Question from Drataia

Asked: 6 years ago

How do the "By itself this pin exhibits no power" pins activate?

Yeah. I have the Big bang and Brainy Cat pins and I can't get 'em to work.

Accepted Answer

From: Mechafanboy 6 years ago

Eden Set - Neku in invincible when holding the puck, puck damage multiplier is x5 from the start
-consists of One Jump From Eden,One Skip From Eden,One Hop From Eden,One Step From Eden, Eden's Door

Cat Set - Equip all three and you get a 40% reboot bonus and pins which start greyed out will start out booted.
-consists of Righty Cat,Brainy Cat,Lefty Cat

4 Elements Set - The pins will float around the screen, touch it and a pulse will damage anything in the path. You can press start to pause and relocate the pins.
-consists of Swift as the Wind,Hushed as the Wood,Fierce as the Flame,Stalwart as the Mount

Black Set - All pins work individually, efficiency * 3 when all 6 equipped at the same time
-consists of Black Mars,Black Jupiter,Black Uranus,Black Venus,Black Saturn,Black Mercury

Big Set - Big Bang and Big Crunch are both needed to a nexus ray psych
-consists of Bing Bang and Big Crunch

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You need the other pins in the set.

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Big Bang requires Big Crunch to be equipped as well to be able to use their ability.

Brainy Cat needs Lefty Cat and Righty Cat to be usable.

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If you do not have all the pins in a certain set in your deck at the same time then you will not be able to activate the pins.

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