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How do I propose to Julia?

I have the Blue Feather, I have Julia up to 10 hearts, on Spring 6th 2nd year I tried proposing to Julia with the Blue Feather and she said she wasn't ready to settle down yet. What am I supposed to do? Do I have to have all bridges built and roads built? am I supposed to get the yellow wonderful and use it on my Hammer to smash the Boulder that probebly blocks my path to see the Harvest Goddes? Am I supposed to wait until there's a Church? I'm so confused and stuck, please~ help me what do I have to do?


mizu_neko answered:

The goddess is at the forest just at the west of town and wait a couple of day and the priest will show, and you need to see all heart event and you need to have the husbands bed. hope this helps
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