Puzzle FAQ/Translation by scottxx81

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Professor Layton and the Mysterious Village

A Guide through the Puzzles

Purpose:  I aim to help out those braves souls that have imported a 
copy of this great game and are struggling with the Japanese 
instructions for the puzzles.  I am not going to include any 
breakdown of the story or dialog, strictly puzzles here.  

Format:  The puzzles are laid out in the numerical order that they 
are in the game.  I've made an attempt at re-titling each one in 
English.  First, I give the translation of the introduction or 
initial instructions of all of the puzzles.  Then, there is a small 
break before I move on to the translations of the three hints for 
each puzzle in order.  Finally, I provide the answers in the last 
section.  Unless it is necessary I have avoided describing the 
solution method.  Again, this is only a translation of the puzzles 
as they exist in their Japanese form, so don't hold me responsible 
for some of the more useless or obvious hints.

Guide to find what you're looking for:
P-??? : Replace ?'s with the number of the puzzle to search for it, 
i.e. "P-072".  This will take you to the introduction/instructions 
for the puzzle.

H-??? : Same as above, but this is for the hints for that puzzle.

A-??? : Same as usual, but this is for the answer.  Be careful as 
nearby puzzle answers will also be visible.

Version Info:
2/22/07 : 0.12 Finished the Puzzle, Hint, and Answers for the first 
20 questions.

3/3/07 : 0.2 Finished up to puzzle 25.

3/6/07 : 0.33 Up to puzzle 40.

3/9/07 : 0.58 Up to puzzle 70.

3/18/07 : 0.62 Up to puzzle 75.  I've been too busy the last week to 
make much progress, but hopefully I will finish this guide by the 
end of this week.


P-001  Where is my village?     Points: 10
INTRO:  My village is not connected to any other village by road.  
Please come to my village.  Draw a circle around the correct village 
and press the red button.

P-002 The handle and the hole     Points: 15
INTRO:  We can't cross the bridge without the handle.  Select the 
hole which matches the protruding part of the handle.  Tap the image 
of the handle to view different angles of it.

P-003 The mysterious hat     Points: 10
INTRO:  There are four hats.  They are all the same height, but the 
length of each brim is different.  In other words, they are all the 
same height, but have different widths.  Which hat has a height 
equal to it's width?

P-004 Where is my home?     Points: 20
INTRO:  Can you find my home?  If you leave my home and turn left, 
then turn right at the next intersection, and right again at the 
next intersection you will see the rising sun.  So which is my 

P-005 The digital clock     Points: 45
INTRO:  How many times a day will three numbers be displayed in a 
row on a digital clock like the one shown below?  A note:  this 
clock displays on a 12 hour cycle, so all variations will be shown 

P-006 Which is lighter?      Points: 40
INTRO:  There are eight identically shaped weights.  One of these 
eight weighs slightly less than the others.  Using the scales only 
two times, you can discover which weight is the light one.  (Push 
the button in the middle of the scale to weigh.  Put the light 
weight in the box in the lower left and press the button below it to 
answer the question.)

P-007 Wolves and Birds     Points: 50
INTRO:  Take all 3 wolves and all three birds to the other side of 
the river.  The following rules apply:  Only two animals may be 
carried at once.  The raft can't move without at least one animal on 
it.  If, on either shore, the number of wolves is greater than the 
number of birds, the birds will be eaten and you lose.  There is no 
limit to the number of trips you take, but the lowest possible is 11.

P-008 Planting pay      Points: 20
INTRO:  Haja and Noro were hired at a plantation to spread flower 
seeds.  They are each responsible for half of the 10 are (1 are = 
100 sq. m.).  Haja will start from the east side and Noro will start 
from the west side.
Haja was able to work at a pace of 1 are every 20 minutes.  Noro 
took 40 minutes.  However, when it comes to spreading seeds Noro can 
work three times faster than Haja.
If the two split the 100 dollar pay according to how much work each 
did, how much money does Noro get?

P-009 Tragedy of the matchstick dog      Points: 35
INTRO:  Here is an image of a dog made with matchsticks.  He is 
walking along when suddenly, from behind, he is run over and killed 
by a car.  Moving only two matchsticks, show what happened to him.

P-010 Odd one out kanji      Points: 30
INTRO:  One of the kanji shown below doesn't belong, which one is 

P-011 Arcs and straight lines      Points: 20
INTRO:  In the image below is a quarter-circle with an inscribed 
rectangle.  If point B is the center of the circle how many 
centimeters is the length of line AC?

P-012 Combination squares      Points: 40
INTRO:  If we were to cut a piece from the image number 1 in order 
to make a rectangle, than the piece shown in image 2 would be the 
best way to do that.  However, this time we are going to flip the 
cut off piece.  What piece should we cut off of image 1 this time so 
that if we turn it over it will still make a rectangle?

P-013 Sinking ship puzzle      Points: 30
INTRO:  There are 15 people stranded on a tourist boat which will 
sink in 20 minutes.  Using the one lifeboat, which can carry a 
maximum of 5 people, move the people to the nearby island.  The 
surrounding sea is full of man-eating sharks, so swimming is out of 
the question.  If it the round trip from the ship to the island and 
back takes 9 minutes, how many passengers can be saved?

P-014 Playing with chairs      Points: 30
INTRO:  It has been decided to build a hall that can be used for 
various activities from parties to indoor sports.  When applications 
were taken for the chair design to be used they received the 
following five designs.  However, only one of them can be used, 
which of A-E is it?

P-015 Leftover?      Points: 10
INTRO:  10 candles were burning.  The wind was blowing and 2 of the 
candles were blown out.  When you looked again later, another had 
blown out.  Then to keep the keep down you closed the window.  After 
that, not another candle was extinguished.  In the end, how many 
candles were remaining?

P-016 Pen and triangle      Points: 40
INTRO:  By combining smaller triangles we've made two larger images 
of a triangle, one large and one small.  Using an ink-tipped pen 
with one dip you can draw the small 4-piece triangle in the top left 
corner.  So, in order to draw the large 36-piece triangle image, how 
many times would you need to dip the pen in the ink-bottle?

P-017 Odd one out 1      Points: 30
INTRO:  On the board are spread cards with words written on them 
that seem to have some kind of meaning.  One of these cards doesn't 
belong, which is it?

P-018 Dustpan and garbage      Points: 10
INTRO:  A dustpan has been made with matchsticks.  Move only two 
matches so that the piece of garbage is now in the center of the 

P-019 Crowded garage     Points: 30
INTRO:  You want to get the red car out of the crowded parking lot.  
The cars can only go forward or backward from the position they are 
currently in.  Use the touch screen to move the cars around and get 
your car out.

P-020 Commuting enemies      Points: 50
INTRO:  Make a course in the map below that connects each block "a", 
"b", "c", and "d" to the other block of the same letter.  However, 
each path cannot touch another path.  Touch a block a drag to draw 
the path.

P-021 One pill a day      Points: 30
INTRO:  You have 10 capsules.  From today you need to take one 
capsule each day, but each pill is different and must be taken on a 
specific day.  They are all the same size and color and cannot be 
distinguished between so you have decided to write numbers on them 
to help you remember.  How many numbers will you need to write?

P-022 Dividing pigs      Points: 30
INTRO:  7 pigs are playing.  To keep them from fighting use three 
pieces of rope to separate them from each other.  Run the ropes from 
post to post.

P-023 Wine jugs     Points: 40
INTRO:  There is an 8 liter container full of wine, and two empty 
containers of 5 and 3 liters each.  Without using any other tools, 
divide the wine into 4 liter portions in the 8 liter and 5 liter 

P-024 Milk jugs     Points: 50
INTRO:  There is a 10 liter jug of milk, and two empty jugs of 7 
liters and 3 liters each.  Without using any other tools, divide the 
milk into 5 liter portions in the 10 liter and 7 liter jugs.

P-025 Coin triangle     Points: 25
INTRO:  10 coins are arranged to make an equilateral triangle.  
Moving just three coins make the triangle point in the opposite 
direction.  It's pointing up now, so make it point down.

P-026 In the Jar      Points: 20
INTRO:  There is one bacterium in the jar.  After one minute it will 
divide itself into two separate bacteria.  After another minute, 
each of these two will then divide themselves again.  This will 
result in 4 bacteria in the jar.  If they keep doing this, from the 
starting position of one single bacterium, it will take one hour to 
fill the jar.  How many minutes will it take to fill the jar, if 
there are two bacteria at the initial point?

P-027 Next seat      Points: 40
INTRO:  There are 6 brothers who were named 1-6 in order of their 
age, oldest to youngest.  Each brother does not get along with the 
brother immediately older and younger than him and cannot sit next 
to each other.  Also, brother 3 and 5 are fighting and also cannot 
sit next to each other.  Brother 1 has already sat down at this 
round table to eat, try to place the other brothers in the 
appropriate seats according to the rules above.

P-028 Where is the mark?     Points: 30
INTRO:  There is an 8-pointed cardboard shape with a red dot on it, 
which can be seen in image A.  If you hold it like in the image and 
blow on it, so that it turns around there is a black mark on the 
back.  If you hold the same cardboard image like is shown in image B, 
and blow on it, where will the black mark be now?  Circle the white 
dot where the black dot will be in the image in the bottom right.

P-029 5 suspects     Points: 20
INTRO:  The following are the 5 suspects' testimonies:
A: 1 of us 5 people is lying.
B: 2 of us are lying.
C: 3 of us are lying.
D: 4 of us are lying.
E: All of us are lying.
We want to release only people who are telling the truth.  How many 
people will be released?

P-030 Written in one stroke?     Points: 30
INTRO:  Do you know about drawing without lifting your pen?  Below 
four sample images drawn this way are arranged.  But, one of them is 
a fake.  You have to lift your pen up to actually draw it.  Which on 
is it?

P-031 Horse-racing puzzle     Points: 30
INTRO:  There is a horse racecourse of a length such that in one 
Horse A can run two laps, Horse B can run 3 laps, and Horse C can 
run 4 laps.  Now, all three horses are lined up at the start line 
together, and take off in the same direction at the same time.  
After how many minutes will they again all be at the start line at 
the same time?

P-032 Splitting candy     Points: 30
INTRO:  There are 10 jars each with 50 pieces of candy in them.  
These have been divided randomly into half, just by eyeball 
estimation, and then placed in separate bags.  This made 20 bags.  
What is the probability that the average number of candies in one 
bag is 25?

P-033 Light it up     Points: 20
INTRO:  There is only one match left in the box.  The lamp will 
light the room, the fire will warm it, and the water will heat up 
for a bath.  In order to do anything of these things, which should 
you light first?

P-034 Strange letter     Points: 40
INTRO:  A puzzle maker sent a letter about his current trip abroad 
to some friends in a social club.  It seems that the names of the 
countries he has visited are hidden in the letter.  How many are 

P-035 Strange dots      Points: 20
INTRO:  At first glance, this is a meaningless set of images.  
However, there is a meaning.  A is 0.  B is 9.  C is 6.  So how much 
is D?

P-036 Multiplying like mice     Points: 30
INTRO:  Like the saying "multiplying like mice" goes, mice reproduce 
extremely quickly.  They can give birth once a month, and at that 
time they have 12 babies.  These mice can begin to reproduce after 
two months.  You have just started to raise a mouse that has just 
been born.  After 10 months how many mice will you have?

P-037 Brother and sister     Points: 40
INTRO:  A younger brother and older sister are talking with each 
other.  "If I gave two years of my age to you, sister, you'd be 
twice my age."  And the sister said, "If you will give me one more, 
then I'll be 3 times your age.  How old is the brother?  How old is 
the sister?

P-038 On an airplane     Points: 20
INTRO:  You are enjoying a plane flight when a beautiful cabin 
attendant comes around and hands you something.  She tells you, "we 
may experience some turbulence, but even if you flip this over it 
won't be a problem."  Of the three items shown below, what has the 
playful stewardess give you?

P-039 Written in one stroke 2     Points: 30
INTRO:  Below are samples of drawing without lifting your pen.  
However, one of the images is an imposter.  Which one cannot be 
drawn without lifting your pen?

P-040 How old is dad?     Points: 30
INTRO:  A father and son are talking.  The son says, "I'm 22, but 
how old are you dad?"  "My age?  Well, my age is equal to half of my 
age plus your age."  So how old is the dad?

P-041 Cheapest     Points: 10
INTRO:  You've received a flyer from an electronics store.  Things 
look cheap, but you need to do a little math.  If you wanted to buy 
the cheapest item available, which would you buy?

P-042 Camera and a case     Points: 50
INTRO:  You're in a shop while on vacation.  A camera is being sold 
with a case included for 310 dollars.  The camera alone costs 300 
dollars more than the case.  When you buy just the case, you give 
the clerk a 100 dollar bill.  How much is your change?

P-043 3 umbrellas     Points: 20
INTRO:  There are three umbrellas in an umbrella stand.  Each 
umbrella's owner's name is written in a place we can't see which 
means in a glance you can't tell whose umbrella is whose.  So, 
without checking the names on the umbrellas, what is the percentage 
chance that only two people will get the correct umbrella?

P-044 Stamp puzzle     Points: 50
INTRO:  You've bought a sheet of 800 yen worth of stamps that is 
made up of randomly placed stamps with values ranging from 10-100 
yen.  First, you took off one 100 yen stamp.  You want to separate 
them into 100 yen groups.  Please break them up in 7 groups that are 
all different shapes.

P-045 Alien puzzle     Points: 30
INTRO:  Some aliens have come to stealthily come to spy on the state 
of humans.  They see something and murmur to each other, "It makes 
holes in paper.  And, at the same time, to make the hole easier to 
see, it marks a line around the hole.  What an odd tool."  What did 
they see?

P-046 Big star     Points: 20
INTRO:  Long ago people would stare at the night sky and drew 
various creatures or epic dramas in the images of the stars.  When 
you go outside you see a grand night sky.  Connect the 5 largest 
star shapes to make one large star.  The lines should be straight 
and should not hit any other stars.

P-047 Thief's escape route     Points: 40
INTRO:  A thief has run into an area of streets like the image below 
at the point of the arrow.  This thief cannot make U-turns or 
backtrack, and when he comes to an intersection he must turn either 
right or left.  So, of the exit points A-G, which can the thief not 
exit through?

P-048 Cats and mice     Points: 25
INTRO:  5 cats can catch 5 mice in 5 minutes.  If they work at the 
same pace, how many cats are needed to catch 100 mice in 100 

P-049 1000 times puzzle     Points: 20
INTRO:  What is this code?  On this paper is written "_ is _ _ 's 
1000 times."  If you put just one letter of the alphabet in all of 
the boxes this phrase has meaning.  What is the letter?  They are 
all the same letter.

P-050 OTTF?     Points: 20
INTRO:  Letters of the alphabet are written on the cards arranged 
below.  What letter should be on the blank card?

P-051 A haircut     Points: 10
INTRO:  There are two barbers in this town.  The next town is far 
away, so everyone in town gets their hair cut by these barbers.  
Looking at the picture below, which barber would you want to cut 
your hair?

P-052 Find the star     Points: 30
INTRO:  There is a star of the same size and same shape as the star 
on the right hand side hidden in the picture.  Find that star and 
trace it's image.

P-053 Who ate it?     Points: 35
INTRO:  There was a fish dinner placed on the table, but someone 
went and ate the whole thing.  The three brothers, when asked, 
A-Me? I ate it.
B-I saw A eat it.
C-B and I didn't eat it.
One of the three is lying.  Who is it?

P-054 Monster!     Points: 20
INTRO:  Oh no!  The town is in danger!  Stab the giant monster that 
is about to attack the town right in the eye!!

P-055 Cutting bread     Points: 20
INTRO:  You've used the left over bread from breakfast to make a 
strangely shaped sandwich.  In order to make it fit nicely into the 
lunch box, what is the least number of cuts you can make to the 

P-056 How many turns?     Points: 30
INTRO:  9 rooms are arranged like shown in the image.  Point A is 
the entrance and B is the exit.  What are the least number of turns 
required to traverse from the entrance to the exit, while passing 
through all the rooms?  Try to find the minimum number of turns. The 
example path shown below requires 6 turns.

P-057 Which cut?     Points: 30
INTRO:  There are 6 rings that are connected to each other.  The 
interconnected state looks complicated, but if one particular ring 
were cut off then the rest of the rings would be connected in a 
straight link.  Which ring do you need to cut off to achieve this?  
Push button A-F.

P-058 Ball and blocks 1     Points: 30
INTRO:  Can you get the red ball to the exit?  Carefully move the 
blocks in the way to form a path.  It can be done in just twelve 

P-059 The longest path?     Points: 50
INTRO:  Some children are racing each other on the streets of the 
village.  The competition is to see who can take the longest path, 
in the village shown below, from point A to B.  However, once you 
have been on a path you cannot travel it again.  Which course is the 
longest?  Draw the path below that would win.

P-060 Cat scales     Points: 30
INTRO:  There are some red, white, and black cat dolls.  Each doll 
has a different weight based on its color, so that when they are put 
on the scales they result in the situation shown in image 1 and 2.  
Now, you will try weighing the image shown at the top.  Which side 
will go down (left or right button?  Or will they be equal (middle 

P-061 Cross-shaped puzzle     Points: 40
INTRO:  The cross shown below has 9 pins inside its border, and 16 
pins outside of its border.  In order to make a cross with 17 pins 
inside and 16 outside, how should you connect the pins?  You can 
change the size of the cross.

P-062 The note     Points: 40
INTRO:  A detective investigating a large case was murdered.  A note 
he had written just before he died was found at the scene of the 
crime.  There must be clue about who the murderer is hidden in this 
message of numbers.  There are three suspects.  They are "Shigeo", 
"Takeshi", and "Masashi".  Who is the real criminal?

P-063 Couple crisis     Points: 20
INTRO:  Oh no!  When he was starting to change out of his clothes 
out of his pockets fell: a matchbook from a cabaret, a losing horse-
racing betting slip, and a photo of an old girlfriend!  All right in 
front of his wife!  In order to get out of this okay, he needs to 
cover a different item with each of his hands.  Move his hands over 
what he should cover to hide everything well.

P-064 Strange math     Points: 30
INTRO:  Someone has drawn some kind of joke on the blackboard.  It 
looks like incorrect math, but, under a certain set of rules, this 
may be correct.  Subtract 6 from 8 and you get 2.  But, add 8 and 6 
get 2?  So, if you add 7 and 6 by these rules what number should be 
in the place of the question mark?

P-065 DogBirdTeaTeig     Points: 50
INTRO:  In a certain computer code: "inu" is "DOG, "tori" is "BIRD", 
"cha" is "TEA", and "chou" (butterfly) is "TEIG".  If the computer 
output reads "EDBI" what does it mean?  The answer will be two 
katakana characters.

P-066 Birthday     Points: 60
INTRO:  You've asked a young woman about her birthday, and she 
answers like this:  "The day after tomorrow I will turn 22.  But, 
last year on New Year's Day I was still a teenager."  With just this 
information you can determine what day her birthday falls on.  When 
is it?

P-067 Chocolate code     Points: 40
INTRO:  Your girlfriend has given you some chocolate, but it looks 
like someone has already eaten some of it.  She laughs and says, 
"It's a message from me."  What message is hidden in this chocolate 
bar?  It is 4 hiragana characters.

P-068 Pentagon puzzle     Points: 40
INTRO:  How many pentagons can you find in this image?  Count all of 

P-069 Chocolate 1     Points: 30
INTRO:  You have one bar of chocolate that is 5 pieces tall and 6 
pieces across, for a total of 30 pieces.  If you try to break it 
apart it will break the enter length of the bar at the point where 
you snap.  Also, you cannot stack the bar at snap two pieces at once.  
What is the least number of breaks required to break all 30 pieces 

P-070 Flower vase puzzle     Points: 10
INTRO:  You've dropped a vase and it has shattered.  Put the pieces 
back together to fix the vase.  However, there is one extra piece 
that you don't need.

P-071 Who ate it? 2     Points: 40
INTRO:  Who is the person that sneakily ate it? 
A: "B ate it."  
B: "D ate it."
C: "I didn't eat it."
D: "B is lying."

P-072 Bookworm     Points: 40
INTRO:  Shown in the image below is a collection of books of 
Japanese literature.  If a bookworm that is currently at the first 
page of the first volume eats its way to the last page of the second 
volume, how great of a distance will it have traveled?  The 
thickness of the cover of each book is 3 millimeters and the 
thickness of the written pages of each book is 3 centimeters.  
Please giver your answer in millimeters.

P-073 How many can you draw?     Points: 40
INTRO:  There are 12 points arranged as shown below.  I want you to 
draw squares by connection these dots.  You may use the same points 
multiple times, and the squares can be arranged diagonally.  What is 
the maximum number you can draw?

P-074 Broken glass     Points: 30
INTRO:  Who broke the window?
A: "I didn't break it."
B: "I broke it."
C: "A didn't break it."
D: "B didn't break it."
One of these four is the person responsible and they are lying.  But, 
others, who didn't break the window, might also be lying.  Who broke 

P-075 Solid lines     Points: 40
INTRO:  Using the least possible pieces of wire you want to make a 
cube-shaped frame like that shown below.  Each piece of wire can be 
bent as many times as you like, but you can't have two wires in the 
same place ever.  You plan to solder the joints.  So, how many 
pieces of wire will you need?


H-001  Where is my village?     
HINT #1:  The touch pen can be used for more than just making 
circles.  You can also use it to trace the path of the roads.  Try 
tracing the path of several roads until you find one that doesn't 
connect to another village.  Try as many times as you like until you 
are confident in your answer.

HINT #2:  Tracing backwards from each village up the respective 
roads you should very quickly discover which village you are 
searching for.

HINT #3:  If you can connect a village with another, then you can 
probably eliminate both villages from your search.  Looking at the 
map you should quickly discover the correct answer.

H-002 The handle and the hole     
HINT #1:  Look very carefully at the handle.  What shape is it?  
What shapes come off of it?  Are they squares or triangles?  Next, 
pay attention to where they protrude from.  You'll see the answer 
soon enough.

HINT #2:  It's important to not only keep the shape in mind, but 
also that the whole is the reversed image of that shape.  

HINT #3:  The main part of the protrusion is a pentagon.  From this 
then protrude two squares and a triangle.  Look carefully and you'll 
see that one of the squares actually is on one of the corners of the 

H-003 The mysterious hat     
HINT #1:  You can't trust your eyes this time.  If that was the 
solution then this wouldn't be much of a puzzle.  Height and width 
appear differently to the human eye.

HINT #2: It isn't B. 

HINT #3: It isn't D.

H-004 Where is my home?     
HINT #1:  The sun rises in the east, of course.  The map of town 
displays north as up, so which way is east?

HINT #2:  The sun rises in the east and on this map that is the 
right side of the map.  

HINT #3:  According to the man's story, your last move will be to 
turn right and then you can see the sun.  You could follow the 
instructions from each house, but that would be a hassle.  It would 
be easier to work backwards and find the house.  Start on the right 
side, then go the left and you will turn left, and left again, and 
then ...

H-005 The digital clock     
HINT #1:  The first thing to be careful of is that each set of 
numbers is displayed twice in a day on this clock.  So remember to 
count each set twice.

HINT #2:  Times like 01:11 and 02:22 are easy to find.  But, had you 
noticed 10:00 yet?

HINT #3:  12:22 and 11:12 are also easy to miss.

H-006 Which is lighter?      
HINT #1:  First, why don't you put four weights on each side of the 
scale?  If you do that you will only have one chance to use the 
scale again, and you won't be able to determine which of the four 
weights on the lighter side the weight you want is.  So you know 
this method won't work.

HINT #2:  If we try a different way, we will want to weigh three 
weights.  And one of them is the light one.  To find the light one 
we can weigh any two of the weights.  If one of them weighs lighter, 
then that is your answer.  If they are the same weight, then we know 
the remaining weight is your answer.

HINT #3:  I want you to think about hint #2.  You can determine the 
correct weight from three weights with just one use of the scale.  
So how will the first use of the scale limit your choices to three 
weights or less?

H-007 Wolves and Birds     
HINT #1:  Once you move the raft a number of times, eventually you 
will end back in the same state you started.  Be careful to take 
note of what you are doing to end up like this.  Then, make sure to 
use a different method of movement and you should be close to the 

HINT #2:  You don't have to always take two creatures and return 
with one every time.  You could return with two animals, too.  First, 
try to get all three wolves across, then try to mix the birds in 

HINT #3:  Think about the second hint.  So you've moved all 3 wolves 
across, now you need to trade the birds and the wolves.  When the 
number of birds will be smaller on the shore it would be good to 
return a wolf with the birds.

H-008  Planting pay     
HINT #1:  So they will get 100 dollars for their work and will split 
it based on how much work each person does.  Read the description 
once more and think carefully about how much work each does.  Is the 
work load based on tossing seeds in how much of the field?

HINT #2:  The work load is settled based on how much field they work.  
So, it is irrelevant how much time it takes.

HINT #3:  "They were each responsible for half of the 10 are field".  
So their total workload was...

H-009 Tragedy of the matchstick dog      
HINT #1:  The original image is a walking dog.  Think about what the 
image might be if it is run over by a car.

HINT #2:  A dog walks with four legs.  This dog has stopped walking, 
so the position of its legs should have changed.

HINT #3:  Probably, the poor dog has been squashed onto the road.  
If you were to move two matches to show a dog smashed on the road, 
those would be... Of the four legs, you'd move the inner two legs up 

H-010 Odd one out kanji      
HINT #1:  The meaning of the kanji doesn't matter.  Look at the 
shapes carefully.

HINT #2:  Maybe many people used this method of visualizing kanji 
when they were learning.  Therefore, this puzzle might be easier for 
children to solve.

HINT #3:  Do you understand "karo", "eka", "ihi"?  Which kanji 
doesn't obey this rule?

H-011  Arcs and straight lines     
HINT #1:  When people look at triangle ABC, most will recognize it 
is not an equilateral triangle.  This is true, but there is an 
easier way to find the answer.

HINT #2:  You don't need to use Pythagoras' theorem.  Where is there 
a length equal to line AC?

HINT #3:  The line AC is equal to the other diagonal of the 
rectangle, line BD.  Have you noticed that line BD is equal to 
another length in this image?

H-012 Combination squares      
HINT #1:  The example cut that is shown won't be any help for the 
solution.  Think about cutting in a completely different place.

HINT #2:  There are 15 blocks in the image. so to make a rectangle 
it will be either 3 by 5 or 5 by 3.

HINT #3:  Let's try to find a way to make the rectangle 5 blocks 
tall.  If we do, then there is a limited number of shapes we could 

H-013 Sinking ship puzzle      
HINT #1:  There are 20 minutes left.  A round trip takes 9 minutes.  
So you make two round trips.  Where is the lifeboat when it has 
finished two round trips?

HINT #2:  After making two round trips, the lifeboat is back at the 
ship, which hasn't completely sunk yet.  So you can carry one more 
load of people to the island.  In other words, the lifeboat can 
carry three trips of passengers.

HINT #3:  Three trips in a lifeboat that holds five people?  It 
seems like the answer is easy to see.  But, be careful to not 
overlook a very important thing.  You cannot save everyone.

H-014 Playing with chairs      
HINT #1:  It is a hall that will be used for various purposes.  Keep 
in mind that the number of necessary chairs will change depending on 
the function being held.

HINT #2:  For homes or offices the important factors are comfort and 
appealing visual design.  However, in this case the important point 
is about when you aren't using them.

HINT #3:  When there are a lot of people you will need to prepare a 
lot of chairs.  However, you will rarely need all the chairs.  So, 
storage would be a big problem.  Which chair is the easiest to put 

H-015 Leftover      
HINT #1:  This looks like a simple puzzle, but there is a trap, of 
course.  Double check the explanation of the puzzle.  The answer is 
how many candles were remaining.

HINT #2:  First, two candles were blown out, then, later, one more.  
How many candles had their flame extinguished?  The other candles 
continued to burn.  If they are left like that what will happen? 

HINT #3:  What does it mean to be remaining until the end?  Of 
course it means to continue to exist.  So, if the flame stays lit on 
a candle what happens...

H-016 Pen and triangle      
HINT #1:  You can draw the outside image of three small triangles 
with one pen dip.  Try it, and see how this works on the big 
triangle image.  Did you notice that by drawing the outside of three 
triangles you draw an image of four triangles, like the small image 
on the left?

HINT #2:  The explanation says that you can draw four triangles like 
the image on the left.  However, this could also be taken to mean 
that you can draw three upward pointing triangles.  Think about this 
in regards to the large image.  How many small triangles will it 

HINT #3:  If you just count the upward pointing triangles in the 
large image there are 21.  By dipping the pen once you can draw 
three at a time, so the answer is...

H-017 Odd one out 1      
HINT #1:  This looks like a "has"/"has not" kind of question.  But, 
it's a little different.  Each of these can have other words 
attached to them.  What are they?

HINT #2:  Hints for the hard words: [カポネ] is a person's name.  A 
gangster.  [ロビ] is a place name.  The capital of Kenya.  [スミドル] 
is a beautiful middle-aged person.  [ジェリア] is a country name.

HINT #3:  Have you found the meaning for each of these words?  If 
you know the rule then this may be easy.  Yes, you can break them 
into two groups, but one of them doesn't fit.  Which one doesn't 
belong with the others?

H-018 Dustpan and garbage      
HINT #1:  In the initial image the part of the dustpan that holds 
trash is facing upward.  You should move matches so that they go 
around the garbage.  Think about a way to move the matches so that 
they cover three sides of the piece of garbage.

HINT #2:  If you don't move the match on the garbage's right side, 
then you should move a match to cover the top side of the garbage.  
Now, think about which match you should move last.

HINT #3:  The matches you should move are the furthest match up to 
the top right, and the match just above the garbage.  How will you 
encircle the garbage?

H-019 Crowded garage     
HINT #1:  The car in the way right in front can be moved somehow, 
but you'll end up in a stalemate.  Where should you begin when 
plotting how to clear a path to the exit?

HINT #2:  Actually, you won't just move forward to the exit, you 
will sometimes move things back in order to move forward.  Paying 
attention to where all the cars can move, try moving some of them 

HINT #3:  First, you want to move the two cars across your path in 
front of you.  To do this you'll need to move the car running 
parallel with you above those cars.  In moving the red car forward 
you will move around the cars behind it, and then think about what 
do to next.

H-020 Commuting enemies      
HINT #1:  At first glance it may appear impossible.  But, it can be 
done.  First, try to connect any block to its partner.  If you do, 
you probably will make it impossible for another pair of block to be 
connected.  If you try more routes you should be able to find the 
right one.

HINT #2:  "b" and "b" are connected straight to each other.  Try to 
connect the others while working around that line.

HINT #3:  The "d" path goes up and over the "b" path.  Can you solve 
it now?

H-021 A pill a day      
HINT #1:  If you just wrote one number from 1 to 10 on each capsule 
that would work.  However, the absolutely necessary number is less 
than 10.  Think about the situation.

HINT #2:  To tell the difference between two things you don't have 
to make a mark on each item.  Instead you could make a mark on one 
of them and tell them apart that way.  You don't need to make marks 
on all the pills.

HINT #3:  Note that you will start taking the pills today.  Which 
means you will take one of the pills sitting in front of you right 
now.  So do you need to write a number on that pill?

H-022 Dividing pigs     
HINT #1:  Separating 7 pigs with 3 pieces of rope means you will 
need to cross them.  First, try just putting down three lengths of 
rope and try a few different patterns.

HINT #2:  Look at the layout of the 7 pigs closely.  There is one 
pig in the center.  To separate him from the other pigs you will 
have to completely surround him with ropes.  So, try to lay the 
ropes out such that they make a shape with a hole in the middle for 
that center pig.

HINT #3:  Try making a shape which forms a triangle in the center 
around the center pig.  The number of patterns you can lay out while 
still separating the top three pigs and the bottom three pigs are 
limited.  Keep trying and you'll find the answer.

H-023 Wine Jugs     
HINT #1:  It looks easy, but once you try it you'll soon find 
yourself back at the starting point.  The important point is 
"difference", the difference between 5 liters and 4 liters is one 

HINT #2:  If you pour from the 5l container into the 3l, you are 
left with 2 liters still.  It would be best if you could get rid of 
one liter only from the 5l container when you pour it.  To pour off 
one liter you should try to make one of the containers so that it 
has one liter of empty space in it.

HINT #3:  When you poured the 5l into the 3l you had 2 liters left 
over.  Empty the 3l cup and pour the 2 liters in to it.  So now how 
much more could you pour into this 3l container?

H-024 Milk jugs     
HINT #1:  This is the same style as the 8 liters of wine puzzle.  
You can't get 5 liters from directly pouring between the 10l, 7l and 
3l jugs.  Pay attention to how much is left in the small jug.

HINT #2:  If you pour from the 10l to the 7l, and then the 7l to the 
3l, there are 4 liters left in the 7l jug.  Then empty the 3l back 
into the 10l and pour the 7l into the 3l, and there is 1 liter 
remaining in the 7l jug.  Next...

HINT #3:  If you have 1 l left in the 7l jug, then empty the 3l jug 
and pour the 1 l into the 3l jug.  The 10l now has 9 liters in it.  
Pour this into the 7l jug.  Now if you pour this into the 3l jug, 
where there is already 1 liter...

H-025 Coin triangle      
HINT #1:  It would be good if you could switch the coins in the base 
with the coins at the top.  However, to do that would require moving 
6 coins altogether.  Try to think of a way to change the position of 
the base.

HINT #2:  Is this impossible?  It is an equilateral triangle, which 
means depending on how you look at it has three top corners.

HINT #3:  The triangle is pointing up now, so one point is on top, 
and there are two more on the bottom at the sides.  In order to flip 
the triangle could you change these around?

H-026 In the Jar      
HINT #1:  One becomes two, two become 4.  They are multiplying by 
the minute.  In the first minute they go from one to two...

HINT #2:  It takes an hour to fill the jar when you start with one 
bacterium.  After one minute how many bacteria are there?  Reread 
the puzzle's description.

HINT #3:  Think calmly about this.  When you start from one, it 
takes a minute to reach two bacteria.  You want to answer how long 
it takes when you start with 2 bacteria.  If it takes a minute to go 
from one to two..., you do that math after that.

H-027 Next seat      
HINT #1:  It might be faster to just try putting people in their 
seats, rather than thinking too hard about this.  Brother 2 cannot 
sit next to brother 1, so there are three seats left where he can 
sit.  Pick one and put brother 2 there.  Now brother 3 cannot be 
next to him, so find a seat for him, and so on.

HINT #2:  If brother 3 and 5 were not fighting this would be much 
easier, but they are troublesome brothers.  Brother 3 will be 
sitting next to brother 1.

HINT #3:  3 is next to 1.  4 is opposite 1.  Think about the rest on 
your own.

H-028 Where is the mark?     
HINT #1:  If the image on the left is flipped, you see the image on 
the right.  Think about where the black dot is on the back side of 
the cardboard image.  In B, the red dot's position has moved, so 
will the black dot's.

HINT #2:  When A is turned, the black dot is in the middle on the 
left.  Think about where that is when it is turned around.

HINT #3:  If you imposed the black dot onto the same side as the red 
dot, you would see that the black dot is two points, clockwise, 
after the red.  So now you know where the black dot's relative 
position is right?

H-029 5 suspects     
HINT #1:  At first glance, this looks like a complicated puzzle, but 
it really isn't.  For example, if we assume that Suspect E is 
telling the truth, that everyone is lying, then he must be lying too.  
So we know that what he says has to be a lie because it cannot be 

HINT #2:  If Suspect A is telling the truth, then three other people 
should be saying the same thing as A.  So we know A is lying.  The 
same with B, there would have to be two other suspects with the same 
testimony.  So we know B is lying.

HINT #3:  So A, B, and E are lying.  Think about the possibilities 
with the last two suspects.  If three people are lying, then two 
people should say the same thing.  But, everyone's testimony is 
different.  So, if 4 people are lying...

H-030 Written in one stroke?     
HINT #1:  You can draw on the screen.  Start from the end point of a 
line and start drawing from there.  While you are puzzling you will 
find the answer.

HINT #2:  At intersections there will often be cases where you need 
to think about which way you enter and which way you leave the 
points.  When a line enters an intersection point there must be a 
path it can leave on.

HINT #3:  The fake is an image of something that looks like a 
meaningful shape of a real thing.  Really complicated images are the 
ones that can be finished without too much problem.

H-031 Horse-racing puzzle     
HINT #1:  Some of you may think, "Ah, this is a lowest common 
multiple puzzle!"  You're wrong.  Read the puzzle again, and think 
about it carefully.

HINT #2:  Each horse, A, B, C, run at different speeds.  The 
baseline is how many laps in one minute.  Luckily, none of the 
horses run at a pace like 2 and one half laps, or similar, less than 
full lap paces.

HINT #3:  Horses that can run 2, 3, or 4 laps in one minute will be 
where after one minute?

H-032 Splitting candy     
HINT #1:  10 jars with 50 candies means that there are 500 pieces of 
candy.  These have been divided into 20 bags.  Up until this the 
math is easy.  Now read the puzzle carefully.

HINT #2:  The trick to this puzzle is what is being asked?  Yes, the 
probability of an average of 25 pieces.  Not the probability of 
having 25 pieces.

HINT #3:  This will almost give away the answer but, let's do some 
math.  10 jars with 50 pieces are 500 total candies.  These have 
been divided into 20 bags.  When you divide them you get 25.  What 

H-033 Light it up     
HINT #1:  Of course, thinking about the order is important.  Think 
about which you must light first.

HINT #2:  If you light this first, then you can make the next move.  
If you don't light this first, then you can't do anything next.

HINT #3:  This is a mean-spirited puzzle.  Use common-sense.

H-034 Strange letter     
HINT #1:  The unnatural sounding parts of the letter might have 
something hidden in them.  Some names are spread between two words 
making them hard to find.  If you try to read it by just listening 
to the sounds only you may have an easier time finding them.

HINT #2:  The countries are in North America, Central America, 
Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.  It's certainly an around 
the world trip.

HINT #3:  Let's think about the countries that are really hard to 
find.  Where are Italy, Uganda, and India hidden?  Did you find 

H-035 Strange dots      
HINT #1:  Look at the images carefully.  Now, think of things around 
you that are related to numbers.  This is something that everyone 
sees everyday.

HINT #2:  In the first hint I told you it was something you see 
everyday, but recently it also comes in a completely shape, but 
still serves the same function.  In that case, it is unrelated to 
this puzzle.

HINT #3:  These images represent something in your surroundings.  
For example, this thing might be hung on walls, or found on your 

H-036 Multiplying like mice      
HINT #1:  This puzzle looks like you will have to do a lot of math, 
but it can be answered much more easily.  Read the puzzle carefully 

HINT #2:  Pay attention to how many mice you have at the beginning.  
From that beginning how quickly will the mice increase?

HINT #3:  I'll be clear; in order to give birth, the mouse must be 
pregnant.  In order to get pregnant, what is necessary?

H-037 Brother and sister     
HINT #1:  If you read the puzzle closely: If you remove two years 
from the younger brother's age, and add two to the older sister's, 
their age difference will be double.  If you remove three years from 
the younger brother's age, and add three to the older sister's, the 
age difference will be three times.

HINT #2:  You could solve this with mathematic formulas, but think 
about moving years and the age difference first.  If you move two 
years then the gap increases by 4.  If you move three years then the 
gap increases by 6.  These make the age difference double and triple.

HINT #3:  The truth is they are twins.

H-038 On an airplane
HINT #1:  If you think about this seriously an answer won't come up.  
"Onomimono" (drink) "Oshokuji" (food) "Okashi" (snack).  There is a 
trick to these words.  The stewardess is playful.

HINT #2:  Try to change you viewpoint.  For example, write it in 
hiragana.  "Onomimono", "Oshokuji", "Okashi".  Even if you flip it 
there won't be a problem?

HINT #3:  If you flipped the real thing over you might have a 
problem, but we're playing with words.  Which word, when flipped, is 
still the same?  Of course, it's a pushover.

H-039 Written in one stroke 2     
HINT #1:  You can draw on the screen.  Start at an endpoint and try 
to draw the image while following the lines.  You'll find the answer 
while you are puzzling.

HINT #2:  At intersections there will often be cases where you need 
to think about which way you enter and which way you leave the 
points.  When a line enters an intersection point there must be a 
path it can leave on.

HINT #3:  If you read hints 1 and 2, and tried to draw each image, 
then the answer is easy to find.  You can start from a point where 
multiple lines meet.

H-040 How old is dad?     
HINT #1:  This problem looks hard, but think calmly.  "My age?  Well, 
my age is equal to half of my age plus your age."  If you take half 
of the dad's age, it will be equal to the son's age.  The son is 22.

HINT #2:  If you add the son's age and half the father's you get the 
dad's age.  In other word's, half the father's age and the son's age 
are identical.

HINT #3:  The son's age and half the father's are the same, so the 
father is double the son's age.

H-041 Cheapest     
HINT #1:  Think simply.  You only need to choose the cheapest item.

HINT #2:  You don't need to think about the percent of savings.  You 
only need to choose the cheapest item.

HINT #3:  I'll be clear:  This question is a trap.  Just choose the 
item with the lowest price.

H-042 Camera and a case     
HINT #1:  The math isn't that difficult.  But, there is a small 
catch.  The camera and the case together equal 310 dollars.  The 
difference between the camera and the case is 300 dollars.

HINT #2:  If the case is x dollars, then the camera is x + 300 

HINT #3:  The case and the camera are 310, the camera is 300 more 
than the case.  If the camera were 300 dollars, and the case were 10 
dollars then the difference is 290 dollars.  Have you got it yet?

H-043 3 umbrellas     
HINT #1:  Think clearly about the situation.  It isn't asking you to 
determine the odds that you will grab your umbrella.

HINT #2:  If 2 people grab their own umbrellas, who gets the last 

HINT #3:  Only two people grab the right umbrella.  Is that 

H-044 Stamp puzzle     
HINT #1:  There isn't really any trick to this one.  It's easiest to 
start making groups from the larger 90 and 80 yen stamps.  It's is 
important to make sure that you cut them all in different shapes.

HINT #2:  Even if you can break them up into 100 yen groups, if the 
same shape occurs twice it isn't correct.  I'll give you just one 
answer.  The 4 stamps in the top left corner are one grouping.

HINT #3:  The 90 yen stamp is grouped with the 10 yen on it's right.  
The three central 30 yen stamps are in a group with the 10 yen stamp 
in between them.

H-045 Alien puzzle     
HINT #1:  This tool looks odd to people who see it all the time and 
people who have never seen it before.  What kind of tool puts a hole 
in paper?  It seems to have a needle attached.

HINT #2:  It has a needle to put a hole in paper.  Then it also 
encircles a line around the hole.  It draws a line, so is there some 
kind of pencil attached?

HINT #3:  After people leave school most don't use this tool anymore.  
However, most students have this tool.  It's necessary for math 

H-046 Big star     
HINT #1:  A star is shaped like " ".  It's easy to make a star by 
connecting 5 stars, but try to find the largest, and best shaped 
star.  Try to draw the "largest star."

HINT #2:  In this answer the star shape will be upside down from the 
usual star image, with the top point pointing down.

HINT #3:  The earth we are all standing on is a star!

H-047 Thief's escape route     
HINT #1:  There doesn't seem to be a trick to this puzzle, but try 
tracing a few paths.  Just follow some paths and try making your way 
to each exit.

HINT #2:  What you need to find is an exit where you can't turn at 
the last corner before the exit.  Search for that kind of place.

HINT #3:  If you try to leave the exits near the entrance, namely A, 
G, F, and E, you should quickly determine if you can exit them or 
not.  Which of the last 3 is the answer then?

H-048 Cats and mice     
HINT #1:  5 cats catch 5 mice in 5 minutes.  If there were 10 mice, 
how long would it take 5 cats the catch them?

HINT #2:  The question is not how many minutes it takes to catch 100 
mice.  Read the puzzle again carefully, there may be a trap.

HINT #3:  Think about it from the beginning.  5 cats, 5 mice, 5 
minutes.  In 10 minutes, they would catch 10 mice.  In 20 minutes, 
they would catch 20 mice.  How many cats?

H-049 1000 times puzzle     
HINT #1:  There are only 26 letters in the alphabet.  Try them out 
in order and you'll eventually find the answer.

HINT #2:  It says "1000 times" so it must be related to size.

HINT #3:  This is a unit, or denomination, problem.  What is the 
letter used for units of length?

H-050 OTTF?     
HINT #1:  Of course there is rule for the way they are arranged.  
Think about what that rule might be.

HINT #2:  How many cards are there?  10.  This is a big hint.  Of 
these cards the fifth card is blank.  The letter you should write is 
a letter of the alphabet.  This is also a hint.

HINT #3:  Unfortunately, in order to solve this puzzle requires some 
basic level English ability.  However, don't be distraught.  You 
probably learned this in your very first English lessons.

H-051 A haircut     
HINT #1:  You can't cut your own hair.

HINT #2:  Everyone in town gets there hair cut by these barbers.  
There is no exception.

HINT #3:  Since you can't cut your own hair, then the reason you 
have a bad haircut is the person who cut it for you.

H-052 Find the star     
HINT #1:  This is a puzzle where all you can do is look carefully.  
Look for the exact same shape as the example.  A slightly changed 
shape won't do.

HINT #2:  Look on the left side of the image.

HINT #3:  Look in the upper left area of the image.

H-053 Who ate it?     
HINT #1:  Only one person is lying.  Look again at each brother's 
statement.  If A is lying, then he didn't eat it.  But, then does 
that make someone else's statement a lie?  Think about things this 

HINT #2:  If B is lying, then what A said can't be a lie.  Also, not 
necessarily did only one person eat the fish dinner.

HINT #3:  I'll give you a big hint.  Two brothers ate the fish.  
Think about which brothers that was.  So, the person who is lying 
about that situation is your answer.

H-054 Monster!     
HINT #1:  There are a lot of places in this image that look like 
eyes, but there is only one monster that is about to attack the town.

HINT #2:  The monster is huge.  It is a monster big enough to cover 
the entire town.

HINT #3:  Do you know where the monster is attacking from?  From 

H-055 Cutting bread     
HINT #1:  "You can't make a vertical thing horizontal," is often 
said by lazy people.  But, you might be thinking that way.

HINT #2:  If you keep thinking the way the image is shown, you won't 
find the answer.  Think about ways involving rotating the sandwich 
90 degrees.

HINT #3:  The answer is really simple.  Rotate the sandwich and cut 
it.  You want to make a concave and a convex piece.

H-056 How many turns?     
HINT #1:  Don't pay attention to the example path.  One more hint:  
it doesn't say that you can only enter each room once.  It's okay to 
pass through the same room multiple times.

HINT #2:  Based on the layout and the sample path you aren't 
thinking about making 90 degree turns, are you?  The problem asks 
for number of turns, so of course you will move in straight lines, 
but the angle of each turn is up to you.

HINT #3:  Also, you don't have to go straight ahead to the right 
from the entrance.  Think about entering on a diagonal path.  Don't 
forget you can pass through the same room twice.

H-057 Which cut?     
HINT #1:  If you think about the chain's state, then this isn't too 
hard to figure out.  To make a straight link the end rings will be 
attached to only one other ring, and the middle rings will be 
attached to 2 rings.  If one ring is attached to 3 or more rings, 
then it won't form a straight link.

HINT #2:  There are two ends to a straight link.  Which rings are 
those two?  They are attached to only one other ring.

HINT #3:  If you start with F, it is only attached to E.  The other 
end is A.  So which ring do you need to cut off?

H-058 Ball and blocks 1     
HINT #1:  If you just try moving the ball and blocks around, you'll 
eventually make it to the exit.  In order to use the least amount of 
moves you need to be careful that when moving one block you don't 
make it impossible for another block to move.

HINT #2:  At first you can only move the horizontal blue blocks.  
Move this block up, and then move the small purple blocks 
horizontally next to each other in that space.  Then move the lower 
yellow block to the right.  Now you can move the blocks on the left 
side freely.

HINT #3:  Move the blocks according to hint #2 and you'll see the 
answer.  In order to move the yellow block below the ball you want 
to move the green block on the left side.  To move this you want to 
move the blue block below out of the way.  You should be able to do 

H-059 The longest path?     
HINT #1:  This is a puzzle that looks easy, but really it's very 
simple to make a mistake.  Think about this puzzle with the 
objective of having the least number of untraveled paths.

HINT #2:  The village is full of right angles, so there is one right 
path to follow.  Using corners as your reference, you will need to 
use both long and short straight paths.  Try drawing some paths and 
compare how much untraveled road you leave each time.

HINT #3:  From point A go straight to the left until the last corner, 
then start heading down.  If you make an "S" shape in the center of 
town then your onto the right answer.

H-060 Cat scales     
HINT #1:  You can replace things based on the information in images 
1 and 2.  The key is where you should focus.

HINT #2:  The result of image 2 tells us that 3 red cats are equal 
to 2 blacks and 1 white.  Think about switching those in place of 
the 3 red cats on the left side of the puzzle's scale.

HINT #3:  The results of image 1 show us that 4 white cats are equal 
to 5 black cats.  If you change the white cats on the right side of 
the scale into black cats, then the right side is now made up of 6 
black cats.  Think about this combined with the help from hint #2.

H-061 Cross-shaped puzzle     
HINT #1:  In the cross already shown, there are 24 pins under the 
border lines of the cross.  There are 49 total pins on the board.  
If you do the math of subtracting the 17 and 16 pins requested in 
the puzzle you will find that the correct number of connected pins 
will be 16.  

HINT #2:  There is a limit to the number of cross shapes you can 
make.  When you see a possible position that doesn't seem to meet 
the requirements, try changing your outlook.  Orientation and...

HINT #3:  It's diagonal.  After that it's just about how big to make 
the cross.  Count the pins without making mistakes.

H-062 The note     
HINT #1:  I'll give you a basic hint.  A detective doesn't look at 
things from just one perspective, but from various perspectives.

HINT #2:  There are cases where you need to conceptualize from a 
flipped perspective.  For example, try flipping over the note.

HINT #3:  Try flipping the note around and looking at it upside down.  
These aren't just numbers.  Don't they look a little like letters of 
the alphabet.

H-063 Couple crisis     
HINT #1:  3 items have been dropped.  But, he can only cover two 
things with his hands.  What should he cover?

HINT #2:  He can hide two things, but, really, he just doesn't want 
to show these things to his wife.

HINT #3:  In this case it would be nice if the wife would close her 
eyes.  Right!  To make it so she can't see anything...

H-064 Strange math     
HINT #1:  At first glance, this math looks quite strange, but 
everyone does this usually.  You probably do this kind of math every 
day also.

HINT #2:  8 minus 6 equals 2, is easy to understand.  Think about 
how 8 plus 6 equals 2.  There is an item often around us that we 
look at when we do this kind of math.

HINT #3:  In this kind of math you can only add up to 12.  At least, 
in the way we often think about this in daily life.  However, there 
is also a method which could allow it to go to 24.

H-065 DogBirdTeaTeig     
HINT #1:  Dog, bird, tea have been output in their English meanings.  
But, butterfly was changed into the seemingly meaningless "TEIG".  
That is the key.  This is a code puzzle.  Can dog, bird, and tead be 
written in a different way?

HINT #2:  For example, "dog" can be written as "inu" in either 
hiragana or katakana.  "Dog" is English, but focus on the way 
Japanese is written using the English alphabet.

HINT #3:  Let's write each Japanese word in English letters, "inu", 
"tori", "cha", "chou".  So what are the two katakana characters that 
are related to the computer's output of "EDBI"?

H-066 Birthday     
HINT #1:  So, the point to focus on is when her birthday occurs.  If 
she turns 22 the day after tomorrow, then we know she is 21 today.  
Think about those two points.

HINT #2:  The day after tomorrow.  That one day.  The last year 
covers a large span of time.  A whole year.  A birthday is on a 
specific day, so pay attention to that difference above.

HINT #3:  You've asked this question in the year end period.  Her 
birthday is the day after tomorrow, so it must straddle the new year.  
Right, the day after tomorrow must be next year.

H-067 Chocolate code     
HINT #1:  The missing portions are a hint.  What is the layout of 

HINT #2:  Think of all the hiragana characters.  The 51 characters 
without the characters with " marks.  How are they arranged?

HINT #3:  Arrange the hiragana in syllabary order, and then read in 
the direction of the missing pieces.  If you don't figure it out she 
may get angry at you.

H-068 Pentagon puzzle     
HINT #1:  There aren't any equilateral pentagons in the image.  Find 
and count any five-sided shapes.

HINT #2:  Let's find all the shapes with five corners.  You can 
rotate the image 90 degrees and see the same shapes.  So when you 
find one five-sided shape you could count it four times.

HINT #3:  If you include the inscribed square you can find several 
five-sided shapes.  It's easy to miss the shapes that result when 
you think about cutting off one corner of the exterior square.

H-069 Chocolate 1     
HINT #1:  The question asks for the lowest number of breaks needed, 
but no matter which you go about breaking it apart you get the same 

HINT #2:  If you break apart one chocolate bar once, you get two 
pieces.  If you break one of those two pieces, you know have three 
pieces.  Once more break any piece and after a total of 3 breaks you 
have 4 piece of chocolate.  There seems to be a rule here.

HINT #3:  You can't break two pieces stacked on each other.  
Therefore, size doesn't matter.  If you break any one piece of 
chocolate one time, you will get two pieces.  Think about it this 
way and the answer will come to you.

H-070 Flower vase puzzle     
HINT #1:  This is a puzzle where it's probably faster to just try it 
out rather than reading the hints.  Try starting with the outline 

HINT #2:  You should be able to put together the edge pieces easily.  
In other words, the unnecessary piece is one of the pieces that do 
not go along the edge.

HINT #3:  When you finish the outline there are only two pieces left.  
Try placing them to see which one completes the puzzle.

H-071 Who ate it? 2     
HINT #1:  This is a puzzle about finding the person who ate it, not 
who is lying.  The trick to this kind of puzzle is to go through 
each suspect and assume they are the culprit.  Then go through each 
testimony and see if anything contradicts this.  Give it a try.

HINT #2:  In this situation, regardless of who the culprit is, three 
of the people are lying.  So in a certain case, if it seems that two 
people must be telling the truth, then that suspect can't be the 
actual culprit.  Only one person ate.  It wasn't two people.

HINT #3:  If you've looked this far in the hints then I guess I'll 
have to almost go so far as to tell you the answer.  A and B are 
lying.  Think about it now.

H-072 Bookworm     
HINT #1:  It's important to look closely at the image, but there is 
a system to figuring this out.  Pay close attention to the 
arrangement of the books.  (Book 1 is to the right, then book 2, 
then 3, and 4).

HINT #2:  Think about why the puzzle's description specifically 
mentioned that this is a collection of Japanese literature.  Books 
and magazines are written in both horizontal and vertical script.  
How does the construction of each change based on this layout?

HINT #3:  Japanese literature is written vertically.  This means it 
will be read from right to left.  Modern horizontal writing is read 
from left to right.  Right and left, the way you read through the 
books is different, so, too, the way you open the books is flipped.

H-073 How many can you draw?     
HINT #1:  "You can use the same points multiple times" and "the 
squares can be arranged diagonally".  This means you will probably 
have to do both of these things.

HINT #2:  You can draw squares of three different sizes.  You can 
probably see the smallest size right away.  There are five.

HINT #3:  Find the squares that are angled 45 degrees.  There are 4.  
If you can find the largest size squares then you can answer the 

H-074 Broken glass     
HINT #1:  This puzzle is a little mean.  The actual culprit is 
definitely lying, but it is also possible that other people who 
didn't break it are lying.  Be careful.

HINT #2:  The real criminal is definitely lying.  So, if referring 
to themselves they have to say, "I didn't break it."  In other words, 
B didn't break the window.  Therefore, D must be telling the truth.  
So D can't be the real criminal either.

HINT #3:  If A is telling the truth, then C must be telling the 
truth too.  Which means that no one broke the window?  So, it must 
be that A or C broke the window.

H-075 Solid lines    
HINT #1:  Think about how many lines will meet at each corner point.

HINT #2:  Let's focus on the fact that 3 lines will meet at each 
corner.  When the piece of wire enters a corner and then leaves it, 
this will be two of the lines.  Now, one more line needs to end at 
this corner point.

HINT #3:  There are a total of 8 corners.  From hint #2 we know that 
each of these needs a line to end at it.  One piece of wire has two 


A-001  Where is my village?     
ANSWER:  Northwestern village

A-002 The handle and the hole     

A-003 The mysterious hat     

A-004 Where is my home?     
ANSWER:  The house in the center with a blue roof.

A-005 The digital clock     

A-006 Which is lighter?      
ANSWER:  The answer changes.  Put three weights (for example: #1, #2, 
#3) on one side of the scale.  Then put three more (#4, #5, #6) on 
the other side.  Then press the button to weight them.  
If they are the same: then remove all these weights (#1-#6) and 
place the remaining two (#7, #8) on the scale, weigh them and the 
lighter (i.e. higher) is the answer.  
If one side is lighter in the initial weighing: remove all the 
weights from the heavier side, place one of the three remaining 
weights on the other side of the scale, and take one other off the 
scale, and weigh again, if one side is lighter that is your answer, 
if they are the same then the weight you took off is the answer.

A-007 Wolves and Birds     
ANSWER:  First, take two wolves across then bring one wolf back.  
Next, again take two wolves, and bring one back.  
Next, send two birds across, and bring a bird and a wolf back.  
Next, send two birds across and send one wolf back.  
Next, take two wolves across, and send one back.  
Finally, bring the last two wolves across.

A-008  Planting pay

A-009 Tragedy of the matchstick dog      
ANSWER:  Imagine the dog smashed flat on his belly.  What used to be 
his back is now his right side.  Just move the inner pair of legs up 
and attach them to his right shoulder and hip.  You don't need to 
change their current angle.  It will look something like this: 
 \ /
<| |-
 / \

A-010 Odd one out kanji      
ANSWER: 知 (The other kanji are all formed from shapes that when 
split left and right can be read as katakana)

A-011  Arcs and straight lines     

A-012 Combination squares      
ANSWER:  Cut so that the top piece of the image will be divided such 
that the first row is five blocks across, and the second row 
consists of only the middle block.


A-013 Sinking ship puzzle      

A-014 Playing with chairs      

A-015 Leftover      

A-016 Pen and triangle      

A-017 Odd one out 1      
ANSWER: ジェリア  (This is the card which is directly above and 
between the two cards at the bottom of the screen.

A-018 Grabbers and garbage      
ANSWER: Move the central horizontal stick half a length to the left.  
Then move the upper right vertical stick to below the left end of 
the horizontal match making the claw part of the image down-facing 
over the piece of garbage.

A-019 Crowded garage     
ANSWER:  (Note:  I'll refer to the cars as vert.(ical) and 
hor.(izontal) to denote the direction they are facing)
: Move the hor. car above the red car to the right.
: Move the two vert. cars in front of the red car up.
: Move the red car to the right.
: Move the vert. car in the bottom left corner up.
: Move the two hor. cars in the bottom left to the left.
: Move the vert. car in the top center(the left one)to the bottom.
: Move the red car to the left.
: Move the vert. car in the center to the bottom.
: Move the two cars in the top right corner to the left.
: Move the vert. car in front of the red car and the vert. car in 
front of the exit to the top.
: Move the red car out the exit to the right.

A-020 Commuting enemies      
ANSWER: Starting clockwise from A - Person A goes: down, right, down, 
down, left, left, down, down, right to the end, and up.  Person B 
goes: down, down, down.  Person C goes:  right, down, down, down, 
left, left, down, left to the other C.  Person D goes:  up, left, up, 
up, left to the end, down, down, down, and right.

A-021 A pill a day      

ANSWER:  Start one rope at the top left post and run it to the left 
of the center pig and to the right of the middle pig on the bottom.  
Run another rop from the top right post along the right side of the 
center pig and to the left of the middle pig on the bottom.  Finally 
run a rope between the two posts that are just below and to the 
outside of the top pigs on the left and right, it should make a line 
above the center pig.

-Pour the 8l into the 5l.  
-Pour the 5l into the 3l.  
-Pour the 3l back into the 8l.  
-Pour the 5l into the 3l.  
-Pour the 8l into the 5l.  
-Pour the 5l into the 3l.  
-Pour the 3l into the 8l.

-Pour the 10l into the 7l.  
-Pour the 7l into the 3l.  
-Pour the 3l back into the 10l.  
-Pour the 7l into the 3l.
-Pour the 3l back into the 10l. 
-Pour the 7l into the 3l. 
-Pour the 10l into the 7l.  
-Pour the 7l into the 3l.  
-Pour the 3l into the 10l.

A-025 Coin triangle      
ANSWER:  Move the top coin to the right of the coin right side of 
the coin immediately below on the right.  Move the coin at the 
bottom right corner below and between the center pair of coins on 
the bottom row.  Move the bottom left corner coin up to form the top 
left corner of the down-pointing triangle.

A-026 In the jar      
ANSWER:  59 

A-027 Next seat     
ANSWER:  Clockwise from the top: 1, 3, 6, 4, 2, 5.

A-028 Where is the mark?     
ANSWER:  The correct dot is in the same place as where the red dot 
is now in the left image of image B.

A-029 5 suspects     

A-030 Written in one stroke?     
ANSWER:  The house looking image is the answer.

A-031 Horse-racing puzzle     

A-032 Splitting candy     
ANSWER:  100

A-033 Light it up     
ANSWER: Circle the match.

A-034 Strange letter     
ANSWER:  12 カナダ、イタリア、イラク、ウガンダ、イラン、ヨルダン、オーストリー、

A-035 Strange dots    

A-036 Multiplying like mice      

A-037 Brother and sister     
ANSWER:  6 and 6

A-038 On an airplane     
ANSWER: Onomimono, (circle the drink)

A-039 Written in one stroke 2     
ANSWER: The hat cannot be drawn.

A-040 How old is dad?     

A-041 Cheapest     

A-042 Camera and a case     

A-043 3 umbrellas     

A-044 Stamp puzzle     
-Top left 4 stamps in a square shape.
-Top right 10 and 60 with the immediately below 20 and the 10 to the 
-The three central 30 and the 10 between them.
-On the left edge, the straight line of the 10, 80, and 10.
-On the bottom, next to the above shape, the 20, 70, and 10.
-Below the central 30's and 10 group, the 90 and the 10 in a 
horizontal group.
-On the right side, in a left-bending L-shape, from the top, 20, 40, 
10, and 30.

A-045 Alien puzzle     
ANSWER: コンパス

A-046 Big star     
ANSWER: Connect the four largest stars in the sky with the top of 
the tree in the center of the screen.  Each point of the star will 
have two lines coming from it and running to the two points opposite 

A-047 Thief's escape route     

A-048 Cats and mice     

A-049 1000 times puzzle     

A-050 OTTF?     

A-051 A haircut     

A-052 Find the star     
ANSWER: The star is in the upper left hand side, but separated from 
the edge of the image.  The "T" of "Touch" runs alongside the 
bottom-right leg of the star.  The top-left leg of the star goes 
from the point: gray, white, gray.  The top leg goes from the point: 
white, black, white.

A-053 Who ate it?     

A-054 Monster!     
ANSWER:  Place the knife over the image that looks like moon in the 
upper left side.

A-055 Cutting bread     

A-056 How many turns?     

A-057 Which cut?     

A-058 Ball and blocks 1     
-Move the blue block in the top right up.
-Move the two purple blocks into the space below it.  
-Move the bottom yellow block to the right.
-Move the bottom blue block down and to the right.
-Bring the green block down to the bottom.
-Move the top yellow block to the left.
-Move the red ball down as far as possible.
-Move the tope yellow block back to the right.
-Move the green block back up.
-Move the bottom blue block to the left.
-Take the ball to the exit hole.

A-059 The longest path?     
ANSWER:  Go straight from the start to the left until the end.  Then 
go down to the second intersection.  Go to the right until the 
second intersection and go up one block.  Then go left one block, up 
one block, and right to end.  Now go down to the bottom of the map, 
and then turn and go all the way to the left to point B.

A-060 Cat scales     
ANSWER:  The left side.

A-061 Cross-shaped puzzle     
ANSWER:  Turn the cross diagonally.  The ends of the protruding legs 
will span from one corner of the example cross to the next corner.  
The inner corners of the legs will form a V-shape at the end of the 
legs of the example cross.

A-062 The note     
ANSWER: Circle the man on the left side.

A-063 Couple crisis     
ANSWER:  Move the hands to cover the wife's eyes.

A-064 Strange math     

A-065 DogBirdTeaTeig     
ANSWER: ヒト (hito, person)

A-066 Birthday     
ANSWER:  1  /  2

A-067 Chocolate code     
ANSWER:  だいすき (daisuki)

A-068 Pentagon puzzle     

A-069 Chocolate 1     

A-070 Flower vase puzzle     
ANSWER:  The piece at 1 o'clock is the unnecessary piece.  The piece 
at 10 o'clock goes in the center of the vase.

A-071 Who ate it? 2     

A-072 Bookworm     

A-073 How many can you draw?     

A-074 Broken glass     

A-075 Broken glass     

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