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Created by FFandMMfan
HT1: Introduction
HT2: Acquiring and Evolving Hitsugaya
HT3: Help/Support Koma
HT4: Basic Damage and Combos
HT5: Battle Koma
HT6: Fighting As Hitsugaya
HT7: Fighting Against Hitsugaya
HT8: Supporting Hitsugaya
HT9: Hitsugaya Decks
HT10: Credits, Version Info and Legal Stuff

HT1: Introduction
Hey again. Need more tips for JUS? It appears that this time, you're looking
for strategies for using Toshiro Hitsugaya, the Captain of the 10th Squad in
the Soul Society, in the manga BLEACH. 

Hitsugaya is currently one of the most popular characters in BLEACH among
fans, and sadly, is one of the least powerful characters in Jump Ultimate

However, while his low strength and low HP are a huge issue, he does have his
uses. Hitsugaya wields the Zanpakuto(Soul Slayer)Hyorinmaru, which is capable
of creating large waves of ice that Hitsugaya uses to attack his foes. Since
his main source of power is Ice, a good majority of his attacks cause the
Freeze status effect, and with proper use of Support Koma, can deal great 
damage, and some nice combos.

When using Hitsugaya, you must keep in mind that he dies FAST, and as such,
you'll want to play deception games with your opponents, in order to score
some kills. Ringouts are his best friend. Also keep in mind, that Hitsugaya
is NOT very good, but just like ANY character in JUS, can be good in the 
hands of a skilled player.

HT2: Acquiring and Evolving Hitsugaya
Alright, so let's start basic training. First, you'll need to acquire his
Help Koma before you can evolve him, and use him in battle. Just like my other
FAQs, I'll list how to get him, how to evolve him, and just how many Gems
it'll cost you.

Getting the little Shinigami isn't very hard. You'll find him in Mission 1
of BLEACH, located in the J-BLACKHOLE area. In order to get him, you'll need
to face your opponents in a Point Match, and get at least 4 Points.

Hitsugaya's Evolution chart is very standard. No special Koma like music
or anything, just a straight-forward Support/Battle chart.

All of Hitsugaya's Koma are of the Knowledge nature, and he doesn't have any
alternate Koma, just the straight-forward path.

H = Help Koma
S2/3 = Support Koma 2 and 3
B4 = 4 Koma Battle Character
B5 = 5 Koma Battle Character
B6 = 6 Koma Battle Character

So how much does he cost to max out? Look below.

Help: Default, no gems needed.
Support Koma 2: 40 Red, 10 Green, 5 White
Support Koma 3: 60 Red, 40 Green, 10 White
Battle Koma 4: 80 Red, 120 Green, 10 White
Battle Koma 5: 350 Red, 50 Green, 20 White
Battle Koma 6: 450 Red, 150 Green, 30 White

Total cost to Fully Evolve Hitsugaya:
Red = 980
Green = 370
White = 75

Okay so, now you've fully evolved Hitsugaya. Now, we get to the fun part!

HT3: Help/Support Koma
Not looking to make Hitsugaya your Battle Character and just wanna know what
his Help and Support Koma do? Well, you've come to the right place!

Help Koma: Hitsugaya's Help Koma grants whoever he is attached to an Immunity
to Freeze effect.

Support Koma 2: Hitsugaya appears and stabs his sword into the ground. An
icy shockwave appears around Hitsugaya and anyone nearby gets frozen.

Damage Output:
Against Power and Knowledge Characters: 22 Damage plus Freeze effect.
Against Laughter Characters: 33 Damage plus Freeze effect.

Personal Rating: It's a nice Support Koma. It's quick, and has great range.
It fires off in a circular wave, so anyone that's near it, above, below, or
to the sides will get the cold shoulder. It doesn't really have any knockback
ability though. Either way, it's pretty good, and if you're looking to freeze
your opponents, and Hitsugaya isn't in your deck as a Battle Character, this
is a great addition.

Support Koma 2 Shape:

Support Koma 3: Hitsugaya appears, and after a moment of charging, fires an
ice beam forwards. Causes Freeze effect. The damage output depends on how
long the character is caught within the beam. Fire at an enemy near a wall
for the best effect.

Damage Output:
Against Power and Knowledger Characters: 30 Damage
Against Laughter Characters: 45 Damage

Personal Rating: Stronger than the 2 Koma, and has nice ringout potential.
However, it's easy to see coming, and can only freeze directly ahead. If you
want ringout potential, go for this one. If you want greater freezing ability
then go for the 2 Koma.

Support Koma 3 Shape:

HT4: Basic Damage and Combos
Moving on to damage, so you know how much (or little, in Hitsugaya's case)
damage you're doing with each hit. Now, getting an accurate damage number
is VERY hard with Hitsugaya, because his attacks do so little damage on their
own, but many have multiple hits, and depending on how long you charge it,
can result in a great difference in damage.

And I mean GREAT difference in damage. It's VERY possible to do 1 damage with
some of his attacks if they just get hit by the very tip of 1 hit. Playing
with Hitsugaya is a very risky game, because if you don't land perfect hits,
you'll be doing so little damage that you may as well not be hitting the

Being that his attacks are so varried in damage, i'll list the "best possible"
damage, and the amount of hits it makes, assuming you hit them with every
piece of the combo.

I'll abbreviate Power/Knowledge/Laughter as P/K/L, since I'll be typing it
so much.

B, B + left/right, B + Up = Simple slashes, 9 damage to P/K and 13 to L.
B in the Air = Slashes horizontally in the air. 9 Damage to P/K and 13 to L.
B + Down = Creates a shockwave below him that force switches the opponent's
Battle Character. Fair range and pretty quick. 18 damage to P/K and 27 to L.

Note on Y Attacks: Hitsugaya's Y attacks appear to cause freeze when they hit
an enemy. This however, is not the case. Even when fully charged they do NOT
freeze the enemy.

Y = Slashes downwards and creates a wave of Ice in his path. Can be charged.
Deals 2 hits. With maximum hits, deals 18 Damage to P/K and 27 damage to L.
Charging does not increase damage, but rather increases the length of time
the Ice wave stays in the air.

Y + left/right = Dashes forward and slashes as he moves to create a trail of
Ice in his wake. Can be charged. Deals up to 3 hits, but the third hit's
hitbox is small and you'll usually do 2 hits. 3 hits do 14 damage to P/K and
21 to L. 2 hits do 13 damage to P/K and 19 damage to L. Charging increases
the dash distance.

Y + Up = Jumps and slashes upwards, creating a trail of Ice as he goes. Can
be charged. Deals between 1 and 8 hits. The first hit deals 12 damage to P/K
and 18 to L. Maximum damage at 8 hits is 19 to P/K and 28 to L. Charging does
not increase damage, but rather increases jump height and therefore a greater
chance of inflicting all 8 hits.

Y + Down = Swings a rope with a hook on it that guard breaks the enemy. Deals
18 to P/K and 27 to L.

Y in the Air = Slashes downwards and creates an arc of Ice in the air below
him. Can be charged. Deals 2 hits. Maximum damage with both hits is 18 to P/K
and 27 to L. Charging gives you some aerial hang-time, increases the size
of the Ice wave and increases the length of time it remains in the air.

Hitsugaya really doesn't have very many combos, much less good ones. Most of
his attacks have a charge period and/or knock the enemy away, so it becomes
very difficult to chain damage between two or more moves. Still, I should
mention a few things, though you're better off just swinging like crazy at
enemies with their guards down than trying to create a sophisticated combo.

B -> B+forward/B+up = Both deal 18 damage to P/K and 27 to L. Very quick.

B/B+up - > Y (no charge) = Only worth it if all 3 hits connect. 27 to
P/K and 40 to L. His strongest basic combo. Either of the first two moves

Hitsugaya puts his sword away, sighs, and says something within a text bubble.
If either his breath or the text bubble hit an enemy, he'll regain some SP and
they'll be stunned for a second.

HT5: Battle Koma
And now, the good stuff. Here's the good and bad of each of Hitsugaya's 3
Battle Koma. Before we even begin, I'll say this. Use his 4 Koma, and don't
touch his 6. His 5 is there in case you feel the need to increase his J-soul.

Hitsugaya also has 3 Passive Effects that are always on. It's like innate
Help Koma built in. Keep in mind that you cannot double up the effects, which
puzzles me because two of his Boosts do just that >_>

-Hitsugaya can always Air Dash
-Hitsugaya is Immune to Freeze
-Hitsugaya is Immune to Burn

Battle Koma 4
J-Soul: 136
Nature: Knowledge
Koma Shape:

Special Attack A: Fires a large ice beam straight ahead of him. As with most
of Hitsugaya's attacks (and beams in general) the damage it does is tied to
how many times it hits the enemy. Deals a maximum of 10 hits. It's pretty much
the same thing as his 3 Koma Support, but stronger. Inflicts Freeze status.
Max Damage:
Against Laughter: 49
Against Power/Knowledge: 33

Special Attack B: Stabs the ground and creates a shockwave of ice that freezes
everything nearby. Pretty much the same as his 2 Koma Support, and yes, it
inflicts Freeze Status. Deals 1 hit.
Damage Output: 
Against Laughter: 36
Against Power/Knowledge: 24

Personal Rating: His best Koma, without a doubt. May have terrible J-Soul,
but his Specials are MUCH better on his 4 Koma, and if you're using him,
it's most likely to take advantage of his freezing attacks. Since it's shaped
as a Square, it's very easy to fit into most any deck as filler if you have
nothing better to add, and it's probably the best Battle Koma capable of
Freeze in the entire game.

Battle Koma 5
J-Soul: 152
Nature: Knowledge
Koma Shape:

Special Attack A: Creates a blast of ice that spikes up and covers a fair area
both upwards and outwards. Also pretty quick. Inflicts Freeze status.
Damage Output: 
Against Laughter: 48
Against Power/Knowledge: 32

Special Attack B: Matsumoto, Hitsugaya's Vice-Captain appears and creates a
veil of smoke that causes Blind effect on the enemy and deals some heavy
damage. However, the veil appears where they were standing when she was
summoned, and has a high chance of being evaded.

Damage Output: 
Against Laughter: 48
Against Power/Knowledge: 32

Personal Rating: If you REALLY need the extra J-Soul, then go with this, but
you would be better off with his 4 Koma. His Special A is strong and quick,
but lacks the insane ringout power or the wide range freezing of his 4 Koma,
and while Matsumoto does good damage and blind, she ALWAYS gets blocked or
evaded. If you don't plan on using his specials for some reason, I suppose
you should use this one.

Battle Koma 6
J-Soul: 168
Nature: Knowledge
Koma Shape: 

Special Attack A: Hitsugaya calls out his Bankai and dashes forward to pierce
his foe with a lance of ice and freeze them. Despite being his Bankai, it's
easily his worst Special among all of his Koma. It's slow to appear, slow to
dash forward to attack, deals good damage, but WAY to easy to see coming. It
WILL be blocked, and by the time the Freeze has run out, you're halfway across
the screen from them and you'll get at most, one or two hits in while they are
Damage Output:
Against Laughter: 72
Against Power/Knowledge: 48

Special Attack B: Same as his 5 Koma, calls out Matsumoto. Deals a bit more
damage though. Still causes Blind, still easy to block.
Damage Output: 
Against Laughter: 60
Against Power/Knowledge: 40

Personal Rating: NEVER-everevereverEVER use this Koma! It's a pile of CRAP...
The J-soul amount is NOT worth the fact that you will NEVER hit ANYTHING with
his Specials AND the fact that he's a 6 Koma and an awful shape that blocks
out Koma spaces that could be used on better things. If you feel the need to
use the extra J-Soul, use his 5 Koma, otherwise, stick to his 4. I repeat: 

HT6: Fighting As Hitsugaya
Freeze. That's why you use Hitsugaya. He's not a terribly good character, and
his attacks are slow. However, being that he has the awesome Specials of his
4 Koma, he's a ring-out monster, especially on stages with no walls. The
best thing you can possibly do with Hitsugaya is Freeze your opponent with his
4 Koma's X attack, and if they fail to fall off the edge, toss in something
like Gotenks that'll send them to their death.

Icy floored stages can be interesting for Hitsugaya, because his Y+forward
attack will dash even farther, resulting in stage sweeping dashes that may
not do much damage, but cover a lot of ground.

Since his 4 Koma's X+up attacks in every direction, stages like Saint Seiya
and One Piece that have pits in the stages will allow recovering opponents, 
or just opponents jumping over the pits, to be shot into the abyss, covered
in ice. His 4 Koma's X+up can also screw over opponents who've just recovered
from a near-ringout and are hanging from the edge, waiting for an opportunity
to jump back in, by knocking them off the edge in Freeze status.

If you feel the need to use one of the Koma that has Matsumoto, she can be
used for edge-grabber killing as well, and if your opponents are pre-occupied,
you might be able to score a shot with her.

I cannot stress enough to NOT use his 6 Koma. There is NO reason for it. Any
J-Soul lost can be made up for with another Battle Koma or his Boosts. His X
special is USELESS because you will NEVER hit anything with it. It's a waste
of Koma space, seriously.

HT7: Fighting Against Hitsugaya
Prevent Freeze, and maybe Blind. Every one of his strategies is shot to hell
from one or two Help Koma. Hitsugaya relies on statuses and immobilization
because he's so damned weak, so if you can cripple his ability to stop you,
you'll have no problems. He's pretty weak anyway, so a strong Power type such
as Dio, Kenshin, Renji or Bankai Ichigo can make quick work of him anyway.

HT8: Supporting Hitsugaya
First of all, let's discuss his Boosts. Every character has 3 Koma that will
"Boost" them by increasing their J-Soul by 8 Points. These are vital to 
survival with Hitsugaya, because he has very low J-Soul and you SHOULD be
using his 4 Koma. For some stupid reason, however, the programmers decided
that two of his Boosters' Help Koma grant one of his Innate abilities, and
one of them is only available as a Help Koma, while the other is a great Koma
to use as support.

Hyoga (Saint Seiya) 3 Koma - Would grant Hitsugaya Immunity to Freeze, which
he already has. His 3 Koma can be comboed with Hitsugaya's 4 Koma's X Special
for a dual Ice Beam attack. Use it against a wall, time them so they fire at
different times and you'll rack up over 100 damage before you either run out
of SP or screw up the timing, assuming they don't die by ringout before that.

Light Yagami & Ryuuk 1 Koma - Judgement status is easily avoidable, so his
Support are out of the picture. Give Hitsugaya his Help Koma which Increases
your SP Gauge when you attack, or block characters of an opposing nature. 

Aisu 1 Koma (Taizo Mote King Saga) - Only comes as help and gives Hitsugaya
an ability that he has to begin with. Stick her next to him and point her at
someone else to give them the immunity to Freeze.

Now, for other Koma that will help you kick ass with Hitsugaya.

Gotenks (Dragon Ball) 3 Koma - Awesome, need I say more? Works well with
the Specials of his 4 or 5 Koma and can be used to combo with his aerial Y
attack, and his Y+up attack.

Sanosuke (Rurouni Kenshin) 2 Koma - Start charging Hitsugaya's Y+forward
attack, and right after it lets off, toss out Sanosuke and dual hit'm.
Alternatively, you can start to charge it and toss out Sanosuke for a fake-out

Hayato Gokudera (Katekyo Hitman REBORN!) 3 Koma - Get near a broken wall,
let him loose, and fire Hitsugaya's X attack for a sure ringout.

Satsuki (Ichigo 100%) 2 Koma - Regenerates health over time. Saves space and
works well.

Renji (Bleach) 4 Koma - Power type, good range, good specials, good life,
good everything. Leaves plenty of room for Supports and Helps too.

Seiya (Saint Seiya) ? Koma - Use whichever you feel like. He gets boosted
by Hyoga as well, so you may as well team them up, ya?

Tsuna & Reborn (Katekyo Hitman REBORN!) 6 Koma (Laughter) - Covers Hitsugaya's
weakness to Power characters and is just damn good on his own.

Sanji (One Piece) ? Koma - Use whichever you feel like. Good combos and can
take care of himself, plus being able to heal Hitsugaya with his Ultimate
HT9: Hitsugaya Decks
And now, I'll present you with some Decks I've made involving Hitsugaya. 
Just don't get pwned using my decks >:(

Name: Saint Hitsu
Info: Hitsugaya and Seiya deck
Koma List:
1) Hitsugaya 4 Koma (Leader)
2) Seiya 6 Koma
3) Gotenks 3 Koma (R)
4) Satsuki 2 Koma
5) Hyoga 3 Koma (L)
6) Aisu 1 Koma (pointing at Seiya)
7) Light 1 Koma (pointing at Hitsugaya)


Name: Shinigami
Info: 4 Battle Koma Bleach Deck
Koma List:
1) Renji 4 Koma (Leader)
2) Hitsugaya 4 Koma
3) Rukia 4 Koma
4) Ichigo 4 Koma
5) Orihime 3 Koma (L)
6) Zangetsu 1 Koma


Name: Bankai
Info: Bleach deck with Hitsugaya as Support
Koma List:
1) Bankai Ichigo 7 Koma
2) Renji 6 Koma (Leader)
3) Hitsugaya 3 Koma (R)
4) Yoruichi 2 Koma (L)
5) Rukia 1 Koma (pointing at Ichigo)
6) Byakuya 1 Koma (Pointing at Renji)


Name: Rhythm
Info: Deck based on powerful combos requiring careful timing.
Combo Info: Gokudera -> Kakashi's X+up -> Gotenks
Koma List:
1) Hitsugaya 5 Koma
2) Kakashi 6 Koma (Laughter) (Leader)
3) Gotenks 3 Koma (R)
4) Gokudera 3 Koma (L)
5) Sven 1 Koma (pointing at Kakashi)
6) Sakura 1 Koma (pointing at Kakashi)
7) Zangetsu 1 Koma


Name: All*Stars
Info: Featuring characters from the first 3 FAQs I made.
Koma List:
1) Train 5 Koma (Power) (Leader)
2) Kagura 5 Koma
3) Hitsugaya 4 Koma
4) Hyoga 3 Koma (R)
5) Satsuki 2 Koma (L)
6) Light Yagami & Ryuuk 1 Koma (pointing at Train)


Name: 4[_] (square symbol)
Info: 4 Battle Character Deck where all Koma are shaped as squares.
Koma List:
1) Hisugaya 4 Koma (Leader)
2) Kakashi 4 Koma
3) Tsuna 4 Koma
4) Hiei 4 Koma
5) Seiya 3 Koma (R)
6) Zangetsu 1 Koma


Name: *Asterisk
Info: Another Bleach 4 Battle Character deck, switching a few things around.
Koma List:
1) Rukia 5 Koma (Leader) (L)
2) Renji 4 Koma
3) Hitsugaya 4 Koma
4) Ichigo 4 Koma
5) Ishida 2 Koma (R)
6) Isshin 1 Koma


Name: Climate Tactic
Info: PCT Nami, and a duo of Ice and Fire Koma.
Koma List:
1) Nami 6 Koma (Leader)
2) Hitsugaya 4 Koma
3) Hiei 5 Koma
4) Shishio 2 Koma (R)
5) Yukime 2 Koma (L)
6) Shanks 1 Koma


HT10: Credits, Version Info and Legal Stuff
So now the boring stuff :(
Here's all the people who I have to thank, and all the stuff that keeps my
hard work safe from nasty people.

Genroh - Yeah you again. Thanks for the translations, and stuff.

Nintendo - For creating the DS, the greatest handheld yet, and publishing
this game.

CJayC - For creating this website. And for the example legal stuff.

Shonen Jump - For having Bleach in your magazine.

Version Info
Version 1.0 - I think I did pretty good with this one. It took me longer to do
than all of my others, because of Hitsugaya's damn Y attacks being so hard to
calculate damage for. All in all, I hope it's enjoyed as much as my other two
FAQs are. I may pull a revision like I did with my Train FAQ, to add more 
supports and such as people suggest them.

Version 1.2 - Fixed a few minor errors, and added a couple new decks.

Version 1.3 - More new decks.

Legal Stuff
Copyright 2007 Jason Dorfman

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

The only web site that has permission to post this FAQ is gamefaqs.com
*Set upon the frozen heavens, Hyorinmaru!*