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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I solve Puzzle 5?

Many have said the answer is ''34'' but ive tried that and it didnt work. Any1 fancy helping out? :)

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I'm guessing that you're trying to solve 005 Clock Hands (not 005 Digital Digits)

Clearly, the hands are not going to pass each other 34 times in 12 hours

Given that the hands do not pass each other more than once an hour, the answer can't be more than 12

As the hints state, the hands are on top of each other at noon and midnight, so this doesn't count as a pass ... with this in mind, you should be able to quickly solve the puzzle

If you still need the solution, you can find it here (along with the other UK puzzles)

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Hint: What would happen if you halved 12-6?

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