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I want Mumboe-Jumboe, quickest way?

What are some monsters I can easily scout to synthesize so I can get Mum, Boe, and Jum and properly combine them for the Class S: MumBoe-JumBoe?

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zenithian66 answered:

First, you'll need four Jums. You can make them several ways, but one easy recipe is:
C rank or lower material family monster + any one of the following: Scissor Beatle, Beetleboy, Wrecktor, Skeleton Soldier

Once you have 4 Jums, you can do the following:
Mum = Jum + any material family monster
Boh = Jum + any beast family monster
Boe = Jum + any nature family monster

*make sure you get two [+] charge monsters and two [-] charge monsters so all four can be synthesised together in the next step. I'm ignoring the neutral charge simply for ease of explanation.*

Now, just pair up the Mum with Boh, Jum, or Boe to create a new monster, lets call him monsterA. Let the two monsters not picked breed to form a new monster, monsterB. From there, just synthesise monsterA + monsterB = Mumboh-Jumboe.

Note that you don't have to choose Mum+Boh or Jum+Boe, and that whatever two monsters you pick for monsterA and monsterB won't matter either. All that matters is seeing Mum, Boh, Jum,and Boe as the four grandparents.
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