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Elite Game of the DSace_n_gary10/10
Get your groove on!ACowWithaDS9/10
A carpal-tunnel inducing game chock full of fun.Banjo_25539/10
The game that need to be played once, and twice and even more if you can!Ben29988/10
A great music title for the DS, with a much better track list than I thought it would have.Bkstunt_318/10
A thoroughly useless review of a thoroughly breathtaking gamebluej339/10
A Good Review is...GO!DaWhiteMage9/10
Male Cheerleaders? Well...Ok.Eloriand10/10
Rhythm Gaming BlossErinIsADrunk9/10
Lets not overlook this gem like Japan did, ok?FFandMMfan10/10
So you think you can dance?Kashell Triumph7/10
Agents! Save us from a stagnating genre!LtCardboard7/10
Fails at being a rhythm gameMarkDarkness3/10
Don't waste time reading this review. Just buy the game, even if you don't have a DS.Megaqwerty10/10
EBA- Exceptionally Bad Attributemeteromage5/10
Maybe I am just too old for this game...MS3FGX5/10
An Honest ReviewNewClassic8/10
A good incarnation of the Japanese version.nikkuchan9/10
Elite Beat Agents are GOOO!!PenguinsROOL9/10
Split Screen SadnessRGCDude4/10
Feel the Beat of Elite Beats.rpgelement8/10
Excellent for any fan of music..... or video games in general.rushofblood529/10
A fun experience that every DS gamer should trySenorCactaur8/10
I Got bored after a few months, but still worth it.siasat90777/10
An addicting and challenging experiencespartan80009/10
The Elite Beat Agents are in your hand!The_Pansyman10/10
If I Ever Have To Hear Jumping Jack Flash One More Time......wetwillies9/10
I may be committing heresy, but. . .Wintermuse8/10
Agents are MEDIOCRE!xenogears068/10

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