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Version: 2.0
Game System: Nintendo DS
Author: Dinkybarrel
Date: 22nd August 2009

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   (1.0) Contents and Intro                           

Contents durr :P 
1) Contents and Intro   |  1.0  |
2) Updates	        |  1.1  | 
3) About Items          |  2.0  | 
4) Food                 |  3.0  | 
5) Pattern              |  4.0  | 
6) Cages                |  4.1  | 
7) Decor                |  4.2  | 
8) Accessories          |  4.3  | 
9) Toys                 |  5.0  | 
10) Credits             |  6.0  | 

This is a growing list of items you can get in Hamsterz Life for the 
Nintendo DS. I will provide detailed descriptions of the items where 
possible, particularly for toys. A section for mini-games may follow in 
later versions.

If you wish to contribute items to this list, please feel free to email 
me ( You will be credited of course :)

~~ Updates ~~ 1.1 ~~

Version 1.0: First edition. 

Version 1.5: New items, updated my username since I seem to keep mixing 
them up. Curse these internet aliases! Haha :P

Version 2.0: New items

       (2.0) About Items

There are lots of items you can obtain in Hamsterz Life. These items are 
divided into food items, cage items, accessories and toys for your 
hamster. Unlike Nintendogs or other pet sim games, you can only obtain 
these items by playing the mini-games or taking your pet for a romp 
around your room and getting it to pick up little gift boxes scattered 
about. What items you will get is also entirely random so you may want 
to play with your hamster often in order to ensure you have an adequate 
supply of food and water.

Tip: You may notice after a while, you tend to get a lot of the same item. 
Newer hamsters seem more likely to get different items like cages so you 
may want to think about adding extra hamsters to your collection once 
you've accumulated lots of food.

           (3.0) Food

The biggest necessity to ensuring your hamster leads a long and happy 
life. There are four categories of food, and two different kinds per 
category. One type is the more common variety and the other a little 
rarer. Mind you this game is so easy the 'rare' foods are just as easy 
to obtain if you play enough mini-games. I don't know if there's any 
difference between the two varieties, please let me know if you do :)


Mix Food: This is the most common kind and what you should be feeding 
your hamster most often. 

Pellets: This is the rarer version.


Corn: Kernels of corn. What more do you want :P

Cabbage: The rarer version. Just pieces of cabbage.


Sunflower Seeds (SunSeeds): Every hamster's favourite, don't feed these 
to them too often though, they're only snacks afterall. These were 
incredibly common in my game. 

Berries: The description of this is a little inaccurate. It should be 
'Strawberry', because it's just one big strawberry sitting in a dish. 


Bottled Water (BtlWater): Use these to keep your hamster's water bottle 

Mineral Water (MnrlWater): For pampered furrballs. Yeah, even HUMANS 
don't get to drink Evian every day. >_>

         (4.0) Pattern

These are the items available in the Pattern menu. They're divided into 
smaller subsections since they're quite numerous. Pattern items are 
generally peripheral and serve to beautify your hamster's living 

~~ Cages ~~ 4.1 ~~

Cages are just that, your hamster's living space. They seem quite rare 
in terms of encountering, according to the Ubisoft website there are 
six different kinds of cages. They vary in sizes, the default being quite 
small. Changing your cage also changes the background music.

	-Standard: Initial cage
Your hamster's default home. It's just your average wire/plastic grid 
box with a wooden house and yellow hay/wood shavings. This is a very 
small cage.

	-Steel: A peaceful house
The description and upbeat background music don't really match this 
house IMO. Like its name implies, this is a steel cage with a metallic 
looking two level home. The walls resemble a prison cell (O_o) with 
screw-like metal bars. I suppose it's just this industrial look... 

	- Toy Box: A colorful house
Remember those children's TV shows where they have these surreal and 
colourful sets and people dressed in colourful jumpers speaking to you 
in unnaturally cheeful tones? Oh wait, they still do that... regardless!
This is pretty much what it's like. a very cute, brightly coloured. This
is a fairly large, three tiered cage.

	-Pastel: Gentle color cage
A cutesy looking home of baby pastel colours. Before you worry about 
your hamster falling out, it's actually surrounded by transparent panels. 
This is quite a large cage, featuring a three tiered home.
	-Plant: A green house
A foresty type cage with green coloured wood shavings and little red 
toadstools. It's not as wide as the Pastel cage, but it's definitely 
taller with a higher three tiered tree house. 

	-Wood Carving: A modern house
I haven't had this one yet but Naraki tells me it's a four level cage of 
carved wood, making this the largest cage so far. 
Credit: Felicia Chiew and Naraki Imani

~~ Decor ~~ 4.2 ~~

Decor is found under the hamster wheel icon. This will cover everything 
from the wheels to wallpaper. When you change your hamster's cage, you 
may find that your water bottles and wheels don't quite match any more. 
You will find a number of options to suit your furnishing needs here.


Every hamster needs one to run around in. 

	-Standard: Initial Wheel
The default wheel. A very generic looking thing. 

	-Flower: Wheel with petals
A very pretty looking wheel. The petals stick out like frills. One thing 
I've noticed though, is that the petals cut into the woodshavings floor. 
A graphical glitch? :S

	-Psychadelic: Pretty Colors
A bright red wheel with a whirly hypnotic pattern in the centre. Whooo @_@ 
Credit: funni_monkey

	-Morning Face: Cute flower pattern
Well, to be honest, I don't really see it as particularly flowery 
compared to the previous wheel. It has a very attractive (but rarely 
seen) icy blue pattern in its center though. 

	-Yellow: A vivid color
MY EYES. A bright yellow plastic wheel. I swear it makes my eyes bleed. 
Goes really well with the Steel cage. 

	-Clover: Spin for happiness
This one features a green wheel-tread (I think they're supposed to be 
leaves but whatever) type pattern that's kinda hypnotic to watch when 
your hamster runs on it. 


Water bottles. Keep an eye on these because their water levels will drop 
as your hamster takes a drink. Fill them up with the water items in the 
food menu. Bottles all hold the same amount of water so don't worry when 
choosing one over the other.

	-Standard: Initial Bottle
The default water bottle. A nice classic option.

	-Red Bottle: A cute round bottle
A nice red design with circular 'windows' at the side to let you see 
the water level. For some reason though, whenever I see it I think of

	-Orange Bottle: Orange is cute
To be honest, I don't think this looks much different from the default 
bottle since orange is the central colour.

	-Green Bottle (Btl): A striped bottle
You know, I don't know why they had to abbreviate 'bottle' in this one 
when the previous bottle was 'Orange' and obviously longer but managed 
to fit the full word in. Anyway I think this is a pretty clunky looking 
green plastic framed bottle. Definitely not one of my favourites.

	-Blue Bottle (Btl): For climbing
Again with the unnecessary abbreviations >:( This looks much sleeker 
with twisting blue lines compared to the green bottle. I don't get the 
description though, I've never seen my hamster climb it. 

	-Ham Bottle: Hamster type
This is undoubtedly my favourite of all the bottles. Extremely adorable 
with hamster ears sticking out the top. 

Wall Paper

These change the background of the menus. I didn't even notice what these 
changed for a minute of fiddling with them. A number of these look so 
similar you'll barely notice the difference. All of these scroll slowly 
in a diagonal fashion unless mentioned otherwise.

	-Wall Paper1: Flashy yellow
You'll start with this one. Don't be fooled by the preview pic. It's 
actually a pale yellow background with *blue* and white dots. 

	-Wall Paper2: Cute light green
Same pattern, different colour. This one is pale green with blue and 
white dots.

	-Wall Paper3: Light blue stripes
What the description says. Vertical strips of varying shades of light 
blue and white. I like this one since it stands out a bit more and is 
different from all the pink backgrounds. Doesn't scroll. 

	-Wall Paper4: Nice color combo
They're right. A white background with multicoloured spots. 

	-Wall Paper5: Big polka dots
Ooh, big spots now. And pink stars. On a pastel yellow background. 
Anyone noticing a pattern here?

	-Wall Paper6: Pink polka dots
They look more like bubbles than dots. 

	-Wall Paper7: Lots of heart marks
Yep, pink background with pink and white hearts. It's the same colour 
scheme as #6. It doesn't scroll. 

~~ Accessories ~~ 4.3 ~~

Baubles to beautify your hamster. In truth, we all know no self 
respecting hamster would wear half this stuff of their own free will, 
but too bad for them! Muhahaha. Hamsters can only wear one of these at a 
time, so there's no mix and matching of glasses and earrings or anything 
else. I have to remark that there aren't a whole lot of accessories to 
cater to male hamsters.

	-Tiara: Feel like a royalty
Yeah you read that right, 'a royalty'. Just a few examples of the less 
than stellar translation. A silvery princess like tiara with tiny rubies 
in the center. 

	-Bandanna: Cool factor up!
A red bandanna with white polka dots. It's very piratey looking.

	-Ten Gallon Hat: A cowboy hat
This hat looks a little wussy to be honest cause they put a green and 
pink/purple band around it :/ Also when you look closely from behind it
appears to be sort of floating above your hamster's head. 

	-Visor: Good for hot days
A little blue and white visor. Very vacation-y :D it looks especially 
tourist-like if you stick this on your hamster's head and let him ride
the roller-coaster. 
Credit: Erinclem and Naraki Imani

	-Santa Claus hat: Feel like it's Christmas!
Festive attire. Afterall, what's a pet if you can't make it wear a santa 
hat on Christmas? 

	-Red Glasses: Feel smarter
Red framed glasses. It looks like something my aunt would wear actually...

	-Gm Glasses: Lovely glasses
I don't know what Gm stands for. Maybe what they meant was 'Gn' short 
for 'green' since it's green framed.

	-Sunglasses: For sunny days
Orange tinted lenses. These are kinda cool actually. 

	-Spectacles: See far ahead
Very typical swirly eyed glasses. Comical looking.

	-Flower: A cute flower
Girly looking pink and red ribbon with a white flower in the center.

	-Pink Frill: Pretty Ribbon
Another girly bow. A big one this time with white lace edging. 

	-Blue: Pretty Ribbon
A pair of baby blue bows set on either ear. 

	-Headdress: Perfect maid hat
Yes, now even you can have your very own french hamster maid! Watch it dust 
your chair, one inch at a time... Now if only it'd clean its own cage.

	-Ring: Cute Leather
It looks more like metal than leather. Especially since they're supposed 
to be earrings. Earring items aren't very visible when your hamster is 
still a baby, but they look more obvious when it grows bigger. 

	-Heart: Cuter then[sic] ever!
Pink heart earrings. These are barely noticeable from the front since 
they're almost the exact same shade as the inner pink of your hamster's 

	-Ruby: Sparkly ears
Gold earrings with rubies.
Credit: Naraki Imani

	-Star: Be invincible
No points for guessing the reference. Yellow star-shaped earrings.

	-Leather: Tough hamster!
Don't be fooled by this description. This isn't some biker costume.
The black leather cap, the dark aviator glasses...It's a tribute 
to Japanese wrestler and comedian, Masaki Sumitani AKA Razor Ramon HG! 

           (5.0) Toys

Toys to play with your hamster. These aren't the same as the games. 
Place one of these in the cage and watch your hamster figure out what to 
do (which can take a while). It can react to a toy in a variety of ways, 
starting with a blinking question mark and then hesitant attempts to play 
with the item, and then actually playing with it. You can interact with 
most of the toys as well but it's pretty pointless unless your hamster 
knows what the toy is for. Once your hamster has learned a particular 
action involved with a certain toy, it may repeat the same actions when 
experimenting with new ones. You can only have one toy out at a time and 
some of them need bigger cages to be played with.

	-Gnawing Tree: Raises your spirit
It looks like a heart shaped blocked of wood... or a biscuit. Either way 
your hamster just chews on it to start. 

	-Pipe: Fun to crawl in
I hoped to be able to connect the pipes, but that's not possible, so you 
just get a clear plastic t-junction pipe that your hamster crawls in and 
out of. 

	-Large (Lrg) Ball: Roll, ride, have fun!
My hamster hasn't started rolling it yet, but it jumps on this big 
colourful soccer ball. 

	-Baseball: Be a baseball star
A blue coloured baseball. Your hamster will ask to play catch with it.

	-Barrel: What's inside? 
A large wooden barrel with a hamster face printed on one side. For 
jumping in and out of. I swear, I have so many of these for some reason. 

	-Balloon: Try blowing it up!
I haven't seen my hamster inflate the balloon. But I've seen it do 
something it learned from below... 
Update: You can blow the balloon up yourself via the mic! If you blow
on it too much it'll burst but don't worry, it'll be back in your
inventory. Credit: Erinclem

	-Hamster Wand: Try to wave it!
This is the freakiest toy ever. Honestly. It stands upright and looks 
like a bizarre coconut tree when left alone. If you wave it and shake it 
around, your hamster learns this creepy tribal-esque dance involving 
weird arm-waving actions. Let your *hamster* play with it and it waves 
and tosses this huge wand that's like more than twice its length around. 
It actually looks kinda scary, like it's summoning some pagan hamster god
or something. 

	-Slide: Move to a new floor
This needs a big cage, preferably the Pastel cage or any of the bigger 
ones. This is a very cute rainbow slide that acts like a short cut 
between the third floor and the ground floor. Your hamster just hops on 
and slides down. What's cute is when your hamster isn't used to the slide 
yet. It'll approach the edge and then wave its arms in an 
'omg no way O_O' fashion. 
	-Roller Coaster: Ride around
This also needs a big cage. It's a small roller coaster ride that your 
hamster can ride (screaming all the way down no less!). Just like the slide, 
if your hamster isn't used to it, it will go "no way @_@". When riding the 
roller coaster the first few times, your hamster will stagger around for 
a bit haha. 
Credit: funni_monkey and jasonjason123ab

	-Flower: Try a flower fortune?
Just the expected 'he loves me, loves me now' thing. It's reusable so 
don't worry when your hamster's done pulling off all the petals. 

	-Xylophone: Pretty sounds
A U-shaped xylophone set. When first introduced to it, your hamster may 
fall over in surprise after tapping it once. Later on it may start 
playing longer 'tunes'. Tunes being the loose term to describe the noise 
it makes. 

         (6.0) Credits

Thanks to 

Ubisoft for creating this game. Try their other pet sim games like 
Catz as well. :) 

GameFAQs for providing endless fun and help in all my gaming endeavours 
as well as this opportunity to post this FAQ.

My brother for helping finance my DS purchase as well as this game.

Naraki Imani, Erinclem, funni_monkey and Jasonjason123ab for their 

And of course, you for reading. And because I'm corny and like to 
put stuff like this at the end. :D