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Where can I find rare metal?

What week and days are good to get some? i need some to get the ultimate difficulty. and where do i buy the bigger-than-four chain at?


Frozeneye23 answered:

I think the best way is to battle Alterna Wolf (the yellow) on week 2 day 5, they give you Rare Metal on Hard Mode.

You buy it at Shibu-Q Heads for 1x Scarletite; 3x Rare Metal and 1x Tektite.
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soniccloud answered:

(3.e) Rare Metal
Noise:Brassbanfrog (No. 4)
Story:Another Day
Location:Station Underpass (Area Right Before Shibuya River)
Difficulty: Easy
Default Drop:30%

Analysis:They consistently show up in the Small Red Noise. Always comes up in groups of 4 and
has a rather high drop rate. Should be able to consistently farm 4 rare metals per battle.
On a side note, you'll sometimes run into Funkfrogs (No. 3) but the chances are pretty rare.

Hmm my info might be outdated, but you always seems to get 4 from this battle. Plus the frogs are easy to take down.

(2.b) Chain 16 (Recommended)
Location:Real Life Solutions (Shibu-Q Heads 2F)
Requirements:Scarletite x1, Rare Metal x3, Tekite x1

If you need any other drop information you can look here:

Once again it might be outdated, and if so I apologize. Hopefully that helps
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Ignis3142 answered:

noise Big bang frog
# noise 2
diffuculty hard
percent 6.00% at level 1
I would recommend chaining and go for the small noise. This should be the fastest way because they are easy to beat and find
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13450_00 answered:

All you need is "Hard" difficulty level. Then, take a look at your noise report and see what ind of noises dropped a Rare Metal on Hard level
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