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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I unlock all those crystal doors?

Throughout the game are lots of these crystal doors that I can't unlock. I'm already a good way into the second strata and there's still no sign of being able to get past the crystals. Do I need to do anything special to unlock them, or will they be unlocked normally in the course of the plot? If the later, how far into the game do I have to wait?

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From: ahhinhin 5 years ago

There are two kinds of crystal doors. One is purple, ( need violet key ) one is white. ( need clear key )
Violet key is in the third stratum which you still haven't reached.
The crystal key is on the 7th floor, A1.
Bring a Warp Wire!
When you get down the stairs, walk 14 steps to the West, 5 steps North, 2 steps East, 1 step South, 2 steps East, 3 steps North, 4 steps West, (beware the Assasin foe) 8 steps North. The clear key is in the treasure box next to you. Then use the Warp Wire to escape.
The clear key can only unlock the white-coloured doors.

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No, not the crystal key. (typing mistake on third line) It is a CLEAR KEY.

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