <Headmistress of Xavier's Academy>
Thing <Heavy Hitter>
Wolverine <Berserker Rage>


Avalon Space Station
Marvel Team-up
Beast <Dr. Henry McCoy>
Gambit <Remy LeBeau>


Dual Sidearms
Human Torch <Hothead>
Mr. Fantastic <Reed Richards>
Crushing Blow
No Fear
Quick Kill (for later)
Spider-Man <Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man>
Lacuna <Media Darling> (to find your Marvel Team-Ups)
Banshee <Sean Cassidy>
Cyclops <Scott Summers>
Shadowcat <Kitty Pryde>
Storm <Ororo Munroe>

Hero Pack 3: 


Invisible Woman <Sue Richards>
Mr. Fantastic <Leader>
Signal Flare (Very Important for Fantastic Four, get 4 right away)
Onslaught <Psionic Spawn of Xavier and Magneto>
Professor X <World's Most Powerful Telepath>
Storm <Weather Witch> (This card is ridiculous since the CPU isn't too bright)

She-Hulk <Jennifer Walters>
Mutant Nation (useful if you want to play Brotherhood/X-men)

Crystal <Inhuman>
Crystal <Elemental Princess> (This one's a bit more useful)
Black Cat <Felicia Hardy>
Cloak <Tyrone Johnson>
Puppet Master <Phillip Masters> (This is how you'll be able to play Onslaught)
Archanger <Warren Worthington III>

Note: don't attempt Common Enemy until after you get access to Hero Pack 7 
and Don't try Marvel Knights until you have access to Hero Pack 5 and 
same for Avengers until you access Hero Pack 6.


-----------------------IV. Real Decks---------------------------------------

Alright, this is what you've been waiting for: the good decks. I borrowed a 
couple from and, but since we don't have DC cards, I 
improvised. I am assuming that you have all packs up to Villain Pack 6.

Contents (after 2 updates, I've got quite a few):

1. Common Enemy
2. X-stall
3. The New Brotherhood
4. Vomit Sentinels
5. Squadron Supreme / Thunderbolts
6. Marvel Knights
7. Fantastic Four / Marvel Knights
8. Avengers (Thor themed)
9. Sinister Syndicate Beatdown
10. Syndicate / Crime Lords
11. X-Statix (loner version)
12. Spiderfriends
13. Kang Combo
14. Curve Sentinels
15. Masters of Evil
16. Fantastic Four (Cosmic Radiation)


1. Common Enemy - My personal Favorite (this is my version)

1x Doom's Throne Room - Villain Pack 6, Rare
4x Doomstadt - Hero Pack 7, Common
2x Acrobatic Dodge - Villain Pack 2, Common
4x Common Enemy - Hero Pack 2, Uncommon
2x Faces of Doom - Hero Pack 2, Uncommon
1x Flame Trap - Villain Pack 5, Rare
3x It's Clobberin' Time - Hero Pack 6, Rare
3x Mystical Paralysis - Hero Pack 2, Uncommon
2x Overload - Hero Pack 7, Uncommon
3x Reign of Terror - Hero Pack 7, Rare
3x Savage Beatdown - Hero Pack 7, Rare
4x Signal Flare - Hero Pack 3, Rare
4x Boris <Personal Servant of Doctor Doom> - Hero Pack 7, Rare
2x Darkoth <Major Desmond Pitt> - Hero Pack 5, Uncommon
4x Dr. Doom <Diabolical Genius> - Hero Pack 7, Uncommon (card is glitched)
1x Dr. Doom <Victor Von Doom> - Hero Pack 2, Common
1x Dr. Doom <Lord of Latveria> - Hero Pack 3, Rare
2x Robot Destroyer <Army> - Hero Pack 2, Rare
1x Submariner <Ally of Doom> - Hero Pack 4, Rare
1x Ghost Rider <New Fantastic Four> - Hero Pack 5, Rare 
2x Human Torch <Johnny Storm> - Villain Pack 1, Common
1x Invisible Woman <Sue Storm> - Hero Pack 5, Common
1x Medusa <Inhuman> - Hero Pack 4, Common
4x She-Hulk <Jennifer Walters> - Hero Pack 3, Uncommon
3x She-Thing <Sharon Ventura> - Hero Pack 7, Common
1x Thing <Heavy Hitter> - Hero Pack 2, Rare (MVP of the deck)

Variations: Some versions include Finishing Move x1 or 2 copies for
annoying dudes that have to go. Others like Thing <7-drop> which is
like a super Reign of Terror and some others like Silver Surfer. 
Another card that is liked is Hulk <New Fantasitic Four>.
Recently, I removed Medusa and added Valeria Richards for additional
card-drawing as soon as you team-up.

Here is how the deck works. You want to keep a hand with either Doomstadt 
and Boris or Dr. Doom <Diabolic Genius>. You want to stall with She-Thing 
and She-Hulk until turn 4, though if you have Boris/Doomstadt, you can 
use Boris early. The other benefit of Doomstadt, is the +3 Def bonus to 
Dr. Doom. It matters as this is usually the difference of whether or not 
you get stunned back.

Turn 4 is when you bust out Dr. Doom <Diabolocal Genius>. Since the 
continuous effect doesn't work in this game, it is only good to turn 
a used plot twist face down. If you didn't already have Doom, there 
are multiple ways of getting him:

1. Faces of Doom. With Doomstadt in play, you go grab a copy. Simple.

2. If you had Boris turn 1, random Fantastic Four character turn 2, 
   and Common Enemy, you can team them up and Signal Flare for Dr. Doom.

Now that you have it, on this turn play 4-drop Doom and then you want to 
either: Reign of Terror, Flame Trap, or if neccessary, both. This eliminates 
any momentum that the opponent may have had, while stabilizing your 
position; I mean, do you really think that your opponent would forego 
his 4 drop/ 5 drop to replay his early dudes that you sent back? NO WAY!
Speaking of Boris, he is one of the most versatile cards in the game. Do not 
hesitate to play Robot Destroyer and Boris over Dr. Doom <Victor Von Doom> 
if you already have Dr. Doom <Diabolic Genius> in play. He will grab you the 
best card for whatever situation. Getting beatdown by lots of little dudes? 
Grab a Flame Trap. Have a Dr. Doom coming up? Fetch a Reign of Terror. CPU 
pumping his guy like crazy? Get an Overload. Big threat on their initiative? 
Find a Mystical Paralysis and exhaust him.

On that topic, one of your objectives is to nullify their initiative. In the 
earlier turns, Reign of Terror is your weapon of choice, getting doubles will
wipe their board clean and usually all but guarantees victory. Mystical 
Paralysis is another such card. It's like Pleasant Distraction, except that 
it works on their turn! That is usually when you want to make their dude 
unable to swing. Doom 6-drop is very good too, since now you know that their
hand size = number of tricks that they have. Not being able to play PTs from
their resource row cripples your opponent, but beware, if the only character
you have is Doom or if you didn't team-up, his effect may not be on,so be 
careful if some of your other guys get stunned.

Turn 5 should almost always Signal Flare for Thing and from there, it's 
pretty much over. Thing in itself negates their initiative. His sheer brute 
strength and size makes it so that your opponent doesn't want to swing.
Submariner should clean things up handily if it gets to turn 7. Alternatively,
you could play Robot Destroyer on T5 and Thing <Ever-Lovin Blue Eyed Thing>
on T7 if you like and included him.

As a final note, teaming up is very impoertant - hence the name of the deck.
It lets you search for Boris, Doom, or Submariner with Signal Flare and it
also lets your Doom guys use It's Clobberin' Time.

Note that playing this deck takes a bit of practice, mainly to memorize the
cards in the deck, since Boris lets you do some pretty resourceful stuff 
when needed. Once you get the hang of it, though, you'll notice that this
is one of the few decks that let you **** with your opponent's board and can
still beat down via Thing or Ghost Rider.


2. X-stall - This deck is pretty consistant and the plan is to stall until it 
breaks out either Wolverine <Berserker Rage>, Professor X, or Onslaught. It
is a controlling deck and its priority is staying alive rather than beating
down, though with Danger Room and Madripoor, it can do that too. Here's 
my personal build of it:

2x Dazzler <Alison Blaire>
1x Danger Room
1x Madripoor
2x Siege Perilous
4x Acrobatic Dodge
2x Bishop <Lucas Bishop>
4x Puppet Master <Phillip Masters>
1x Avalon Space Station
3x Cerebro
2x Entangle
3x Pleasant Distraction
2x Shrink
3x System Failure
4x Wolverine <Logan>
3x Children of the Atom
4x Rogue <Power Absorbtion>
1x Professor Xavier's Mansion
1x Professor X <Charles Xavier>
2x Sunfire <Shiro Yoshida>
3x Xavier's Dream
3x Emma Frost <Headmistress of Xavier's Academy>
2x Mimic <Calvin Rankin>
2x Storm <Weather Witch>
1x Professor X <World's Most Powerful Telepath>
1x Wolverine <Berserker Rage>
1x Professor X <Mental Master>
2x Onslaught <Psionic Spawn of Xavier and Magneto>

This deck is probably the only stall deck in the game. You want Puppet Master 
in play on turn 2 and Rogue to copy it's ability on turn 4. Wolverine <Logan>
is used to control the number of your opponent's guys. If you have a chance,
make sure the opponent has less guys than you (by stunning 2+ dudes), so when
he gets priority, you can just exhaust all of his guys. 
Powers that can be copied via Rogue and Mimic include: 

Puppet Master - exhaust guys.  
Dazzler - to exhaust back row dudes. 
Sunfire - destroy rush decks, usually he uses his power and 
          Rogue copies Puppet Master. 
Emma Frost - card "stealing" and defense boost. 
Charles Xavier - more discard.
Prof. X, <WMPT> - copied for it's sick exhaust and damage ability. 
And once in a while the enemy might have an ability worth copying.

I replaced Overload with System Failure and added Shrink because of a
new win condition: Xavier's Dream which states that there can't be any
stunned characters. This is also why I added another Siege Perilous. 

Usually any of your 7 drops or 8 drop Prof. X will end the game. In the odd 
games when they don't win the game outright, play Onslaught and it's game 
over, man. He will singlehandedly win the game for you by stunning your 
opponent's board. Experience is needed to play the deck as your careful use 
of abilities will make or break the game. Siege Perilous and Children of 
the Atom help to un-stun your characters to make sure they last a lot
longer than they should. 
You will almost always want Cerebro in play. Danger Room and Madripoor make
your X-men way better than whatever your opponents have. Just remember to have

The gameplan is to just stall (attacking isn't your priority) until you break
out a game-winner. Against weaker opponents, you can actually play as 
beatdown. 3-drop 6/6 Wolverine and 4-drop 7/7 flying Rogue is no joke,
especially when they get +1/+1 from your locations. Savage Beatdown can be 
replaced, but as I said, the deck can play as beatdown or use it if you need 
to boost your opponent's guy to Overload it.


3. The New Brotherhood - If stalling until you drop a bomb is not your style, 
here is X-Stall's polar opposite (the deck played by Magneto). There are some
key interactions that I'll explain before going into specifics- 
The deck has several pump effects: 

1. The New Brotherhood - foundation of the deck; you want to purposely keep
   yourself at 4 resources to keep this bonus. Having 1 is brutal, 2 copies 
   is just fatal.

2. Lost City - If you have Lost City, you're gonna want Avalon Space Station.
   Here's what happens: You power up a guy; he gets +3/+3 because of Lost City.
   Use Avalon to get back your guy or if you chuck a Brotherhood character, 
   you get 2 dudes back.

3. Savage Land - this operates independent of your other pump-ups. Pretty
   powerful though you gotta make sure you're gonna cause breakthrough 
   (no reinforcement)

With the explainations out of the way here my version of The New Brotherhood:

3x Avalon Space Staion
4x Genosha
3x Lost City
4x Savage Land
2x Blind Sided
2x Flying Kick
2x Kaboom!
4x Savage Beatdown
4x The New Brotherhood
4x Destiny <Irene Adler>
2x Magneto <Eric Lehnsherr>
3x Mammomax <Elephant Boy>
3x Phantazia <Eileen Harsaw>
3x Pyro <St. John Allerdyce>
3x Quicksilver <Pietro Maximoff>
4x Rogue <Anna Raven>
4x Sabretooth <Feral Rage>
2x Scarlet Witch <Eldritch Enchantress>
4x Toad <Mortimer Toynbee>

This deck is fast, very fast and can win as soon as turn 5; turn 4 if you 
have 2 copies of New Brotherhood (TNB). Make sure you have either: Savage
Land, The New Brotherhood, or Avalon + Lost City in your opening hand. 
In this update, I changed the decklist to speed it up even more. Now you
also have Quicksilver whose ability is actually very relevant. Some like
4x Magneto for it's synergy with Genosha and Avalanche or Lorelei are
other viable substitutes.

Start beating down with Destiny if you have Savage Land or TNB. Turn 2 is
Toad, Pyro, or Avalanche. Toad is especially good because if you have 2 guys
stunned, you return him and unstun the stronger guy. 

If you haven't already noticed, Magneto is a 5-drop. In order to get him in
play while maintaining The New Brotherhood's bonus, you either: 

1. Flip Genosha and then You play Magneto and crack Genosha to draw 4. You
   should now have 4 resources again. 

2. You flip Ka-Boom! after playing Magneto and KO an opponent's location and
   once again you're back at 4 resources. 

3. Here's the worst option: You have a face-up unique location like Avalon.
   You use it. Play Magneto. Flip another copy of Avalon and KO the original
   because of uniqueness rule. You'll be down a resource, but w/ +2 attack to
   all your guys, who cares? 

Also note that you should never put a Plot Twist into your Resource Row unless 
it says The New Brotherhood or Kaboom!. Play all Plot Twists from your hand
to save space.

Destiny is actually good all game if used properly. Pyro and Scarlet Witch are
for face burn. You usually want Mammomax turn 3 - 7/4 and with TNB, he's a 9/4
on turn 3. That and Sabretooth is a beast. 11/7 on turn 4 and w/ bonus is
13/7. Cheap ain't it?

Also, if you have Lost City + Avalon combo, Power-up when they have init-
iative and attack your guy. This allows your dude to survive, stun-back,
and still attack back, usually a resulting in a facial. 

With the proper decision making, this deck is a force to be reckoned with.
Also an ideal deck to play if you need to win by turn 6, because there isn't
gonna be a turn 6.


4. Vomit Sentinels -  I didn't agree with the internet build, so here's it
is with a few modifications.

4x Longshot <Rebel Freedom Fighter> - Hero Pack 5, Rare
2x Senator Kelly <Anti-Mutant Advocate> - Hero Pack 1, Uncommon
18x Wild Sentinel <Army> - Hero Pack 2, Common
14x Sentinel Mark IV <Army> - Hero Pack 4, Uncommon
2x Crushing Blow - Hero Pack 2, Common
4x Reconstruction Program - Hero Pack 7, Common
3x Cover Fire - Hero Pack 7, Common
3x Search and Destroy - Hero Pack 3, Uncommon
4x Underground Sentinel Base - Villain Pack 4, Rare
2x Orbital Sentinel Base - Hero Pack 2, Uncommon
1x South American Sentinel Base - Hero Pack 2, Uncommon
3x Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters - Hero Pack 3, Uncommon

Here's how this works: You mulligan until you hit either Longshot or
Underground Sentinel Base. Hopefully you got Longshot and/or Xavier's School.
Play Longshot. Activate, naming: Wild Sentinel and Sentinel Mark IV. Hopefully
you get a few guys. Use Xavier's School if you have it to ready Longshot.
Use him again and again. 

On turn 2 and 3, just play a bunch of Wild Sentinels and team attack or
reinforce when you have to.

Turn 4 is when it gets interesting. You get to play Sentinel Mark IV. 
Also make sure you have a mark IV in your resource row by now if you have
a face-down Underground Sentinel Base. A Mark IV should have the highest
attack of anyone on the board unless they have 11/7 Sabretooth. Keep
Longshot-ing into more dudes. From turn 5 and on your turns are either: 

1. Play 5 Wild Sentinels, use USB to play a Mark IV from resource row.

2. You could go 1 Wild Sentinel and 2 Mark IV thanks to USB. 

Your objective, is obviously to overrun your opponent. While your guys trade
1 for 1 with your opponents', you have Longshot and Reconstruction Program to
make sure you don't run out of fodder. This deck is fun, but Longshot is a
chore to use in a video game and it almost auto-loses to my Common Enemy deck
- see: Flame Trap or Reign of Terror and it sucks to see Overload used on 
your super-powered Mark IVs. Yet, you rip so much fodder that it usually
doesn't matter if 1/2 of your dudes die off.


5. Squadron Supreme - Before playing this, I used to think: Squdron Supreme? 
Who the hell are they? Now after playing this deck I'm like: S. Supreme will 
**** your **** up. In all seriousness though, winning on turn 4 or 5 is very
common with this deck as long as your opponent isn't packing too much anti-
rush hate like Flame Trap. The only tricky part of playing this deck is how
to keep your hand empty when you're drawing 2 cards a turn.

1x Airskimmer - Hero Pack 3, Common
2x Dual Sidearms - Hero Pack 2, Common
2x Jetpack - Villain Pack 4, Common
4x Thunder Jet - Hero Pack 7, Common
4x Answer the Call - Hero Pack 6, common
4x Flying Kick - Hero Pack 7, Common
2x Might Makes Right - Hero Pack 4, Common
2x Other Earth - Villain Pack 1, Rare (I'm not sure if this is the right pack)
4x Panacea Potion - Hero Pack 7, Uncommon
1x Savage Beatdown - Hero Pack 7, Rare
4x Surprise Attack - Hero Pack 7, Common
4x Albert Gaines <Atomic Powerhouse> - Hero Pack 7, Common
4x Ape X <Xina> - Hero Pack 7, Common
1x Foxfire <Olivia Underwood> - Hero Pack 3, uncommon
4x Golden Archer <Wyatt McDonald> - Hero Pack 5, Common
4x Lady Lark <Linda Lewis> - Hero Pack 7, Uncommon
1x Quagmire <Jerome Meyers> - Villain Pack 2, Uncommon
4x Shape <Malleable Mutant> - Villain Pack 1, Uncommon
4x Joystick <Janice Yanizesh> - Hero Pack 7, Uncommon
4x Melissa Gold <Sonic Carapace> - Hero Pack 3, Uncommon

To play this deck: It's easy, just smash face, while keeping your hand down to 
as few cards as possible. When you have no cards in hand, some of your best 
Plot Twists like Panacea Potion and several of your characters like Joystick
and Shape come on-line. The deck even plays Might Makes Right and Surprise 
Attack to rid your hand faster. 

If you can't find copies of Other Earth, Blind Sided works as well, but Other
Earth does all of their characters and has a bonus of giving them -2 Def.

Played intelligently, like Brotherhood, this deck wins on turn 4 or 5, which
is pretty damn fast for a deck composed of mostly commons and uncommons. You
have to swing with reckless abandon and power-up ASAP in order to keep your
hand empty. Might Makes Right is pretty useful too for this purpose.
Note: don't be tempted to play more Savage Beatdowns because it costs 4 and
clogs up your hand. Your characters on the other hand are easy to purge 
from your hand, especiall since you've got like a dozen Reservists. All in
all, pretty easy to play and build. It's up to you; with this deck, you have
to keep your hand empty, while with Brotherhood, you have to stay at 4
resources. It's merely a matter of preference, although in my honest opinion,
I think Squadron is slightly easier to play.


6. Marvel Knights - At first, I thought Marvel Knights were weak, but after I
played this deck I thought otherwise. The main strength of this deck is the
efficiency it has in KO-ing your opponent's characters. This way, unless he's
playing Squadron, your opponent is kept to one guy a turn and no matter how
big he is, you can take him down w/ team attacks.

4x Mikado and Mosha <Angels of Destruction> - Hero Pack 5, Common
1x Micro-Chip <Linus Lieberman> - Hero Pack 4, Common
1x Iron Fist <Danny Rand> - Hero Pack 6, Common
6x Hounds of Ahab <Army> - Hero Pack 7, uncommon (SENTINEL)
3x Death-Stalker <Phillip Sterling> - Villain Pack 5, Common (CRIME-LORDS)
4x Elektra <Elektra Natchios> - Hero Pack 5, Common
3x Luke Cage <Street Enforcer> - Hero Pack 7, Common
3x Yelena Belova <Enemy Agent> - Hero Pack 5, Rare
1x Moon Knight <Marc Spector> - Hero Pack 5, Common
4x Daredevil <Matt Murdock> - Hero Pack 7, Rare
1x Spiderman <The Spectacular Spider-Man> - Villain Pack 2, Common
3x Punisher's Armory - Hero Pack 5, Uncommon
3x Crushing Blow - Hero Pack 2, Common
4x Quick Kill - Hero Pack 2, Common
4x Wild Ride - Hero Pack 5, Rare
4x Crime and Punishment - Hero Pack 3, Common
3x Flying Kick - Hero Pack 7, Common
4x Savage Beatdown - Hero Pack 7, Rare
2x Overload - Hero Pack 7, Uncommon
2x Sucker Punch - Hero Pack 3, Uncommon

How the deck works: Did you notice that there are a lot of Concealed
characters in this deck? Elektra, Luke Cage, Hounds, Death-Stalker. It makes
it hard to defend your life total. Don't worry though, being Concealed has
it's advantages.
Since your characters are hidden, your opponent's only option is to swing at
you. The thing is that once your opponent's characters swing at you, they are
exhausted so when you can swing back, use Sucker Punch or Crushing Blow. This
pumps your guys and greatly lowers the chance of stun-backs. Yelena <> Black
Widow straight up kills em. 

If Luke Cage is in play, it is even more reason to use your Quick Kill,
Yelena or KO a guy with Hounds of Ahab. This draws you a card and leaves your
opponent with not a lot of options (basically, you have CotA or Rise from the
Grave or not). 

Your first play is usually on turn 2 with Hounds into turn 3 Elektra. While
on turn 2 if you stun someone, you can Quick Kill him or even better, if they
have a 1 drop, you can Mikado & Mosha it and then attack w/ Hounds to KO it.
With plenty of pump-ups, you can win on turn 6 normally, especially with
Punisher's Armory. Also with Punisher's Armory, you can make sure to stun
your target pending A Child Named Valeria or weird BS like that. You usually
know you're gonna win if you keep them to 1 guy on turn 4 or 5. Turn 6 is
when you actually kill your opponent. Watch out for Overload; while one
doesn't hurt as much, but the CPU has a nasty habit of drawing multiples.


7. Fantastic Four/ Marvel Knights Hybrid - This one's my own creation. I use
equipment-hungry dudes like Blade and Punisher while feeding them equips with
Fantastic Four cards and abusing the uber-broken Antarctic Research Base.
Pier 4 is insane as well, letting your characters double-equip. Note: don't
equip Elektra, hidden chars. can't equip.

1x Borrowed Blade - Hero Pack 1, Common
3x Dual Sidearms - Hero Pack 2, Common
4x Fantasticar - Hero Pack 3, Rare
3x Jetpack - Villain Pack 4, Common
4x Antarctic Research Base - Hero Pack 1, Rare
1x Pier 4 - Hero Pack 1, Rare
1x Punisher's Armory - Hero Pack 5, Uncommon
4x It's Clobberin' Time - Hero Pack 6, Rare
2x Midnight Sons - Hero Pack 1, Common
1x Salvage - Hero Pack 6, Rare
2x Savage Beatdown - Hero Pack 7, Rare
1x Signal Flare - Hero Pack 3, Rare
4x Wild Ride - Hero Pack 5, Rare
1x Ghost Rider <New Fantastic Four> - Hero Pack 5, Rare
1x Invisible Woman <Sue Storm> - Hero Pack 5, Common
4x Mr. Fantastic <Reed Richards> - Hero Pack 2, Common
2x Mr. Fantastic <Stretch> - Hero Pack 7, Uncommon
2x Thing <Heavy Hitter> - Hero Pack 2, Rare
4x Blade <Eric Brooks> - Villain Pack 1, Rare
4x Dagger <Child of Light> - Hero Pack 1, Uncommon
4x Elektra <Elektra Natchios> - Hero Pack 5, Common
2x Mikado and Mosha <Angels of Destruction> - Hero Pack 5, Common
1x Natasha Romanoff <KGB Killer> - Hero Pack 5, Uncommon
4x Punisher <Jury> - Hero Pack 4, Uncommon

How to play this: You will want to team-up ASAP. Antarctic Research Base, 
Fantasticar, It's Clobberin' Time, Punisher's Armory, Signal Flare, Wild Ride,
Elektra and Blade are all affiliation specific.

Fortunately, you can easily team-up with Midnight Sons. You have 2 copies of
it, 4x Dagger, and 4x Wild Ride to search for Dagger. Once, you've teamed up
(preferrably on turn 2), you can go to town with the deck and it's 
equipments. Antarctic Research Base (ARB) along with Reed Richards will
net you great card advantage, so not only do you have a pretty fast start:
Blade as a 5/4 or 6/3 into Elektra (concealed 6/3); you also replace all
the equipments you use.
After that, use Wild Ride/ Signal Flare for you dudes. You can play the 
auto-equipping Punisher and if needed, he can bust a cap into a stunned enemy
and KO it. It's Clobberin Time is great, not just because it costs less than
Savage Beatdown, but it prevents stun-back too. 

Thing (5-drop) is arguably the best 5 drop in the game because of his brute 
strength. If you are at less then 25 life, use Ghost Rider instead if it's
your initiative.

If you need to hit hidden characters, grab Natasha Romanoff <KGB killer> from
the deck and pay 1 life to smash their hidden forces. On that note, you don't
have nearly as many hidden characters as a straight-up Marvel Knights deck,
so, you are a bit safer from their attacks.

It's a fun deck to play and as I said it starts rolling as soon as you can
team up. Wild Ride and Signal Flare round out the character tutors and Equips
and Plot Twists complete the pump-ups. Not as powerful as Common Enemy, but it
sure is fun and can compete with the rest of the field.


Okay, here's what I promised last time; I'm abbreviating Hero Pack as HP and
Villain Pack as VP cuz I'm sick of typing that word like 500x.
Update 4/24:

All Avengers decks seem pretty similar, though here's mine which is somewhat
like the one Thor plays against you in the game (but stronger of course).

8. Avengers - Thor

4x Mjolnir - HP 3, Rare
3x Avenger's Mansion - HP 7, Rare
2x Blind Sided - HP 1, Rare
2x Crime and Punishment - HP 3, Common
4x Earth's Mightiest Heroes - HP 1, Rare
2x Flying Kick - HP 7, Common
2x Out of the Darkness - HP 5, Common
3x Overload - HP 7, Uncommon
4x Savage Beatdown - HP 7, Rare
4x Black Panther <T'challa> - HP 6, Uncommon
2x Captain America <Super Soldier> - HP 7, Rare (not sure)
2x Dane Whitman <Heroic Paladin> - HP 5, Common 
3x Hawkeye <Clinton Barton> - HP 4, Common
2x Hulk <Gamma Rage> - HP 7, Rare (not sure)
4x Jarvis <Honorary Avenger> - VP 2, Rare
2x Natasha Romanoff <Super Spy> - HP 4, Uncommon
2x Quicksilver <Mutant Avenger> - HP 4, Common
4x She-Hulk <Gamma Bombshell> - HP 4, Common
4x Thor <Odinson> - HP 4, Rare (not sure, though I think it's on the boards)
1x Thor <God of Thunder> - HP 6, Rare
3x Wonder Man <Simon Williams> - HP 6, Uncommon 
1x Ironman <Tony Stark> - HP 6, Common

How this deck works: Avengers are pretty predictable and do rely on brute
strength. Your ideal start is a bunch of Reservists and Jarvis. He'll
usually get attacked and you get to tutor for whatever Avenger you want.

You'll usually want 3 Reservists in your resources for turn 3, so that 
Black Panther is a 7/6 concealed. Use Reservists as resources whenever you
can because cards like Black Panther and Avenger's Mansion are good all

Your turn 4 is always Thor in my build. With 4 Mjolnirs and 4 Jarvis
to search him out, you should be able to always have him and usually arm
him with his hammer. With Mjolnir, he's 1 Attack away from being 4-drop 
Sabretooth; and we all know how cheap he is. After hitting your opponent,
there's also a bonus if you breakthrough, making Thor even stronger than
Sabretooth in most cases. If you flip a 1-cost, you still total 11 damage,
while if you flip something bigger like Capt or Hulk, you deal massive
damage to the face (15 damage facials from Thor alone are pretty common). 

Speaking of Hulk, that dude's a beast. The only problem is that you have
to feed him a leader; therefore, plan ahead and Jarvis one if necessary.
If you had kept a lot of reservists in the resources as I had suggested,
Avengers Mansion should provide some pretty sick bonuses and added onto
Earth's Mightiest Heroes  combined is on average a +12 Attack boost. I
purposely kept the Plot Twists and characters on the higher costed end
for Thor's sake. Depending on how lucky you are with Thor,the game can
end anywhere from trun 4 to turn 7, though if you play Hulk successfully,
you've practically won already.


9. Sinister Syndicate Beatdown
(Submitted by Aaron Souders)

4x Basilisk <Basil Elks> - HP 3, Uncommon
3x Vulture <Adrian Toomes> - HP 4, Common
4x Vermin <Sewer Rat> - HP 7, Uncommon
3x Hammerhead <Gangster> - HP 6, Common
4x Rhino <Alex O'Hirn> - HP 5, Common
2x Man Wolf <John Jameson> - HP 3, Common
4x Doctor Octopus <Otto Octavius> - VP 5, Common
2x Kraven the Hunter <Sergei Kravinoff> - VP 6, Common
4x Carnage <Cletus Kasady> - VP 3, Rare
2x Carrion <Cadaverous Clone> - VP 3, Uncommon
4x Venom <Eddie Brock> - HP 5, Uncommon
2x Hobgoblin <Roderick Kingsley> - VP 2, Common
3x Green Goblin <Altered Ego> - VP 2, Common
4x Crushing Blow - VP 2, Common
4x Savage Beatdown - HP 7, Rare
3x Flying Kick - HP 7, Common
3x Nasty Surprise - VP 6, Common
4x Dual Sidearms - VP 3, Common
2x Doc Ock's Lab - HP 7, Uncommon
2x Osborn Industries - VP 4, Uncommon

This is a fairly straightforward Sinister Syndicate deck with only one thing
in mind. Playing guys and attacking. Nasty Surprise and Crushing Blow are to
help with board position. Unlike most Syndicate decks, he has a late game
with Venom and both Goblins, though if you have Carnage in play, the game 
won't last much longer. The thing about this deck, though is that you need to
hit your curve, though Vermin and Crushing Blow do help in that aspect.


10. Sinister Syndicate / Crime Lords hybrid

My friend suggested this build, though it turns out to be a deck that won
in a PCQ. It was playing suboptimal Crime and Punishment over Savage Beatdown.
I changed that since Beatdown is legal in this game.

3x Carnage <Cletus Kasady> - VP 3, Rare
3x Chameleon <Dimitri Smerdyakov> - VP 2, Common
4x Cobra <Klaus Vorhees> - VP 2, Common
4x Hammerhead <Gangster> - HP 6, Common
2x Masked Marauder <Frank Farnum> - HP 6, Common
3x Mendel Strom <Robot Master> - HP 1, Rare
1x Mr. Hyde <Calvin Zabo> - HP 2, Common
4x Mysterio <Quentin Beck> - HP 5, Rare
1x Owl <Leyland Owlsley> - VP 3, Rare
4x Rhino <Alex O'Hirn> - HP 5, Common
4x Stilt-man <Wilbur Day> - VP 4, Rare
4x Vulture <Adrian Toomes> - HP 4, Common
3x Crushing Blow - VP 2, Common
4x Savage Beatdown - HP 7, Rare
4x Honor Among Thieves - HP 5, Rare
4x No Fear - HP 2, Common
4x Uprising - HP 3, Uncommon 
4x Doc Ock's Lab - HP 7, Uncommon

This deck is very similar to the above deck, though it seems even more
aggressive due to the fact that Carnage is your biggest drop. If you play 
Carnage, you should be winning or already won.

Your turn one is probably Vulture. Attack. Flip Doc Ock's Lab and activate.
Opponent takes 5, you gain 5. Nice. The entire deck is full of little guys
with cost purposely at 3 or less for the sole puropse of using the team-up,
Honor Among Thieves. It gives all of your 1-3 cost guys +1 attack and this
includes both copies of Mysterio if you play him on turn 4 w/ Boost.

Since your deck's curve is relatively low, No Fear and Savage Beatdown
will help in taking down stuff that's too big. Just watch out for Overload.

Also, since I have said watch out for Overload so many times, let me tell
you of a little trick that you can pull on the CPU. If you have another
guy that you don't really care about, pump him up and take on one of your
opponent's dudes. Make sure another of their dudes is already stunned. If
he has it he'll use it, even if you have another dude just waiting to be
pumped up even more.

You should end the game around turn 5 to avoid complications. While the
CPU seems to be real dumb about Carnage - he attacks him first; human
players will milk every last +2 off of him before attacking Carnage last.

11. X-Statix - loner version

I didn't even know when to start with the X-Statix team, so I looked around
and found a more serious list by Keebler Powell. I modified it a bit after
playing it as it had some metagamed cards like Political Pressure which is
only good against a certain non-existant deck (non-existant in this game).

3x Phat <William Reilly> - HP 7, Rare
3x El Guapo <Robbie Rodriguez> - HP 4, Uncommon
3x Vivisector <Myles Alfred> - VP 3, Common
4x Orphan <Guy Smith> - VP 2, Common
4x U-Go Girl <Tragic Teleporter> - HP 5, Uncommon
3x Zeitgeist <Axel Cluney> - VP 3, Common
2x Venus Dee Milo <Dee Milo> - HP 3, Rare 
2x Anarchist <Man of the People> - HP 5, Rare
2x Ghost Rider <Danny Ketch> - HP 1, Rare
1x Professor X <Mental Master> - HP 6, Rare
4x Overload - HP 7, Uncommon
4x Gravesite - HP 4, Uncommon
4x Star of the Show - VP 2, Rare
4x Spin Doctoring - VP 5, Rare (not sure, but it's on the boards)
2x Mutant of the Year - HP 5, Rare (not sure, but it's on the boards)
4x Dead Weight - HP 3, Uncommon
3x Savage Beatdown - HP 7, Rare
4x X-Statix Cafe - HP 1, Common
4x X-Statix HQ - VP 3, Rare

How to play this deck: X-Statix is like nothing that you've played yet.
The idea is to keep yourself to one character at a time. X-Statix Cafe
gives this character +2/+2 and the other on-going plot twists give them
even more bonuses like untargetable, player is untargetable, and even a
card that recovers, readies, and lets your one guy swing again, though
it's only for stunning. 

You are ususally going to skip your first 2 drops unless it's El Guapo.
Phat is meant for turn 3 with Boost or Orphan who is like a Wolverine
that gets bigger. You need to get Gravesite down on the earlier turns
so that you can sift through your deck faster and find your drops.

Turn 4, U-Go Girl is actually really good as it is like 4-drop Doom in
Common Enemy, except that the Reign of Terror is built-in. This keeps you
to 1 person again and if you have X-Statix Cafe, you also have a 9/9.
She's gotta be the sexiest blue girl that I can think of... well next to
Keira Knightly in King Arthur.

The deck doesn't have a 5-drop, so you'll just have to suck it up and play
through turn 5 w/o playing anyone, unless you play Phat, in which case, he
would be 9/9, and w/ bonus, 11/11; pound for pound equal to Thing, 5-drop.

Venus Dee Milo and Vivisector are really just for their re-useable
abilities and they're pretty good. The game-plan is to stall, like the
X-Men, except with only one character. This is not as hard as it sounds
especially with Dead Weight and Overloads. Zeitgeist rounds this out as
he is a virtual walking 2 for 1 (in your favor).

As you hit 8 resources, you have your choice of either Ghost Rider or
Professor X - Mental Master. You'll want Ghost Rider. Between his KO
ability and Professor with Boost, you should be able to wrap it up. If
you don't like these three, modify it yourself and use Apocalypse or
perhaps Onslaught or Doop <Ultimate Weapon>.

All in all, not too difficult to play, but it will take a bit of experience
to get used to the kinds of tricks that you can employ. One is Dead Weight
used in conjunction with a X-Statix Cafe. You block with the guy you want
to keep and use Dead Weight to create a 2 for 1. The guy you save is gonna
get +2/+2 because after Dead Weight, you should be down to 1 dude again.
Another card to get used to is Spin Doctoring. If you read the card, you'll
realize how cheap it is. It gives your beefed up superhero another chance
as well as a double attack - like an evil Children of the Atom. Another
thing to be aware of is the number of cards they waste in order to take out
your one guy. It's pretty hillarious to see them use Flying Kick after 
Flying Kick to attempt to stun your dude, just to have their guy Overloaded
or your guy Spin Doctored.

Patience is the key to winning with this deck. Also you should play it if
you want a break from the normal decks that you've been playing; the
change is fun and breaks up monotony.

Note: There may be a glitch with X-Statix Cafe. So far, in all of my games,
Anarchist seems to be unable to ever get the bonus; though it actually may
have something to do with X-Statix HQ. If you use the HQ, it seems that
the game shuts off the +2/+2 bonus of X-Statix Cafe, even if you have only
one character in play.


12. Spiderfriends (Clone Saga)

This is not your beginner's Spiderfriends deck. I couldn't find any widely
accepted builds, so here is one of my own creations. Since I made this, I
tested it rigorously and realized that it is one of THE most annoying decks
I can think of. If you wanted to play a deck of all Spiderman, this one's
right up your alley:

3x Dusk <Cassie St. Commons> - HP 5, Common
3x Jessica Drew <Venom Blast> - VP 4, Uncommon
2x Scarlet Spider <Successor> - VP 5, Rare
1x Prodigy <Richie Gilmore> - HP 5, Common
1x Ricochet <Johnny Gallo> - HP 4, Common
3x Will of the Wisp <Jackson Arvad> - HP 6, Rare
4x Spider-Man <Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman> - HP 2, Common
4x Spider-Man <Peter Parker> - (HP 6?, Rare. not sure, Help!)
4x Spider-Man <Alien Symbiote> - HP 7, Rare
3x Scarlet Spider <Ben Reilly> - HP 4, Common
2x Spider-Man <The Amazing Spiderman> - HP 4, Rare
1x Spider-Man <Cosmic Spiderman> - HP 3, Rare
1x Midtown High School - HP 7, Common
1x Daily Bugle - VP 3, Uncommon
2x Acrobatic Dodge - VP 2, Common
3x Costume Change - HP 4, Uncommon
2x Flying Kick - HP 7, Common
2x Fun and Games - HP 3? Rare. (not sure)
3x Going My Way? - VP 3? Uncommon (also not sure)
3x Nice Try! - HP 7, Rare
4x Overload - HP 7, Uncommon
4x Savage Beatdown - HP 7, Rare
4x Spider Senses - HP 7, Uncommon

The idea of this deck is that 4 and 5 drop Spider-Man have evasion. If
you expect a lot of PTs like in Common Enemy, you could play Black Cat
<Master Thief> instead of Jessica Drew to slow down the opponent.
Evasion combined with the effects of Jessica Drew and Dusk and Going My Way?
give Spider-Man +x/+x bonuses and because of Scarlet Spider, you can have
many Spiderman(s) in play at the same time.

If needed, Dusk can be played with Boost to fetch Ricochet or Prodigy.
These two combined with either Acrobatic Dodge or Spider Senses make your
characters annoying targets. Your locations, Daily Bugle will help you
re-use PTs and Midtown High will reward you for playing someone that costs
less than the # of resources you have. Costume Change can grab you any
Spider-Man in the deck, or alternatively, can let you swap 2-drop Scarlet
Spider for the relevant one.

Cards like Fun and Games and Nice Try! frustrate your opponent even further
as you can Overload his guys, but he can't do yours. Going My Way? is also
a pretty decent trick after you've already lined up non-ranged guys in the
back row for defensive purposes. On your attack back, you basically have
all Nightcrawlers on your side, plus all of your Spider-man (men?) get +1
attack on-going. 

One last thing to mention is that while your characters do get bonuses for
having Evasion, don't forget to actually use it once in awhile. For example,
say your opponent swings with a little guy and plays Savage Beatdown twice to
take on Alien Symbiote Spiderman (it happened to me). Now just your luck, you
didn't draw Overload. Don't worry, just Evasion Spiderman and your opponent
just wasted 2 Savage Beatdowns. The entire deck is like this, so don't be
surprised if your opponent is out of tricks and in top-deck mode earlier
than usual.


New Decks as of 5/7:


13. Kang Deck (with Lost City and 0 Brotherhood characters)

2x Kang Immortus
2x Kang, Lord of Limbo
3x Kang, Lord Kang
3x Kang, Ultimate Kang
4x Kang, Master of Time
4x Kang, Kang's Ransom
3x Kang, Kang Kobra
4x Kang, Kang Kong
3x Kang, Rama-Tut
4x Dagger, Child of Light
3x Mikado and Mosha

4x Psyche-Globe
4x Midnight Sons
4x Reconstruction Program
4x Wild Ride
4x Avalon Space Station
4x Lost City
2x Not So Fast!

This deck is very interesting and combo-like. What you're trying to do in
your first few turns (1-4) is getting your combo online. The combo is a
double Team-up of Marvel Knights and Brotherhood; then Marvel Knights and
Kang. This makes it so that Kang = Brotherhood and Lost City becomes a potent
weapon. You can use Wild Ride, Dagger and Kang Kong to look for the combo
pieces which include: Midnight Sons x2, Lost City, and a MK character.

Once you set up, there isn't much to do except attack and know that you will
always win in combat. I replaced Psychoville with Not So Fast. Psychoville
is glitched and Not So Fast! will stop BS like Overload after you pump.

Rama-Tut becomes retardedly good after the set-up and Psyche Globe and
Wild Ride now grabs Kangs. Master of Time will constantly feed your hand
and you should really have no problems besides Kaboom! and Foiled.

14. Curve Sentinels - The Other Sentinel Deck
Instead of just puking out many Sentinels and plain overwhelming your 
opponent, Curve Sentinels does this systematically and efficiently as
it fully utilizes just about every turn and has Boliver Trask to even out
your curve.

4x Bastion <Leader of Operation Zero Tolerance>
4x Boliver Trask <Creator of the Sentinel Program>
4x Magneto <Master of Magnetism>
1x Mastermold <Sentinel Supreme>
4x Nimrod <Mutant Hunter>
7x Sentinel Mk.II <Army>
6x Sentinel Mk.III <Army>
7x Sentinel Mk.V <Army>
4x Cover Fire
3x Overload
4x Reconstruction Program
4x Alley Oop!
4x Savage Beatdown
4x Genosha

This deck has been very successful in many high-profile tournaments and no
wonder as it performs wonderfully. All of your guys besides Boliver Trask has
flight and range. Mk. V reinforces all of your characters and in case you
draw him and not Nimrod on turn 5, you can boost him into a 9/9. Ideally,
your curve is: Boliver, Mk III, Mk. II, Mk. V, Nimrod, Bastion, Magneto. 

Genosha works incredibly well in conjunction with Bastion and Magneto.
Drawing that many Sentinels and not to mention Reconstruction Program gives
lots of (indirect) Power-ups.

The original build of this deck included Tag-Team, but since that is a DC
card, I replaced it with Alley-Oop!. It is almost as good and works in this
deck as most of your dudes are gonna be in back row anyway since they all
have range. Cover Fire is way better than both anyway.

Magneto is the odd one out, but once he hits play, it's game over man! Not
being able to recover units sucks for your opponent and with Nimrod and other
Sentinels that just won't die, this will make the game one-sided.

While not as fun as Vomit Sentinels, this deck is more consistent and would
be the favorite if the two were to match up. Also, you spend a lot less time
selecting names for Longshot.

15. Masters of Evil (submitted by Aaron Souders)

4 x Call to Arms
4 x Combat Maneuvers
4 x Crushing Blow
4 x Faces of Evil
4 x Nasty Surprise
4 x No Fear
4 x The Wrecking Crew

4 x Beetle (Armorsmith)
1 x Marcus Danniels (Darkbringer)
2 x Melissa Gold (Mimi Schwartz)
2 x Melter (Bruno Horgan)
2 X Paul Ebersol (Problem Solver)
1 X Radioactive Man (Chen Lu)
1 x Shocker (Vibro-Shock Villian)
4 x YellowJacket (Rita DeMara)
4 x Beetle (Reluctant Hero)
1 x Blizzard (Donny Gill)
2 x Dallas Riordan (Mayoral Aide)
2 x Erik Josten (Kosmos Convict)
2 x Joystick (Janice Tanizesh)
2 x Ogre (Weaponsmith)
2 x Speed Demon (Second Chance Speedster)

Immediately you should team-up and Beetle <Reluctant Hero> helps in that
department. It is a horde deck like Sinister Syndicate and rushes with
small dudes that get bigger due to the team-up. The few abilities you have
can be utilized when you under-drop a dude for the turn. 

Note that if you play against Common Enemy, you are screwed unless your
opponent is either CPU or braindead. I will grab a Flame Trap and annihilate
the board as well as use the good doctor's Reign of Terror.

All in all, pretty fast alternative of the Squadron Supreme Deck.
16. Fantastic 4 Equip (Cosmic Radiation)

4x Advanced Hardware
2x Fantasticar
4x Flamethrower
1x The Pogo Plane
4x Unstable Molecules
4x Antarctic Research Base
1x Baxter Building
1x Pier 4
4x A Child Named Valeria
4x Cosmic Radiation
2x Overload
1x Salvage
4x Signal Flare
2x Thinking Outside the Box
2x Ant Man <Scott Lang>
1x Frankie Raye <Herald of Galactus>
1x Human Torch <Hotshot>
4x Invisible Woman <The Invisible Girl>
1x Invisible Woman <Sue Storm>
1x Luke Cage <Hero for Hire>
2x Mr. Fantastic <Stretch>
4x Mr. Fantastic <Reed Richards>
2x She-Thing <Sharon Ventura>
2x Thing <Ben Grimm>
2x Wyatt Wingfoot <Keewazi Adventurer>

This deck is like a Bizarro Common Enemy deck. It is combo similar to
the Kang deck, except that it wins immediately upon set-up. Here's how
this works: There are 2 combos.

1. Minor Combos: Thinking Outside the Box is meant to be used with Reed
   Richards (look at top 4 take an equipment and then put rest on bottom
   in any order). Now you get to draw from your stacked cards. Also ARB
   and Baxter Building also works well as ARB lets you draw the card right
   away. Note: Since you stack onto the bottom of library, please put the 
   cards you want in reverse order if you intend to draw from the bottom.

2. Main Combo: Mr. Fantastic <Stretch> with a Flamethrower and a bunch of 
   low costed dudes and Cosmic Radiation. What this does is: 1. Flamethower
   costs 0 now. Equip it and burn their face. Pay 2 life to move it to an
   un-exhausted dude and repeat. Go through all of your dudes this way and 
   ready them all through Cosmic Radiation. Repeat and burn their face off.

If you didn't notice; all of your guys are low costed, so they will seem
inferior to your opponent's beasts in later turns. However, it won't matter
since: 1. the deck wins on average turn five. and 2. A Child Named Valeria
is so unfair that it should be banned. Overload? I don't think so! The
effect lasts until end of turn, so be sure to clobber your opponent's dudes
with your invincible midgets. It makes me wish this was a Common Enemy variant
so that Dr. Doom can turn "Child" face down. It also counteracts the lethal
drawback of Flamethrower (Stretch does this too).

The deck may seem complicated at first, but like Common Enemy, it takes time
to familiarize yourself with the decklist. In the hands of a more experienced
player, it is lethal and a blast to play. Here's some simple math: lets say
you have Stretch and 3 other FF members on turn 5. Burn for 5x4 = 20 to your
opponent and 8 to yourself (moving equips). Ben Grimm and Unstable Molecules
removes old equips. Radiation readies your dudes. Another 20 to him
and 8 to self. that's 40 direct damage on turn 5. Hopefully you already hit
them (or burned them for 10 already). A Child Named Valeria and Unstable
Molecules as well as Fantasicar should keep your dudes alive as each low
costed dude means 5 to them and 2 to you (10 and 4 with 1 Radiation). You
can potentially win a turn earlier with 2 Radiations, though it's very hard
without Stretch to move equips (all your guys need Flamethrower/Advanced
Hardware and or Hotshot Human Torch). This is also currently my favorite deck
as it is fun and extremely powerful (Child makes aggressive decks suicide
their guys when they attack you all-in).

That's it, readers. Feel free to mail me decklists. I will test them and
post them if I make any future updates. You'll get full credit, of course.

----------V. Acknowlegements -----------------------------------------------

Thanks to CJayC and GameFAQs for hosting this.

Thanks to Konami for picking up this great card game and publishing it.

Thanks to Travis (jajuga) for making a list of booster packs.

Credit to and for Sentinel, Squadron, and 
 Marvel Knights decks, respectively. for the F4 and Curve Sentinels lists.

Aaron Souders for his Curve Sinister Syndicate and MoE decklists.
 also gave me the Full Library Code, though I heard it was in Tips & Tricks.

Keebler Powell and for the X-Statix list.

For questions or if you have a deck that you want posted in future updates, 
you can contact me at