Question from ganilar

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I beat sleeping pig noise using DS emulator??

hi guys, thanks 4 reading this..

i'm playin t.w.ends.w/ u using DS emulator on my laptop..
now i get stuck where i need to kill sleeping pig noise on joshua day 7..
they said, "just close the DS and reopen it" --IF-- they used an actual DS.. but how'd i close my DS if i'm using an emulator?

thanks 4 ur help!

Accepted Answer

From: Sensenkop 5 years ago

If you use the No$GBA Emulator, just minimize the window. When you maximize it again, it causes the same effect as closing and opening the DS. Don't know if other emulators support this.

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fantastic..IT WORKED!

thanks a million man..

btw, we couldn't use "shout" and "blow" pins on emulator, could we?

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