Question from MrGencyEX

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I beat (Fenrir)?

My party consists of : landsknect; protector; darkhunter; survivalist; medic. They all are at level 15-17. But only one who can withstand ONE hit of the Fenrir is my protector! And that damn wolf always starts from my dear swordsman and d-hunter! I also can't level up anymore 'cause of trice-be-damned inflation! I know I can just make some new adventurers, give them equipment of my current party and make them learn different skills just for the Fenrir, but it will take much time, I don't want just to throw away my beloved current party, and will be BORING!!! Somebody please help me!
P.S.: if you would like to know the stats and skills of my chars just say so!

Accepted Answer

From: hangid 5 years ago

Make your Protecter learn Defender or Medic learn Immunize. Also try the boss FAQ,

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