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"A game that'll keep you busy"

Etrian odyssey is a game that will definitely keep you busy. Not only is it a long game but it's a challenging game that will keep you coming back for more. It's also one of the most funnest games I've played to date.


The graphics weren't all that great. Each stratum had it's own colour and that basically the only colour that was there. Take the Azure Rain forest for example. It was basically only blue trees and blue everything with some water. There were only 6 stratums that means a lot of limitations for diversity. The trees on the side look liked wall paper on walls. Although the did have a little detail. Such as different coloured plants or withered bushes.The battle screens were worse just a simple back round with a simple floor. The enemies designs,however were quite well done in my opinion. I also liked the class looks. A lot of them were surprising detailed and very well done. It's a shame that you didn't see in the battle on the field. Overall the graphics had some good parts and some bad parts but they're average.


The sounds are probably the worst part of the game. None of the music were really worth listening to. Like each stratum had its own design each stratum has it's own music. That one song per stratum plays through the entire stratum. The sounds effects were worse than the music. There are only a few types of attacks which means not many sound effects. Overall the sounds suck. It's not even worth putting up your volume.

Game play:Nine

The best part of the game. When you walking through forest in first-person it's amazing. The battles may get repetitive. The funnest part is when your in a new floor unaware of the dangers below. Running through the labyrinth to get away from F.O.E. Putting in memos to mark for important places or events. It's just too fun. Although a lot of times it'll get repetitive when you get to a new floor you'll get into it. The bottom screen should have had more importance other than a map. Overall the game play will probably be the main reason you'll buy this game.

Overall this game is well done is a good choice for fans of dungeon crawlers. My final score would have to be seven.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/09/07

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