Game Script by blackmore

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Marvel Trading Card Game - Game Script
For play on Nintendo DS
Written by Michael Maillaro AKA Blackmore

Version: 0.1

Last Updated: 11/29/07


This FAQ is the complete game script for the Nintendo DS version of Marvel
Trading Card games.  I am not the copyright holder for any of this information,
and am just collecting it for others, mostly to help them find sections of the
story they might have missed because of tapping too quickly.


Update notes:

11/21/07: Just started this. Will be working on it over next few weeks.

11/29/07: Finished Game Start sections and working on adding all Tutorials up to


Section 1: GAME START [GSTA]

Section 2.1: Intro 1 [INT1]
Section 2.2: Intro 2 [INT2]
Section 2.3: Intro 3 [INT3]

Section 3.1 - Prologue [SHCP]
Section 3.2 - Chapter 1 [SHC1]

Section 4.1 - Prologue [SVCP]




Section 1: GAME START [GSTA]

Professor Xavier - Welcome, my friend.  My name is Charles Xavier, though many
people know me as Professor X.

Narration - Touch the touch screen to continue.

Professor Xavier - I am the founder of this place, the Xavier Institute, a
school for people like yourself, people with fantastic super-powers and
abilities far beyond those of normal humans.

I understand you are interested in testing these powers, to train, and
eventually become a super-power, and face the myriad threats and challenges
super-heroes and villains face every day. Well, you've come to the right place!
I shall do my best to help you develop you skills.

Beyond this door is the Danger Room, a place where my students, the X-Men, train
and hone their powers.  But, I must warn you: though this is an environment
designed to test your powers, the threats it pose are very real.  Proceed with
caution.  I will monitor and advise you as best I can, but - Beware!! - One
wrong move...could be fatal.

Would you like to proceed with the training, or face your fate in the real

(The game will ask if you want to view the tutorial.)

(If you select "No")

Professor X - Very well. Remember - Training is always available if you change
your mind.


(If you select "Yes", tutorials Intro 1, 2, and 3 will run.  These scripts can
be found in sections 2.1-2.3.  Afterwards, it will ask if you want to play the
puzzles for this tutorial.  You can press start anytime to skip the tutorials.)

Professor X -  Good work!

(No matter which choice you take, it continues here)

Professor X - Now, it is time for you to make a decision of monumental

Will you fight as a hero, alongside the mightiest and most noble?  Righting
wrongs, protecting the innocent, saving the world, risking your life, and facing
the most heinous of villains, day-in, day-out in the name of all that is right
and true and good?

Or will you fight as a villain, in the company of the most devious and
diabolical, pursuing power for the sake of power, seeking untold wealth,
spreading fear, leaving destruction in your wake, and causing terrible suffering
to all of humanity?

Remember...with great power comes great responsibility.  What will you do with
your power?

(The game will ask if you want to play as a hero or a villain)

(If you select Hero)

Professor X - A wise choice.  The world could use someone like you.  But beware!
You have chosen a path fraught with danger, where death lurks around every
corner.  I will do my best to assist you, when I can with further training, but,
ultimately, you walk this road alone.


(If you select Villain)

Professor X - Hmm.  Very disappointing.  You have been given amazing powers, and
yet, you would squander them in the service of evil.  For shame!  If you insist
on a career of villainy, then likely our paths will cross again - in battle!
Still, I have made a vow to help you develop your abilities, so I shall uphold
that promise when I can.



Section 2.1: Intro 1 [INT1]

Narration: Tutorial Introduction Part 1

Professor Xavier - Welcome!  This tutorial teaches you all of the
basics you need to start playing the Marvel Trading Card Game.

Each player starts the match with 50 endurance points.  At the end of a
turn, if either player has 0 or fewer endurance points, the match is
over.  The player with the higher endurance total wins.  In a tie, the
game continues for another turn until one player is the winner.

Before the match begins, either you or your opponent will have the
opportunity to decide who has the initiative on the first turn.

At the end of each turn, the initiative passes from one player to the
other.  So when you have initiative on the first turn, your opponent
will have initiative on the second, and so on.

At the start of the match, each player is dealt four cards from their
deck. These are the cards in your hand.  To view a card, tap it
with the stylus.  The card details appear on the opposite screen.  The
card text can be scrolled using the + control pad.

Starting with the player who is going first, both players have the
option of either keeping their four cards or exchanging them for the
next four cards in the deck.  This is called "Taking a Mulligan."  When
you take a mulligan, you must return your original four cards to the
bottom of the deck before your new cards are dealt.  You can choose the
order in which they are returned to the deck.

There are four types of cards in the Marvel Trading Card Game.

Character cards.  These are the heroes and villains who fight for you.

Equipment cards.  You characters can be equipped with these cards to
gain new abilities or enhance abilities they already possess.

Plot twist cards.  Plot twists are situations that affect the
characters in the game or the state of the game in general.

Location cards.  Locations are places in the Marvel Universe.  Like
Plot twists, they can affect characters and the state of the game.

Now it's time for the first turn, but before we begin, let's take a
closer look at the elements of each card.

On character cards, the name of the character appears at the
top.  The characters version appears with its name.  Most characters in
the game have several different versions and each version has its own
unique powers.  Along the left is the character's team affiliation.
Characters with the same team affiliation tend to work well together in
the game.

The characters recruit cost is displayed at the top left of the card.
This is the number of resource points you must spend in order to
recruit the character from your hand.

The numbers at the bottom-left are the character's attack (ATK) and
defense (DEF) statistics.  During an attack, the characters' ATK (the
top number) and DEF (the bottom number) are compared to determine
whether the defender and/or attacker are stunned and to calculate

The text box explains the powers and restrictions the character has.
The text displayed at the bottom is "flavor text" - a quote of other
non-game information about the character.

Like character cards, equipment cards have a recruit cost - a number of
resource points you have to spend to recruit the card from your hand.
When you recruit an equipment card, you must attack it to a character
card that is currently in play.  When the character is equipped, it
gains the abilities and powers described in the equipment card's text
box in addition to the character's own powers and abilities.

Plot twists don't have a recruit cost.  Instead, they have what is
known as a threshold cost.  As long as you have a number of resources
equal to or greater than the threshold cost of the plot twists, you can
play the card.

Plot twists can be played at almost any time during the game, and they
can be played either directly from your hand or from your resource row.
You'll learn more about when and how to play plot twists later on.

Like Plot Twists, locations have a threshold cost rather than a recruit
cost.  As long as the number of resources you have in play is equal to
or greaten than the threshold cost, you can play the location card.

Locations can only be played from the resource row.  When the location
is flipped face-up in the resource row, it's powers and abilities
become available for use.   Some are automatic, which others must be
activated.  You'll learn more about that later in the tutorial.

Now it's time to start the game.  At the beginning of each turn, both
players simultaneously draw 2 cards from their deck.  This is the draw
phase, the first of several phases and steps into which each turn is

The colored tab in the center of the screen indicates the
current phase or step.

The second phase is the build phase, which consists of three steps: the resource
step, the recruit step, and the formation step.

In your resource step, you can place any card from your hand face-down in your
resource row by selecting the card and tapping the resource card action.  As you
learned earlier, resources are used to recruit characters and equipment, and
allow you to play plot twists and locations.

Usually, you should play either a plot twist or a location as a resource if you
can.  These cards can be played from the resource row as well as being counted
as resources.  Most character and equipment cards, although they count as
resources, cannot be played from the resource row.  After playing a resource,
tap the pass action to continue.

After you play a resource, your recruit step begins.  You are now ready to
recruit your first character.  This gold number next to your resource row shows
how many resource points are available during the recruit step.  Any points you
don't use are lost, and you don't get any more until your recruit step on the
next turn.

The silver number shows the number of resources available to meet threshold
costs.  Most of the time, you can play any plot twist or location as long as its
threshold cost is equal to or lower than this number.  This number is equal to
the number of resources you have in play, and only changes when the number of
resources changes.

The game automatically highlights the cards that you can play during the recruit
step.  Right now, there are two characters who can be recruited - Frankie Raye
and Noah Baxter, who each have a recruit cost of 1.

Frankie Raye has been recruited by selecting her from your hand and tapping the
recruit card action.  Note that the recruitment of Frankie Raye has been added
to the chain.  At this point, you could play additional cards and actions.

Selecting pass indicates that you are not going to play any more card or
effects.  After recruiting your character, you must select a position to place
her.  You can place your character into any available position in your front or
support row.  At this point, the position isn't critical because you can move
the character before the end of your turn.

As long as you have resource points available, you can recruit additional
characters and equipment.

After the recruit step, the formation step begins.  During this step, you can
move your characters into new positions on the playing field.  We'll talk more
about formation later.  For now, let's move on.

Your build phase is now complete. During your opponent's build phase, you have
the opportunity to play cards, powers, and effects in response to his actions.

After your opponent's build phase is complete, the combat phase begins.  Because
you have the initiative this turn, you get to attack first.  You can attack with
any ready characters you have in play.  You can have Frankie Raye attack by
selecting attack from the card action menu.

When you choose to attack, you must attack an opponent's characters, if any,
before you can attack your opponent directly.  In this case, your target is
Kristoff Von Doom.

After you propose an attack and select pass, the attack proposal appears beside
the chain.  At this point, your opponent can respond by playing a card, power,
or effect that will negate the attack - if he has one available.  Tapping the
chain control will provide you with more information about the effects currently
on the chain.  By tapping a chain event, you can see more detail on that event.

Your opponent has no response to the attack, so he passes.  The attack is now
valid and appears next to the chain.  Your character is now the attacker and the
target character is the defender.

At this point, you can play cards, powers, and effects if you have any
available.  These would then be added to the chain as separate events.  Your
opponent could then respond by adding effects of his own.

When the attack occurs, the attacker is turned sideways to indicate that it is
exhausted.  Exhausted characters cannot use activated powers or attack.

When an attack resolves, the attacker's ATK is compared to the defender's DEF to
determine the outcome.  If the attacker's ATK is equal to or greater than the
defender's DEF, the defender becomes stunned.  Frankie Raye's ATK is 1, which is
equal to Kristoff Von Doom's DEF, so Kristoff Von Doom will be stunned.

The defender's ATK is also compared to the attacker's DEF to determine whether
the attacker will be stunned as well. Kristoff Von Doom's ATK is 2, which is
greater than Frankie Raye's DEF.  Frankie Row will also be stunned.

When a card becomes stunned, it is stunned face down and exhausted.  When one of
your characters becomes stunned, you take stun damage equal to the character's
recruit cost.  In this case, both you and your opponent take 1 point of
endurance loss because each of your stunned characters has a cost of 1.

If you had more characters in play, you could attack again.  You could also play
plot twists and other effects if you had any available.

It is now your opponent's attack step.  His only character is stunned, so he
cannot attack, and he doesn't have any plot twists or other effects to play, so
he passes.

Congratulations!  You've completed this tutorial.


Section 2.2: Intro 2 [INT2]

Narration: Tutorial Introduction Part 2

In this tutorial, you'll learn about formation, reinforcement, and plot twists.

The formation step on each turn is important.  It lets you position your
characters where they are most effective.

During an attack, if the attacker's ATK value is higher than the defender's DEF
value, the defending player loses endurance equal to the difference.  This is
called breakthrough damage.

You can prevent breakthrough by reinforcing the defending character.  Characters
in the support row can exhaust to reinforce a defender to the left, right, or
directly in front of the - if the characters share the same team affiliation.

During your formation step, you can arrange your characters with reinforcement
in mind.  Select a character in play and tap the move card action.  There are
other formation considerations as well.

When a character is in the back row with a non-stunned front row character
directly in front of it, that character is considered to be protected.  Unless
an attacker has flight, it cannot attack a protected character.  This is useful
for keeping your small or important character safe.

Another consideration is range.  Unless a character has range, it cannon attack
from the support row.  When you are attacking first, you generally want to put
characters that don't have range in your front row.

The formation shown here is a defensive one.  Frankie Raye is in the support row
protected by She-Thing.  Because your opponent's characters don't have flight,
this forces your opponent to attack and stun She-Thing before he can attack
Frankie Raye.  Because Frankie Raye is directly behind She-Thing and shares She-
Thing's affiliation, you can use Frankie Raye to reinforce She-Thing.

To reinforce a defender, select the character with whom you want to reinforce
and then select the reinforce card action.  The reinforcing character exhausts.
Because She-Thing is reinforced, all breakthrough damage is blacked.  However,
you still take stun damage when She-Thing stuns.

Now that She-Thing is stunned, she is no longer protecting Frankie Raye.  That
means that character without flight can attack Frankie Raye even though she's in
the support row.

Your opponent has played a plot twist from his resource row.  This plot twist
gives his attacking character +1 ATK and +2 DEF for this attack.  That means the
attack will cause breakthrough damage and the attack will not stun because its
DEF is higher than the defender's ATK.

When play passes to you, you have the opportunity to respond with plot twists
and effects of your own.

Although you have no cards that will prevent the attacker from causing
breakthrough, you can ensure that the attacker will stun.  If you flip Nasty
Surprise in your resource row and target Frankie Raye, you add 5 to her ATK.
This will stun Kristoff Von Doom.

Nasty Surprise is added to the chain.  Your opponent could now respond with
another plot twist or effect, but he chooses to pass.

Events on the chain resolve in the reverse of the order in which they were added
to the chain.  Each time an event on the chain resolves, you and your opponent
have the opportunity to play another card, effect, or power.  If you do not wish
to do so, select pass.

Both plot twists have now resolved.  Note that Frankie Row now has an ATK of 6
because of Nasty Surprise.  And Kristoff Von Doom has an ATK of 3 and a DEF of 3
because of One-Two Punch.  When a character's statistics are changed in this
way, the new numbers appear in green on the card's detail view.

Plot twists and other effects/powers have durations that are indicated on the
cards.  Both of the plot twists in this case have a duration of "this attack."
So after the attack resolves, the characters' statistics return to normal.

This time the attacker's ATK was one greater than the defender's DEF.  You take
1 point of breakthrough damage, plus 1 point of stun damage when your character

Your defender's ATK was 3 greater than the attacker's DEF so the attacker
stunned.  However, the defender never causes breakthrough damage to the
attacking player, so the additional 3 ATK points were ignored.

It is now your attack step, but you have no attackers or effects to play.

Congratulations!  You've completed this tutorial.


Section 2.3: Intro 3 [INT3]

Narration: Tutorial Introduction Part 2

In this final introductory tutorial, you'll learn some of the remaining basic
rules, including the uniqueness rule, the use of equipment and locations, team
attacks, and powering up.

You have 3 resources available, but you don't have any 3-cost characters.  You
do have two 1-cost characters, however.

Although you can have up to four of each card in your deck (more if the card's
version is "Army"), if you recruit a character with the same name as one you
currently have in play, all others with that name are KO'd.



Section 3.1 - Prologue [SHCP]

Prologue - Planet Earth

Sinister - A mostly useless hunk of rock in a small and otherwise
unremarkable solar system.  Inhabited by worthless humans, while self-
proclaimed "heroes" offer a meager defense against petty, small-minded
villains with unimaginative schemes and delusional ambitions.

Still, it is a planet not entirely without...potential.  With the proper
adjustments...this could be a planet worth ruling.

But there is much work to be done.  I must proceed quietly.
Manipulating people and events from the shadows, starting small,
dividing and conquering enemies and potential threats.

And heaven help anyone who gets in my way, hero or villain.


Section 3.2 - Hero Chapter 1 [SHC1]

Spider-Man - Looks like another night of web-slingin' with the Amazing
Spider-Man.  What the heck's the matter with you, Peter Parker?  You're
young, smart, and if I do say so myself - quite the looker.  So why are
you out here when you could be out on the town with Mary Jane?

Well, well, well.  What have we here?  Hmm.  A half-dozen thugs loading
unmarked crates into the back of a van in the middle of the night?  Now
what do you figure the chances are that these guys are just trying to
tidy up the alleys of our fair city?  I guess there's only one way to
find out.

Criminal 1 - What the -
Criminal 2 - !?!
Criminal 3 - Look out!
Criminal 4 - Hey, fellas!  It's only the webhead!  We can take 'em!

Spider-Man - Aw, C'Mon!  Super-strength, wall crawling, spider-senses,
and web-swinging, all in one handsome, handy-dandy package!  That's not
exactly chopped liver...How 'bout a little respect?


Spider-Man - Okay, I trust you boys will stick around until the police
get here.   Get it?  "Stick around?"  *sigh* Why is it all my best
material us wasted on the unconscious?


Spider-Man - Huh?  That's what you get for getting cocky, Parker.
Should have known it couldn't have been that easy.

Criminal 1 - C'Mon!  Step on it!
Criminal 2 - I'm tryin'...but this bucket ain't movin'!

Spider-Man - Yeah, you can blame me for that.


Spider-Man - And for this, too!

Criminal 1 - You're gonna regret that, Spider!

Spider-Man - Regret what?  Knocking you senseless?  Or were you
planning on doing some damage to my fist with your nose?!


Spider-Man - Now, let's see what all the fuss is about.  What's in
here, anyway?  Jewelry?  Gold bars?  Stolen art masterpieces?
Pictures of Doctor Doom in leather bikini briefs?

What's this?

Some sort of weird...microchip ?!?


Spider-Man - Uh-oh...Spider-sense tingling.  Looks like I'm not out opf
the woods, yet!

Daredevil!?!  Listen DD, you may be the "Man Without Fear," but you
just scared the bejeezus out of me.  Didn't anyone ever tell you it's
not polite to sneak up on people?

Daredevil - Sorry, Spidey.  I heard the commotion and I was going to
offer to help...but it looks like you have things well in hand.

Spider-Man - I guess I don't know my own spider-strength.  Howzabout I
promise to leave you a few next time?

Daredevil - Shhh!  My enhanced hearing...a police scanner in the
distance.  There's another robbery taking place - and it's not far from
here either.

Narration - Moment's later...

Spider-Man - The Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and the Ol' Horn
Head, side by side?  Say it ain't so, DD - The bad guys don't stand a
chance!  Speaking of which, there they are.

Alright, you goons, are we gonna do this the easy way, or the - Oh, why
do I even ask?!?


Daredevil - Hey, Spidey...look at this.  Remember the good ol' days, when
crooks just robbed banks and smuggled drugs and guns?  Welcome to the
twenty-first century.

Spider-Man - Hmmm.  That's odd.  Seems to be tonight's theme.  I found
something like this earlier.   I wonder if there's a connection...?


Narration - The Next Day...

Spider-Man - Oh, man!  Mary Jane's gonna have my head if I'm late for
another one of our dates.  I need to hustle or-ah, nuts!   Rhino and
the Lizard, making trouble again.  I swear, you could almost set your
clock by those idiots.  Well...if I'm going to be least I'll have
a good excuse.


Spider-Man - Need a hand, Spider-Woman?

Spider-Woman - Two spiders are better than one, isn't that what they

Spider-Man - Err...who says that, exactly?

Lizard - I say two spiders are soon to be deader than one.

Rhino - Charrrrrrge!


Narration - On campus, at long last...

Spider-Man - Can't tell you how sorry I am for being late, MJ.  I tried
to get here, I really did.  But, then there was Rhino and Lizard, and
Spider-Woman was taking on both of them-

Mary Jane - Yeah, yeah...I've heard it a million times before.  So,
anyway, now that you're here, I want to yell you about the new job I
hot.  It's a modeling gig-

Peter, are you listening?  You're here, but you're not mentally here at
all, are you?

Spider-Man - Sorry, Mary Jane.  Spider-sense is tingling.  Something's
going on.

Narration - And so...

Spider-Man - Whatever's going on, sounds like it's coming from the lab.



Spider-Man - Aw, cripes.  Electro and the Vulture.  Just when I though
my day couldn't get any better.

Electro - Outta the way, pinhead.

Spider-Man - I think maybe you should be worrying about the web head!


Spider-Man - Hmmm.  Another attempt to steal high-tech goods.  Yep.
Definitely a pattern.  What's going on here?


Narration - Later, at the Daily Bugle...

JJJ - Parker, you shiftless layabout!   What are you standing around in
my office for?  Go out there and get me tomorrow's front page already!
Keep getting me those Spider-Fink pictures, Parker, and I'll keep
paying to keep a roof over your ungrateful head.

Betty Brant - Don't mind Jonah, Peter.  He's just been in a mood.

Spider-Man - Yeah, for the last five years.  Any chance I could get
into the paper's archives?

Betty - Oh, sure thing!

Tak A Tak A Tak

Spider-Man - Okay.  Let's see.  Keywords: "Logic Board",
"Microcircuits", "Prototype Lab Equipment."   Bingo!  And look who's
been upgrading and retrofitting their equipment so they can produce the
very same type of microchip I discovered last night.


Spider-Man - Well, it was either this or study for that why
do I feel like I'm going to regret this?  That tiny brain telling you
you're in trouble isn't your spider-sense...It's common sense!

Doctor Octopus - Do the math, you fool!  You've only got two arms to
punch with...Doctor Octopus has six!


Spider-Man - Well, Doc.  I'd love to stay and chat, but I can see
you're all...uh..."tied up?"  Nah...too obvious.  "Knot in the mood?"  Yeah,
that's a bit better.  Another memo to self: gotta work on the punning.

Now, let's see what Oscorp has to say about all this tech being
stolen...And figure our whether Oscorp CEO Norman Osborn is connected to
all of this somehow.

Hmmm...Oscorp is building their doohickeys as fast as they can.  And what
they can't produce, the rest of the Sinister Syndicate is stealing.
But who has hired them?  And why?

Green Goblin - You'll never get the chance to find out, Spider-Freak!.


Spider-Man: I'll say this much, Greenie.  You're a rotten host...but you
sure haven't forgotten how to make an entrance.

Green Goblin - I'm glad you approve, Spider-Man.  For my next trick,
you'll learn to make an exit...A permanent exit... MWHAH-HAH-HAH!


Spider-Man - Well, that's going to hurt in the morning.  But,
hopefully, you two will hurt even more.  Oh great.  Now, I'm late for
my midterm.  I'll have to figure out what those jokers were up to
later.  On well, never a dull moment in the life of Spider-Man...or Peter



Section 4.1 - Prologue [SVCP]

Prologue - Planet Earth

Sinister - A mostly useless hunk of rock in a small and otherwise
unremarkable solar system.  Inhabited by worthless humans, while self-
proclaimed "heroes" offer a meager defense against petty, small-minded
villains with unimaginative schemes and delusional ambitions.

Still, it is a planet not entirely without...potential.  With the proper
adjustments...this could be a planet worth ruling.

But there is much work to be done.  I must proceed quietly.
Manipulating people and events from the shadows, starting small,
dividing and conquering enemies and potential threats.

And heaven help anyone who gets in my way, hero or villain.


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