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Asked: 6 years ago

How do I get past level 8?

I cant get past level 8 on barbie and the 12 dancing princesses i can jump on top of something because its too high and the books dont help either and none of the other effects wouldnt help either.
How do i jump on top?

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I have got there but i am so sorry i don't rember well have you tried the ribbon?

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Just use the last one (speed) and there you go but on the mirror I don't now

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My daughter is having the same problem in the clock we have tried all but cannot get up its just too high. Please help!!

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Same problem - any one have an answer - my two girls are getting fustrated

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Can you help me i cant get past the last level 8 it to hard.

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Okay, to pass that part you need to use the red icon on your touch screen. When that is selected, go on to the highest ledge and hold down the Y button and run. Jump as you get to the end of that ledge and you should land on the ledge at the other side!
I hope this is helpful!! :)

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