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               L      U   U  MM   MM IIIII NN   N  OOO  U   U SSSSS
               L      U   U  M M M M   I   N N  N O   O U   U S
               L      U   U  M  M  M   I   N  N N O   O U   U SSSSS
               L      U   U  M     M   I   N   NN O   O U   U     S
               LLLLL   UUU   M     M IIIII N    N  OOO   UUU  SSSSS

                                A      RRRRR   CCCC
                               A A     R   R  C 
                              AAAAA    RRRR   C
                             A     A   R   R  C
                            A       A  R    R  CCCC

 W           W  A      L      K  K  TTTTT H   H RRRRR  OOO  U   U  GGGG H   H
  W         W  A A     L      K K     T   H   H R   R O   O U   U G     H   H
   W   W   W  AAAAA    L      KK      T   HHHHH RRRRR O   O U   U G  GG HHHHH
    W W W W  A     A   L      K K     T   H   H R  R  O   O U   U G   G H   H
     W   W  A       A  LLLLL  K  K    T   H   H R   R  OOO   UUU   GGGG H   H

Table of contents

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Part One~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

3.How to play...................[HTPL]
4.Version Update................[VRUP]

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Part Two~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Chapter 01......................[CH01]
Chapter 02......................[CH02]
Chapter 03......................[CH03]
Chapter 04......................[CH04]
Chapter 05......................[CH05]
Chapter 06......................[CH06]
Chapter 07......................[CH07]
Chapter 08......................[CH08]
Chapter 09......................[CH09]
Chapter 10......................[CH10]
Chapter 12......................[CH11]
Chapter 13......................[CH12]
Chapter 14......................[CH13]
Chapter 15......................[CH14]
Chapter 16......................[CH15]
Chapter 17......................[CH16]
Chapter 18......................[CH17]
Chapter 19......................[CH18]
Chapter 20......................[CH19]
Chapter 21......................[CH20]
Chapter 22......................[CH21]
Chapter 23......................[CH22]
Chapter 24......................[CH23]
Chapter 25......................[CH24]
Chapter 25......................[CH25]

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Part Three~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

4.Party members.................[PTMB]
5.Legal Stuff...................[LEGL]

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Part One~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is my third FAQ I have made. It is my first one for Luminous Arc. My other
two were for Etrian Odyssey,another Atlus game. This is also my first step by
step walkthrough. This walkthrough is made to help through the game chapter by
chapter. The walk through is in three sections. The first being begining. The 
second being the actual walk through. The last being extra stuff. Anyways I 
hope this walkthrough helps you through the game!! If you have any questions or
things you want to add feel free to e-mail me. This account is specially made 
for my guides. It is not conected to GameFAQs in any other way.



(Story taken from the website)

One thousand years after the climactic that nearly destroyed the world, the 
Luminous Church thrives, based on the teachings of the Luminous Saints. The 
land finally knows peace, until the birth of a special child marks God's 
awakening from his slumber He entered after defeating the witches. With this
child comes a prophecy that the witches will reappear again, to prevent god 
from reawakening and leading his people to glory. Take control of Alph, a 
soldier in the Luminous Church's elite "Garden Children" unit,and begin a quest
to rid the world of the witches and return peace to the world.

3.How to play...................[HTPL]

There are three types of control in this game. Right stylus,left stylus and 
button mode. 

Right stylus is basically using the stylus in your right hand to 
do just about everything in battle. You use the stylus to determine where you
want your character move or attack. Out of battle it used to confirm your 
selection. This control type is for people who are right handed.

This is basically the same as right stylus except there are some button 
differences. The D-Pad and and the ABXY buttons have been switched around. 
This control type is obviously for people who are left handed.

The last button control is Button mode. In this mode the buttons do everything.
The buttons controls are similar to the stylus ones. If you really want to know
them you can go check your damn intructions. I used this mode through basically
all the game. An exception of a few battles in the begining in which I used 
Right Sytlus mode. I have never used Left Stylus so I don't know how it works
because I am right handed.

In battle: In battles it's very simple to play. You take your person,you move
them in range of thier enemy and attack. It's very simple you see. Some people
have different and different weapons mean different range. Swordsmen and such 
have only one range. People with longer weapons have two range and bowmen have
4 range. When your behind an enemy you do more damage when your infront of an
enemy you do less. Hitting from the side is high damage. Your characters either
have skills or magic some even both. You can use them as long as you have 
enough MP. Flash drives are attacks that you can use once you have enough FP. 
They are very powerful attacks, don't hesitate to use them. The battle like I
said before is very simple and the learning curve is very small.

4.Version Update................[VRUP]


-Everything in Part 1&3 done 
-Up to chapter 6


-Done Chapter 7


-Done Chapter 8


-Done Chapter 9
-Done Chapter 10


-Done Chapter 11


-Done Chapter 12
-Done Chapter 13


-Done Chapter 14


-Done Chapter 15
-Done Chapter 16
-Done Chapter 17
-Done Chapter 18
-Done Chapter 19
-Done Chapter 20
-Done Chapter 21
-Done Chapter 22
-Done Chapter 23
-Done Chapter 24
-Done Chapter 25

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Part Two~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


This is the walkthrough of the game. It goes all the way to Chapter 25 the end.

Each chapter will have three paragraphs. The first telling what happens before
the battle. Then the battle stratagies and finally after battle events.
Chapter 01......................[CH01]

When you start a new game you see a frog and two girls. You will have to pick a
name. It doesn't really affect so pick whatever you want. After that you'll see
two monks talking. You'll then see Heath talking to Kingston. You'll then a see 
a place with people talking. You then see the garden children AKA your fighting
crew. You will find out that witches are appearing and you need to condemn 
them. Then out of nowhere a civilian appears!! Carwee is under attack an you 
need to help. When all the scenes and talking are done you'll be given options.
Action,Return to world map and Advance the story. Usually there is a shop 
option. I suggest everytime you return to world map to save. When you select 
action you can talk to your party. After your done checking everything out 
advance the story. You'll see a little more talking then you can fight.

Battle: 2 Roosters one level 2 the other level 3 and two minataurs both level
one. Luminous Arc is a simple game and not very hard to learn. Just get in and
kill them enemies. Put about 2 or three people on one enemy then move on to the
other enemies. A strategy really isn't needed for this fight so just kill them.

When you beat the battle you get 400R, 
a Vitamint and an Antidote. Your party will start celebrating. When the scene 
is done, save. It's time to carry on.

Chapter 02......................[CH02]

Head south-west to Holy Garden-Ever Garden to continue. When you get there you
see a girl with white hair. She'll start bitching about cleaning up and then
intruduce her self. Her name is Lucia. Alph will have to show her around. It 
seems Lucia's obsessed with brooms... You'll then be given options again. This
time you can shop if you want to. Otherwise save and continue the story. Alph 
will be wonder around and find Lucia...in the night...Anyways Alph and Theo
will start talking. Then Lucia will start counting brooms O_o! Lucia is inside
of Alph's dream. Alph will go outside to Lucia and start yelling. Then out of
th blue monsters appear!! OH NOES!! Lucia will fight back and then you'll have
to fight.

Battle:You will only have two people Alph and Lucia. There are only 3 enemies.
One level 4 behemoth and two Cerberuses both level two. Try to stick together
so you can quickly take an enemy down. With Lucia use shine to get easy damage
on. You would think that with only 2 people the battle would be hard but it's
really not. When you win you will be given 500R,a Vitamint, an Anitdote and a

After the battle you figure out a secret but I'm not going to tell you. The
reast of the scene has spoilers so I won't tell you what happens. Leon will 
come looking for Alph and telling him that they have discovered a witch.

Chapter 03......................[CH03]

Head east to a place called Palu Forest. You're in a forest and Heath will say 
there's a witch in the house. This time Heath will ask Cecille to join the 
battle. They start talking about Saki. Lucia stays out of the fight. You'll be
given options again except no shopping. Heath will give you the "Intermission"
option. This allows you to talk to your party after battle. You can get items
from these intermissions. It's further explained in the intermission section.
The garden children break in and you'll see the witch. There's a little more 
talking then you can fight.

There are three fighters. The levels are them are 4,3 and 2. There are two 
archers both level 3 and finally a level 5 cleric. The fighter should be easy.
They aren't that fast and can be taken down easy if you gang up on them. The
archers can be annoying with thier long-range. Don't leave an enemy wih low HP
alone the cleric can and will heal them. You own healer Cecille can also heal
so make use of that. The archers tend to stay up there and snipe you from 
there. If they keep running away try using magic or split into two teams and
corner him. The cleric may to try to cure herself when you try to kill her by
she will eventually run out of MP. This battle isn't that hard and shouldn't
take that long.

When you beat the battle you get a Vitamint, a Holyfthr and a cape. This is 
where you can choose who want to talk to for intermissions. You can choose who
ever who want. After you get the Water Lapistier. When you go outside your 
party talk with Lucia. Heath will then tell you that you have to go to Carwee
to meet the Cardinal. Alph will wonder if that witch was really a witch. In the
nighttime Alph will talk with Lucia. After all the scenes you finally get to 
go to intermission. If you need help with intermissions use xNinjaOfChaosx's
intermission guide. After you beat a chapter from now on you get a see a short
scene called Life of Kopin. They're quite funny I suggest you watch them.

Chapter 04......................[CH04]

In order to get to your next destination you must pass the battle. There will
several of these later in the game. I won't explain how to due to the fact they
are really easy to beat and don't need a strategy and also that they are not
important and you can skip some of them.

Once you pass the battle head south to Carwee. You'll see two civilians talking
about the ever so popular Garden Children. You go to the Luminous Church 
afterwards. When you get there you meet a guy named Andre. He's the leader of
the Zephyroth kights. You'll be stopped by him. He won't let you through 
and you get past becuase of his MANLY BICEPS. Kingston will then appear and 
start talking to Heath about your party. Lucia will go crazy on Kingston about
the witches. You'll be given options again. A lady in red will appear after you
advance the story. Her name is Vanessa also known as the Witch of Immolation.
Vanessa is here to take the water Lapistier from you. Luica will start talking
to Vanessa as if she knew her...

Battle: There are three Hikopins all level 3. Two behemoths both level five and
Vanessa is level 10. Your going to want to play it safe in this battle. Vanessa
can hit pretty hard and those Behemoths are no pushovers either. The hikopins 
aren't that strong but they can be very annoying. The behemoths have a two hit
range and can hit hard. At the begining Vanessa will most likely use ATK up
on either Gul or Gal. Take out the Hikopins as fast as you can. They don't have
that much Hp or defence. On your first turn move up a little but not to far.
Make sure that they come to you. Once they're in range quickly kill them. The
less of them they are the better.Since your staying back the first turn make
Leon use Charge. The one on the far right will probably come to you first so
focus one or two people there. Hopefully your Heath can kill the hikopins in
one hit. If he can send him to the right and the others to the left. Alph 
should have the skill rifle by now so I suggest you abuse it. If the enemy is
focused in onee area I suggest you mave away and hope they split. Kill the 
hikopins first and then go after the Behemoths. Then Finally go after Vanessa.
If priorty comes don't follow that order and kill the enemy nearest to you. 
When everything else is dead gang up on Vanessa. This fight isn't really hard
but it can be a tad challenging.

Alph will start glowing and Lucia will sy something about a Rym. Vanessa will
warp away. Lucia will sate that she is a witch!!! Heath goes crazy when he 
hears this and try to condemn Lucia. Out of nowhere another witch named Mel 
will appear and warp her and Lucia out of there. Heath will start talking with
kingston and a knight will come and say that the Eurus knight were killed.

Chapter 05......................[CH05]

Move on past the Mountain Path random battle and on to the next place. You'll
now be at the Holy Congress, Eastern Branch. The scene will start out with two
injured soldiers talking. The group will then come and talk about the bad
condition of this place. Heath will star talking about experiments and the Wind
Lapistier. He will then say that Witch of Immolation came here and stole the
Laspistier. The scene will end with Alph and Theo going to go help Cecille with 
the aiding of the soldiers.

The next part will show Cecille tryin to help a soldier who's gone crazy. He'll
start talking about some powerful light. Cardinal Kingston will then come. 
He'll start talking about the "Crow Knights". The Crow Knights are a mix of the
Eurus knights and the Zephyroth Knights. You'll then hear shocking news!!!!!!!!
Heath is a crow knight and you know what that means no more Heath in battles!!!
You'll then find out that you, the Garden Children have to go fight the 
Witches and retrive the lapistiers. Kingston will call you the witch busters
but it seems every disagrees with that name and you are renamed the Fatal 

After that extremely long scene you are finally given options. I'd highly 
suggest shopping for Alph, for the coming fight is a hard one. Return to the
world map and then save. Go back in and Advance the Story. Alph and Heath will
start talking and then Heath will break, well, breaking news. You have to fight

It's a simple one-on-one battle between you (Alph) and Heath. Don't try to use 
range attacks he can easily get up to you and hit you. A good strategy is so
have relatively high experience (above 50) so after you hit him a few times you
will have you HP restored. Wait for Heath to come to but not too close so that
you can get the first strike on him. This battle is rather simple. If you're 
having a lot of trouble you may want to try leveling up a bit more.

Heath will congratulate you after you win. Alph will talk about going after the
Witch of Immolation and getting all pumped up. Heath will tell you that you 
have to go find Nikolai in the Port Town Ridget. Go beat the two encounters
and head to Port Town Ridget.

Chapter 06......................[CH06]

The group will end up in a forest and a normal conversation will begin. Later
they will go to the town and find out that it's a mess. A civilian will come 
and say what happened (witches, who would have thought?). Then, out of nowhere,
Saki! She is now in your group. You'll find out that Nikolai went to the 
Western Continent and you have to follow him. Advance the story to continue, 
but don't forget to save. You will now be on a ship and will meet up with that 
kid Witch. They'll talk and then you have to fight her.

There are 5 Mikopins and Mel (the kid witch) in the battle. The Mikopins can
heal and hurt you with Aid and Aqua. Mel has those both as well has Heal. Stay
back until the Mikopins get closer to you and further away from her. A couple
shots will kill a Mikopin. Try to keep the Mikopins speareted so they can't 
heal each others and double team on one of your party members. Once the
Mikopins are dead, gang up the little kid.

Mel will start crying and everyone will start feeling bad for her. She'll start
talking about Alph being a Rym and then Lucia will come out of nowhere. The two
witches will warp away leaving Alph and the group confused. They will come
across the Western Continent. Move west to Port Town Adwest to move on.

Chapter 07......................[CH07]

When you get to the town you'll see a guy in with red hair and green clothes 
arguing with a Sailor. Turns out that Nikolai. The party will start talking to 
Nikolai and explain what's happening. He'll talk about a Witch secret and then
they decide to eat. Do whatever you want and then Advance the Story to

Duscussion will start then Nikolai will sense a Witch nearby (strange sixth 
sense, no?). Nikolai will go on about Witches and then hit on Cecille. He'll
then say something about Lethe Forest, the forest where the Witches are. He'll
talk about Witches more and then Vanessa (Witch of Immolation) shows up. 
Nikolai goes all crazy, some talking and then battle time!

In the battle there are 3 Hikopins, Two Behemoths (Gul and Gal) and Vanessa. 
The first two Hikopins are pretty close so divide you group in to and kill 
them. Vanessa and her pets shouldn't be in range of you until 2 turns unless 
you go straight for them. Once the two other Hikopins are dead, get the third
one. Your group should be re-united and Vanessa should have reached you by now 
so, go all out. Go after Vanessa since she a multi-area fire then go after her
two pets.

More Rym talk and then Theo will get in the way to save Alph from a spell of 
some sort. Theo will be cursed and then Vanessa will run away. Leon and Saki
will try to go after her but when they come back, no luck. Theo will colapse
and then they go the Inn. When Theo wakes he'll have some next mutant arm and
swears Saki to secrecy. The group decides to go after Vanessa and the 
Lapisiter. Beat the encounter and head to Mining Village Germarr.

Chapter 08......................[CH08]

When they get there more food discussion and then a civilian comes and says to 
GTFO (well, not really, but he does say go away). Theo will experience arm 
problems. Do whatever you want (save, buy stuff, talk to people) then Advance
the Story to continue. Civilians will yell, monster kill, and you have to save
them (even if they were really mean).

In the battle there are two Cerberus', two Redsnakes and one Gigas. None of 
them are in range on the first turn unless you move up. Stay back until and 
they come to you and then gang on them one-by-one. None of them have anything
special about them so it's a simple battle.

After the battle there's another monster left over and Theo finishes it, but in
the process he reveals the process. The civilians will run and you get to see a
picture of an arm. They need to go after Vanessa to cure Theo. With the whole
Theo thing you're not wanted even more so they leave. Defeat the encounter and
go to Industrial Village Dotruvar.

Chapter 09......................[CH09]

When you enter you meet a civilian, and unlike that other town they happily 
welcome you. It seems that there's a Lapistier in this town and the civilian 
calls it a god. The Lapistier in Godor's workhouse so I guess you have to go 
there. Do whatever you want and then advance the story.

You'll end up in some workshop and you'll see some guy. They'll explain the
story and how they need to confiscate the Lapistier in the furnace. When you 
get to see the Lapistier, Vanessa will show up. She'll start talking about 
dragon stuff and Theo's arm. Then, it's fight time!

There are 5 Hikopins, 2 Behemoths and Vanessa. You should get the three on the
sides first (1 on the right and 2 on the left). Once you get them the two in
the middle should join. It should take a couple of turns for Vanessa and her
pets to come so in that time, get those buffs on. When they come get Vanessa
and then the two pets. The pets have no skills and Vanessa has the same magic
from the last time you fought her.

When the battle is over Vanessa will say that Theo is going to turn into a 
dragon and that he should come with her. A witch with green hair and Lucia show
up during the conversation. It seems that they are against Vanessa. Vanessa 
will take the Lapistier and run off. Godor will get pissed of at you and run 
off as well. Lucia will join sides with you and she will take you to the Witch

Chapter 10......................[CH10]

The group will be in a plain and start talking. Nothing special so just 
Advance the Story when it's done. Everyone but Cecille wants to go to the Witch
Village. Nikolai senses a Witch and a blue pops up. Vivi (the witch) decides 
that she will help if you win her in a game of tag.

In the battle there are 6 Fukopins and Vivi. If you kill Vivi, you will 
automaticaly lose the battle. You can kill the Fukopins but it's not neccasary,
it's helpful though. In this battle or game, you must get two people on the
sides of Vivi to win the battle. Send half of your group to one and one half
on the other. She will run around the arena so you will eventually get her. You
could also go all in one area and just surround her.

When you win, it's not best two of three (joking). Vivi gives you the Chronos
Gem. Lucia asks Vivi to help join the battle  but she declines (on the count of
laziness). Cecille decides not to go back to the Church and stay with the 
group. Head north past the encounter and to Ring End Falls.

Chapter 11......................[CH11]

When yiu get there Mel will appear. It seems that she's on your side and will 
lead you to the Village. Advance the story to continue. Andre and Hugo will
get in your way and tell you give up Theo. Andre tells the group to punish the
Witches but they don't want to you end up fighting Andre and Hugo.

In the battle there are 5 monks, 1 Archer, Andre and Hugo. Since there is only
one way up on the right side if you send one person to block that path all the
other monks will go the other way. If one dies and the path is free, the monks
will move back. Keep doing this until all the monks are dead. On the other side
just go all out on the other three. Andre can hit really hard and Hugo has some
annoying magic. Make them get closer to you so that you can get first blood on

Andre and Hugo run off as the battle ends. They betrayed the Church by helping
the Witches. After all that is done you can now head on over to the Witch
Village. Head north and head to the Witch Village.

Chapter 12......................[CH12]

When they get there Mel will open the door and you get to go inside. Lucia
disappears and Cecille feels weird. Advance the Story. You'll see two cute 
little Witches and the Witch leader, Claire. Mavi and Vivi will come out of
no where and now you have to fight them alongs with Claire.

In the fight there are 2 Kikopins, 2 Fukopins, Mavi, Vivi and Claire. You 
should head towards Vivi because she will join first. The Fukopins with her are
nothing but try to watch out for her Gale. After you've gotten Vivi go after
Mavi. Her magic can only hit one person but her physical attacks are strong. 
Try to take her out from afar. Lastly go after Claire. She is slow and really
weak. Her magic can't do much either.

It seems that Claire knows everything about the group as well as Theo's 
condition. Alph and Theo turns out to be dragons and you need to get the 
Draconic Geode  in Liyella Volcano. Claire sent Lucia to the Volcano and now
the group must go after her. Vivi also joins your group. Head east the 
encounter and Liyella Volcano.

Chapter 13......................[CH13]

The group starts talking and then they continue on. Advance the story. Monsters
have eaten the Dragonic Geodes around here and Vivi figures that Lucia went
deeper. You see Lucia fighting off monsters and then Alph comes. Everyone else
comes and then the battle ensues.

There are 3 Gigas, 2 Tri-heads, 2 Salamands and 1 Keythongs. Sends Lucia to the
lower part of the platform she is on, while attack the Gigas near her. Take 
care of the 2 Tri-Heads in front of you and the head for Gigas. The group 
should join Lucia on the platform and hopefully the Gigas near Lucia is dead.
The 4 monsters near the back should be out range for another turn or two. You
should spread out your party to get the remaining monsters.

Lucia found the Draconic Geode and now the group can uncurse Theo. However, it
seems that you need to consult the great Sage. He's located in the Witch 
Village so head on over there. 

You'll meet the sage and his apprentice and he'll make the thing to cure Theo. 
The group will have some corny conversation and then they decide to stay in the
Village. You find out what a Rym is and then there is some more talking. 
Advance the Story. Vanessa is causing more trouble. To stop her that follow her
to Jeidtah. Pollon-Pollon joins your party. Head south and then east past the
encounter to Lakeside Town Jeidath.

Chapter 14......................[CH14]

When you get there the Research Facility has been destroyed and then you meet
up with Vanessa. She claims that she didn't do but no one believes her. It's 
fight time. You can leave if you want to to get anything. Right when you select
Advance the Story, the battle will begin.

In the battle there are 5 Hikopins, 2 Behemoths and Vanessa. The Hikopins are
the biggest trouble in the battle. You're going to want to separate your party
as much as you can so that the multi-area attacks don't hit too many members.
Send a person or two to get the Hikopin on the right and then send the rest
to the left, but make sure they are separated. After the Hikopins are dead take
care of Vanessa and her pets. Although she has no new tricks up her sleeve, she
is still very deadly, as well as her pets and the Hikopin.

After you beat the battle, something strange happens. You don't get to have an
Intermission talk. This is because there'a another battle coming. The Church
created a man-made Witch. It turns out she was the one who destroyed the
Facility. Battle time and you get Vanessa with you!

In the battle there are 3 Bolt Glms, 2 Reptiles, 2 Gargoyles and Iris (the
Steel Witch). Don't bother separating your group, just go to the left. Take 
care of the enemies on the stairs and then move on the lower part. Concentrate
all your attention on Iris. Make sure you have healers at hand since going into
the belly of the beast is dangerous. If you're the more cautious person just 
wait until the enemies come one-by-one and just pick them off.

Iris activates her Hyper mode so the Witches warp everyone away. They end up
safe in a plain near a town and then Vanessa leaves. So then they decide to 
check out the nearby town.

Chapter 15......................[CH15]

Head on over to the town beside you. The civilians will start talking about the
light and stuff. The group will start talk about the Steel Witch and the 
church. They decide to rest in town. Advnace the Story when you're done doing
whatever you we're doing.

It seems the Arc knights and and Heath have come to town. The group tries to 
talk to Heath, but he's not too happy. Heath doesn't listen to what the group
has to say and instead wants to fight. It turns out to be a one-on-one battle
between Alph and Heath.

Like last time, try to have experience so that you can level and get back your
HP and MP when you hit him. Hopefully you're on high level and have the attack
Magnum. It does a high amount of damage and is a very long range attack. The
battle is simple and is on a straight field.

Even after Alph wins the battle Heath still thinks that Witches are evil. Iris
and Kingston are back and Heath looks surprised. The soldiers surround the
group but Heath doesn't want to attack. Some ninja guy comes and saves your ass
and randomly saves you. The guy's name is Kai and now you have to run more. 
Head north to Terraced Springs of Lawston.

Chapter 16......................[CH16]

Alph runs off like a little baby and Lucia follows him. Lucia goes out on Alph
on how he's a baby because he's sad of what happen with Heath. Lucia Runs away
after that. Advance the Story after the onversation to move on.Andre is next. 
He has a famed sword...that he can't use. The group starts making fun of the 
Andre. Andre tells that Heath has been demoted to some next remote group. It's 
fight time now.

There are 5 Galaxies, 1 Cleric, 1 Magician and Andre. The Galaxies are 
surrounding you. They are easy since they are spread out and a person or two 
can take them out. The Magician has a some offensive spells and the Cleric has
healing spells 2 offensive magic attacks. Try to take of Andre from a distance
because he can hit heavy and has Flash Drives ready at hand.

Leon's dad nickname was the Lion and it turns that Andre killed, that's how he
got that sword. Andre runs off and Leon chases after him. Everyone starts
lecturing Alph. He then decides to after Lucia. Head west past the encounter
to Holy Statue at Parnus.

Chapter 17......................[CH17]

You see Lucia alone and then she will get ambushed by Iris. You meet up with 
Claire. She was worried that Alph and Lucia got separated. She also senses that
Lucia and the Thunder Lapistier are near each other somwhere in the forest.
They go after her. Advance the story to continue.

Alph and Lucia meet up and then they have some corny conversation. You get to 
see a picture of Alph and Lucia together. There'll be more corny talk and Alph
gets a costume change. Some more talking and then fight begins.

There are 4 Knights, 2 Clerics, 1 Magician and Iris. With the group, just go 
all out on the three enemies infront of them. Move Alph and Lucia back so they
don't get into combat with Iris. Once the three enemies are dead, the group 
should meet up. Now advance on Iris and the Other enemies. Try to send a decoy
to make Iris waste her FP. Then, gang up on her. The other lesser enemies are
nothing special so they should go down easy.

Some more corny talking. The two stones that Alph and Theo had (since when?) 
turns out to be the Light Lapistier. They decide to head back to the Witch
Village. Back at the Church Iris is repairing herself. Head towards the Witch
Village and then east to Lethe Forest.

Chapter 18......................[CH18]

You'll see Hugo and someone annoying angel girl in a forest. Priel breaks the
barrier and they go in. Back where the group is, Vanessa shows up (:D), and she
joins your group. Mother Lapis is in the deeper part of the forest so they 
decide to go in. When Priel destroys Mother Lapis Cecille starts feeling weird.
Some crazy stuff happens and Cecille turns hot, I mean into a witch (both
actually). Fight time!

There are 2 Knight, 2 Ranger, 2 Magicians, Hugo and Priel. Turn off the volume,
lest you want to hear Priel's voice. No real strategy for this battle. Let the
enemy come to you and then strike, they're too far anyways. Priel has some 
annoying attacks and both Hugo and her can heal. None of them can really do 
anything except for Priel's Flash Drive.

Priel and Hugo run away and Vanessa run after them. Cecille explains about her
being a Witch. They find the Dark Laspistier. So now they have to go to some
Ancient Ruins. So they set off for there. Head east, past the encounter and to
the Altar of Souls.

Chapter 19......................[CH19]

This place is a place where they offer human souls. The souls were offered to
Zehaal and he got all power crazy. Advance the story to continue. Iris comes
back and wants to kill you again. There's been a misunderstanding with Heath
dying and Iris wants to fight.

There are 3 Armors, 2 Rangers, 1 Wizard, 1 Deacon and Iris. Send one person to
each of the sides to take care of the Rangers. Send the rest of your people
straight to the Armors. Iris will probably come next and use a Flash Drive, it
hurts a lot. Gang up on Iris and that will leave the Wizard and the Deacon 
rather screwed. The Wizard's magic is pretty. The Deacon can cause more trouble
because she can hurt you and heal her allies.

After the battle, Iris gets screwed up and a big army is headin' your way. 
Heath is with them. Then Priel shows up. So, now everyone here is going to
be sacrificed. Soldiers start get sacrificed. Cecille saved the group and Iris
saved Heath. Iris' story is explained and it turns out Heath and Kai are long
time friends. Heath now joins your group. They group decides to go the Holy
Capital. Head East to San Blanc Shore.

Chapter 20......................[CH20]

The gate infront of the Capital is guarded and Vivi smells blood. Advance the
Story. You see Leon and Andre fighting. The group shows to help Leon. Some more
soldiers show up and it's fight time!

There are 5 Kungfus, 2 Bishops and Andre. Stay back and the enemies advance,
but make sure you move Leon back. Once they have all moved forward, go all out
on the Kungfus. Try to use multi area attacks to quickly lower thier numbers.
Once they're dead, advance on Andre and the Bishops. They don't have a lot of 
movement but they are strong. Andre is fully charged with FP and the Bishops
have annoying magic. Take out Andre before the Bishops heal him. Once Andre is
down the Bishops will fall easy.

Andre dies and Leon has avenged his father. Everything is explained to Leon.
Leon takes the Regulus Heart. The gate is now open and they head off to the
Capital. Head south to Holy Capital San Reise.

Chapter 21......................[CH21]

The group starts talking and then they decide to rest. Advance the Story. 
Vanessa is already at the gate fighting. The group offers to fight with Vanessa
and after an argument she agress. Soldiers appear and it's fight time.

There are 3 Templars, 2 Marksmen, 2 Wizards and 1 Bishop. No advanced people
so this fight is easy. They are close enough that long range attacks can reach
them. They are stupidly close to each other so just abuse multi-range attacks
to kill them. There's another fight coming up. A machine comes and you have to
fight it.

There are 4 Alch Eyes and 1 Alkemion. Just move forward and quickly take of the
Alch Eyes. They are weak and only have two thunder spells. The Alkemion causes
more trouble. It can't move but it has a wide range spell that can hurt. It's
really big so you can have a quite a few people surrounding it. Try to kill the
Alkemion before it has a chance to use it's Flash Drive. Nother' battle.
Johaness turns into a cacoon. Priel now fight you.

There are 2 Armors, 1 Mage, 1 Deacon and Priel. Just move forward and take care
of the 2 Armors, the Mage and the Deacon. They are nothing. Priel is easy too.
She has no FP so her annoying Flash Drives are useless. Other than a few light
spells and HP she has nothing special.

The cacoon is about to open and Zehaal is about to awaken. Kingston does some
stupid flash thing and runs away. Zehaal is heading towards Kursegrad so that's
the next destination. Head south past the encounter and to Round Table Council

Chapter 22......................[CH22]

You see Hugo and Kingston talking. Priel Destryos some machine. The group is
talking and the Water Lapisiter is near. Advance the Story. The group will talk
to Hugo and Kingston. Kingston puts the Water Lapistier in Hugo and he 

There are 3 Scorecers, 2 Snipers, 2 Bishops and Hugo. Send one person to take 
care of the Scorecer and the others up the stairs. You probably won't reach the 
enemy on the first movement. Just keep going forward and take care of the 5 
enemies infront of Hugo. Once they're dead, focus all your attention on Hugo.
He has full FP so he can do some annoying stuff. Once they're dead get that one
loner Scorcerer in the back.

Hugo gets all sad because he loses and then he runs away again. The group 
decides to head to the Ancient Battle Field. Head past the Encounter and to
Ancient Battlefield Kursegrad.

Chapter 23......................[CH23]

The group starts talking, nothing special. Advance the Story. Kingston realizes
the truth. Priel puts the Laspitier into Kingston (that's karma man) and now 
he transforms. It's fight time.

There are 3 Ice Golems, 2 HornKings, 2 Gargoyles and Kingston. Stay back for 
the first turn and let the enemy get closer. It doesn't matter if you get hit
by an Icecruch or two. When the enemies move up go farward and strike. Take 
care of the IceGolems first since they have annoying Magic. The Hornkings 
should come next. They are strong so watch out. Kingston and the Gargoyles will
come. Take care of Kingston as fast as you can. He is fully loaded with large
amounts of magic and full FP.

Kingston blows up or something. Zehaal wakes up. Something happens with Zehaal
and Priel wants to destroy the planet. Zehaal and Preil warp away to the 
planet's heart. They group decides to follow them. Head south to the Portal to
the World.

Chapter 24......................[CH24]

Cecille talks about some dangerous attack thatonly Lucia can use. Advance the
Story. You meet up with Priel. Priel is being annoying again and not letting
you through. You have to fight her...again.

There are 2 FireGlms, 2 Ice Golems, 2 Brutos, 1 Gulm and Priel. Divide you 
group into half and take care of the Golems. With 4 members per two golem, they
fall easy. Move towards the middle and take care of the monsters there. Priel
has a full FP guage so that's something big to watch for. Kill her as quickly 
as you can before she gets another attack on you.

Priel relizes that she is goig to get eaten. There some corny talking and
everyone will get a word in. The next chapter is the final chapter so get 
everything you need for the next two battles. Head northeast to Holy Land 

Chapter 25......................[CH25]

There will be some talking with the group about the final battle and stuff. You
see Zehaal talking to himself and then the group comes. Do whatever you want,
get items, train. This is the final battle so be prepared (not that hard though

There are 3 Abyss', 3 Vultures and Zehaal. Stay back and let the enemies come
closer. It'll take awhile for your fighters to get closer so stick to long 
range attacks. The Vultures are more dangerous than the Abyss' because they 
have more magic, but they are also weaker defense wise. Once they're dead move 
onto Zehaal. Send a sacrifice towards him to waste his FP because his Flash
Drive is likely to kill. Just gang up on him and he'll fall. It's not over yet
though. Zehaal transforms into some giant monster. Now you have to this bastard
(final battle)

First of all, it's absolutely nessacairy that you have a healer (Cecille, Mel)
because no matter what Zehaal will use a Flash Drive that will hit all of your
people. In the first turn bunch together so it will be easiar to heal. Once you
have you healing together send two people to each shiny circle at the sides. 
This will prevent Zehaal from warping. Send the rest of your group straight to
Zehaal. Make sure you bring your healers since he can do massive damage. As
soom as your in range hit with all your attacks and Flash Drives. I won't spoil
the end. 

Congratulations, you beat the game!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Part Three~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


In this section there will the character's name along with the description. 
The layout is shown below.


Name: Of character
Description: From game


Name: Alice
Description: One of the twin sisters apprenticed to Sage Payan, staudying 
magic. She's a bit mellowed that her sister Therese, but is very fond of her 
cheerful sister.

Name: Alph
Description: Raised in the Ever Garden. Alph has a strang sense of justice and 
wants to be a great knight. He cares greatly for his brother and friends, and
idolizes Heath.

Name: Alph (Rym)
Description: Alph's form, reborn as Lucia's Rym, the fated kinship betweeen a 
Witch and Dragon. He pledges to protect the planet and fight alongside Lucia.

Name: Andre
Description: General of Zephyroth Knights serving directly under Cardinal 
Kingston bodyguard. He is very proud of his "manly" muscles.

Name: Iris
Description: An artificial Witch created by taking a human and embedding a 
Lapistier in her heart. She has lost her past memeories and emotions, but has
great powers.

Name: Vanessa
Description: Called the Witch of Immolation, she is like fire; strong and
impulsive. She believes and matter can be resolved by power. Has pet monsters
names Gul and Gal.

Name: Vivi
Description: Vivi is known as the Sky Witch. Vivi is cheerful like a cloud, but 
can be lazy and mmody. She prefers to live as she pleases. She is freinds with
the forest animals.

Name: Kai
Description: Kai is a samurai in the Eurus Knights. He follows the way of the
sword. A man of few words, that can calmly seek the truth. Best freinds Heath
from his cadet days.

Name: Kingston
Description: Cardinal of Luminous Chirch. Assists the Grand Cardinal, the 
symbol of the people's faith, and wields the real power of the Church. Andre
is his assistant.

Name: Claire
Description: Claire is the Thunder Witch and is the leader of the 7 Witches. 
Always flunders over her decisions. She seeks to solve disputes peacefully, to
avoid damaging the planet.

Name: Saki
Description: A member of the Ever Garden. SAki is a ninja who specializes in
gethering intel. She's efficient and business-like, but more cheerful around 
her friend Cecille.

Name: Cecille
Description: A devout priestess who lives at the Ever Garden. She's a big 
sister to the others, and is a pretty easygoing person. In battle, she provides
support, because she's slow.

Name: Cecille (Twilight Witch)
Description: Cecille's true form, the Witch who weilds the power of the dark.
To prepare for the battle against god, she sealed off her memories and powers
when she the left the Forest.

Name: Zehaal
Description: The God revived by the Holy Eclipse. He takes the body of Johannes
as his vessel. Defeated long ago but the Witches, he is now nearing his 

Name: Theo
Description: Alph's brother and another member of the Ever Garden. A bit timid,
though he dearly loves his older brother, and follow him everywhere. Uses a
bow, and loves eggs.

Name: Therese
Description: Twin sister of Alice, also an apprentice under Payan. She's a bit 
more cheerful than Alice, and both of tham love sweets. Therese is the slightly
younger twin.

Name: Nikolai
Description: Left the Ever Garden to pursue his Witch research. Though he is 
intelligent, he if for more a Witch Otaku than he is a Witch scholar.
Constantly writes to Cecille.

Name: Heath
Description: An Arc Knight that serves the Luminous Church. He is in charge of 
training the Ever Garden Members. Heath is also known at the "Cleansing Flame".

Name: Priel
Description: An angel born as a severant of Zehalll. Her sole intention is
Zehaal's revival, though her nature is a bit eccentric. Her powers do not come
from the planet, but from Zehaal.

Name: Pollon
Description: An apprentice of the safe, Payan. He's studying in the ways if the 
sage in order to become Payan's successor. Treats combat like he's an action

Name: Mavi
Description: Mavi is the Nature Wittch, and believes that magic strength is 
tied to physical strength. Very upright and moral, she opposees Vanessa's
violent methods.

Name: Mel
Description: The toorent Witch has a heart like a flowing stream. She easily
accepts anything much like a river's current, however, she's very easily
affected by these things.

Name: Hugo
Description: Provost in the Luminous Ahurch, and Chief of the Round Table
Council. As such he governs over the re-writing of the Luminous Verses. Works
under Kingston.

Name: Johannes
Description: A 13 year old boy known as the vessel of God due to the
"Fingerprint of God" he bears. Names the Grand Cardinal after the death of the
previous Death Grand Cardianal.

Name: Lucia
Description: Lucia is the Dawn witch, the one who has a fated Kinship with 
Alph. She doesn't show her true feeeling, and instead masks her emotions by 
just speaking bluntly

Name: Lucia (Maid)
Description: A maid that comes to serve at the Ever Garden. She likes to order 
others around, but doesn't take orders well. Her cooking skills are good, but
she hates doing the dishes.

Name: Leon
Description: The Ever Garden's big brother. He's proud of his father, "The Lion
King", who dies in battle. A hit with the ladies and a stron ally. Calls
himself " GOd of Gourmet"

Name: Payan
Description: A sage that lives in the forest. He's well versed in the ancient
ways, and is a master of vitae. Also called "Papa". His Achilles' Heel is his
bad back.

Name: Wings of Doom
Description: The true form of the God Zehaal. He can warp the laws of nature 
and pulls his power from another dimension. Its sole goal is to consume 


Synergies are attacks in which two or more character combine to attack the 
enemy. They are unlocked by completing chapters in the late parts of the game.
In order to do a Synergy, you must have 3FP and and must be in range of your
partner(s). The layout of how they will be displayed is below.


Name: Of Synergy
Characters: Involved in Synergy
Obtained: What chapter the Synergy is obtained


Name: Shining Rain
Characters: Alph, Lucia
Obtained: Chapter 17

Name: Lily Rondo
Characters: Cecille, Saki
Obtained: Chapter 18

Name: Holy Knights
Characters: Heath, Kai 
Obtained: Chapter 19

Name: Rival Strike
Characters: Leon, Nikolai
Obtained: Chapter 20

Name: Rym's Impact
Characters: Alph, Theo
Obtained: Chapter 21

Name: Rainbow Array
Characters: Cecille (Twilight Witch), Lucia, Claire, Vanessa, Vivi, Mavi, Mel
Obtained: Chapter 22


Imbuing is when you add special attributes to items using Vitae. This can be 
done by appraisong the vitae from the Sage and then imbuing it from either 
Alice or Therese. They are located in the Witch Village. You can drastically
increase your power outtage with imbuing.

4.Party members.................[PTMB]

Along the game you will come across more people who will join your party. This
section shows information about all 15 (16 counting Twilight Cecille)

This is the layout


Weapon of Choice:
Flash Drives:


Name: Alph
Weapon of Choice: Swords
Skills: Rifle, Chasm, Shotgun, Magnum, Flechette, RymShld, RymCure, RymWall
Spells: N/A
Flash Drives: Rym shot, Rym Blast, Draco Buster
Move: 4
Jump: 3

Name: Theo
Weapon of Choice: Bows
Skills: Fouc, TrickShot, FirstAid, StunShot, Aiming, Pureshot, RpdBreak, 
Spells: N/A
Flash Drives: Draco Claw, Draco Crash, Draco Break
Move: 4
Jump: 3

Name: Leon
Weapon of Choice: Broad Swords
Skills: Charge, Breakthru, X-Slash, SkyFire, LionRoar, FinalRest, FPCharge,
Spells: N/A
Flash Drives: Edge Slash, Burning Leo, Burn Drive
Move: 4
Jump: 3

Name: Nikolai
Weapon of Choice: Crossbows 
Skills: EyeShot, Headshot, Bloodshot
Spells: Atk UP, Guard UP, Speed UP, Res UP, Mindwipe
Flash Drives: Y Shot, Snooze Arrow, Tranq Dart, 
Move: 3
Jump: 3

Name: Cecille
Weapon of Choice: Lances
Skills: N/A
Spells: HealAll, Restore, Cure, Dark, Abyss, Magic UP, Culling, Nightfall
Flash Drives: Horn Swing, Rolling Horn, Cyclone Jump
Move: 4
Jump: 3

Name: Saki
Weapon of Choice: Kunais
Skills: FireCard, VoltCard, SpdJutsu, ChiStrike, TechJutsu, Mugen, Raijin, 
Spells: N/A
Flash Drives: Tateenzan, Getouenzan, Cross Strike
Move: 5
Jump: 4

Name: Kai
Weapon of Choice: Katanas
Skills: Ittou, Senkogeki, Kagebana, Maizuru, Sanpoin, Suigeshin, Sempusen
Spells: N/A
Flash Drives: Senpujin, Reppurenzan, Rambuzan
Move: 4
Jump: 4

Name: Pollon
Weapon of Choice: Knives
Skills: Banzai!, OH YEAH!, Yatta!
Spells: Heatwave, Hail, Gale, Vinegrab, Heal
Flash Drives: Sword Dance, Shining Sword, Final Blade
Move: 4
Jump: 3

Name: Lucia
Weapon of Choice: Rods
Skills: N/A
Spells: Shine, Aid, Shut up!, Heal, LightWave, HealBomb, Revive, SunFlare
Flash Drives: Over Shine, Photon Burst, Sun Cross
Move: 4
Jump: 3

Name: Claire
Weapon of Choice: Books
Skills: N/A
Spells: Sturm, Atk DOWN, Mag DOWN, Drang, Res DOWN, Heal, MagBlock, VoltStorm
Flash Drives: Electroblast, JupiterLance, Arc Spark
Move: 3
Jump: 2

Name: Vanessa
Weapon of Choice: Scythes
Skills: N/A
Spells: Flame, Atk UP, GuardDWN, Heatwave, Secude, Res UP, AtkBlock, Hellfire
Flash Drives: Flare Blade, Queen Blade, Mega Pheonix
Move: 4
Jump: 4

Name: Vivi
Weapon of Choice: Lamps
Skills: N/A
Spells: WindSlash, Tech UP, Venom, Gale, Speed Up, Spd DOWN, RageWind, Tornado
Flash Drives: Duke Snipe, Lamp Bazooka, Rokit Loncha
Move: 5
Jump: 4

Name: Mavi
Weapon of Choice: Gloves
Skills: N/A
Spells: Thorns, Guard UP, TechDOWN, VineGrab, DreamGas, Paralyze, Mindwipe,
Flash Drives: Magnum Fist, Beatdown, Tiger Fang
Move: 4
Jump: 3

Name: Mel
Weapon of Choice: Pads
Skills: N/A
Spells: Aid, Aqua, Cure, Heal, Hail, Revive, Ice Crush, Salvation
Flash Drives: Rainfall, Icicle Drop, Cold Justice
Move: 3
Jump: 2

Name: Heath
Weapon of Choice: Spears
Skills: PwrThrust, PileBunker, Crusader, Protector, HolyPride
Spells: Sturm, Atk DOWN, Drang
Flash Drives: Pierce Rush, Bolt Impact, Kinght Honor
Move: 4
Jump: 3

5.Legal Stuff...................[Legl]

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