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2.Mission List........[Msst]

3.Mission FAQ.........[MFAQ]

4.Quests List.........[Qlst]

5.Quest FAQ...........[Qfaq]

6.Legal Stuff.........[legl]


This is a guide for Etrian Odyssey Quests. This is my first Faq on Gamefaqs so
I'm inexperienced with the ways of writing Faqs. None the less I hope this
guide helps you with the quests. If you need to find a Quest or Mission, press
Ctrl+F and type in the quest or mission to find it. If you have any questions
or things you want to add feel free to e-mail me. This account is specially
made for my guides. It is not conected to GameFAQs in any other way.

2.Mission List........[Msst]

Adventurer's initation
The terror of Fenrir
Retrieve the dragon's egg
The hunt for Cernunos
Map the newfound Stratum
Lurker in the rainforest
Annihilate the forest folk

3.Mission FAQ.........[MFAQ]

I will display the Missions like this.

How to beat:
*:Very easy
*****:Very hard

Name:Adventurer's initation
Description:New adventurers must be tested by mapping the 1st floor of the 
Labyrinth. Meet the soldier on B1F for the details.
How to beat:You must go to the first stratum and map it. Not all of it ,just
the part in the square. It must be perfect due to the fact that the soldier is
very picky. You can get to the soldier by just walking straight.

Name:The terror of Fenrir
Description:A pack of wolves patrols the bottom of Emerald Grove. Defeat Fenrir
the alpha of the pack, and perhaps thier menace will be no more.
How to beat:Go down to B5F and defeat Fenrir. A good strategy is to kill the 3
Skolls infront of him,then take him into the corner so other Skolls won't join
the fight. You should be atleast level 17 at this time. 

Name:Retrieve the dragon's egg
Description:A dangerous dragon resides in the Primitive Jungle. You've been
charged with going to the dragon's nest and retieving its egg.
How to beat:Go down to B8F where the Wyvern is located. Behind it is the egg.
Watch where the arrow is pointing because it may try to engage you.

Name:The hunt for Cernunos
Description:Cernunos, the king of the Jungle, is blocking further exploration 
of the Labyrinth. Eliminate the thing before we lose more good men.
How to beat:Go down to B10F and defeat Cernunos. Cernunos summons 2 currolers 
at the begining of the fight. Only kill one because if you kill them both 
Cernunos will use a OHKO move. You should be in the high 20s.

Name:Map the newfound Stratum
Description:Congratulations on reaching the Azure Raineforest. It's an unknown 
region, so we'd like you to create precise maps for B11 and B12F.
How to beat:You must create PERFECT maps of B11F and B12F. You must step on
EVERY place on the floors. You must also beat Royalant and walk in her room 

Name:Lurker in the rainforest
Description:We've recieved word of a mysterious creature deep in the Azure 
Rainforest. Investigate this unknown life form and report back with your 
How to beat:You must beat Cotrangl on B15F. Cotrangl has no one with him but he
has very deadly attacks for your level. Nothing is very hard about him if you
are proper level he should be ok. You should be in the high-30s or low 40s.

Name:Annihilate the forest folk
Description:The humunoid race of forest folk must be eradicated to allow 
further exploration of the Labyrinth. If its us or them, it's going to be us.
Reward: 15000en
How to beat:You must go to B20F and defeat Iwaopeln. Iwaopeln will keep 
respawning until you defeat all the FOES. Iwoapeln can do very nasty status 
inducing attacks so you might want to bring Therica Bs. He is still very hard.
You should be in the high 40's or low 50's

4.Quests List.........[Qlst]

This is a list of the quests. It goes by order in the menu of completed quests.

The leathersmiths's favor
A certain Shop's request
To taste it once more
A favor to Shilleka I
A favor to Shilleka II
A favor to Shilleka III
Subduing the woodflies
The lucky coin
Explorers Guild trial
To meet a swordsman...
To meet a blademaster...
To meet a holy knight...
Ivory princess' dream I
The fossil Charm
Chefs request I
Apothecary's request I
Shadow in the grove
Fashionista I
Fashionista II
Remembering the fallen
Prayer to the stars
The ivory charm
Feat of strength I
Feat of strength II
Feat of strength III
Chef's request II
Chef's odd request I
Chef's odd request II
Chef's latest request I
Chef's latest request II
Apothecary's request II
Under contruction
Love, cast in silver
Apothecary's request III
The foreign seeker
I refuse thee, death
A sisters parting gift
Love's uncertain promise
Fond memories of you...
Chef's demand
Orphans of the forest
Pest control
Identity unknown
Monster at sunrise
Work Stoppage
The crystal maiden
Emblem of love
The gold enthusiast
Remembrence of a friend
Song from the depths
Scavenging for Ian I
Ivory princess' dream II
Scavenging for Ian II
Monstrous codex
The diamond charm
Gourmand's request
Versus the unknown
The legendary bird
Official business I
Item compendium
Official business II
Reversal of the poles
Lost pet; reward offered
Official business III
Phantom of the forest
The bandit's treasure
Call of the Wyvern
The dread wrym
Proof of heroism
The azure colossus
Remnants of an age past
Awakening the serpent

5.Quest FAQ...........[Qfaq]

I will display the quests like this:

How to beat:
*:Very easy
*****:Very hard


Name:The leathersmiths's favor
Description:An Etrian artisan desires seven strips of soft hide,for the purpose
of making clothes.
Reward:200 en
How to beat:Get 7 soft hides from treerats and moles.

Name:A certain shop's request
Description:A certain shop's in Etria has requested a measure of pyroxene from
the forest, useful in constructing walls.
How to beat:Go to the mine points in B4F and mine for pyroxene.

Name:To taste it once more...
Description:An old adventurer getting on in years wishes for holy water that 
can only be found within the forest.
Reward:Medica II
How to beat:Go to E4 in B1F and go to the spring to get the holy water.

Name:A favor to Shilleka I
Description:Shilleka has posted a request for the materials neccasairy to craft
a Hand Axe
Reward:Hand Axe
How to beat:Get 5 hard shells and 5 hardwoods. Hard shells are obtainable from 
Clawbugs. Hardwood is obtainable from chopping on B1F or a drop from mandrakes.
You will have to sell these to complete the quest.

Name:A favor to Shilleka II
Description:Shilleka is now in need of materials from which she can craft a 
Short Bow fit for explorers.
Reward:Short Bow
How to beat:Get 2 horns and 5 gum hides. Horn are obtainable from fenders and
Ragelopes. Gum Hides are obtainable from rollers. Once again you have to sell
the materials.

Name:A favor to Shilleka III
Description:Shilleka's final request pertains to the materials neccasairy to 
craft a Bone Flail.
Reward:Bone Flail
How to beat:You need 5 tail bones and one bird talon. You can get tail bones 
from firebirds and bird talons from glowbirds.

Name:Subduing the woodflies
Description:A student at Ceft Apothecary requests that the woodflies thwarting
her herb-gathering be exterminated.
Reward:Therica A
How to beat:Defeat a certain amount of woodflies or vemonflies. I'm not certain
how many to kill.
Difficulty:* **(If you decide to kill the vemonflies)

Name:The lucky coin
Description:Adventurers dropped thier precious coin while being chased by a 
monster, they would dearly like it back.
How to beat:Go to A7 of B8F and kill the fire eater there.

Name:Explorers Guild Trial
Description:The Explorers Guild has a assigned a harsh ordeal to it's new 
recruits: Spend five days in B8F of the forest.
How to beat:Stay in B8F for 5 days. 5 days=3600 steps. You have two options. 
You can either keep walking back and forth in the spring room or walk around
B8F fighting enemies. I would recommend fighting the enemies because it can get
you quite a few levels making Cernunos very easy.
Difficulty:** ***(If you're fighting)

Name:To meet a swordsman...
Description:A terminally ill boy of Etria wishes to meet a brave and excellent
landsknecht before he dies.
Reward:The boy's treasure (bravant)
How to beat:Level a landsknecht to level 20.

Name:To meet a blademaster...
Description:A terminally ill boy of Etria wishes to see the skill of a foreign-
trained ronin before he expires.
Reward:The boy's treasure(Ohdachi)
How to beat:Level a ronin to level 20

Name:To meet a holy knight...
Description:A terminally ill boy of Etria wishes to meet a holy protector 
before he breathes his last.
Reward:The boy's treasure (Bravant II)
How to beat:Level a Protector to level 30

Name:Ivory Princess' Dream I
Description:A millionaire's daughter,known as the Ivory Princess, requests help
with the nightmares haunting her nightly sleep.
How to beat:Get a hexer and learn torpor.

Name:The fossil Charm
Description:A beautiful Etrian woman longs to adorn her marble-white throat 
with a gorgeous Old Choker.
Reward:Leaf Cape
How to beat:Get an old choker from Shilleka. You can buy the old choker by 
selling fossils to Shilleka.

Name:Chef's request I
Description:Jackson Restaurant desires to stun it's patrons' palates with a new
dish,made from moriyana nests.
How to beat:Get three bug nest from either killing moriyanas or chopping on

Name:Apothecary's request I
Description:A trainee at Ceft Apothecary needs human test subjects for her 
experimental petrefaction cure.
Reward:Stonard II
How to beat:Simple, go get petrified by pixies on B17F.

Name:Shadow in the grove
Description:A band of adventurers seeks vengeance by proxy on the unknown beast
that attacked them on B5F.
How to beat:Defeat the spider in the B4 area of B5F.

Name:Fashionista I
Description:Etria's most expressive designer, the lady Mrs. Meyrl, must have
butterfly eyes for use in her new product.
Reward:Medica III
How to beat:Defeat woodflies/vemonflies with magic to get bug eyes.

Name:Fashionista II
Description:The lady Mrs. Merly has created abother bold product, this one 
requiring the use of a toxic barb.
Reward:Medica IV
How to beat:Get Toxic barb from the assasain FOE. It's a semi-rare item.

Name:Rembering the fallen
Description:An adventurer needs the articles of his less fortunate comrades to
hold a proper burial ceremony.
How to beat:You need to get a rust sword,broken axe and old wand from B11F. The
rust sword is located in D1. The broken axe is in C3. The old wand is in A6.

Name:Prayer to the stars
Description:Believing in thier power to draw her desired lover's eye, a girl 
will pay handsomely for five star-shaped seeds.
Reward:Axcela II
How to beat:Get Starseeds from chopping on B6F or killing maneaters.

Name:The ivory charm
Description:Bored of her mountains of jewels, Etria's most stunning woman 
desires a necklace made from elephant tusks.
Reward:Sea charm
How to beat:Buy a tusk charm from Shilleka. You can buy it by selling a great
tusk that you obtain from armoths.

Name:Feat of strength I
Description:Though the recommended number for venturing forth is 5, the guild
will reward a solo defeat of B6F's monster.
How to beat:Go to B6F and defeat a Cutter. I would reccomend using a protector.
They have good defense and if they have smite the fight will be easy. You 
should also bring healing items.

Name:Feat of strength II
Description:To those seeking to prove themselves:Go ye alone into the Labyrinth
and defeat the monster on B13F and B14F
How to beat:Go to either B13F or B14F and kill a Killclaw. The thing is they
only spawn after one turn of battle near them. The killclaw has very high 
defense for your level so I would reccomend bringing an Alchemest. Once again
don't forget to bring a healing items and a warp wire if you're seriously 

Name:Feat of strength III
Description:To those seeking to prove themselves:Go ye alone into the Labyrinth
snd defeat the beast dwellling in B16F
How to beat: Go to B16F and defeat a Sickwood. The Sickwood is located in the 
backrooms of B16F. Once again bring someone strong like a protector or
Alchemest. Don't forget healing items and a warpwire.

Name:Chef's request II
Description:To appease jaded gourmands, Jackson Restaurant has devised a new
dish, requiring 2 musks.
How to beat:Get 2 musks from Goldeer on B16F and B17F

Name:Chef's odd request I
Description:Jackson Restaurant seek adventurers talented in the use of fire to
satisfy its latest request. Alchemests welcome.
How to beat:Get an Alchemest who knows fire.

Name:Chef's odd request II
Description:The latest recipe devised by Jackson Restaurant's chef involves the
use of carmintite gleaned from Firebirds.
How to beat:Kill a Firebird with a fire skill. This is extremely hard due to 
the fact that it is very immune fire. The strategy is to get it to low HP by 
hitting it with your weak characters physicals(Medic,Alchemest). Then kill it
with a fire attack.

Name:Chef's latest request I
Description:Know Cocytus? Jackson Restaurant need you! No inquirer trained in
the spell's use will be refused.
How to beat:You need an Alchemest with Cocytus. Cocytus' requirements are Ice 
up at LVL 5.

Name:Chef's latest request II
Description:One final ingredient is needed:a Cold Scale from the butterflies in
the lowest reaches of the forest!
How to beat:Kill either a hazefly or hellfly with an ice attack. If you don't 
have an Ice attack use freeze oil on someone and make them kill one.

Name:Apothecary's request II
Description:A trainee at Ceft Apothecary needs the limb of a large bird in
order to develop a new medicine.
How to beat:Get a bird limb dropped from moas on B6F,B9F and B10F.

Name:Under construction
Description:The carpenters Guild is lacking three Hard Shards and five Steel
Chips in its current project.
How to beat:Get three hard shards and five steel chips mineable from B18F.
They mine points are at E6 and D3.

Name:Love, cast in silver
Description:An artisan of Etria needs one lump of Corundum ore to craft a ring
worthy of proposing to his love.
How to beat:Mine Corundum from B18F at E6 and D3 or B16F at A4 and C1.

Name:Apothecary's request III
Description:A trainee at Ceft Apothecary needs a specimen of cordyceps in order
to perfect his new medicine.
How to beat:Get cordyceps from taking on B18F at A4 and A7.

Name:The foreign seeker
Description:A traveller from far-off lands has reached Etria in search of an 
elusive 100 Shell.
How to beat:Defeat the Shelltors on B11F until you obtain a 100 shell. It's a 
semi-rare drop so it may be kind of hard to get.

Name:I refuse thee, Death
Description:A terminally ill woman's son begs for any adventurer to find a cure
for his mother.
Reward:50en(Valerie also so gives you an azure coat.)
How to beat:Go to Ceft Apothecary and talk to Hoffman.He says you will
need the following;A gum thread,blue blood,red blood and drywall. You can get
gum thread from silkers. You can get blue blood from Clawlords and Kingyanas. 
You can get Red Blood from Direwolves. You can get drywall from mining on B21B.
The easiest place to mine is right near the Geomagnetic Field.

Name:A sister's parting gift
Description:An adventurer's younger sister seeks to create an Angel Wing charm
to bring her departing brother good luck.
How to beat:Get 10 Angel Wings obtainable from kingaspis' found on B24F and 

Name:Love's uncertain promise
Description:An adventurer's finacee pleads for someone to find her love, who 
has disappeared into the forest's depths.
How to beat:Go to B16F and go to where you met Tlachtga and she gave you the
Hex Bell. Go straight then left then left again. You should find a rainbow

Name:Fond memories of you...
Description:A lady knight wishes for someone to find the precious pearl she 
lost to a large horned monster in the forest.
How to beat:Go to B11F and head to D4. Once there you see two hall ways go to 
the most right one and go infront of the pit but do not fall in! Leave the room
then a message will appear then go back in. You see a foe but it's actually a
warbull. Afterwards go down the pit and you will se another foe this time it's 
a hellbull. The hellbull may be tough for your level. Defeat and you will 
obtain the pearl. This pearl is bugged and stays in your inventory forever.

Name:Chef's demand
Description:Jackson restaurant needs ingredients to impress a finicky patron 
with an unprecedented entree.
Reward:Tiger Boot
How to beat:You need a fish fin,a dry peach and a red beak. You can get a Fish
Fin from Sworders on B14F. You get dry peaches from sickwoods or from chopping 
on B18F. You can get the Red Beak from Redbeaks on B19F.

Description:A stipulation in a millionaire's will requests the cultivation of a
flower he could never get to bloom.
How to beat:Go to geomagnetic field room on B6F. Leave the room go right 3
spaces go 1 space down then go all the way right. When you plant the seed you 
will be attacked with the follwing enemies: 2 Waspiors then 2 Waspiors again
then 2 Waspiors and a Sleepgel and finally 2 Waspiors and a Sloth. This quest
must be done between the time of 5am and 10am.

Name:Orphans of the forest
Description:Adventurers seek the cause behind the rising incidence of ferocious
ant attacks on B12F.
How to beat:Go to A2 of B12F. When you head down the path you should get a 
warning. Once you enter the room find a way to get south to a door. When you 
enter you will get a masssage about some eggs. Note: YOU CANNOT GET IN TO ANY

Name:Pest control
Description:A fruit gatherer's livelihood is threatened by the vermin feeding 
on the fruit in B10F of the forest.
Reward:Nectar II
How to beat:Go to B1 of B10F with an Amber Lump. Once there you will have to 
fight Toxinflies. First you fight 2 then 2 again then 3 then 3 again.

Name:Identity unknown
Description:A monster pursued by a band of adventurers vanished. They wish to 
learn the nature of thier prey.
How to beat:Go D1 in B6F between the time of 10 am and 4pm. You will see a FOE
that's actually a petaloid. Defeat it to beat the quest.

Name:Monster at sunrise
Description:An aged man enjoying a beautiful forest sunrise was startled by a
strange beast. Find the monster.
How to beat:Go to B1F You should see a foe. The foe is actually a clover defeat
it to beat the quest.

Name:Work stoppage
Description:A member of the carpenters Guild has had his construction project 
B17F distrupted by three monsters.
Reward:Flame Boot 
How to beat:Defeat the three Sickwoods on B17F. They are located at C2,C4 and

Name:The Crystal Maiden
Description:The Crystal Maiden of Etria wishes to surround herself with the
jeweles from which she takes her sobriquet.
How to beat:You need to get 3 shiny vines. You can them chopping on B22F,B23F
and B24. B22F chop point is at C5. B23F's is at D6. B24F's is at F6.

Name:Emblem of love
Description:To convey a love burning like fire, strong as lightning, and 
exquisite as ice, three Tri-colors are needed.
Reward:All mist
How to beat:You need to get 3 Tri-Colors mineable in B26F at A7 and D7

Name:The gold enthusiast
Description:The so-called golden Baron of Etria needs golden fur to have a new
suit tailored out of gold.
Reward:Nectar III
How to beat:You need to get 10 golden furs. Golden furs are drops from Varharas
and Hellbulls. They are found on B23F and B24F.

Name:Remembrance of a friend
Description:My lifelong friend threw himself into harm's way for me...I want to
wish him luck in the afterlife.
How to beat:You need to get a tiny petal and a luck staff. Then head to D1 of
B1F in the top right corner place the items. 

Name:Song from the depths
Description:Rumor has it the legendary songstress of Etria can be heard in the
forest's depths. I ache to hear her voice...
Reward:Angel Harp
How to beat:You are given a Vox Stone to record the voice. Go to A3 of B24F 
and put the stone there. When you put it there you hear music.

Name:Scavenging for Ian I
Description:The merchant Ian has requested samples of all the items that can be
mined from B10F of the forest.
Reward:Ice Mist
How to beat: You need to mine Scrap Iron,Fossil and Thin Shell.

Name:Ivory Princess' dream II
Description:The Ivory Princess again suffers from nightmares, this time 
involving monsters attacking Etria.
How to beat:Go to B1F you will meet with a soldier he says nothing is wrong.
Walk deeper in then you will have to fight 2 Desoulers then 2 Sickwoods and
then finally 3 Kingdiles.

Name:Scavenging for Ian II
Description:The merchant Ian now requires a sample of each tree that can 
chopped in B13F of the forest.
How to beat:Go to B13F and chop for a bug nest,a strawberry and a sea branch.

Name:Monstrous Codex
Description:I'm investigating monster hapitants within the labyrinth. Inscribe
ten monsters into the Codex, please.
Reward:Red Charm
How to beat:Simple, put ten monsters in the codex. You should have ten by the 
3rd floor.

Name:The diamond charm
Description:Etria's most luxurious woman has decided her life cannot be 
complete without a Cullinan.
Reward:Evil Charm
How to beat:You need to get Cullinan. Cullinan is mineable in B16F and B18F.
B16F's are at A4 and C1. B18F's are mineable at D3 and E6.

Name:Gourmands's request
Description:The millionaire Gourmand King won't rest until he's tasted the
ultimate meal. Gather ingredients for him.
How to beat:You need to get the following:Stiff hide from a wolf, sticky goo 
from sleepgel or venomgel, gumthroat from treefrogs, tendon from immoas and 
drywall from mining on B21F.

*-*Credits to Geese911 for telling me the ingredients*-*


Name:Versus the unknown
Description:I need an able party to subjugate the monsters that appear at night
and vanishes with the morning sun.
How to beat:Go to the inn and nap. Then go to B18F. There will be about seven
hextoads and nightoads. Defeat them to beat the quest.

Name:The legendary bird
Description:The bird sung in legend is more than a mere fairytale. I want you
to find it and prove it's not myth.
How to beat:Valerie will give you some rare meat. Go to B4 of B30F. Go to the 
middle right part and put down the meat.

Name:Official business I
Description: To:All adventurers; From:Radha hall Deal with the abnormal plants
blocking the corriders through B10F
How to beat:Go to B5 of B10F and defeat the omnivore. The doors are blocked by
roots but whan you enter the floor a knight will give you stuff to get rid of

Name:Item compendium
Description:Show me the bounty of the labyrinth. Fill the Item Compendium with
150 objects and report back to me
How to beat:Simple, fill the Item Compendium wiith 150 entries. This should be
complete by the 6th stratum.

Name:Official business II
Description:To:All adventurers; From:Radha hall Will someone repair the broken
lift in the 5th stratum.
Reward:Nectar III
How to beat:Go to C7 of B21F. Go infront of the elevator and pry the doors 
open. Then fight the 5 Steelwebs. These things are very annoying and hit hard.

Name:Reversal of the poles
Description:A strong geomagnetic influence is causing chaos on B18F.
Investigate the spatial distortion.
How to beat:When you go down to B18F go 8 steps forward. Then 3 steps to the
left. Then 14 steps down. Finally go 5 spaces right to comeplete the quest.

Name:Lost pet; reward offered
Description:Latche, the Rooster Inn clerk's pet, escaped while they were on a 
walk in the forest. A reward has been posted.
How to beat:Go to B26F and go to either of the following until you find the 
mouse: F1,F2,F6. Be warned though that if his mouse isn't there you will be
attacked by a Goudamouse.

Name:Official business II
Description:To:All adventurers; From:Radha hall The researchers require 
assistance in retrieving ancient relics.
Reward:10000en per relic.
How to beat:You need to collect ancient relics. There are 5 of them but you 
only need to get 1. They are located at the following places:
Shiny disc:B26F,B3
Soft Glass:B27F,E3
Copper top:B28F,D7
Clam Tool:B30F

Name:Phantom of the forest
Description:There's a rumor a mysterious girl lives in the marshes of the 
second stratum. Is it true...?
How to beat:Go to B11F and to the violet crystal door. Keep going past the 
floors until you get to B7F then head to A7 to fight Alraune.

Name:The bandit's treasure
Description:I'm out to find the legendary bandit king Edue's treasure! More 
specifically, I want you to find it.
How to beat:Go to the clear crystal door on B5F and make your way through to
B3F. When there head to the golem and defeat him to beat the quest.

Name:Call of the Wyvern
Description:The Wyvern's cries have sounded strange lately. Is it a some sort 
of omen? Could you investigate this?
How to beat:You must defeat the Wyvern in less than 3 turns and get a tough
fang. You may need a Troubadour with bravery to beat this or a strong damage
dealer like a Ronin.

Name:The dread Wrym
Description:The red dragon at the Wyvern's nest...Can't anyone slay that beast?
Will you try your hand at it, sirs.
How to beat: Defeat the Wrym at the same place Wyvern was. 

When facing the Wyrm you will need the following people. A protector with LVL5
antifire. A Troubadour with bravery and erasure. A medic for healing and two
damage dealers. Every turn the protector must use anti-fire. The T must use
Bravery so the wyrm won't confuse you.


Name:Proof of heroism
Description:I lost my arm to blizzard-breathed dragon, but I'm the only one 
who's seen it. Prove it exists for me.
How to beat:Go to where Cotrangl was then go up 2 spaces to find the arm.

Name:The azure colossus
Description:The cold-blooded dragon's existense has been confirmed on B15F.
It's up to you to carry out my vengeance.
How to beat:Defeat the Drake on B15F. You have to go to B16F and take the 
secret passage on A2.

Same strategy for Darke except protector must use Anti-Ice. Also when he uses
regen or Ice-block use erasure.


Name:Remnants of an age past
Description:Find some more of those Ankh-shaped objects you found on B21F,
would you? I need as many as you can get.
How to beat:Collect the Annk shaped objects on the 5th stratum.

Name:Awakening the serpent
Description:I made this Ankh Motor from the Ankh parts. Put it in the machine
on B21F and see what happens!
How to beat:Put the Ankh Motor where you activated the elevator. Then head to 
place you beat Etreant. Defeat the dragon.

Same as the other 2 except use Anti-volt. You don't need a T but it's useful.


6.Legal Stuff.........[legl]

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