Megaman Starforce: Dragon
Jobs Faq by Dr. Burger

Table of Contents:
1.1 Version History
1.2 Foreword
1.3 Introduction
1.4 Helpful Navis
2.1 Echo Ridge
2.3 Echo Ridge Elementary
2.4 Time Square
2.5 Dream Island
2.6 Other Missions
3. Credits
4. Contact Info
5. Legal Stuffs

1.1: Version History
Version 1.0, 8/16/07: Finalized faq for initial release.

Version 1.25 8/18/07: Fixed some small errors, added a lot more info 
courtesy of a half dozen people. Thank you all.

Version 1.50 8/21/07: Added more info, along with details in the Other 
Missions section. Also gave permission for neoseeker to use the FAQ.

Version 1.75 8/26/07: Fixed more errors, and added more to the Other 
Missions section.

Version 2.0, 9/10/07: Added more stuff, fixed more errors.

Version 2.25. 12/15/07: Minor errors needed correcting. I waited this 
long to update just because It’ll be 2008 by the time I submit it. 
Don’t think I’ve been ignoring your mails. Also, for all of those who 
recommended my FAQ, thank you.

Version 2.5 9/28/08: It’s been a long time since it was updated. Not 
much to update other than a couple of minor things. For now, I’ll still 
respond to emails about things I missed, but I’ll stop completely after 
a while. The lack of recent emails means there isn’t anything 
significant I missed, and that’s a good sign.

1.2: Foreword:
While I am the author of this faq, I can’t take all the credit. I have 
to give a large thanks to Rethalwolf, because without his information, 
this faq would be even crappier than it is. So thanks man.

I did majority of the jobs AFTER beating the game, so if there might be 
differences in where a client is located, or whether the job is 
available, this might have something to do with it. Also, this was 
written from information from the Dragon version of the game. I’m sure 
there aren’t any differences in missions or locations, I just wanted 
you to know that.

1.3: Introduction:

Hello, my name’s dr. burger. You can just call me burger though. This 
is my first faq, so please go easy on me. I’ve loved the Battle Network 
series for a long time, and after playing this game, I think I’m going 
to love this just as much.

The purpose behind this faq is to help you on the various side missions 
throughout the game.

How do you do one? Well in the Wave world, you find a person below you 
and tap them on the touch screen. This brings you into their transer. 
Inside their transer you see their name, their 6 favorite battle cards, 
and a button that says “Message”. Tap that to read whatever they have 
to say. If they’re having troubles, then that means they probably have 
a job for you to do. Mega will ask you if you want to help them, and 
you can say yes or no. Keep in mind that if you accept, you can only 
handle one mission at a time, meaning you have to beat the mission to 
take another. What I recommend is saving before taking it, just incase 
for some reason you can’t accomplish the mission right now. I will 
never do that because I’m lazy. Your call.

Okay, so here’s how you read my faq:

Mission: (This is the corny name I gave the mission, because the game 
doesn’t give them one)
Person: (The client whose transer you need to peek at to do the 
Reward: (What you will receive)
Overview: (Details on how to do the mission, and sometimes, my thoughts 
in general)

The jobs are separated according to where the person in question is 
during the game.

1.4: Helpful Navis

These navi cards can be selected when you’re traveling as Geo or 
Megaman. You just need to press SELECT to toggle through them. These 
guys are vital to complete a lot of missions here, as well as get you 
through the game. If you don’t have a navi card because you aren’t far 
enough in the story, don’t accept a mission that requires them.

-PropellarMan: If you need help on anything related to flying, 
hovering, or the ever-popular RC’s, you probably will need 
PropellarMan. You control him by touching the direction arrows on the 
bottom screen. It’s not at all hard.

-PitcherMan: If you need help on anything related to baseball, or you 
need to knock someone out, this is your navi. Simply touch the button 
that appears on the bottom screen to throw a powerful pitch.

-KeyMan: This guy has my vote for the most disturbing navi in this 
game. Anyway, you will need to use him in situations concerning doors 
and locks. You will need to enter a password to open said doors using 
the touch screen, but he gives you a hint. Seriously, You don’t have to 
say “Open Sesame” over and over. I freaking get it!

-ThermoMan: If the situation calls for help with temperature, or 
blowing air, this is your friend. Just touch the correct button on the 
bottom screen.

-ShovelMan: If you need assistance with moving objects, or just general 
cleaning, you’ll need ShovelMan. When operating a machine as him, you 
touch the lever on the touch screen and slide it to go forward or 

2.1: Echo Ridge

Mission: RC Derby
Person: The Man outside of the Card Shop
Reward: RC Mag (Cipher code)
Overview: You should still have this guy’s RC, and he wants you to show 
him your skills. Find the three soccerballs hidden in Echo Ridge in 
high places. 2 of them are in trees, and the lst is on the antenna of a 
building. Knock all three down and it’s done.

(Partial credit to supervegeto123 and ali1mg)

Mission: Find The Ghost!
Person: Little Kid near the school entrance
Reward: SynchEye
Overview: This kid thinks he saw a ghost near the vending machines. 
Talk to him and head over there. You see... nothing. Put on your 
visualizer and you’ll see a program behind the card shop. Talk to it, 
then return to the kid. You convince him he’ll never see it again and 
he’ll reward you.

(Thanks to Tim Ramos for the Reward)

Mission: Young Love (1)
Person: Young Lady in Echo ridge
Reward: D Energy
Overview: This girl’s crushing on the RC fanatic. She doesn’t know how 
old he is though. Now, obviously he won’t come out and say his age, so 
you’ll need to sneak into his transer and read the message. Once you 
do, pulse out and return to her.

(Thanks to Tim Ramos for the Reward)

Mission: I Need That Card! (1)
Person: Kid in Echo Ridge, (Not the shorter one)
Reward: Attack+10 card
Overview: Talk to the boy and he’ll tell you he needs a Powerbomb 1 
Card. You should have one, as they aren’t hard to find. You can also 
buy them from the vendor in Echo Ridge Wave Road. Give him the chip and 
he’ll give you 500 zenny.

(Thanks to AznAks for the correction)

Mission: Geo Stelar… Repairman?
Person: Geo’s mom, in the kitchen.
Reward: Protective Charm (Cipher code)
Overview: Talk to his mom and she’ll tell you that the refrigerator is 
busted. Pulse into it and take care of the mettaur causing problems. 
She gives you a Cipher code in the form of a pendant.

Mission: I Need That Card! (2) 
Person: Kid inside card shop 
Reward: GrndWave2 card 
Overview: This kid needs a card... this seems kinda familiar. Anyway, 
he needs a Powersong card, which you should have assuming you've been 
doing missions. He'll give you a groundwave2 in return. If you don’t 
have a Powersong card, you can find one in the Piano Comp at the 

(Thanks to Elderfong for that tip)

Mission: The Big Wave
Person: The owner of the card shop
Reward: Hp+10
Overview: The owner of the card shop needs a WideWave3 card. This can 
easily be found in The Space Comp1 at the end of the game. Return to 
earth and get your Hp+10.

Note: While you can find the card in a mystery data, you can also 
easily find it by battling the virus with the C. Finder weapon 
equipped. (Thanks to Sora_Kurosaki for the tip)

Mission: Lost And Found (1)
Person: Old Man in Echo Ridge
Reward: Heatball2 Card
Overview: (Of all the emails I’ve received concerning this faq, at 
least 80% of them were about this one. Yes, I made an error.) This old 
man lost money he was going to give to his grandson. Talk to him and 
then go to Vista Point and check the telescope. You’ll find 500 zenny. 
Go back to the man and give him his money back.
(Credit to AznAks and MageofBlood391)


Mission: The Old Woman and The Brother Band
Person: Old Lady Outside of Amaken.
Reward: Whistle Card
Overview: This old lady doesn’t quite understand all this new 
technology. Being an upstanding citizen, Geo will help answer her 
questions. These are the questions and (answers)
1. These cards you use… What’s that whole system called again? (Card 
2. That special connection… What do they call that? (Brotherband)
3. When two people want to join… What’s the thing they tell each other? 

(Thanks to Elderfong for the questions and reward)

Mission: Talent Scouts
Person: Sonia’s former manager, outside of Amaken
Reward: 7000 zenny
Overview: This loser needs another talented young girl… or else he’s 
broke. (What a shame T_T) Anyway, all you need to do is go to Time 
Square and talk to the young woman near the Wavehole. Then return to 
the manager and speak to him. You get 7000 zennys for your little 

(Credit to FullMetalMega) Although I would like to point out that this 
guy wants a YOUNG GIRL. I thought pedophiles weren’t allowed in Megaman 

Mission: Space Homework
Person: Little Girl inside the AMAKEN Museum part.
Reward: SciNotes (Cipher code)
Overview: This girl needs help with her homework. Show her what you 
know! Here are the questions and (answers):
1. What is the thing that sucks everything into it? (A black hole) 
2. How many Satellites are orbiting the planet? (3) 
3. I know 2 of them are called Dragon and Pegasus, but what is the 
third one called? (Leo)

(Partial credit to Raveguardian)

Mission: Tickets Anyone?
Person: The Receptionist inside the Amaken Foyer.
Reward: Invitation (Cipher Code)
Overview: Talk to the receptionist, and she tells you that the ticket 
machine isn’t working. Pulse in to find the program running it. He’s 
tired… and needs a small recovery subchip. READ THIS: You can find a 
small energy in the Sign Comp, the one near the entrance to Vista 
Point. It costs 200 zenny. Give him a subchip and the ticket machine 
works again. Talk to the lady and get the reward.

Mission: The Flappack V2
Person: Mr. Dubious in the museum part of AMAKEN
Reward: Blueprints (Cipher code)
Overview: Tom wants to upgrade his invention to make it hover. All you 
need to so is talk to him again with Propellarman out. He’ll give you a 
cipher code.

(Credit to abbadon41_80)

Mission: Soda Jerk
Person: Man on the second floor of the AMAKEN foyer
Reward: D Energy
Overview: This guy wants something else to drink. Who could possibly 
get tired of coffee all the time ? >_>
Anyway, speak to him, then head to Echo Ridge and go to the vending 
machine next to the card shop. Buy him a sour soda and return to 
complete the mission.

(Partial credit to Elderfong)

Mission: Chain of Memories
Person: Pat (in Boreal’s lab)
Reward: Hp+10
Overview: Pat has recurring dreams about his past… Poor kid. Anyway, 
talk to him and he’ll mention the sorterbot that found him 10 years 
ago. Head to the dump and talk to the man in front of the truck. He’ll 
tell you that the robot was sold to a department store. Go to Time 
Square. Look on the roof where the mini-playground is. You’ll see a 
sorterbot. Check the bot and return to Pat. He’ll give you an Hp+10.

Mission: Some Things Never Change 
Person: Little girl outside AMAKEN 
Reward: 1000 zenny 
Overview: Talk to the girl to find out her email isnt working. Pulse in 
and talk to the program near the warp. Afterwards, return to the girl 
for a few zenny. Easy enough. 
Mission: Fix The Antenna! 
Person: Man outside AMAKEN 
Reward: Unlocker 
Overview: This guy could get fired if he doesn't repair the antenna on 
the roof of the building... That's bad FYI ._. 
Talk to him, then pulse in and make your way to the antenna comp. Find 
the Mettaur and take out the virus. Then go back and talk to him. 
Mission: Down to Earth 
Person: Man inside AMAKEN museum section 
Reward: Heatball3 card 
Overview: The black hole generator is on the fritz again and you need 
to fix it. Talk to the engineer and pulse into the black hole machine. 
Check the control panel in there and delete the virus. Then go back to 
the engineer. 
Mission: Prying Eyes 
Person: Lady inside AMAKEN space sim 
Reward: GNullstage card 
Overview: This lady feels that someone is watching her... Talk to her 
and then pulse in. Make your way to the program that's looking at her. 
Talk to it and it'll stop. Return to her for a small prize... 
(A program thinks this girl is gorgeous... Kinda creepy IMO) 
Mission: Who's the Mann? 
Person: Man in the souvenir stand at AMAKEN 
Reward: Cloaker 
Overview: This guy has a crush on the lady across the hall from him. 
Talk to him, and then pulse in and look into her transer. Read the 
message and return to he guy for a subchip. 
Mission: Good Sir Knight  
Person: The man in the back of the museum in AMAKEN 
Reward: Unlocker 
Overview: (This mission is only available only after you cleared the 
mission I named "Who's the Mann?") Edgar Knight, the man with the 
coolest name ever has a crush on the same girl as the souvenir guy. 
Edgar wants to give her a present, and needs a Recover30 card to give 
to her. You should have one…

(Credit to ZeroX25 for the confirmation)

2.3: Echo Ridge Elementary School

Mission: Lullaby Boy
Person: Kid in 5-A
Reward: Powersong Card
Overview: A lot of people were having trouble with this one. It’s 
simple, to find the cause of the lullaby waves, pulse in the same room 
to find a program relatively above where the kid is. Talk to it and 
you’ll notice that it’s singing… He’ll stop once he knows it’s 
affecting others, and you can pulse out, talk to the kid and get your 
generous reward…

(Credit to SonicJosh for the correction)

Mission: Broken Promise
Person: Geo’s Teacher (In the Studio)
Reward: Hp+10
Overview: Mr. Shepar made a promise to get some action figures for his 
kids after school. Unfortunately, he has to work later… Have Geo talk 
to him and he’ll give you 500 zenny to but the figure with. Go to the 
rooftop of time square and there’s a man next to the Moai statue. Talk 
to him to buy the figurine. Return to Mr. Shepar and give him the 
figurine and you’re done. But now you have 10 more HP.

Mission: Quiz Time!
Person: Kid inside class 1-A
Reward: Quizbook (Cipher Code)
Overview: These are the questions and (answers):
1. Which shoes should u wear in the rain? (Golashes) 
2. What is the attack of PlasmaGun1? (30) 
3. Where are we right now? (1-A) 
4. The Small-Energy Sub card recovers how many “HP”? (50) 
5. What does a snake do? (Hiss)

(Credit to Goku_Tenkaichi)

Mission: He’s on Fire!
Person: Kid in the gym
Reward: Pluscannon Card
Overview: This kid needs help with pitching. Obviously talk to him with 
Pitcherman out. When you’re done, he gives you a Pluscannon.

Mission: Delivery!
Person: The old lady in the school cafeteria
Reward: 2500 zenny
Overview: She needs help making a delivery. She’ll give you a “Ham 
Sandwich” that you need to deliver to her customer in Echo Ridge. Find 
the old man in town, and give him the sandwich. Return to her for some 

Mission: Doesn’t This Seem Familiar…
Person: The girl standing in the entrance of the school.
Reward: Invisible Card
Overview: This girl’s been having trouble with a truant student, (No 
it’s not Geo) and wants you to find him. He’s in the gym on the 
platform with the stage lights, meaning you have to pulse in to get up 
there. Talk to him and go back to the girl. You tell her he said to bug 
off, and that she’ll never find a husband. She turns red, and gives you 
the Invisible card. (At least this kid doesn’t have to change into 
megaman and save her on a regular basis)

Mission: Show Your Spirit!
Person: The principle of the school
Reward: Icemeteor1 Card
Overview: He needs to come up with a school song, so go talk to him and 
tell him these words in order: White, Cheery, Kind, Elementary. He 
gives you an Icemeteor for your trouble.

Mission: Is it Just Me?
Person: Teacher in class 1-A
Reward: Icemeteor2 card
Overview: She’s experiencing trouble with the temperature control. Talk 
to her with ThermoMan out and heat up the room. She gives you an Ice 
Meteor 2 card.

Mission: This Little Light of Mine.
Person: The boy in the First floor hallway.
Reward: Handbook (Cipher code)
Overview: He needs help changing the light in the gym. Go to the gym 
and pulse until you get to the balcony. Once you do, check the lights 
farthest from the wave hole, and mega tells you you need to check out 
the light comp. Make your way through the wave world and you’ll find a 
mettaur in the comp. Take care of it and return to the boy for a cipher 

Mission: Forgot Something?
Person: Girl in Class 1-B
Reward: Eraser (Cipher code)
Overview: Talk to the girl to discover that she can’t open her locker. 
You need to find the combination first , so go to the girl’s bathroom 
door and check it to get a note. The combination is 130. Now talk to 
her again, and she’ll ask to use a keycard. Keyman automatically comes 
up and you need to enter her combination. All finished! She gives you a 
cipher code.

(Credit to Goku_Tenkaichi)

Mission: One and Only
Person: Kid in the second floor hallway
Reward: RC Scrapbook (Cipher code)
Overview: This kid wants to find someone who loves RC’s as much as he 
does. Geo doesn’t qualify unfortunately. Talk to him with PropellarMan 
out to get a cipher code.

Mission: Teach the Teacher
Person: The teacher in the second floor hallway
Reward: Tripsong Card
Overview: He wants to be cool like Mr. Shepar, but can you blame him? 
Talk to this guy, then go look into Mr. Shepar’s transer and read the 
message. Go back to the other teacher and talk to him to get a Tripsong 

Mission: A Little Interference
Person: Kid inside the studio
Reward: Plasmagun2 Card
Overview: There’s interference with the school’s broadcasting system. 
Talk to the boy then pulse in and make your way to the studio wave 
road. near the blue navi you will see an EM ball, the cause of this 
interference. At least its ONE of the causes. When you delete the ball, 
mega says there’s another one around. There are two others, one at the 
farthest northern point of the wave road, and one near the wave hole 
closest to the kid. Once you’re done, talk to the kid again to get a 
plasmagun 2 card.

Mission: Mrs. Clean
Person: Girl in room 5-B
Reward: GreenBurst Card
Overview: This girl needs help cleaning. Speak to her with ShovelMan 
and she’ll fork over a greenburst card.

2.4: Time Square

Mission: Clueless Grampa
Person: Old Man on Roof of Time Square
Reward: Cloaker
Overview: This old man needs to know what to get his grandson for his 
birthday. Simply look I the boy’s transer it’ll tell you he wants a 
baseball glove. Return to the old man and talk to him. Wasn’t that 

(Partial credit to Elderfong and Jshell)

Mission: The Importance of Family (1)
Person: Luna’s Father
Reward: Hp +10
Overview: Talk to Luna’s father, who will tell you he wants to spend 
more time with his daughter. In order to do so, he needs to finish his 
work. He needs 5 Mowi 1 cards. They aren’t hard to find if you use the 
Chip Finder Buster. Just head to Mowi infested areas and start busting. 
Once you give him the chips, he’ll give you an Hp+10. Yay!

Mission: The Importance of Family (2)
Person: Luna’s Mother.
Reward: Member Card (Cipher code)
Overview: Mrs. Platz wants to be a better mom to Luna, so she wants to 
be ale to cook for her. After talking to her, you need to find Geo’s 
mom in the kitchen of his house and talk to her. She gives you the 
Recipe Key Item and you take that to Mrs. Platz. She rewards you with 
the MembCard Key Item, which has a Cipher Password.

(Credit to Goku_Tenkaichi)

Mission: Little Slugger
Person: Little Kid on top of the Roof in Time Square
Reward: FireBzook2 Card
Overview: This kid wants to be a basebase star, and in order to get 
there he needs to beat this arcade game on the roof of Time Square. 
Talk to him, then go to the arcade game. Try it normally and you will 
never beat it. Try it with Pitcherman out, and it’s an insta-win. You 
get an item from the machine and you give it to the kid. Mission 

(Partial credit to Elderfong)

Mission: Can You Hear Me Now?
Person: Man Standing near the entrance to the Department Store.
Reward: 3500 Zenny
Overview: This guy has bad reception, and he can’t talk to his clients. 
There must be some interference… Anyway, Wavechange  in that same area 
and near the portal, you’ll find some Jammers. Coincidence? nope. Talk 
to them to start a 3 round battle and once that’s done, talk to the man 
again, and he’ll give you 3500 zenny.

Mission: The Copper and The Jammers
Person: Copper, right outside of Nacy’s,
Reward: Hp+20
Overview: Copper detects a lot of Z-waves in the area. You need to 
pulse in to the Cake Shop Comp, the Mowai Comp and the Enormatron Comp. 
You have to destroy the Jammers in each one of those comps and return 
to Copper.

(Partial credit to Elderfong)

Mission: Hide and Seek
Person: Professor Snake, inside the snake exhibit
Reward: SnakeOrn (Cipher code)
Overview: Talk to Professor Snake in the snake room. He wants you to 
find his three precious snakes. There is one on every level. The first 
and closest is by Mr. Platz on the roof. The second is a bit of a 
farther walk and is inside, by the enormous window near the entrance. 
And the third is outside by the businessman near the entrance to the 
store. For all of this, you get a SnakeOrn, which has some Cipher Mail 
on it.

(Thanks to FullMetalMega on this one, and credit to Wolfman_753159 for 
the correction)

Mission: The Little Old Lady
Person: Old Lady inside Nacy’s
Reward: 2000 zenny
Overview: This poor old lay is lost. Go up to the information desk and 
press “A” on the desk’s northwestern corner to pick up a floor map. 
Take that to the old lady to collect your prize.

(Thanks to FullMetalMega for this as well)

Mission: Remodel Your Door!
Person: The young lady inside Nacy’s
Reward: Recover120 card
Overview: She needs help remodeling the door to the store. Read 
Carefully: Talk to her again with KEYMAN out. She gives you a 
Recover120 card.

Mission: The Haunted… Mirror?
Person: Clerk inside Nacy’s
Reward: Department Flyer (Cipher code)
Overview: This guy has been getting complaints that a blue ghost 
appears inside the mirror in the store. Talk to him, then go into the 
wave world. Do not pulse into the mirror comp, but talk to the program 
above the mirror. He snaps out of his vanity and says he’ll stop 
appearing. Talk to the clerk again to get a cipher code.

Mission: Young Love (2)
Person: Man near Mowai statue in Time Square
Reward: Love Book (Cipher code)
Overview: This guy is getting the cold shoulder from his girlfriend. 
You need to talk to him, then go into the wave world. Find the girl 
near the cake shop and look into her transer. Hit message to find out 
that she’s secretly taking cooking classes for him. (Aww…) Return to 
him for a cipher code.

Mission: Lost and Found(2)
Person: Young Lady outside the cake shop. (AKA Indy Darke’s Girlfriend)
Reward: Synch Energy
Overview: She lost her ring that her boyfriend gave her. She mentions 
that she once had to take it off when she went bowling. Examine the 
door to the bowling alley and you’ll find the ring. Take it to her and 
you get a useful subchip.

Mission: Quiz Girl
Person: Little girl outside Nacy’s (Available only after beating the 
first quiz)
Reward: Hp+10
Overview: Here are the questions and (answers):
1. The attack power of a cannon and a heatball1 is? (100) 
2. Amaken has which of the following? (A museum) 
3. How many telescopes do they have at amaken? (3) 
4. Bud's last name Bison is related to what animal? (Cow) 
5. Who’s the owner of the shop, Big Wave? (Ken Suther) 
6. What number question is this? (6) 
7. 3+4-5+1=? (3) 
8. 1+1+2+1-3+1... How many 1's did I just say? (4) 
9. Classroom 5-A has how many Students in all? (9) 
10. Which card has the highest attack power? (JetAttack1)

(Credit to Goku_Tenkaichi)

2.5: Dream Island

Mission: Shovelman, Defender of… Nature?
Person: Old man in Dream Park
Reward: Hp+10
Overview: Talk to the old man, and talk to him again with ShovelMan 
out. You need to push the tires out of the way completely. The old man 
will thank you with an Hp+10.

Mission: Shooting Star Cake
Person: Little Girl in Dream Island
Reward: 5000 zenny
Overview: This girl has a sweet tooth, and wants to try something 
called Shooting Star Cake. You’ll find it at the souvenir counter 
inside AMAKEN. It costs 500 zenny, and with the 5000 zenny you get for 
this, you make a cool 4500 zenny profit. Aren’t I good at math? ^_^

Mission: Quiz King!
Person: Man in Dream Island (Only after beating the two previous 
Reward: Hp+20
Overview: Here are the questions and (answers):
1.The doghouse in Echo Ridge is actually… (Security System)
2. “Luna” means which of the following? (moon)
3. Name the coffee in the AMAKEN vending machine (BigBang Coffee)
4. Which of these cards is the 2nd most powerful? (Fire Bazooka)
5. How many basketball courts are there in the school gym? (2)
6. Mettena and HotRoader’s HP totaled equals (100)
7. Now add a CannonBase’s HP into the total (150)
8. I am the quiz… (King)
9. Name the statue of a dog in Time Square. (Rover)
10. Which of these isn’t at Echo Elementary? (a Chem Lab)
11. Uwaaa! Tell me what I just said. (Uwaaa!)
12. Gwhoa! Psych! Tell me what number question this is. (12)
13. Name the Department store at Time Square (Nacy’s)
14. Which of these is on the roof nacy’s? (A Giraffe)
15. What kind of person works at the second-hand shop on Dream Island? 
(An old lady)
Yay, 20 more HP!

Mission: Her Headache
Person: Old lady in front of junk store in Dream Island
Reward: Hp+10
Overview: She’s been having headaches, and she says its coming from her 
refrigerator. A virus perhaps? Pulse in and find that there is no 
virus… just a tired Mr. Prog. Spare him a Recover 80 card and the 
fridge is fixed. Go back to the lady for your reward. Note: you can get 
recover80 at the card shop in Echo Ridge I believe for 3000 zenny.

Mission: See the Forman
Person: Worker in the Dump area of Dream Island
Reward: Hp+10
Overview: This guy has a robot that keeps overheating. If you have any 
brains at all, you’ll know to check the robot with Thermoman out. 
Behold, this is one of the few things Thermoman can seem remotely 
useful for. Honestly, he has my vote for worst new navi in this game. 
Than again… Keyman can give him a run for his zenny. Pardon my ranting 
for a moment, I forgot to say that the man gives you and Hp+10.

Mission: For Geo’s Eyes Only!
Person: Mr. Boreal (The under area of the dump)
Reward: Hp+20
Overview: Mr. Boreal wanted to show Geo something, but he forgot it. 
Talk to him and go back to his lab. Examine the lockers and find the 
Album. Go back to Boreal and talk to him. He gives you an Hp+20 and 
tells Geo something about his father.

2.6: Other Stuff

This is obtained after the game by looking into his transer. Zack can 
be found at Vista Point. Read the text and you must head to the Piano 
Comp in the School. Prepare for a long, difficult 10 round battle. If 
you manage to win, go back and talk to him and he’ll ask you if you 
want to be brothers. I don’t consider this a true mission because you 
can accept it even if you are currently doing another.

-The BN Buster:
If you have any GBA Battle Network game in the other slot of your DS, 
and the two games are from the same region, you will unlock a sidequest 
in which you will see Megaman.exe in a cameo.

Here’s how to do this sidequest:
You find the energy ball inside the doghouse comp near Bud’s house. 
Pulse in and talk to it. Next you pulse out and go to Vista Point. 
Pulse in and go to the statue comp and defeat the jammer. You’ll get 
the data, and now you go back to the ball in the doghouse. He’ll reveal 
himself as Megaman, and before you can chat much, the comp starts to 
shake and he can’t stay. You hand him the data and he gives you the BN 
buster as thanks. It has low stats, but has 5 rapid, which combined 
with a brother’s attack+1 ability can pull off massive damage in a 
short time.

-How do you know if you’ve cleared all missions? 
You will get an email from the Legend Master saying you have. It also 
comes with a Cipher Code.

If you don’t receive the Email, you might have to move around to 
another area in the real world. Or you can just pulse out. If you don’t 
get the email, try doing Zack’s mission if you haven’t already.

(Partial credit to Andy Rossetter and omnimon206)

-Brother Barrier:
I have received confirmation that you CAN be brothers with L. Master 
Shin, but this is only doable through a Japan-only event. I have not 
received confirmation about other important characters such as Pat, but 
it seems as though those are only obtained by hacking.

(Thanks to Oomnimon206 for the confirmation)

-The Perfect Battle Combo:

How do you do it? What you have to do is use 3 or more cards in one 
turn do deal at least 300 damage to a boss. The cards must be standard 
cards, and the boss has to be EX or SP version. If you do a combo, your 
satellite admin tells you at the end of the battle. If you want to use 
this in battle, you have to buy a combo card from L. Master Shin. (He’s 
on top of the AMAKEN building.) Whatever you have set as your combo, 
will be on this card. You have to put it into your folder to use it. 
Also, it only has one use. You’ll have to get another combo card to do 
it again.

3: Credits

These users have contributed to this faq, and I thank them:
Andy Rossetter
Tim Ramos

To Capcom for another amazing series

To CjayC, though is no longer running it, for creating the wonderful 

and to SBAllen, who IS running the site. Good luck man.

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