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`---'`---'`---'`---'`---'`---|  `--' `---'`---'  `-'-'`   '`---'   `---'
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| Scooby Doo: Who's Watching Who?
| FAQ Started: August 6th, 2009 
| ASCII art by jimmythesnowman
| Written By jimmythesnowman
| Original Version finished: August ?th, 2009
| Email: a_bilogur@yahoo.com
| Current Version: 1.00

{I} Introduction

Welcome to my guide on scooby Doo: Who's Watching Who? I was shocked by the 
lack of documentation for this game, even reviews, so I ended up doing some 
work on it to document it. I added a cheat, an unlockable, submited a review, 
and wrote a guide, which you're looking at right now. 

Among the people that have played it this game is a bit notorius for the 
desprates that are stuck, most usually at the end of 1 but sometimes at various
parts of 2. So let me provide you with the answer to "the missing clue" in the
Haunted House: go back to Freddy and talk to him again to take another ride. 
This time, drive all the way, past the Phantom Carrige, and you will arrive at
a gate with a paw on it, signifying a new area. Do the chase scene here to nab
the final clue. There. That's probably what 90% of you came here for.

For the remandier of you guys, I hope you enjoy my guide, which I did as a mesh
between major projects. Have fun!

{II} Version History

| v 1.0                             |
| Not one of my higher-profile      |
| guides, but this is basically it, | 
| the first version. Hope it helps. |

{III} Table of Contents

{I}   Introduction
{II}  Version History
{III} Table of Contents

[1] Game Mechanics
    [1.01] Controls and Basic Structure
    [1.02] MissioN Structure
    [1.03] HUD
[2] Story
    [2.01] Haunted House
    [2.02] Candyland
    [2.03] Abandoned Airfield
    [2.04] Oceanland
    [2.05] Wolf's End Lodge
[3] Mission Stuff
    [3.01] Enemies
    [3.02] Set Pieces
    [3.03] Traps and Hazards
[4] Extras

{IV}  Legal

[1] Game Mechanics
[1.01] Controls and Basic Structure

This is a 2.5 dimensional game; meaning, most of the action takes place 
horizontally, with a little vertical movement. Thus the game mechanics are 
constructed in a 3D manner. The D-pad controls movement; up and down move you 
closer and farther from the screen while left and right move you to the left 
and to the right. Stand next to someone with a balloon over their head to talk
to them; they are usually important to the case, and make up the suspects.

Each level can be divided into 3 sections; the driving area, the main grounds,
(HUB) and the levels themselves. Throughout the game you place as Scooby as he 
explores what there is to see in the level. The main grounds is where the rest
of the gang and the suspects hang out, outside the clue area. The levels 
themselves is where you find the 8 clues and 3 traps needed to pass each level.
The driving area is a track where you drive the Mystery Machine as you retrieve
one of the clues/traps vital to the mission. At intervals within the level 
the producer is set up with his equipment. Walking by saves the game.

Now, Scooby himself. A is to jump, and B is to crouch. X is his spin attack. 
This is basically when he spins around quickly, which allows him to defeat 
enemies. You can move Scooby while performing the attack. Y is to run, or 
rather skedadle. In classic cartoonic manner by pressing the button Scooby 
does the "windmill" thing with his legs and then skids for some distance. If 
you hit an enemy while skiding they will take damage. You can perform a double
jump bp pressing A again while airborne.

[1.02] Mission Structure

Each mission has a definite structure. Basically you have to pave each level,
searching for clues and traps that you need to comeplete the storyline. There 
are 2 levels in each level area. Comepleting them means finiding all of the 
clues and traps. These are hidden so you must look a bit to find them. Within
each mission are a multitude of enemies. Use your attacks to defeat them, or 
jsut sneak through if you want. After finding a clue you have to take it to 
Velma to anylyze it. Basically you have to use the tools in her kit to anylyze
each clue; ultimatly, they lead to the whole intrigue. The traps, meanwhile, 
are needed for Freddy's whacky never-work-right ghost traps. After you capture
the ghost and demask them, you chalk up the victory and move on to the next 
level area. Ultimatly once you progress through all 6 levels you will unlock 
the whole intrigue.

[1.03] HUD

The DS's lower screen is reserved for the HUD. This displays the number of 
clues, traps, and special items of each type (there are 3) you have. There is 
also a health indicator, but it is not apparent at first. Scooby's potriat is 
actually his health indicator. Depending on how scared he is looking, the 
closer you are to collapsing and fleeing altogethor. The health meter is 
actually known here as the courage meter. The meter can be refilled by the 
Scooby Snacks found scattered throughout the level and reduced by enemies and 
traps. It's available in a more familiar format at the top-left corner of the
top screen.

Now, for the special objects. these can be found throughout the levels, however
you do not the latter 2 until later in the level. Eating one of the 3 foods 
will put Scooby through a short special-move phase, in which he acts as a 
hungry, enemy-killing machine. They only last a few seconds but are very
powerful. These are the Double Decker Veggie Burger, the chilli, and the 
ice cream cone. They make you invunerable to damage. To activate one drag it to
Scooby's mouth; you can only have 9 of each at a time. The Burger makes you 
immune to all damage, the ice cream lets you damage enemies that come too 
close and freeze them with y, and the Chilli quadruples the power and greatly 
expands the length of his spin attack, escentially making it OHKO (one hit KO).

[2] The Story
[2.01] Haunted House

The game opens with a cutscene of the gamg watching an episode of GSI - Ghost
Scene Investegtors. These guys, obviously a spoof of CSI, are composed of 
two guys, a gal, and a...robotic cat? As we watch some baron-type goast sneeks
up on them as they search a book for clues.

Now some producer guy announces a special episode of Ghost Scene Investigators,
which pits Mystery, Inc. (Scooby Doo) against the GSI team in a certain 
Kingston-Weatherby Hotel, where the ghost of Elies Kingston has been 
terrorizing staff and guests alike. When Freddy exitidly talks to them, he gets
bit off. Mr. middlemast, the producer, tells them to get started.

First, talk to the 3 employees outside the hotel. The first one is Maggie 
Sinclair, a lady who just so happens to be the manager of the hotel. She tells
Daphnee that the guests have all been scared away. The hotel is breaking up
already, but they have no money to fix it. She seems to have allergies to the
goldenrod planted in the garden, and says that Earl, the gardener, won't pull 
it out. Interesting. 

Earl has been the groundskeeper of the place for over 30 years, back before it
was even a hotel. Back when the house was being sold, he was adamently against

Now go inside and talk to the last suspect. The tall weathered man is Stuart
Wetherby, heir to the Wetherby fortune-which seems to have dried up. The 
proffesor dude from GSI askes him about some family "Wetherby Jewels," but
the man doubst their very existance. This guy is by my opinion the most 
suspicious of the three.

Head across to find your first clue, without even having entered the level
yet! This is a hotel register. You can't access Velma just yet, so continue on
into the first level.

The first level is The Hotel. The first time you go through it it basically 
serves as the tutorial level. Approach Skee and his camera to learn how to 
save. Approach the next marker to learn about double jumping. The next one is
over a burger, one of the special attack foods. The next two are about X 
(spin attack) and Y (Slide). You then get to break a crate to test out your
new skills. It contains a SCooby Snack, but as you have not met any enemies yet
and haven't taken any damage you can't collect it.

Now you meet your first hazard. There is a opening and closing door with a 
skelaton in it. Bypass it as the door can whack Skooby and plunge his health.
Next is your first enemy, and you learn about how you can either kill him or 
sneak by him. He takes 2 shots to down and drops some Scooby Snax.

Now you get to a sort of intersection. There is a bed, off which you can sping
into one of the bunch of areas. Sping to the left to collect a clue-a 
Jeweler's Loupe, whatever that is. Spring to the center and grab a Scooby 
Snack, if you need to heal. Continue down the right. There is a crate, a 
skelaton trap, and a few coins here. Collect them (in the crate is a burger)
and then spring down. The openning and closing closet here is another hazard,
bypass it.

Now is another bed-spirng area. To the back is a lare open area, like a room,
containg two crates and an enemy, your first enemy. Spin through him and then
collect what there is there. Jump over the couch blocking the way to the left
and claim your first trap piece, a service cart. You can continue further to
the left but there is nothing interesting here. There is an enemy right of the
bed, kill him if you are in need or just ignore him. Resume to the far right.
Resume to the far right, from the high plank gotten to by springboarding off
the bed. After a set of planks is a crate, break it for a burger. 

Now comes another open area with a skelaton and two crates. At this point it
should be obvious you should break the crates. Follow the coins to the bed and
another complex intersection. Directly in back is another open area. To the 
lower left is a trap and crate; to the right is a long hallway with two traps
(a skelotan trap and a new, knight-with-hammer one) There's also a skeloton
here, but little else. This is mean to be the return gate to the bed if you
fall off the next part of the level, the planks to the top. These are a bunch
of narrow plans ypu have to jump between carefully. Halfway across is another
open area, this time with two enemies and a crate, one a skelaton and one a
ghoul. Continue down the planks to another hallway and a save point.

Now is your first experience with the 3D aspect of this game. Here there is a
hallway, vertically arranged, with carts moving along a plank. Jump across
quickly to avoid damage, and don't fall off! After this is a winding vertical
halway with a lot of holes in the floors. Jump between and run across, 
avoiding the many knight-traps. Another save point!

Now is a part that is easily missed. Right there, next to the save point, is 
a wall that narrows the hallway and a bunch of stacked tables. Jump over them
to access four crates in a small area. Use these to recharge. Get back on 

To cross the chasm you have to jump on top of the closet-trap and jump over the
chasm. To get on top jump onto the tables and then double-jump to the top. Now
here is a cart-place where you have to jump onto a fast-moving cart to jump over
a little closed area. Do this twice. Kill the ghoul, claim the crates. Or just
drop off the top nook. Jump onto the table and onto the top and then drop over.
Grab one of the carts and use it jump onto the long plank over onto the next 
area. There's a skelaton and a save point here. 

There is a crossing here across a large chasm, avoid the skelaton door, it can
knock you right off the plank! Cross the drop and then avoid another set of 
hazards to get to another vertical area. Here there are service carts rolling
down a hallway with holes in it. You have to double-jump over the holes and 
carts to progress. 

After another save point (they come often, don't they?) you have to cross a
large chasm with...flying stools? Just jump between them (don't worry they 
won't fall off) and grab the crates at intervals. At the end is another clue!
Gloves! Follow through onto another save point and the connection to the next
level, the Cellar.

In the background is a large open area, barren, but with a ghoul and skelaton
to provide you company. You can actually get onto here by carefully jumping 
from the part with the save point onto the narrowest section between.

Return and talk to Daphnee to analyze your clues. Brush the Jewler's loupe to
find fingerprints leading to both Earl and Stuart. This is important as the 
loupe is used for appraising diamonds-the family diamonds mentioned before.

Next are the gloves. Magnify to find that it has some goldenrod. Obvously that
leads to Earl and Maggie. 

Open the hotel register to solve it too, but it doesn't lead to anything...

Talk to Freddie to do some driving. There's a Phantom Carrige in the graveyard
that might lead to clues, basically jsut drive through and avoid obstacles
while nabbin traps and clues. The first one is a Chest trap, which can be found
at the part where the road get s a small secondary road on the side, uphill, 
crash through the barriers and up the road to nab it. #2, a flower, is on the 
right side of a large river ford you pass through. You only pass into the 
graveyard itself later. The carrige appears, hit it to grab the clue-a Flower.

Back to Velma for an analysis. The Closed sign smells like Earl, and the 
flowers smell like Earl and Stuart. Now go to the gate to enter the cellar. 
Get onto the trap and twist the dial clocwise to lower it downstairs. There's
a ghoul and some crates almost imediatly. After this are some planks, but drop
down back to the ground as they don't lead anywhere. There's another plank with
a crate on it, this can only be accessed by jumping atop the crate to the right
and then double-jumping to. After this there is a roturd, then a little 
furnace, but after this you have company-a ghoul and skelaton, kill both and 
claim their drop.

After this there is another trap leading even deeper into the celler. Again,
turn the dial clockwise to lower yourself. There is a little podium with, um,
black fire, and a save point. Continue down the left through a broken down 
area to get to a flooded area. To cross, jump atop the platforms, jumping above
the moving pillars, then across the swinging planks. You might fall off but
that's ok because you just passed a save point. Here the hall splits in two.
The latteral one leads to some stuff, so take it first if you need to recharge.
The vertical one leads down a roturd hall, past a coffer-skelaton hazard, into
another flooded-broken down area. Lots of skelatons here, and lots of jumping.
At the end is another new hazard, swinging cages with skelatons inside. Wow
this is like a dungeon with all the dead bodies. After this is a save point and 
more pillars. Tip - if you jump oof a pillar whilde it is moving up, you will 
gain a lot of jump. Respectively doing the opposite you will barely move. There
are also a couple of stomping pillars. Negotiate these and then the two 
skelatons to meet another rotard with a junction. There are boulders rolling 
down a very long hallway, and a standard latteral pathway. Take this first and
pass through the stomping pillars and moving platform to get a trap-marbles.

The boulders are hard to avoid and very fast moving. Double jump whenever one
comes near and sedadle to get closer to the exit when they're gone. Although
there seems to be a narrow space between each you will take damage anyway.

Oo, another trap. This one goes up however. Save at the save point and kill the
skelly/ghoul. Recover their drops and then move onto a flooded area with more
planks and lots of crates. there's a clue on one, in an easily spottable plank,
grab it to claim Jewels. Continue onwards over the bridge, watching out for the
gap with skelaton hanging off, and then move across the planks/earth quickly to
avoid the hanging service carts. Finished!

Go to Velma again and brush the Jewels to find out they relate to Earl. The
lipstick has both Maggie's and Earl's hands on it. 

And now is the part that most people get stuck on. I had been stuck on this 
part for the longest time befroe figgering it out. Go to Freddy and talk to him
as he will put you through another driving session to find...bad bum!...the 
last location! Just drive onwards, past the ghost carrige, to find another 
gate with a paw over it, signifying a new area.

This part is halarious. Scooby and Shaggy have wandered into the graveyard and
are discussing food when they are, as typical, ambushed by the ghost. This part
is very easy to understand, but can be hard to beat. You basically have to run.
You can skedadle a bit and gain distance if the ghost gets close by rubbing the
DS in that direction. Jump by pressing the stylus up. On the way you will meet
doors and obstacles, which you have to break or open via the touch screen 
before you get there. Running into an unopened door/obstacle will slow you 
down, allowing the ghost to get closer. There's also a part where you hide 
behind a statue and have to tap to keep Shaggy and Scooby from extending 
themselves outside their hiding place. The further along you go the more 
difficult the traps become. At the end is another clue- a Value Chart. Talk to
Velma one last time to decode the mystery. The Value Chart has Earl on it.

It all points to Earl, but you still have to prove it. Talk to Freddy. Here
comes another chasing session. Lure the ghost on you and into Freddy's trap.
At the first X drop your marbles. At the second, the Service Cart, and the 
third, the Chest. Drop it AFTER you pass the X so as not to get caught in your
own trap.

The ghost is demasked and Earl emerges. The GSI seems pissed you got to the end
first. Velma explains that Earl never wanted the mansion to become a hotel. 
However, he never had the money to buy it out, that is until he stumbled upon
the family jewels. However it was still too little, so to reduce the hotel's
value he started terrorizing the guests, until he could buy it.

[2.02] Candyland

After you comeplete the first mission, Scooby starts yelling ghost. Shaggy 
doesn't see him but the baron-ghost announces himself with his best evil 
laugh. He then dissapears. That's the Ghost Hunter Huanter, the same as from 
the TV seen by the gang during an episode. he's been following them for several
months. GSI has no clue what to do with them.

Mr. Middlemast emerges and says they're doing it again-the ratings have doubled
themselves! Shaggy seems more interested in dnner but when he hears that the 
next location is Candyland, he can't wait to go. A Ghost Clown has been 
haunting the candy factory, sabatoging equipment and threatening to shut the 
place down. 

After a cut-scene you arrive at Sugarland. Mr. Middlemast talks to Mr. 
Sylvester Sweetsugar, and in the background Candyland seems almost entirely
deserted and broken down. Two workers are still on the premises-candy quality
control officer Samson S. Sampson (lol does he even have teeth anymore?) and 
Mr. Gerald Jenkins, who is the previous owner of the area (that sounds 
suspicious). The owner, after checking that the camera is off, gives you free
rein, but warns if they do ANYTHING to make his company look back he will "sue
the pants off of you." Meanie.

As soon as you return to normal gameplay, talk to Sweetsugar. Freddie will ask
how long he has owned his company-but you don't exactly get an answer. He 
defends himself instead, good busniess oppertunity, spoiled rotten kids and all 
that. He stopped production of a few brands because he can't eat them as he is
allergic to them (IMPORTANT ALLERT!!!) His real name of course isn't Sweetsugar
but Edgar Norbert Diffendork (lol dork). Talk to Daphnee but she doesn't say 
anything new. Go inside to investigate the rest. The first one is Genkins,
former owner, now a candy store man. He says he sold the buissness to see happy
kid faces instead of sour-faced executives. Howevr he is sour about recent 
developments, mostly the new trend of using chemicals and preservatives in

The last charecter is a big strongarm-like man, Sampson, Candy Control dude.
He says he doesn't chew gum (IMPORTANT ALERT!!) when asked if he gets to try 
out everything in the product line. When asked if there are any records of the
Ghost Clown's first appearance he says yes, but sourpuss has locked them up.

Move on to the first level, and on the way get the first clue - an ATM reciept.
The first level is the...Choclate Silo. Uh, OK. Almost immediatly you can 
collect your first Ice Cream Cone! This is a new special Item, with it you can
freeze enemeis for a limited amount of time. 

Start climing up (don't go down there is nothing there except an elevator that
puts you back where you started. You soon meet your first monster-an Ice Cream
Cone Giant. These guys are a LOT more durable then normal monsters, taking 4 
hits to down. Also, you get to see a new sprite. When you are above him, the 
camera dude is just standing around for some reason and doing nothing. This 
charecter sprite can only be seen in this way here; dropping down he will 
switch back to the normal way.

Use the evelator to climb from level 2 to level 4. Here there is a drop-down
grate that leads to level 3. Take the level 3 elevator (defeat the candy 
ghoul first) to level 4 and then head right (left has nothing interesting)
This level is pretty annoying because if you drop down you will have to take
a lot of time to climb back up, and it's very easy to fall down. Defeat the
Candy Phantom there and then climb the level 4 elevator to level 5. Jump the
platforms and grids to get up to get to level 7, taking out the Candy Giant on
the way and then climbing the elev to 8. Move quickly across the gray grate, 
and jump quickly because it falls down. If it does you will have to take an 
extra evavator ride.

Now take the level 9 elevator. The Candy Giant there is a tough ticket but you
can take him. Take the elevator to level 10 and pass around, then take that ele
to level 11. Another elevator and you FINALLY get to a save point and to go 
inside the silo. The bridge onto is very unstable however and falls off behind
you so watch out. grab the clue-Brigtly Colored Bag-and the the platform falls
off entirely, and you have to ride it down the silo! In this minigame basically
manuveer it and duck and jump as needed to avoid the obstacles. After an 
intersection with some much-needed Scooby Snax, the next portion has a trap 
piece-a Candy Maker. It's a long trip, and may take a few tries...

At the end you get a Footprint Cast and to save, and it flows straight into 
the next part-the factory. Jump past the belts and grab whatever you need from
the 3 crates there. Now head towards the screen adn grab the next conveyer. 
There is a Candy Ginat here to kill. Head down the conveyer, this time also 
avoiding the stampers that are coming down on you. The next conveyer drops hot
candy on you so avoid that too. After this is a set of moving pistons, like the
pillars from area level 1. 

Save point! Take the conveyer to the pistons and onto another conveyer, higher
above the ground. More choclate sprayers and stampers, you're bound to get hit
here. past them, go towards the back of the screen and head in the opposite 
direction this time, to the left. Here there are crates to recharge from. Go 
back and head foward towards the screen and then go right. Move over the vats
and onto a bright green strip of metal. To the lower left is another conveyer.
This leads to another conveyer which leads to a save point-and a clue! 
Choclate Clown...?

Move conveyers. You reach a split section, and you can go to the "north" 
laterally or to the right. Go to the right and grab the Candy trap and then 
take the foward conveyer. Now there's a bit of latteral platforming. Defeat the
Candy Ghoul and then scale the platforms and gratings in this bright green 

Now there's a bit of a hub area. Use the crate in the back to get on the 
platform and claim whatever's in the two crates there. Drop back down and jump
over the pipe. Save point, lateral conveyer, ghoul, and platform sets await.

Go up to a little area with a Candy Giant. Kill him and go left if you need to
recharge, for the two crates, otherwise go right. Here there is a large ground
floor and a set of pistons leading up. the ground is only for if you fall off,
and has a ghoul and ginat on it, but also has crates to the left if you need 
them. Jump the pistons and the belt to get to another save point.

Now is an industrial area. The first thing you see is two conveyer belts next
to one another. You have to run across while avoiding a multitude of choclate
sprayer thingies. then head through a lateral squeezing thing to get to ANOTHER
conveyer belt. There's lots of conveyers with stampers, steam blowers, and 
assorted killing memrobilia. Get past this to meet...Shaggy?

Another chase! This one comes with all new hazards, and starts off fast and 
furious. There is very little space between obtacles, so you have little leg 
room, however thankfully they frankly aren't all that hard individually.
At the end you get a clue-video footage-and leave the area.

Velma again! The first thing, the fiber can be magnified and traced to Sammy.
The video footage, a snapshot of the clown, also leads to him (remember how he
said all the records had been locked up?) The next, Brightly Colored Bag, 
contains penuts, and thus leads to eveyone but Sweetsugar as he said he is 
allergic to the stuff. Video the footprint and it leads to Sammy, pretty 
suspicious right now, as well as the proffesor. The clown has Sammy's and 
Sweetsugar's fingerprints. Openning the wallet identifies it as Sammy's, as
does videoing the reciept.

Go outside and talk to Freddy for another driving session. This time you have
to activate 4 rings in a time limit. Near one ring is a clue; drive between
them to claim them. Yellow has a Box trap piece. Once you activate the door,
drive through it and collect the last clue-a Key Ring. enter the paw icon to

Back to Velma for the final analysis. Our final piece leads to Sampson, and
seals his role as the crook. Tak to Fred for another trap session. You know
how this goes. As you pass the Xs drop your items-first the Candy, then the 
Candy Cart, and finally the Candy Box.

And he is demasked to reveal none other then...Sampson! Apparently the man
deliberatly wanted to attract GSI's attention to show how badly workers are
being treated here, by sabatouging equipment to gain attention. Velma 
discusses how the video tape actually points to him as well as the bad 
working conditions, and that the wig would only work with someone who is,
well, bald.

[2.03] Abandoned Airfield

Moving on again, Freddy can't find Shaggy and Scooby. They pop up at some sort
of airplane graveyard. Mr. Middlemast is talking to Sherrif Buddy McDowd, who
is the law enforcment officer of this town. Residents complain of rising 
burglary rates and above all, alien invasions?!? Henrietta Bascombe, a local
real estate agent who has lived at the town for years, pops up, and he asks 
her about the so-called Spooky Space Kook. Burt Harrison, the last suspect, 
is a farmer who lives on his field next to the abandoned aero field. He's the
rudest and tells you to piss off when asked.

Now, time for first interogation. Talking to the real estate agent, she says
to hold off while she looks fo her handbag, but is really talking into the 
phone about something she doesn't have. She says that this place was once 
pleasent but once the base closed crime escalated. Go up the road and claim
your first clue, "Smart Fellow," whatever that is. You pass the Mystery 
Machine and talk to the sherrif. As you talk to him he says he has to lock up
the place and that he has the only key (IMPORTANT ALERT!!!). He seems to be 
warning them to leave. Now talk to the farmer. Quite the charecter, Scooby 
tries to talk to him but gets scolded. When the girl from GSI starts talking
he misinterprets her and says he doesn't care for teas, or coffee either.
Freddy can't even finish a sentance, when he gets to "you if" the guys bumps
in and starts talking about UFOs. Well, in a roundabout way we've gotten to 
where we need to be. But all he says is that they're just as annoying as 
meddling kids (oh, harsh) and tells you to scram.

Level one is the hangers, in the bottom-right corner of the area. Enter it
and get your first save point right off the bat. You actually start outside
the facility, and have to climb some boxes to get in. on the way there you
can claim your first Chilli Pepper! This special gives you an extended spin
attack. When you get to the door, be careful! Though you can't see it very 
will there is gap between the suspended plank and the entrance, so you have
to jump. Once on it, jump between planks towards the left and arrive at the
first piece of quasi-solid ground-an airplane carcass. Here you meet your 
first enemy. As this level is airplane themed, so are the enemies, so this
one is a "Pilot Skelaton."

Jump through the plane and onto another not-so-visible gapped plank. After this
you come to your first set of hazards. The very first thing you have to do is 
jump through a moving proppelor blade. Next, jump between the airplane wings, 
avoiding the swinging engine block, to come to a save point.

It's best not to be too risky on the two moving platforms here by trying to 
jump between them because they move fast and you will most likely fall off. 
Follow through, jump from a plank with a swinging engine block and onto a wide
airplane wing, containing, first and foremost, another Pilot Ghoul. Kill him 
and then springboard up to the airplane's top. Head directly towards the 
screen, ignoring the path to the right as it leads to the same place. Avoid the
engine block. walk between the many airplane cross-sections and avoid on 
another wing. There are two swinging engine blocks here, avoid them and then
use the moving platforms to get to the next section.

Getting to the plank requires quite a jump, so be careful not to fall off. This
is important because the save point is pretty far away at this point. But 
luckily, just after is the next save point!

Now we come to a section if suspended platforms and large airplane chunks, and 
it's chockful of swinging hooks and engine blocks. Climb aboard the moving 
platforms from the plank, but be very careful because this is easily the jump 
most easiest to mess up on, as it's arrranged latterally with less surface area
and because you can't see the other platforms until right before they come. 
However at the end is another save point.

Down a plank and another section of swinging hooks and airplane carcasses, this
time with the hooks and engine blocks swinging in the space between them. You 
have to jump clear of all and drop down. use the scooby Snax there if you need

Here's a crate. Be careful, it could contain an item or...a sneak Pilot Ghoul.
Wow, the first piece of actual, solid ground. Go through the planes and get the
first clue of the area-a Suitcase. There's a large abyss here, don't try to 
jump it but instead wait for the moving platform to arrive. Well, platforms.

Here you arrive at a save point and some latterally placed planks. Here as you
distance yourself from the save point you see the same effect as in Candyland,
with him suddenly changing sprites. 

The next section is of rolling barrels, and you have to run past or avoid them.
You arrive at some crates and have to climb down the loading crates to the 
ground, again! Wow, solid ground at last. Pass the save point and get climbing
again, collecting another clue-Earth Samples-on the way. Here there are barrels
rolling down a long plank, you can't climb onto the plank so just jump over 
them. In lieu with the loading-type area, this happens several times before you
are let back onto the ground again for the next section.

Right next to the save point is some sort of metallic courier enemy. Kill him 
and proceed. Now we are back to climbing ruined airplanes. At the end of the
jumps is another save point.

The next platform has a moving "bomb door" that if you're not careful can drop
you down to the ground. Grab the moving platforms onto (what else?) another 
plank and save point. 

Drop down to the ground. There are 2 crates here; be forewarned, one or even 
both of them may contain an enemy. This next section is full of ventilators,
which you can ride over ridges to the next one. At the end of this yet another
save point. This is a very long level...

Take the next vent up to a large area containing a clue, a Radio, and a crate.
Tip: Ventilators only psuh you up if you are already in the air. Also, press 
jump while in the air to fly even higher. More ventilators take you even higher
up in the building, and you reach another save point.

Now slide down the slide and onto the plank. You're suspended WAY high over the
land. There's no point in describing the whole thing to you, it's all platforms
and jumping and slides, but basically it leads you down to the ground, and 
another save point.

Head to the left. You'll encounter 5 crates and 2 enemies, and at the end, a 
trap piece-Jet Pack. trace your steps back to the crates and climb them onto 
the massive loading crate. Springboard up and over, climb between the planes 
whilst avoiding the swinging hook and save point-and skelaton dude.

Avoid the bomb drop between the two carcasses and defeat the pilot skele on it.
Crates and hook here, jump between them. Lots of difficult jumps between hooks
and planes follow, but if you master it you get...another save point.

This level really is never ending is it? pass the two bomb doors and defeat 
skele there, also claim the two crates if you like. Drop back down and then 
springboard up. Follow the 3 carcasses-on each one is an enemy. I used a chilli
here so they didn't get annoying.

Drop back down a little for more crates, finally leading to the ground, and...
Shaggy! Bet you expected save point didn't you ;) Whoo this is finally over.

Chase time! In keeping with expectations this one is even harder then last 
time because the Space Kook runs faster, but it's still all right. About 
fullway in is a rack of tires, and again you have to keep their parts from 
peeking out. Finish to nab another clue, Letter Remnants.

The next section is the Salvage Yard, but me, I was curious, so I went to HUB
and Velma instead. Letter remnants were signed by Bascombe. The suitcase is 
your first multi-level clue. Open it, and then select the brush to find the 
fingerprints of the farmer and Bascombe on it. Earth samples? Bascombe and 
farmer, again. Seems like there was some sort of land exchange going on 
between them. The radio is fingerprinted to Bascombe and Sherrif. The Smart
Fellow note? It has secret ink on it pointing to Bascombe. If you ask me she's
looking pretty fishy right now.

Leave Velma and go to good ol' Fred for some more driving. Scott challenged 
Fred to a race apparently. EZ. You'll leave them behind in the dust pretty 
early on. Just follow the track. The trap piece is pretty long into the race,
by a ruined plane after a intersection. A clue, Deeds, is by the airplane 
carcasses, also easily reached, right before the second lap starts. The rest
is a bore as you finish two more laps WAY ahead of them GSI.

Velma again. You only have one new clue, but it's fingerprinted to the real 
estate agent. Which makes sense, deeds are deeds, but it just makes here case 
even stronger.

It's time for the last level here, the Salvage Yard. Thankfully it isn't as 
long as the other one. You start out a save point and have to springboard up.
Climb some crates and get on the planes. the second one, quite big, has a 
Pilot Ghoul on it. Kill him and follow the long trail of Scooby Snacks. The
platforms here are held in place by magnetrons, but not for so long as they
come crashing down, so be quick.

Follow the planes and at the end drop down onto a very large carcass. Kill the
Robot and bust the crates and then grab the clue-a Coffee Maker. Follow foward
and drop down the net-covered crates back to the ground, and the first save 
point. This part is a bit decieving because you can't really see the jump and
might think it's just a sheer drop...

The Scooby Snacks here are very useful for they lead you straight down the 
trail you need to follow. Defeat another crate-bourn metal courier thingie. 
Fall through the net, not so solid is it, and you arrive at a large open area.

Break the 3 crates in the center. Then go away from the screen laterally and 
engage yet another Skelo-Pilot. Then head to the right. back to side scrolling
now, go up the crates and onto the metal platform. It has both a Robo-Coerier
and Skelo-Pilot on it, in that order, so this is an ideal place to use a 

Cross the crates across a swinging hook and onto a large plane carcass. Now you
have to move laterally towards the screen and then jump onto the crates. Never
without a challenge, there's a set of loading crates, swinging hooks, and three
good ol skelies here to keep you company.

After the save point there is a large plane carcass, and this one contains two
robo enemies, and the last trap piece, Oil, on the wing. Head down the wing and
engage one more, near the end. Drop onto the loading crate and kill the Skele 
on it. Jump the hook, and then run down two planes to a springboard.

Now there's a multi-level plane carcass with two drop doors, but first you have
to get rid of the robo "guarding" it. Progress down it to find a save point and
another Pilot-Ghoul...or rather 2. Follow the Scooby Snax down to a suspended 
plane, only to be attacked by a skelo and a robo at the same time. Sheesh, talk
about pushovers. Follow the Scooby Snax down again onto another large carcass,
thjis one on the ground, and even bigger, containing yet another skele-bot 
combo. Two more carcass peices, two more bots, but finally it all comes down to
a save point. Avoid the drop gate and head down for another bot, defeat him and
enter the next section, the last.

Getting on quasi-solid ground again, continue through the last airplane 
carcass. You will have to deal with a multitude of bots and skelos. I guess 
this is what the special items were for. You finally get down to more crates, 
with a bot, but also containing the last clue-Geological Survey-and the way
out of here.

You know the next part-Velma. The first clue is the geological survey, which 
contains secret ink and a sprawling word-Oil. So now we know the intention of 
the ghost. Last up, the Coffee Maker. This is another multi-level clue. First,
brush it to discover coffee stains. Smell them; they lead to the Sherrif and of
course the obvious criminal Mrs. Bascombe.

You know the next part, chase time! This time it's oil, jetpack and finally 
the finishing touch, a parachute. 

Bascombe was in it for the money. The oil thing we saw before said "to drill, 
all or nothing." So basically she would have to buy up ALL the land before she
could get the oil company to drill it. When Harrison wouldn't sell out she 
created the Space Kook to scare him away.

And then the Ghost-Hunter huanter comes again. Mr. Middlemast congradulates
everyone on a job well done, while Freddy indicates that they got the Haunter
on tape. Velma starts theorizing it was the Haunter that dropped the "Smart 
Fellows" note. With the case solved there seems to be no other use for it. But
she gets rebuked very heartily by the GSI girl.

[2.04] Oceanland

Oceanland. Tourist attraction, scientific research facilty, HQ of a high tech 
shipping fleet, and most of all a place of deadly haunts. Lately ships have 
been dissapearing and it is thought the Ghost of Redbeard (heh, Red, not Black)
has been causing the chaos. 

Time for the first round of suspects. Your first suspect seems to like stomping
around the grounds, a pun on the word stomping grounds. CL. Mangus is the name,
and he wons the place-or what's left of it. When Daphnee asks if it's his ships
that the pirate is stealing, and he answers that's right-that's why he's 
stomping. All his newest boats have been flushed, as has his fortunes. Freddy 
asks if he likes sailing, but the man reveals that he's real fraid of the water
and that the boats represent an investment.

Go inside and talk with the next suspect. Next to Shaggy is Captain Quint, and
he wants to interest you in a fishing tour. When Shaggy replies that he doesn't
catch fish, he just eats them. The crooked-looking man sighs and says no one 
take the tours anymore. All because of that ghost! Apparenlty he saw it with 
his own two eyes, out on the sea, and yes he does believe in ghosts...

Last is is some women, who the anylist dude from GSI correctly identifies as 
Proffesor Alicia Wayne. Velma adds that in addition to her research she is
designing a new ship design for Mr. Magnus. Girl knows her professor. She talks
about her various research, and then wonders a bit how much longer it could 
possibly last. That Redbeard dude is scaring away their funding, and whoever he
is, she wants him gone so that progress can finally continue. Her most recent
point is "systethic fish food" (IMPORTANT!). Head a little to the right after 
finishing interviewing her and grab the first clue, a Computer Disk.

The first level is apparently very small by all apperances-Aquarium just has 1
clue in it, and nothing else. From your starting save point, head right. Be 
careful; the second net you encounter on the rotaturd opens and closes at 
intervals. After this you come to a lateral area. First, you have to jump over
a set of 2 oppening and closing nets. You have to jump very well, while one is
closing and another is closing, to cross it. After this you encounter your 
first new trap-two antique diver-thingies, swinging padels between them. After 
this, you discover the action-packedness of the level-herin comes another 
2-net set, two more diver traps, this time a bit away from one another, and now
a 3-net set. the last is pretty difficult to jump over if you don't do it 
right. Here comes what can be dubiously called the "hall of diver-suit dudes"-
there are 6 bdivers, with 3 sets, arranged here to hurt you. Hard to escape 
unscathed. Obviously this is a short level, but very challenging!

Now you come to a rest stop. Jump over onto the barrel; next to the raft on the
floor is a crate destroy it for an item, and on top of it is a Scooby Snax box.
Go for both. After this you encounter your first enemy-a Shark! On land? 
Silliness aside, they're actually prety lethal. 

This is a very challenging enemy-filled area now. After the first one come 
another shark, then two more togethor. Now you arrive at a water area. Follow 
the Scooby Snax up across the rafts and barrels to cross the jumps needed to 
get to the first save point, immediatly followed by another shark.

Head foward and meet your first octo-arm hazard. Jump when it's not extended,
and avoid its swing. Up onto the barrel and over the octopus tank where the 
previous act gets  one-uped, this time by an entire octopus and two arms. 

Drop down again and grab the crate. Cross the next pool by jumping onto a 
brighly colored floating...thingie. Over some planks and up some aqua tanks,
you are carried high into the air, but not high enough to be out of the range
of the pirahnas that want a bite of you. Avoid them and then drop back down.

Cross the octopus arm that wants a piece of you. You arrive at a water-infilled
open area. To get the Scooby snax on top of the two aqua tanks. Climb the 
bridge and then double jump onto the tanks to claim it. Get back up the bridge
and follow another aqua-tank tower up, then down. Grab the first moving 
platform, cross onto the second. before you go, go to the aqua tank stack in 
the back of the room and climb them; the top one has a clue, Envelope.

New obstacle coarse now. You first encounter a new trap, a grate like the 
others, but only half and hinged so that if you go on it it will drop down. 
Past this is a big set of octo arms of many varieties and orientations. ugh. 
And finally a trap up, which leads directly into the next section, the Harbor,
which just so happens to be chock full of things unlike the barren Aquarium.

First things first. After the initial jumps you encounter a new enemy-the weak
Chameleon-Iquana thing. Takes only 2-3 shots to kill, so OK. Right next to it 
are 3 crates, break them for goodies but watch out for a sneaky enemy trying to
one-up you.

Cross onto the decidinly less solid rafts and kill the shark there. Go down 
first to claim a trap piece, Bucket of Water, then go up. Pass the pihranas and
the many bends of the raft-complex to get on a small chunk of solid ground. As 
this part plays out to be a loading area the small peice has an iguana and, 
gasp, 4 crates! Watch out for sneakies though. Next? Another type of moving 
platform-a crane with a box down it. Cross the two to progress onward. Save 

Now you walk some more extra-wide planks. Beat the shark there while you're at
it. Now you walk on a large piece of metal with crates on it. Break them and 
kill the enemies on it. Lots of crates here.

Go down the stairs onto the plank. Crack the crates and avoid the jumping 
shark. Jump onto the boat at the end and then onto another platform. Climb the
metal crate and kill the shark on the next platform, as well as breaking the 
boxes. Climing back onto more planks, avoid the swinging boxes. Defeat the 
crates and climb on for a tow ride on a box higher into the air. You arrive at
another, barred platform, a save point, and of course more crates (3 in fact).

Once you satisfy yourzelf keep going. Beat up the lizardian, kill two more 
crates, then drop off the ship and the crane, following the trail of Scooby 
Snax to the bottom. You land on a bunch of boxes; climb off, and beat up the 
crates if you want to and the shark. By now you should have long since filled
all of your item quotas, so I will only mention crates from now on.

More planks. Whoopee. This one has a shark, a swinging parcel, two crates, and
a set of jumps to navigate. At the end climb up more stairs. Three crates and a
sharl. Climb down to a lower platform. save point, enemy, and crate here.

It's a long jump from your platform to the wood panelling continuing the level,
and ypu are immediatly bombarded by. wow, a shark and three crates. Infernal 
crates!! Unless you are low on hp avoid them crates because so many contain 
monsters. Jump up and defeat another shark and claim another clue-Mirror! Now
that's what I'm talking about. 

Drop down onto a lower platform-don't worry, the grate here doesn't drop. Now
you go back on that infernal planks, with a few jumps, a shark, and two crates
to keep you company, immediatly followed by a save point. More planks, 
including a jump through a shark and through a swinging parcel, takes yo to 
what I think is unique little area.

At the end of the plank hallway is a large drop. And the next thing? Well 
that's the cool part :) A big turtle ferries you onto a small island. This isle
has a save point, and it would be cozy, especailly with the sunset background,
but...they included enemies-an inguana and a shark-to keep you company. Spoiled 

Anyway, head around the little island and you will arrive at the other side. 
Here more turtles duck and emerge from the water; you have to time your jumps
between them to navigate this part. You emerge onto more planks-what else? And
a shark. Now come more turtles; you have to jump between three as they carry 
you from the planks before to the peir after. This is in my opinion the most 
graphically impressive sight in the entire game; you are jumping turtles in the
foreground while rocks dashed in the wind and waves sit in the background, with
a great sunset view liting it up with an occasional small rock of an isle.

Brbgeb. Back to the game. The jumps here are actually very difficulty, as you 
have to navigate across several turtles without slipping off. There is a set of
piers/turtle combos going on here. Near the end of this pleasent area are some
floating barrles and a emerging and immersing turtle. One of them has a clue-
a Photo of Magnus!

So ends the turtlefront area. Onwards with the gameplay. Jump the Phirranas and
climb onto another, greener island, with a save point and a lizard at the end.
Back on planks again, pass a pirhana and two octopus tentacles and then 
navigate the floating barrles. Take the sea turtle in the back to navigate to 
smore more planks, containing a trap-Pianting!

Back on the beaten road, jump some more floating barrels and a turtle before
reaching another rest point, an island. Grab the clue-Plastic Sheet. You know 
what that means-save point. And enemy, this time a shark. Drive onto more piers
and avoid 3 Phiranas and 2 sharks to reach a bigger, more open island, but 
still one with a save point. Pass Blibky as you enter a newly-themed area.

Get on the rock and jump throgh the Scooby Snax box onto the running boards 
lining the side of a ship. The dropping borads can drop you right into the 
ocean, and this section may take a few goes, but at the end of the boards is 
Blinky again and his carerific save point. Now you have to do a very difficult
section, jumping over drop-down boards, washing boards, and a single plank to 
get to the top off the ship. Your reward? The end of the level, and Shagggy-
chase time!

You know how this work's don't you? You should have figured it out back at 
Haunted House. The traps are very difficult but do your best and it will go 
fine. It will eventually lead yo to another clue-boat photo.

Here we get a real big suprise-this area has not 2 levels but 3! The next one
is pirate ship, but I was timed of platforming and dislined the option, heading
for Velma and Freddy instead.

Mr. Middlemast let you borrow GSI's van for their high tech gear. You have to
drive through the checkpoints quickly to eventually reach Magnus's ship. There
is a clue and a trap here. This course is actually a lot harder then the other
ones so far, because of the water and the narrow roads and larger amount of
obstacles, but it's still pfff no biggie. The trap is located in the middle of
the first bunch of crossbars you have to drive through. The clue is located 
about 10 seconds later, right in the middle of the road with some hallow broken
down ship "bones" on it. After that the finish line is not far away.

Time for Velma! The Substance Traces smell like Quint. The book photo has 
secret ink on it that points to Quint again. Turn the scrathed mirror around 
and magnify it to find writing pointing to Quint and the docter. Magnify Magnus
and find secret ink on it leading to Quint and the docter. Something fishy is
going on between the two of them...Plastic sheet; turn it over and use the 
laser to fingerprint Magnus and Quint. Open the envelope and then laser it for
fingerprints of Quint and Magnus. Last, the computer disk, which can be 
screened to find a picture of...Scooby and the Ghost Hunter hanuter?!? And some
rating charts. Obviously a certain someone dropped this. I wonder who...(that
is I know but won't spoil it for you kid ;)

It's time for the last level. The Pirate Ship level is just as barren of clues
as Aquarium, containung just one. Oh well we have to take the plunge.

You immediatly have to dodge a set of rolling boulders as you head up the crate
on the side. grab the Scooby Snax if you're injured. Do the same on the next,
but now you have to cross to the other side. Get up to the deck and beat up the
lizard-thing there. Also you ahve 5 crates here and a save point.

Be careful of the hole in the ground; a barrel keeps rolling down into it. When
it passes quickly surmoun the crates it's rolling on and proceed. Don't be 
fooled by the pirate chest to the back, there's nothing there except some crates
and you're liable to be injured. 

Proceed past the two doors and down the stair to save. now go into a mess hall.
First up? A skelaton-ized hammok. Same as the swininging things from before. 
There's a whole set of stairs here, and a complex of stairs and two enemies, 
but the blasted rolling barrels will get ye if you don't do it right. Go down 
and through the hall of skelos to nail a clue-Accountant Info-and soon after,
the exit.

You know what to do-Velma. The final clue can be magnified to reveal Quint's
signature. Obviously the ghost. Now talk to Freddy for another chase session.
Bucket of water, paining, and finally, net the bastard.

Captain Quint!?! That's what GSI does as soon as they see it. Pleased, Freddy
explains that Quint is actually a smuggler of rare fish, and that the Redbeard
guise was just a red herring. They new he couldn't be just a tour guide by his
bank account. 

And at the end of a long day's had work, the impossible happens. GSI actually
COMPLIMENTS the Mystery Team! Get ready for a whole new season, Mr. Middlemast
says. When GSI says it'd be nice to work with them again, he replies bluntly
that THEY aren't coming back. Mr. Middlemast pulls you guys to a vacation 
lodge-Wolf's End Lodge. 

[2.5] Wolf's End Lodge
Everyone is having fun on the mountain, when GSI pop up, followed by Blinky.
Guess it's big enough for som R&R for 11 people. And then the Ghost-Huanter
Hunter and his goons appear! Velma tells the bewildered crew that the clues,
that they had picked up before, which dissapeared out of their van yesterday,
point to the Huanter. 

Talk to Daphnee, who says the suspects are GSI, Blinky, and Mr. Middlemast.
So much for vacation, back to work. There's nothing more to see or learn here,
so it's time for some leveling-Hills. A short level, just 2 clues.

As you enter it you come onto a very narrow mountain summit. You come across a
crate and later, a cloaked skelaton, a new enemy. After this you come to a bunch
of stones. Jump between these and then beat the tattered ghoul at the end. You
have to jump onto a platform. Avoid the dropping snowball and drop down. You 
have a save point here, and then a bunch of platform rotaturds. At the end of 
these is another save point. Tip over the tree to progress.

More platforms, and then again a snowball, and finally another save point. 
They come really fast. Here you encounter another tattered ghoul. Jump over the
stones and then the paltforms to get to a larger rock, with a skelaton leg on 
it. Jump up the platforms and to another save point. Now you start moving into
the rock wall that was your barrier before. Climb the platforms. Beat grump old
skelaton legs there and now you move onto a ice platform, with rock turrets on
the side. Ovoid the falling snowballs, and follow the Scooby Snax onto a long
jump to a save point.

Keep climbing; you will be for most of the level (this is a mountain after all)
Jump over the holes in the broken bridge and arrive at a clue-Loreiri Note-and
a springboard. Take it up, and then up to end up on a VERY high ridge, where 
you encounter...Shaggy.

Chase time! The huanter moves very fast as comepared to the previous levels, 
but the puizzles have maxed out already, so no problem. At the end is a clue-
Catscan attachment.

With this the game smoothly transits into what appears to be the second part of
of the level, which is very similar to the first. there;s a jump and then a 
tree to knock over, and a snowball to avoid. Defeat the skelo-legs and move 
onto the bridge. Move up a few platforms and you arrive at the next section-

Avoid the rolling carts and the drills all over the place as you come to a 
plank. Jump  over and clear to the other side. More carts, drills, and drifting
bckets here. Climb the earth rampart to get to the first save point within the

Jump through the falling dirt dispenser and onto the tracks. Move quickly to 
avoid the cars coming for you. There are two sets of tracks arranged this way,
then you have to jump  over two dead-end track sections clear to solid ground.
avoid the fake-looking gyser thingies and keep going to get a clue-Actor's 
Photo. More carts, rolling between stoppers, and then more of the original 
varient, and you get to another save point. From here, go down the long 
hallway, avoiding the track-butket-track-drill-skelo that constitute your 

Jump between the earthen platforms, and beat the skelo and two tatter ghouls
on the way. This would be a good time to use your specials because tatters can
down you in two hits! Jump between the lava platforms at the end, avoiding the
really hot laval bubbles, for another save point. 

Two dirt droppers and then a rampart down to some tracks. Jump clear of the
bucket and onto more tracks to claim another clue-gizmo. Another two platforms
and you're fially out of the mountain and into the cold outdoors again. Jump
across and then over two springboards to get onto a small section with a ghoul 
on it. Defeat him and claim your prize-a Trap piece, Snowball.

Another chase scene! Wow that was fast. Anyway, this one is about the same as 
the first one. At the end is an Encrypted File. After this you can choose to go
to another short-two thing level, Ice Caves, but I wanted to see Velma first.

Encrypted File-same as the Disk from before, showing Scooby, the Haunter, and 
ratings, obviously leading to the producer Mr. Middlemast. Open Cascan's 
attachment and then scan it for the fingerprints of the GSI team and Mr. 
Middlemast. Loreie note-Middlemast and GSI again. Actor's photo-magnify it,
then turn it around to see a note pointing to Middlemast and Blinky. Turn the
Gizo on and then magnify it to see controls, leading to Middlemast and Blinky
again. Something tells me this deal has to do with Middlemast, and Catscan.

This time around, no Freddy, so let's get cracking back on the next level-Ice
Cave. Almost immediatly you are greeted warmly by a skelo-legs. Cross the 
broken bridge and then jump from your platform to the next to beat up the ghoul
on it. Moving onward, jump over the ridge and past the snowball to find a clue-
Hotel Legder! Jump onto the narrow platform. It looks like a dead-end doesn't
it? Ehh! You drop down for another sliding minigame. Same as the first one, but
now...there are real holes you can fall through! This may take a few tries...
at the end you get a skiboard.

Now they play a VERY short cutscene of the huanter moving across the screen and
laughing. Talk to Freddy for the long-overdue drive for the final clue. The 
Haunter started an avalanche and trapped the team in the snow. You have to 
fetch them out. Just follow the track and stop when you see a glowing GSI to 
rescue them. First Catscan, then the girl. After this you pass a trap piece,
snowman, and come close to another trapped GSI member, the big guy like Freddy
who leads them (forgot his name). After this you get a clue, an ATM reciept,
right in the cave. Last, the Velma-imertous guy.

Everyone from Mystery and GSI are togethor for the final catching. Talk to 
Vemla to decode the final clues. Open ledger and it leads to Middlemast. Wait
wasn't this a clue in the first episode, the Haunted House? Hmm...Anyway the
ATM reciept is secret-inked to him as well. We have our guy-Mace Middlemast.

Chase scene capture! Snowball, skis, Snowman. You demask Mace. Everybody shuns
him for being greedy for high ratings, and the avalanche caused could have 
seriously hurt someone. And he show wraps! It shows the credits, and that's it
folks, game over. Have a nice day, or stick around to read the next "extra"

[3] Mission Stuff
[3.01] Enemies

-Haunted House

Skelaton (hp 1-2)
The average skelaton-in other words, creepy. They're pretty weak and don't put
up much of a fight, so don't worry about them too much. I like quickly taking 
them out with a sprint. They're the commonest enemy in the first level.

Ghoul (hp 1-2)
The Ghoul, looking, well, ghoulish. These guys are green in the face, and not 
as common as the skelo, but still pretty darn weak.


Candy Giant (3-4 hp)
It's a giant...made up of candy. Not threatening in the least, but strangly
the wield face ruins the experience. They're much stronger then the paper
enemies you blew past in the first round, so watch out.

Candy Ghoul (3-4 hp)
A skelatol ghoul made and styled after candy. He may be sweet but he packs a
punch like no other candy can.

-Abandoned Airfield

Skelaton Pilot (3-4 hp)
This guy is basically the skelaton from the first mission, but dressed up like
one of those early pilots, red scarf and flying gear and padded helmet and all,
and three to four times stronger. Approach with caution.

Robotic Courier (3-4 hp)
Um, I'm not quite sure what this one is meant to be. It's a robot with a 
mailman-like getup. It may be a spoof of air mail, but boy do they pack a bite.
For some reason before thye spot you they are implanted in the ground and 
pretty much immune to damage, making sneak attacks ineffective.


Shark (3-4 hp)
A shark? On land? You got to be kidding me. silliness asidde they dwadle to you
and take a big bite out of you if they spot you. And they hide in crates...but
then again all enemies do by this level. 

Oceanic Iguana (Iguana for short) (2-3 hp)
Contrary to the other levels, the second monster, which only appears in the 
Harbor level by the way, is actually weaker then the first. They're puny and 
stange looking, easy to take out-and gwak at. where in heaven did this thing 
come from? what's up with the rediculous frills?

-Wolf's End Lodge

Skelaton Legs (3-4 hits)
What- no arms? Wierd. Anyway they are like the sharks of the level before, but
they copy Scooby's spin to attack.

Tatter Ghoul (2-3 hits)
Don't be fooled by their Hp-these are most lethal enemies in the entire game. 
The Tatter Ghoul can rip you to shreds in just two hits. Although they're wierd
looking, a ghoul in a tattered robe, they're absoultely lethal due to their 
attack. Plus, they seem to be immune to Chilli. Climb up some more platforms to
a save point, and then some more to see...Shaggy?!? Again?!?

[3.02] Set Pieces

Scooby Snax
Honestly these things are totally useless. There isn't even a utility anywhere
to track them, and they don't count towards anything but to mark your path for
you. They don't even restore health as I would have thought.

Springboards and Mattresses
Springboards and their first-level counterpart, mattresses, provide a huge jump
+ that will carry you far, far into the air. They usually are a means of 
gaining altitude quickly and smoothly.


crates contain things. That much is obvious, but what EXACTLY they have is up 
to the heavens. They can have a Burger, Chilli, Ice Cream, nothing, or even an
enemy, which is an unpleasent experience. Crates occasionally give you access 
to otherwise inaccessible areas. Places with lots of crates serve as "healing
and recharging stops." They can be broken with X or Y.

Power Ups
The three power ups, the Burger, Ice Cream, and Chilli, can be found by either
killing an enemy, or by breaking a crate. Sometimes, very rarely, they spawn 
out in the open, always with a question mark that serves as your introduction
to the item. You can also pick up Scooby snax boxes, which restore a little 
(about 1/5) of your courage-o-meter.

[3.03] Traps and Hazards

Throughout the levels there are several traps and hazards unique to the area. 

-Haunted House

Skelaton Door
The first trap you meet is the skelaton door, with a skelaton charecter opening
and closing a door. Stay away from it because it can wack you and damage you.
pass by when it's closed.

Haunted Cabinet
The second trap is very similar to the first one in function, but very 
different in flavor. This is a jumpy cabinet that opens and closes its doors. 
The area of effect is even bigger then the first trap, but still easy to 
counternavigate. The cabinet has a little bit of deadspace on top, which can
serve as a platform. This is important on at least one occasion.

Hammer Knight in Armor
Sometimes when you walk the halls you will see a knight's armor, bringing a 
hammer up and down in front of itself. They are exceptionally easy to avoid 
and have very little effect on the area, but serve as a bit of scenery on 
multiple occasions, adding to the effect.

Swinging Skelaton
On several platform jumping areas you will meat a skelaton swinging in his 
little chain box. You need to chain your jumps to avoid him, and it's quite 
gory as comepared to some of the other traps and peices if you ask me.

Moving Pillar
The moving pillar is a platform-jumping object. You have to jump onto it 
before it can go away. A tip to know; jumping on it while it is moving up will
give you a greatly extended jump, similar to jump+ as seen in the springboards,
while jumping when it is moving down will have you barely move.

Smashing Pillars
The evolution of the moving pillar, this time it is stationary, but at 
intervals another pillar comes down and smashes on it. Fatal if you end up 
there at the wrong time, so let it pass once before jumping, and don't stay on.

Service Carts
At several points you will end up with a service cart. They can be either 
benafitiary, serving as a platform for a jump, or more usually harmful, hitting
you at high speed and damaging you.

Rolling Boulders
It only happens once, but at one point in the levels you have to run up a 
corridor with boulders rolling down. They are fast and impossible to avoid 
without using the double-jump at the exact right time.


Not really a hazard, but rather it carried you at high speed through hazards. 
Move with it to move at high speeds, in the other direction to remain 
stationary, important to the hazrad-avoiding chore.

I said there were hazards, right? These things stamp down on you as you move on
the conveyer belt. Highly damaging and frankly difficult to avoid.

Horizontal Stampers
at one point in the factory level you have to pass through some wide horizontal

Choclate Sprayers
Oh, choclate! Only it's so hot it will burn a hole right through your courage 
meter. These are ven more difficult to avoid then stampers for they leave you 
very little down time.

Steam Blowers
Steaming hot steam. Melt-your-face courage destroyer. Easy to jump over and 
with lots of down time blunts the effect however.

Drop-Down Platform
In certain places there are gray platforms which drop down when you stepp on
them, hinged on one side. There's nothing you can really do but go with it.

-Airplane Graveyard

Swinging Engine Blocks
Replacing the swinging cages from before are the industrial-themed engine 
blocks which swing on their chain and impede your jumping. You'll need to time
your jumps to avoid their swinging.

Swinging Hook
A bit lesss themed, in my opinion, but also more common hook. It's pretty big
and does the same thing as the Engine Block, but it's smaller and easier to 
avoid. You'll still have to time your jumps right however.

Bomb Door
On certain airplane carcasses you pass there is a openning and closing bomb 
door. Move when they are closed or just ignore them and pass around the 
outside. Sometimes you have to jump between platform and over them, that's easy

Magnetron Platform
Sometimes you will find a falling platform that then rises again as it is 
attracted by one of those crane magnetic thingies. You have a limited amount of
time to cross them before they fall back down again. When they almost will they
will wobble. Also, the overhead magnet impedes your jumping, so be forewarned 
of this.

Spinning Propellor Blade
This is an airplane graveyard, so obviously there will be a lot of airplane-
themed hazards. At some points you have to jump  through a set of spinning 
brightly colored propellor blades. Their size and coloration varies but their 
hazard-ness remains the same.

Moving Cross Sections
The moving platforms in this level are furfilled by quickly (or slowly) moving
airplane cross-sections. They make for a narrow platform, even narrower then 
anything else here, and stick around for a very short time before dashing off.
they can be difficult to maintain your balance on.

Gratings, common in Aquarium, open and close at short intervals. They're not 
too wide so you can double-jump them, but when they come in sets, as they do in
the level several times, you need to carefully time your jumps to sucsseed.

Antique Diver with Paddle
A vast improvement on the knight idea, replace the puny hammer with a sizable
paddle, and aqua-theme the suit, and voila! You have this. The paddle takes up
a lot of space, but can be surcumnavigated, but they often come in sets of 2 or
even whole groups, so you have to time your runs.

Octo Arm
Ugh, I hate these things. They pop up, take a swing, pop out. Also available in
a sentry (swing right, swing left) mode, though this is less prevelant.

Moving Platform
A large yellow-colored...thing well basically it moves, and it's bigger then the
moving platforms in the other levels, so what the hey.

The different tanks have different things. One has a octo who uses his two arms
to take a swing at you, and one is a pirhana tank, who, obviously, jump up and
try to bite your tail off.

Drop-Down Grating
Only encountered a few times. Basically half a normal grate, but which drop 
down when you cross.

At several points in the game there are pirhanas jumping in the open. Double
jump and you will have enough altitude to bypass them.

Another type of moving platform, found in the docks. Still big...the ropes 
provide a hazard as you cannot jump through them. 

Jumping Shark
Like the phirana but rarer and easier to avoid. Cooler too if you ask me.

Swinging Parcel
A parcel on a distance crame swinging in what I judge to be the wind. This 
replaces the hooks, ehgine blocks, and skelatol boxes of levels before.

These cute little animals come in their own little area and two types-ones that
move, acting as moving platforms, and ones that emerge/submerge, acting as 
temporary ones.

Pirate Chest
A big pirate chest from which a skelaton sprouts. OK, but I was expecting 

An openning and closing door, just like in the first level, but bigger and
piratified. You have to pass when it's closed.

Rolling Boulders
Rolling boulders again! Same as with the Haunted house.

Swinging Hammok
A skelotan resting in his hammock. This and the creaking sound it makes as it 
goes back and forth manage to take the fun out of hammoks temporarily. Pass 
under his as you would with the swinging objects of before.

-Wolf's End Lodge

Ah, the snowball. It rolls down a hill and then topples, breaking upon the 
ground, and you if you don't avoid it.

Not really an obstacle but a helper, topple it over for a narrow but functional
path between ridges.

Mine Cart
These rolling carts appear in the Mine level and move very quickly. They also 
fall off and come in a varient that you can stand on, that bounces between 
bumpers at the end of a track

When ever you see a rubble hole, it's a drill. It will pop up again so avoid it
by jumping up and over. 

Dirt Drop
I see no realistic point in this contraption. It opens, drops dirt, and closes,
at long intervals. OK...

Swinging Bucket
Just like the swinging objects of before. You know what to expect.

[4] Extras
By comepleting the game once you unlock the extras. The extras menu button is 
located just below the Options button on the main menu. This is basically what
comprises the replay value of which there is frankly very little.

Music Player - Listen to the different tracks from each level. Scroll to each
level and then scroll though the tracks to listen to all of them.

Credits - See the people that made the game. Yawn.

Free Drive - Play any of the many drives freddy takes you on in the story mode.
Try to beat your times.

Free Slide - Play the two of Shaggy's sliding minigames, in Candyland and in 
Wolf's End Lodge.

{4} Legal
This guide is (C) 2009 jimmythesnowman.  This may be not be reproduced
under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not
be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without
advance written permission.

Oh, yeah, and if you're paying to read this, let me tell you that you're
a dammed fool.