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Created by FFandMMfan
NR1: Introduction
NR2: Acquiring and Evolving Robin
NR3: Help/Support Koma
NR4: Basic Damage and Combos
NR5: Battle Koma
NR6: Fighting As Robin
NR7: Fighting Against Robin
NR8: Supporting Robin
NR9: Robin Decks
NR10: Credits, Version Info and Legal Stuff

NR1: Introduction
Howdy, welcome to my character FAQ for Nico Robin, a character from the Manga
One Piece. Robin attacks using her arms, many, many of her arms. Like Luffy,
the main character of One Piece, she has eaten one of the Devil Fruits, and
gained a specific ability because of it. However, unlike Luffy, she is not
made of Rubber, since she did not eat the Gomu Gomu no Mi, but rather, ate
the Hana Hana no Mi, which grants her the ability to multiply various parts
of her body and sprout them out of any object or person she can see. Most
often, she'll use her arms as her choice of appendage, and can create a great
number of them at once.

Nico Robin was once considered to be one of the worst characters in Jump
Ultimate Stars, but after some people started to use her more often, her
uses have become clear, and she's been bumped up to being considered pretty
good. Robin is mostly a mid-range character, since most of her best attacks
pop out at a certain distance away from her, but she can function well at
close range, and decent at long range. Robin's main good points are her
complete and total domination of thin-floored stages, good keep-away tactics,
and a great defensive game. Well, let's get this show on the road... or...
the sea... I guess.

NR2: Acquiring and Evolving Robin
Yarr mateys! Thar be Koma on them thar shores! ...Okay that was corny....
Anyway, yeah, before you can use Robin's Koma, you've gotta acquire her in
a mission, and evolve her using Gems, just like everyone else in the game.

Nico Robin is acquired WAAAAY at the end of the game, in "Planet U", in the
J-World section of worlds. In order to grab her Help Koma, you need to
complete Objective 5 of Mission 4. To do this, you must collect all
Stars in 40 seconds. In all Star missions, each person starts with one, and
one will drop somewhere a few seconds into the stage. To make it easier
on yourself, figure out where that star is, get it as it appears, and then
go to town on your foes.

Evolving Robin is very simple. It's a straight Support/Battle chart, no side
stuff, so you don't have to worry about what to unlock before something else.

Robin has 3 battle Koma, and they are all of the Knowledge nature.

H = Help Koma
S2/3 = Support Koma 2 and 3
B4 = 4 Koma Battle Character
B5 = 5 Koma Battle Character
B6 = 6 Koma Battle Character

So how much of your treasure will it cost you to unlock her Koma? Look below.

Help: Default, no gems needed.
Support Koma 2: 5 Red, 45 Green, 5 White
Support Koma 3: 20 Red, 80 Green, 10 White
Battle Koma 4: 50 Red, 150 Green, 20 White
Battle Koma 5: 200 Red, 200 Green, 20 White
Battle Koma 6: 50 Red, 550 Green, 30 White

Total cost to Fully Evolve Robin:
Red = 325
Green = 1025
White = 85

Got all her Koma? Good! Let's get on with the show.

NR3: Help/Support Koma
Not looking to make the multi-armed pirate your Battle Character? Well, she
has some pretty good Support Koma, and a standard Help Koma. So, what do they

Help Koma: Attaching Nico Robin to a character will make them use a portion
of their Special Gauge to auto-guard against damage.

Support Koma 2: Robin appears next to you, and a 4 panel display appears
on the touch screen, with one blanked out (you) and the others with player
numbers on them (your foes). Touch a foe's panel, and after a small delay,
Robin will copy her arms onto the foe, and smack them in the eyes, causing
Blind status effect. Can be used at any range, all the way across the stage,
but can be blocked, and deals no damage.

Personal Rating: A nice, if slow way to inflict Blind status. The fact that
it can be used from ANYWHERE in the stage is a nice touch, and makes it one
of my favorite Blinding Support Koma. There are some that are a bit more
functional, but the range, to me, is worth it.

Support Koma 2 Shape:

Support Koma 3: Robin appears and creates a wave of her arms, sprouting from
the ground on both sides of her, that spread across the ground for a fair
distance. Nice for ringout assistance/keep-away tactics, deals some good
damage, provided they get several hits, instead of just getting hit by a few

Max Damage:
Against Power and Knowledger Characters: 40 Damage
Against Laughter Characters: 60 Damage

Personal Rating: The better of her two support Koma. Excellent in crowds, in
the sense that it clears them away from you, deals great damage, and
seriously puts a dent in Laughter characters, if they're caught in the full
stream. She's easy to knock out, so if you plan on using her in a crowd, make
sure you have a move that can protect her till she can fire off her wave.
She also has great ringout assistance potential, and combined with attacks
like Zoro's wind waves and Luffy's multiple punches, can be a great ringout

Support Koma 3 Shape:

NR4: Basic Damage and Combos
Ah, so you're thinking of using Nico Robin as a battle character? Well, I
assume that means you want to know just how much damage she can pull off with
her attacks. She doesn't do very much damage, but she is a very handy (sorry
for the horrible pun) character with her strategic moves, and excellent
mid-range attacks.

Like I've said many times already, she doesn't do much damage, but her
attacks are useful in MANY situations, and she's a beast to the ever annoying
compulsive runner/blocker players.

All of her Koma are of the Knowledge nature, which means she'll be doing
1.5 damage to Laughter characters, and normal damage to Power and Knowledge.

I'll abbreviate Power/Knowledge/Laughter as P/K/L, since I'll be typing it
so much.

B = Creates 2 extra hands from one of them, and stretches her arm out straight
forward. Deals 8 Damage to P/K and 12 to L.

B+left/right = Creates several arms from one of them, and steps forward a
little. Deals multiple hits. Max damage is 6 to P/K and 9 to L

B+up = Creates a spread of arms from both sides of her, and turns around.
Turns the enemy to the other side of you (meaning if they are on the right
side of you, she'll move them to the left side). Deals 8 damage to P/K and
12 to L.

B in the Air = Stretches a string of arms on both sides of her. Deals multiple
hits. Max damage is 8 to P/K and 12 to L.

B + Down = Tosses out a small flower petal that hits the ground and pushes
the enemy towards you a little. Switches the opponent's battle character.
Deals 8 damage to P/K and 12 to L.

Y = Robin tosses out a small flower petal nearby, which creates a set of hands
on the ground that grab a foe standing above them and slam them to the ground.
Pulls foes through thin floors. Deals 16 damage to P/K and 24 to L.

Y + left/right = Robin creates a long stream of hands that stretches forward.
If she connects with a foe, she grabs them and pulls them towards her. Deals
no damage when she initally grabs them, but rather when they reach her.
Deals 8 damage to P/K and 12 to L

Y + Up = Creates a huge spread of arms above, and to the sides of her. Deals
damage to foes in every direction, except for below her. Deals 14 damage to
P/K and 21 to L.

Y + Down = Throws a flower petal towards the ground, which produces a pair of
hands that clap together, and guard break the enemy. Deals 15 damage to P/K
and 22 to L.

Y in the Air = Produces a pair of hands on the nearest platform below her.
The hands toss a pair of knives from that platform, into the air, all the way
past Robin until it hits something. Can be used to attack opponents that are
on the ground, while you're in the air. Deals 16 damage to P/K and 24 to L.

Robin has some really nice combos, but some are hard to pull off. Keep in mind
that the standard combo (B -> B+foward -> Y -> Y+forward) does NOT work with
Robin, because her Y will break the combo. These combos are performed without
Support Koma. Support combos are listed further down.

Any Battle Koma
B -> B+up -> Y+up = Deals 30 damage to P/K and 45 to L.

Y+forward -> B -> B+up -> Y+up = Deals 38 to P/K and 57 to L.

B+forward -> Y RIGHT next to a ledge = Forcing them off the edge and pushing
them into the pit with Y, there is no escape if you can hit them with it.
Damage doesn't matter, as it's a ringout move. Plus the hit lag is too much
so it doesn't really "combo".

Y on a thin platform (the kind you can jump through) = Slamming the enemy
straight through the floor at a high speed. Pretty much an instant win tactic
in stages that have a thin platform as the bottom floor (such as Naruto's

B+down -> Y = Deals 24 damage to P/K and 36 damage to L. Force switches the
enemy and slams them to the ground. Note that her Y+down cannot combo into
her Y.

4 Koma Only
B+down -> X = Deals 43 damage to P/K and 64 to L.

B -> B+forward -> X = Deals 49 damage to P/K and 73 to L

5 Koma Only
Y+up -> X+up (with continuous X tapping for more hits) = 43 damage to P/K
and 66 to L (with maximum hits).

B -> B+up -> Y+up -> X+up = 58 damage to P/K and 87 to L with maximum hits.

B+down -> Y+up -> X+up = 50 damage to P/K and 75 to L with maximum hits. Must
be performed close to the foe or the special won't hit.

6 Koma Only
To my knowledge, Robin has no unique support-less combos with her 6 Koma.

Robin produces a hand from the ground, sits on it, and reads a book. Slowly
restores SP.

NR5: Battle Koma
So you've used your treasure to unlock Robin's Koma, and used my Treasure Maps
to learn how to utilize the Koma... but are you ready for your adventure?
...Too much corny pirate talk? Oh well >_>

Battle Koma time! Here, I'll outline their specials, their J-soul, shape, 
rating, etc etc. You know the drill, so lets get on with it!

Of course, you cannot forget the Passive Effects that each character has.
Robin also has a couple of them, and I hope they'll come in handy >_> 

-Robin always has the ability to deplete a small portion of her SP gauge in
order to Auto-guard enemy attacks.
-Robin always gains an increased amount of SP energy when attacking or
blocking characters of the Laughter nature.

Battle Koma 4
J-Soul: 128
Nature: Knowledge
Koma Shape:

Special Attack A: Releases a few flower petals from her hand. If they connect
with an enemy, they will suffer several hits from her hands that spawn on
their body. Robin cannot move while this attack is in effect, then again, your
foe cannot either.
Max Damage:
Against Laughter: 52
Against Power/Knowledge: 35

Special Attack B: Creates a tower of hands around her that knocks every foe
in the area into the air. Deals multiple hits, damage figures are for best
possible damage.
Max Damage: 
Against Laughter: 42
Against Power/Knowledge: 28

Personal Rating: Not as bad as I'd originally thought. While she DOES have low
J-Soul, and her X+up is painfully weak and is outshined by many of her basic
combos available with any of her Koma for 0 SP, her X is useful in a number of
situations, especially combined with various Support Koma. Robin's 4 Koma is
pretty risky to use in 4 player fights, due to the fact that her X special
(The main reason why you'd be using her 4) keeps you immobile while you attack
the foe from long range, basically saying "Hey, everyone, come and kick my ass
while I can't fight back!". In 1vs1 matches, she can be very useful, but you'd
be better off sticking to her 5 Koma. Though, she does have a nice place in 4
Battle Character decks, which I will explain in the Support Combos section.

Battle Koma 5
J-Soul: 144
Nature: Knowledge
Koma Shape:

Special Attack A: Creates a long trail of hands along the ground that sweep
forward and drag anyone caught in it for a pretty long distance. Similar to
her 3 Koma, but only in one direction. Unlike most other stream-like multi-hit
attacks, she does LESS damage when the opponent is against a wall, so you'll
want to hit them with the first hit and let them get dragged all the way for
the full damage.

ALSO, the attack works across platforms. Allow me to draw a small example...

__E_  _R___

R = Robin, E = Enemy
If you use her X attack on a set of platforms similar to that, the hands will
split across them and hit both foes. The range is usually less on the bottom
platform though, for some reason. At least in my experience. You also will not
get the full force of the attack if you use it that way.
Max Damage: 
Against Laughter: 48
Against Power/Knowledge: 32

Special Attack B: Robin waves her arms around to create a circulating field
of flower petals. Continuously hit X for more hits. Drags nearby enemies
closer to the center and then fires them away at the end.

Max Damage: 
Against Laughter: 45
Against Power/Knowledge: 30

Personal Rating: Her most balanced Koma, in my opinion. While her X+up does 
have lower damage than many of her other Specials, it has several advantages.
It can combo from her best basic combos (something her other Koma specials
cannot do)and flings the foes outwards when the attack ends. It's also an 
effective edge guarding move, serves as a shield against many types of
projectiles (foes that come in to attack will just get sucked in anyway)and
works VERY quickly, allowing you to capture foes who dive in for the attack,
or make a shield for yourself when your guard is nearly expired. There's
really nothing bad about this Koma, if you want to use Robin, this is the most
well-rounded Koma she has. 1vs1, 2vs2 or 4 player free for alls, Robin's 5
Koma works perfectly in any type of match.

Battle Koma 6
J-Soul: 160
Nature: Knowledge
Koma Shape: 

Special Attack A: Robin creates a wave of hands on BOTH sides of her, much
like her 3 Koma Support. However, the hands are fairly spaced apart, and
while the full combo deals SERIOUS damage, especially to Laughter characters,
it's VERY easy to miss the opponent on a majority of the hits.
Max Damage:
Against Laughter: 90
Against Power/Knowledge: 60

Special Attack B: Spins around slowly and spreads flower petals around, that
cause foes to be attacked by her hands that spawn from their bodies. Strong,
and wide-spread, but can be blocked and is very easy to see coming.
Damage Output: 
Against Laughter: 66
Against Power/Knowledge: 43

Personal Rating: Whereas Robin's 5 Koma is most balanced, and her 4 is best
for 1vs1 fights, her 6 shines in wild 4 player free for all fights. Her X+up
can disable and damage an entire group of foes at once, if you launch it on
a platform above the group and her X can clear both sides of you if you're
caught in the middle of the chaos. It sports some of her best Support combos,
and obviously has her highest J-Soul. However, the high chance of missing
a majority of her X's hits, and the slow speed of her X+up, can cause major
problems in 1vs1 fights, but if you've got some good Supports handy, her 6
can be a beast in almost any situation.

NR6: Fighting As Robin
Aside from her normal combos and her specials, there is a VERY good reason to
use Nico Robin, and that reason is stages with thin floors. Her Y attack will
grab the enemy and pull them to the ground, but using it on those floors will
send them straight through it, into the pit below. It's fast, and surprising
to those who are not aware that it has that effect, and even so, they CAN NOT
recover from it. They get stunned, and shot straight down, they WILL die.

Her Aerial Y attack can be very useful against runners, who like to run and
jump across the highest stage platforms, avoiding everyone till the match is
almost over, as well as being a nice tool for Sudden Death, since it comes
from the floor. Jump over your foes as they attack, and pop out some Aerial Ys
and watch their colors slowly fade away.

Speaking of Sudden Death, her Y+down is a nice way to start it. Most foes will
begin Sudden Death by blocking, waiting for some idiot to make the first move
and then pick them off when their attack winds down. Robin's guard break,
however, will still work, even if she is hit, so when they try to hit you out
of your guard break charge, you will STILL connect with the guard break,
leaving them open to further attack. Even the fabled gods of Sudden Death
(Momotaro, Dr. Mashirito, Lenalee, and other turtles and ringoutters) can fall
quickly to Robin's nearly unbreakable Y+down, her Y+forward (to get them
exactly where you want them) and her Y+up (thanks to it's huge range). If
not for her low damage output, Robin would probably rank just as high as 
they do, in terms of Sudden Death.

Oh and before you try it, her Y attack will NOT knock them through the Sudden
Death platform.

Robin is a very technical character, so running into the fray and mashing
buttons will surely get you killed, but with some skill and a plan, you can
keep the pressure on the foe through guard breaks, specials (especially her
5 Koma's X+up), her ability to pull foes towards you, spin them around,
attack from WAY above/below them and combo from force switches. Robin can be
an absolute beast once you've got the hang of her, but don't expect to kill
incredibly skilled players without some serious practice.

Also, keep in mind that Robin's Y, Y+down and B+down will still hit the enemy,
even if you've been attacked once they've appeared, so a foe could fall victim
to a floor trap, guard break or force switch if they try to attack you out of
your floor-based hand attacks.

NR7: Fighting Against Robin
Your first priority should be to stay the hell away from thin floors. And I
mean, FAR from them. She can pull you towards her, and if she lands you on
one, you're as good as dead.

Second priority would be to switch to a Power character and just beat the hell
out of her, she cannot take very much damage, and if you keep the pressure on
and don't let her catch you in one of her better combos, you should have no
problem beating her.

Also, if she tries to guard break you, it would be wise to try and run or jump
away from it, instead of trying to hit her out of it. Her guard break, force
change and her Y attack still take effect if she's been hit and the attack has
already been released.

If you do decide to run away from Robin, do not run above her, because she can
hit you from far below. Do not be under an airborne Robin, she can hit you
all the way from the top of the screen, because her attack comes from the

And, it must be stated again, do not stand on thin floors above pits, you
WILL die.

NR8: Supporting Robin
Aye, she be in need of a crew, yarr.
...I really need to stop doing that.

The backbone of every deck is the Support and Help Koma, so here, we'll
discuss Koma that are good to pair with Nico Robin. First up, I'll review
her Ally Boosts, and which of their forms you should take advantage of.

Lucky for Robin, she's got a set of GREAT Ally Boosts, each of them is
useful in each of their Koma forms, and can be a great asset to your deck
in any form. But for the sake of the FAQ, I'll list off which forms I think
are best for Robin.

Luffy 1/7/8 Koma - Luffy gives Robin a boost, but at the same time, Robin ALSO
boosts Luffy! Well, at least his 7/8 Koma. His Help will reduce damage from
Punches and Kicks, and many of Robin's main offenders (power types) will be
using attacks like these, so it's a good choice for any Robin deck. 
Alternatively, you could use his 7 or 8 Koma to add a great Battle Character
to your arsenal.

Sanji 2/5/6 Koma - Robin also gets a boost from Sanji. His 2 Koma is a great
healer (especially for female characters) and it's also very quick. However
you may want to opt for his 5 or 6 Battle Koma, since his Ultimate Action
will heal characters in reserve, and he's just a generally good character.

Kurama 2/3/4 - Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho also boosts Robin, probably because
of their relation to flowers. In any case, his 3 Koma heals, which is nice
if you're using Sanji as Battle, but Sanji does a much better healing job.
Kurama's 4 Koma is a great Battle Koma, and would be a nice addition to a 
Robin deck. However, Kurama's BIGGEST use in a Robin deck is his 2 Koma.
It's VERY quick, comes out right near you, Blinds the foe, removes one SP bar
from them, and can be used during her 5 Koma's X+up to REALLY screw up your

Now, for Support Koma that aren't directly related to Robin.

Sanosuke 2 Koma (Rurouni Kenshin) - A quick attack that can be used in any
situation. In Robin's case, it's a good idea to use if you miss one of her
specials, since they have a long wind-down time.

Kenshin 2 Koma (Rurouni Kenshin) - Quick, stuns the foe, bring them in for her
Y attack and slam them into the abyss.

Hitsugaya 2/3 Koma (Bleach) - Ice attack that freezes, set them up for just
about anything Robin can do, be it a ringout, a floor kill, or her hard-to-hit 

Eve 2 Koma (Black Cat) - Appears quickly and grants the Toughen status effect,
and Robin could REALLY use that added defense.

Zoro 3 Koma (One Piece) - The key to one of my favorite Support combos with
her 4 Koma. Also just a generally good Koma, with it's quick, forward slashing

Inui 3 Koma (Prince of Tennis) - Appears above you, fires downwards at an
angle, causes support seal, kills 2 of their SP bars, and knocks them back
REALLY far. Grab them with the very tip of her Y+forward, that should be the
PERFECT distance to hit with the blast. An inaccurate hit will just stun the
foe for a second.

Orihime 3 (Bleach) - Heals every Battle Koma in your deck for a decent amount.
However, she takes a long time to work... BUT, Robin's 4 Koma's X will hold
them in place JUST long enough to recieve the heal. Ideal for 4 Battle 
Character decks with Robin in them.

Anna 3 (Shaman King) - Use Robin's guard break, and follow up with Anna.
Even if they have the small window to block (which they won't, if you time it
right), Anna will just guard break them again and cause Slow effect, and some
pretty heavy damage.

Naruto 3 (Naruto) - Works well with Robin's various X+up specials, however,
I was able to get 131 damage from it and Robin 6's X+up... And I cannot repeat
it again. That special has a strange hitbox, and sometimes the hands can
overlap and deal more damage than they should, but it's not something to rely
on. I figured I should mention it here anyway, but it'll normally do MUCH
lower damage than that.

Lucifer 3 (Hunter x Hunter) - Helps set up Robin's slower specials, and can
create some pretty strong combos. Guard break -> Lucifer -> 6 Koma's X+up can
deal 91 damage to a neutral nature.
^Credit goes to MasterTurtle for that strategy^

Here, I'll list some combos for Robin, using various Support Koma.
If you can find more things to string into them, by all means, do so. These
are just combos that I have come across, so there may be better ones I haven't
found yet.

Any Battle Koma
These support combos can be used by any of Robin's battle Koma, without
the aid of any special attacks.

Y+Forward -> Inui 3 (launch Inui as soon as they are grabbed) = 26 Damage to
P/K and 51 to L. Causes Support Seal effect, kills 2 of their SP bars and
launches them backwards.

Y+down -> Anna 3 = 57 damage to Power, 43 to Knowledge and 50 to Laughter.
Double guard breaks and inflicts Slow status.

4 Koma Only
X -> Hitsugaya 3 -> X -> Hitsugaya 3 -> X -> Hitsugaya 3 -> etc (Semi-Infinite)
Very simple, very effective ringout technique.
Why is it just a "semi" infinite? It eats SP like crazy. 
X -> Hitsugaya 3 -> X -> Hitsugaya 3 -> X -> Hitsugaya 3 -> etc
It's not really recommended, since it has a small timing window (Hitsu's beam
needs to hit them as they get knocked from the hold) and it won't work if
you're too close to your foe. Unless you're REALLY close to the edge, it's not
recommended, due to the fact that each action consumes 1 SP.

X -> Orihime 3. Prevents foes from attacking you while you heal.

X -> Zoro 3 = 71 damage to Power, 89 damage to Knowledge and 88 to Laughter.
Strict hitbox and timing window. Zoro has to hit before the flower, but with
a short enough time between the two that the flower can still hit them without
them being shot into the air. Stand about 1 Komaman distance from the foe, 
launch X, and right after that, launch Zoro. If you get less damage, you
didn't time it right.

5 Koma Only
B -> B+up -> Y+up -> X+up -> Kurama 2 = Same damage as the standard 5 Koma
combo, but with blindess and an SP bar removal added in.

6 Koma Only
Y+down -> Lucifer 3 -> X+up = 91 damage to P/K and 136 to L.

Aside from the ones mentioned in the Ally Boosts section, who should support
Robin as a Battle Character?

Gohan 5 Koma (Dragon Ball) - Fairly good character in general, with a nice
Y+forward attack. However, I chose to put him here because he gets boosted
by Robin.

Killua 5 Koma (Hunter x Hunter) - Awesome character in general, also gets
boosted by Robin.

Kenshin 4 Koma (Rurouni Kenshin) - Great character, and can use a stunning
attack, which, again, sets Robin up for great combos and attacks.

Nami 4 Koma (Laughter) (One Piece) - Great 4 Koma character, and gets boosted
by Sanji, who you should have in your deck.

Lenalee 4/5 Koma (D.Gray-Man) - Plays a great aerial game, and aside from
Robin's aerial Y, she really can't do anything in the air, and is unable to
get the enemy very far off the ground. Lenalee makes up for this by being an
excellent aerial character.

Sakura 5/6 Koma (Naruto) - 5 Koma can heal herself, which is nice, however
her 6 Koma heals other Battle Koma, which is something Robin will probably be 
needing a lot until you can get used to the strange way she plays. Sakura 
herself is a great character as well.

NR9: Robin Decks
Need some inspiration on what sort of Robin-based deck to use? I think I can
help you with that. :)

Name: Hana (Japanese for Flower)
Info: Characters with flower attacks/names, plus Ichigo 100% characters.
Koma List:
1) Robin 5 Koma (Leader)
2) Sakura 5 Koma
3) Kurama 4 Koma
4) Aya 2 Koma (R)
5) Tsukasa 3 Koma (L)
6) Byakuya 1 Koma (pointing at Sakura)


Name: Girl Power
Info: All female deck, with the exception of Helps.
Koma List:
1) Robin 5 Koma (Leader)
2) Kagura 5 Koma
3) Sakura 6 Koma (Power)
4) Aya 2 Koma (R)
5) Kakashi 1 Koma (pointing at Sakura)
6) Luffy 1 Koma (pointing at Robin)


Name: Poop Deck
Info: A... pirate... deck... yeah...
Koma List:
1) Luffy 7 Koma (Leader)
2) Robin 5 Koma
3) Arale 5 Koma
4) Nami 2 Koma (R)
5) Softon 1 Koma (pointing at Luffy)


Name: Intel
Info: Every battle character is Knowledge type.
Koma List:
1) Robin 5 Koma
2) Lenalee 4 Koma (Leader)
3) Eve 5 Koma
4) Allen 3 Koma (R)
5) Sven 1 Koma (pointing at Eve)
6) Shanks 1 Koma
7) Luffy 1 Koma (Pointing at Robin)


Name: 4PLAY
Info: 4 Battle Koma deck.
Note: Using Sanji's UA and Orihime can nearly full-heal every Battle Character
at once.
1) Robin 4 Koma (L)
2) Renji 4 Koma
3) Nami 4 Koma (Leader)
4) Sanji 4 Koma
5) Orihime 3 Koma (R)
6) Shanks 1 Koma


Name: Four Piece
Info: Another 4 Battle Koma deck, only OP characters, Robin as Support.
Koma List:
1) Zoro 4 Koma (Leader)
2) Sanji 4 Koma (L)
3) Nami 4 Koma
4) Luffy 4 Koma
5) Robin 3 Koma (R)
6) Shanks 1 Koma


Name: Girl Power 2
Info: Another all female Battle deck
Koma List:
1) Nami 6 Koma (Leader)
2) Robin 5 Koma
3) Eve 4 Koma
4) Sanji 2 Koma (L)
5) Sven 1 Koma (pointing at Eve)
6) Luffy 1 Koma (pointing at Robin)
7) Zoro 1 Koma (pointing at Nami)


Name: 2 Piece
Info: 2 Battle character One Piece deck
Koma List:
1) Luffy 8 Koma (Leader)
2) Robin 6 Koma
3) Zoro 3 Koma (R)
4) Sanji 2 Koma (L)
5) Shanks 1 Koma


Name: Blackout
Info: Blinding deck.
Koma List:
1) Robin 5 Koma (Leader)
2) Yoh 6 Koma
3) Kurama 2 Koma (R)
4) Train 2 Koma (L)
5) Sven 1 Koma (pointing at Robin)
6) Jaguar 1 Koma (pointing at Robin)
7) Eve 1 Koma (pointing at Yoh)
8) Allen 1 Koma (pointing at Yoh)
9) Shanks 1 Koma


Name: Iron Flower
Info: Solo Robin Deck
Koma List:
1) Robin 6 Koma (Leader)
2) Sanji 2 Koma
3) Kurama 2 Koma (R)
4) Eve 2 Koma (L)
5) Train 1 Koma
6) Sven 1 Koma
7) Luffy 1 Koma
8) Jaguar 1 Koma
9) Saya 1 Koma
A) Orihime 1 Koma
B) Anzu 1 Koma
C) Shanks 1 Koma


NR10: Credits, Version Info and Legal Stuff
So now the boring stuff :(
Here's all the people who I have to thank, and all the stuff that keeps my
hard work safe from nasty people.

Genroh - I <3 you and your translation guide.

Nintendo - For creating the DS, the greatest handheld yet, and publishing
this game.

CJayC - For creating this website. And for the example legal stuff.

Shonen Jump - For having One Piece in your magazine.

Version Info
Version 1.0 - First version. I'm sure it will have a few updates though, as
I discover more strategies and make more decks :)

Version 1.5 - Added new decks, a couple new strategies and fixed a few
spelling errors.

Version 2.0 - Lots of new strategies, combos, decks, opinions and the like.
A HUGE update.
Legal Stuff
Copyright 2007 Jason Dorfman

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
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