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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I get the seeds to plant mushrooms?

Harvest Moon Island of Happiness. I have mushrooms but don't know how to turn them into seeds.

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You have to have a seed maker. once you build the storage building (i have no idea what its called, i don't pay attention to it), You get the option to have Gannon build you loads of machinery.

But you can only get it with two requirements. You have that particular building, and you must have X amount of a certain ore you find in the mine (waaay deep down in the mine. They're hard to find)

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You have to get the Maker Shed first. After that buy a Seed maker and throw the designated mushroom in. (I don't know how you get the seed maker though since i haven't gotten that far in the game. I'm just asdsuming it's the same as Harvest Moon DS)

Hope this helps a little!

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