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Item Location Help Answers
What are limits to the stacking effects of each of the accessories? 0
Alexandrite? 2
Breadcrumbs for Nathan? 1
By how much does a time ring slow down time? 2
Friendship Pendants? 3
Help with the makers? 1
HELP!?!?!?!?......on fishing? 4
How do I get flour? 2
How do i give gifts? 6
How do i give someone something? 5
How do you get cheese? 4
How do you get friendship pendents? 1
Indigo wonderful? 4
Materials? 2
Puechase wonderful? 4
The wonderful won't change!! I'm cursed!!! Help? 1
What are some easy recipes? 4
What do trees look like when they're mature? 1
Where can I find brid feed? 3
Where can I find furniture? 1
Where can I find mythic stone? 1
Where can I find pineapple seeds? 1
Where can I find the blue feather? 2
Where can I find the seed info screen? 2
Where can I get large fish? 4
White grass help? 1
2 Questions? 1
Blue Feather? 6
Can I get a white horse?? 1
Can I upgrade house with stones? 1
Can you get another fishing rod? 1
Can you harvest buckwheat as soon as the flowers appear? 1
Charlie's accessories? 1
Chen's wonderful in winter? 1
Diner/Cafe failing to complete recipes? 1
Do Blue Goddess Earrings make the game ridiculously easy? 2
Equipping Wonderfuls - Some questions? 1
Equipping wonderfuls? 5
Fishing pole? 1
Goddess pond ? 1
Help with wonderfuls please? 1
How do I get animals? 8
How do I get rice?? 1
How do I get the fishing pole? 6
How do I make porridge? 1
How do I place an item/animal down? 1
How do I raise the size of my milk/eggs/wool? 5
How do you get Gannon to put the Thresher, Quality Improver, and the Flour Mill in his shop? 1
How does one unlock new recipes? 2
How does the watering can work? 1
How long does it take for rice to grow? (add on to the other rice topics) 4
How quick do the sheep regrow their wool? 1
How soon can i upgrade tools? 2
How to use friendship pendants? 1
I can't give gifts? 2
I need recipe to make rice cake. How do I make this? 1
If you purchase the greenhouse will Chen start selling all the season vegetable seeds? 1
Julia didn't use her wedding dress? 4
Milk Downgrading? 2
Mining festival and winning it? 2
Power Berries? 2
Seeds where are they available? 1
What are AR cheats? 1
What are the coins that can be found in the mine while digging with a hoe? 2
What are the functions of the Wonderfuls? 1
What do you use the broken up boulders for? 1
What floor is adamanite on? 6
What is a friendship pendant and how/where can i get one? 1
What is the beauty box for? 2
What is the easiest way to get to 255th floor? 3
What is the easiest way? 2
When you upgrade the supply shed does it let you use two kinds of matireiels in buildings? 4
Where can I catch King Fish? 1
Where can I find A yellow wonderful? 1
Where can I find Blue feather? 2
Where can I find gold lumber? 2
Where can I find matsutake? 6
Where can I find the angler fish? 1
Where can i find the child bed? 1
Where can I find the recipes in the mine? 1
Where can I find the watering can with more slot to put wonderful? 3
Where can I find the wonderful stones ? 2
Where can I find Tool Box? 1
Where can I find water for cooking? 2
Where can I get a kitchen? 4
Where can I get Child bed? 3
White grass? 1
Wonderful help?!!!!!!!!? 1
yellow Wonderful? 1

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
How often do I water my plants? 0
Best way to Earn Money for the Greenhouse? 4
Getting mushrooms out of logs??? 5
Harvest goddess at two hearts?? 1
Heart Events? 1
How do I get the seeds to plant mushrooms? 2
How do i start geting lannas heart events? 1
If I delay unlocking the Meadow for a year, does the spring crop festival still start with Turnip? 1
If you talk and give people presents will they give you something? 2
Questions about mines? 1
Vaughn and sabrina's orange heart event wont work? 1
What is the fastest way to earn money? 4
Which road leads to the mine? 3
Why won't julia accept my gift's? 2
Why won't julia's yellow heart event 3 wont work? 1
Can You Give Me The Codes That All You Know ? 1
Do you only water the 1 center tile for trees? 2
Getting money for Winter? 3
Green Hearts? 1
Greenhouse trouble? 2
How can i buy wonderfuls from charlie? 2
How can I get a horse? 4
how can I? (questions in here) 2
How do i befriend chen? 1
How do upgrade the Diner? 2
How long does it take for a tree to grow? 2
How On Earth Do You Grow Corn? 1
My Chicken shows a skull instead of a heart???? 3
Recipes??? 1
Relationships? 1
Requirements to Getting Married? 2
Sun and water points? 1
The best strategy? 2
Two questions? 1
What is the best ratio for trees:crops in my field/greenhouse? 1
What is the best strategy for gaining 10 Sub Villagers earliest in the game? 1
What is the best strategy for growing tomatoes (or anything) in the summer? 1
What is the easiest way to get the 3 crop sub characters on your farm? 3
What's the fast trick for upgrade island? 2
When does the game end? 1
Which pays more out of the makers? 1

Other Help Answers
Can dogs, cats, and horses be out in rain and snow without getting sick? 0
Unlocking the Church!?! 0
Action replay codes won't work? 1
After I build the bridge to the jungle whats the next thing I should do? 1
Are there any cheats what so ever? (That are not ship 100 things to unlock stwarrberrys) 1
Baby events? 1
Can anyone give me the AR codes? 2
Can I have...? 3
Can I name my character? 3
Can you deleter Your Game? 3
Charging tools? Thanks for answering! 1
Charlie's Shop? 1
Confusion with heart events? 1
Do soybean plants produce multiple times or only once?(create your own question) 2
Elliot and Julia's orange heart event? 1
Events? 3
Friendship pendant boost? Thx 1
Heart Events for Vaughn? 1
How can I get more from the soybean plant? 1
How can I get my apple trees to produce apples? 1
How can you marry someone else? 4
How come the Yellow Heart Event for Vaughn won't work? 2
How do i get lana to come to the island? 1
How do i get the large house upgrade? 1
How do I propose to Julia? 1
How do i unlock julias second heart event? 1
How do I upgrade Denny's house? 1
How do you get the Hotel (in E.Town) to upgrade? 1
How do you move around (walk)? 1
How do you open door inside church? 1
How do you remove seaweed on rock on beach? 1
How do you upgrade tool? 1
How does the Affection Point system work? 2
How to destroy the statue in front of jungle house ? 1
How to equip wonderful to my tools?? Help... 3
How to Use the Flour mill? 1
I am trying to marry the witch princess and she always says i will think about it maby a 100 years? 2
I can't access some of chelseas heart event? 2
I can't see shea's heart did i do doing something to cause that? 2
I don't get it, how do you send gifts? 1
I read that if you put mythic stone in cabnet then Gannon won't use it. True or not? 2
I was wondering when the other characters in the harvest moon get married? am i invited to the wedding? 1
Is there any way to prevent typhoon/blizzard? 3
Lanna? 3
Marriage Problems? 2
Need Help With The Item Hex (Action Replay) Not Working? 2
Pierre? What's the deal? 4
Putting in codes???? 4
Rival Heart Events? 1
Unlocking bridges? 2
Vaughn Won't Marry me? 1
What are all the areas on the island? 1
What are the tickets for? 1
What happened on Fall 30? 1
What happens if you lose a chicken? 4
What is a action replay? 3
what is Diner? 1
What is need to get married? 1
What is the maximum amount of lumber that can be stored in the upgraded supply shed? 1
What is the ratio of friendship levels and the hearts? 4
What items are good to fish at in theSpring, Summer, Fall, Winter? 2
What Level in the mine do you find Orichalc? 4
What Makes Elliots Hearts Go Up? 1
What's with the orange heart events? 1
Whats the fastest way to $? 8
Whats the fastest way to make money? 2
When do the heart events start? 1
When do you get your first animal? 4
When is Wun in the INN? 1
When it's the time that your child can help me? 2
When will i buy a sheep from mirabelle? 1
Where can i find soybean seeds? 1
Where can i get a .cht file? 2
Why can't I equip any wonderfuls? 2
Why Chen not taking my gifts????? 3
Why did Vaugh refuse marrige? 7
why won't Wada and Nathan accept my gifts? 1
Why wont my rival events trigger? 1
Why wont the church people come back? 1
(create your own question)I need to talk to Julia in the forest when its not rainning i dont get to answer a quetion? 3
(create your own question)Why Can't I buy wonderfuls from Chen during winter? 3
(in your opinion) Lanna or Chelsea? 7
*spoiler* Can I marry _____ and ______? 1
2 Questions in one Question? 1
2 Questions, help? 1
All Characters? 2
Animal Crossing and this game? 3
Animals life span? 1
AR Affection Codes Plz? 2
AR Codes... Any Help? 1
Are there any Action Replay codes for raising friendship with animals and villagers? 1
Are there any cheats at all to this game for max money or lots of money? 4
Are you suppose to marry during the first year? 2
Bridge? 1
Brushing the Horse - how many times a day? 1
Can I upgrade Chen's store? 4
Can you choose the gender of your child? 1
Denny won't accept my proposal!! Help? 17
Do animals lose affection if left out overnight? 1
Do the characters say different things with different heart levels? 4
Does this game have wifi? 1
Dog event wont work? 1
Elliot wont accept the blue feather!? 4
Giving Items to Neighbors? (!) 1
Heart colors? 1
Help with the fullness bar? 1
Help?? 2
How can I get past julias heart event 4? 1
How can I increase my stamina? 1
How can I increase the heart number of Elliot, Vaugh,etc.? 4
How can I make friends? 1
How do I destroy the Big Boulder in the upper left hand corner of Ranch? 1
How do I enter the codes? 1
How do i get a sheep? 4
How do I get Chelsea? 1
How do I get Lanna to like me? 2
How do I get married? 1
How do I get past the totem in Shea/Wada's hut? 1
How do I get Sabrina and Vaughn to have a baby? 1
How do I get Shea to like me? 3
How do I get the Diner/Cafe? 1
How do I marrie Shea? 2
How do I plant mushrooms? 2
How do I Prevent Elliot from marrying Julia? 1
How Do I Raise Chickens? 1
How do I unlock sheep? 2
How do u make someone give u birthday stuff if ur married? 3
How do you build fences? 2
How do you get a horse? 1
How do you get the dog? 4
How do you get the fishing pole? 1
How do you keep your stamina up in the mine? 3
How do you open up the mine? 1
How do you plant rice? 1
How do you unlock porridge recipe? 1
How do you unlock the Church? 1
How long is the game? 1
How many peaches can I get in total from a peach tree? 1
How many Wonderfuls are there? 1
How many years can you keep on playing for? 2
How much does your child grow? 1
How my chickens keep escaping? 1
If Mark moves away, how do you get him to move back? 1
If your a girl in the game and you get married and have a baby can you still farm or does the game end? 2
Information on Cooking? 1
Is there a easy way to watering a field full of grass? 1
Is this a bug? 3
Lanna won't marry? 1
Lithograph? 1
Manfred's Free Items? 4
Marriage help please? 1
Marriage? 1
Mining and the Farm Degree? 1
My chicken is angry??? 1
Rice? 1
Shea and Wada Problem...? 9
Sparkling spot on ground near bridge to meadow? 1
Tree stumps? -please help!!!!!!!! 1
Unlocking an Area? 1
Unlocking Diner/Cafe? 2
Unlocking the harvest goddess? 3
Upgrading tool? 1
Waddoido?!(what do i do?!) 3
Weather change? 1
What about the King Fish? 1
What are farm points? 1
What are sub-villagers????? 1
what are the heart events for Vaughn?? 2
What can I give to Elliot? 3
What do chelsea like. ? 2
What does the lilograph do? 1
What does the Lithograph item do? 1
What does Vaughn like? 8
What is ''Ful''? 1
What is a good way to go mining? 1
What is an AR? 1
What is good for keeping your stamina up when you are in the mine? 4
What is the best recipe? 1
What Is The Boat At The Dock For? 7
What is the code for relationships? 1
What time should I go to bed? 8
What's the level thing for? 1
Whats a quick and fast way to make A LOT of money? 6
When can i unlock the bridge to the mine? 1
When does this game come out in Australia? 1
Where are the ores and gems??? 1
Where can I get wonderfuls and what is exactly a farm degree? 1
Which people can help me at the farm? 1
Who Is Better? Vaughn Or Shea? 2
Why do I have lost at the cooking contest? 1
Why do I keep running out of time? 3
Why doesnt Denny live with you when you marry him? 3
Why won't Taro accept my gifts? 3
Why won't the Orange events work?!? 1
Will I be able to see Vaughn's heart events? 1
Wonderfuls? 1
You `Need` too witness it? 4

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