Question from Insanity244

Why won't Taro accept my gifts?

Every time i try to give Taro something he likes he just says, "No need to worry about me."
Why is this?

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doneill10 answered:

To be honest i am not too sure but if you talk to him for a few days he will eventually accept them for me its like 3 days
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CRMagic answered:

In this game, you have to be familiar with a person before you can give gifts. Talking to them everyday for 3-5 days will usually do it. Note that the counter resets if you try to give them a gift before they're ready, too.
Once you gain a few hearts, you can forget to talk to them more often and still give gifts.
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ArielAguayo answered:

They're right. You must talk to him about three days in a row, and then he'll accept gifts. I think Fugo said the oppisite: If you ignore them for three days, they won't accept gifts.
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