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This is my first walkthrough so don’t be mad!!
Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel				
Started: December 31, 2007~Monday

Written by~Cathirgirl16- you can reach me at Cathiegirl16@gmail.com 

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(Up=north, down=south, left=west, and right=east)

***Getting Started:
*The Dream
*Higurashi Shrine 
*Bone Eaters Well
*InuYasha’s Forest
*Kaede’s Village/Home
*Mikage Creek
*Kaede’s Village
*Masuko Village
*Mt. Habaki
*Jinenji’s Home
*Minatori Village
*Mountain Pass
*Yamasachi Village
*Sara’s Village
*Sakata Village 
*Feudal Era/Sakata Village  
*InuYasha’s Forest
*Osore Valley Cave
*Hiba Village
*Northern Lands
*Susuki Plains Village
*Demon Fortress/Mt. Mansetsu Fortress
*Mt. Mansetsu
*Mitsurugi Shrine
*Sugagaki Shrine
*Datara’s Shrine
*500 Years Ago
*Izoyio’s Castle
*Kagome’s/Janis’ Time
*Tempest Tower
*Final Battle

*The Dream
Janis has a dream about a place…where she is certain that she has been there
before, and then she thinks it’s Tokyo, but then “where is the skyscrapers” she
said. Then these things come out and she sees this man and she KNOWS him she

*Higurashi Shrine
 Talk to the girls at the bottom of the screen and they tell you how to get to
Kagome’s leave the school and go to the top house. When you get to Higurashi
Shrine, talk to Kagome’s grandfather and he will tell Kagome has a sudden
illness and that she could be possessed. Go left then u should come across a
shrine and a sign, read the sign and go up to the shrine and u can’t get in, so
go down (cut scene) and then someone called Monk Sen saved you and then you go
through the well and then you end up in the feudal era…
*InuYasha’s Forest
So you enter the Feudal Era and you have no idea where you are so you walk left
then down then you eventually end up at the tree where Monk Sen is at the tree
and a (cut scene). After the cut-scene is done you know have Shikioni, and know
you can protect yourself. Then go down after your finished talking and then you
are free to walk, go down then you will be at Kaede’s Village…

*Kaede’s Village
When you finally reach Kaede’s Village-just go south when you come out of
InuYasha’s Forest-you will meet a man who runs into you and then runs away
like a mad man. After that happens go where he ran and you will meet Kaede.
Then you will have a cut-scene and then Kaede will tell you where Kagome is
and then when you leave the Village go south and then when you se a bridge
go across and you will be at Mikage Creek…

*Mikage Creek
As soon as you get there go down and the you will meet Sango and Miroku and as
usual he asks Janis to bear his child. Sango gets mad then they storm off to
the left (go that way!!!!!!!) after you go left then you go down and then go
left again when you can go down again, go down then you should meet Kagome and
	After you talk an Ice Demon shows up along with Inuyasha. After you 
	fight Miroku and Sango show up then Janis picks up the Shikion jewel
	shard, then faints…

*Kaede’s Village
When you wake up you find yourself in Kaede’s home and everyone around it’s a 
cut-scene, then Sango and Miroku leaves you find yourself outside wondering 
what if you should go on the journey, when you hear someone call your name-but
before you go to the right of where your standing look around the village and 
you will find Sango and Miroku talking-after this then head off you will hear
Monk Sen’s voice and you be at the tree (cut scene) then Monk Sen tells you 
to learn more about the power of Kumai and find Mt. Habaki…

 *Masuko Village
 When you first enter this Village, it is very unstable because of war. When 
you first enter talk to the first man standing there called Yasuke, he tells 
you that a war might break out…when you get done taking to him go right then
go up then right keep going till you go down then right again go up (cut 
scene). Then after that’s done you have to beat the lord Masuko because in 
fact a demon, a giant bug. Soon after you beat him it’s another cut-scene then
another battle, then you have to find out where the demonic presence is coming
from. Ok so go right then follow the path to the right enough you will meet a
guard and battle him then go up and go right. Leads you into an underground 
passage, when you first enter go right and then you will meet up with the 
Princess Usuba, now you have to fight her. After you defeat her, another 
cut-scene regarding Mt. Habaki…

*Mt. Habaki 
  Now were off to Mt. Habaki first go up from where Masuko Village is into the 
mountain area. When you go up go right then when you have a choice of going 
left or right, go left. Then go up and right then down. Cut-scene then when 
you go inside there is a bright light and the rock breaks and now you can go 
in the passage way…then Monk Sen goes outside and sees a priestess Kikyo…
this is how I got myself through go left when you first enter and go right 
then you will have to go to the left then right and down and you will find 
the statue of the God of Habaki. After you have this now you can go back 
the way you came and then come out where you made your first right go left 
and there the God of Habaki will be but then you put the statue in and then
you will meet him this follows into a cut-scene. Now leave and go down over 
the bridge and into Jinenji’s Home…

*Jinenji’s Home
When you get to Jinenji’s Home you can ask him about some Herbs, but before you
leave you should talk to his mother because she will tell you to go to the
south…and as soon as you try to leave you can’t because a man runs in telling
her that a baboon is terrorizing the village…then they know it has to be Naraku
so when you promise the little man that you help you leave and it’s Kohaku 
(Sango’s little brother). So Miroku and Sango leave to chase him and now you 
can only use Kagome, Inuyasha, Shippo, and Janis…to get to Minatori Village 
you just go south and then go across the bridge…(but before you stock up on
a lot of items..)

*Minatori Village
 When you reach Minatori Village you have to find Naraku, so go right and then
cross the bridge. After you cross the bridge you have to fight Naraku (I
suggest to level up to at least 14-15, if not already there), but he is pretty
tough so stock up on healing items. After you defeat him you will get another
cut-scene and then go up to where Jinenji’s is then go right, cross the bridge.
Once you cross the bridge there is nothing but grass and mountains go up, and 
you will see a path leading into the mountains go there…

*Mountain Pass
When you come across there are many ways to go to get items but I just went 
straight through so you can explore or just go ahead, so go up then left, next
you come across a rock in the road go above it, then you can go up or down go 
up then to the up then left then just go right until you have to go left when
you see the grass and then you should see a cliff. You go left then up then
right you get it so just follow the path and when you reach the long straight
way your almost out just go down and to your left and yay! Were out…go up to 
the closest Village, and now we are at Yamasachi Village…

*Yamasachi Village
When you first enter it may look likes theres nothing to do but if you go far
enough right then you will find something also before you go to far right there
is an inn with a man out-side it (he’s the one not smoking the pipe). After 
this happens Inuyasha is gone now we have to find him…ok so when you leave go
up and then to your left a little and you will see an abandoned shrine, covered
with fog, just follow the path. When you get to the end Kikyo appears and it
seems she wants to destroy you, before that happens Monk Sen comes out and 
saves the day! So head back to the group and now were off to Yamasachi village
and now follow the path before and then another cut-scene, and we have to find
Sara’s Lair…

*Sara’s Lair
How to find Sara’s Lair you go west from Yamasachi Village. To find Sara you go
left until you can go up then go up and then left and there you go now you must
beat Sara. After you beat Sara you have to go through her Lair and go to the 
left and follow the path (tan road) to the north. Now we are off the Sakata 

*Sakata Village
Ok so you want to go to the far right and but a permit from the store where the
man, woman, and tower are. If you go down all the way then go left you will see
a boy who is hungry if you give him potato chips then he will give you an 
adamant (diamond). Then go up and you will sense a demonic aura of the dead so
talk to the man in the most north house and then leave go right you will see 
soul. You perform a service and then leave the village for now…you should go 
back to Kagome and Janis’ time and take your midterms by passing through the 
checkpoint and going back to InuYasha’s Forest…

*InuYasha’s Forest
Go back to InuYasha’s Forest and then you should be able to go back and take
your midterms, but something isn’t quite right…after you’re done those exams.
Ok but before that happens you should go to your house which is below Kagome’s
house the one with the red roof. And you should get a cut-scene with Monk Sen.
When you get out of your exams Inuyasha is waiting for you he tells you that
there is a demon scent and it is coming from the park…

When you first enter the park a couple runs out screaming “Monster!!” there are
also parents and kids in the park but they are clueless to what is going on. 
When you go into the park go straight up and you will eventually end up going 
to Monk Sen’s shrine. Now you have to remove a series of seals and they are 
set up at the little shrines around the park. Sorry I can’t tell you where they
are but they are easy to find! Then after you remove all the seals you have to
beat the boss which is located at the top of the park to the left…

*Feudal Era/Sakata Village
“Jurobei” is the inn that you want to stay at after you get back from Kagome 
and Janis’ world. Ok when you stay at this inn Janis has that dream again, and
Kagome wakes you up saying that there is a Jewel Shard nearby and Naraku is 
too! So leave the inn and go straight down and make a left.  Then you have to
go to the place where the dead soul was wandering (if you don’t know where that
is when you turn left you come across a fork in the road and go up). Then 
another cut-scene, now you have to fight her. Now when you defeat her you have 
to fight Akagne, a very powerful demon. When you beat him leave and go to 
Mountain Pass and you will meet Sesshomaru, follow him out the way he went and
 you came in. now you have to go back to InuYasha’s Forest…

* InuYasha’s Forest
First go into InuYasha’s Forest when you can go left or right go right and you
will meet Hachi. Now we can go to the starting from the checkpoint go to your 
left and when you see mountains to the north of you that make up a circle that 
you couldn’t get to normally. Drop down don’t worry you can get back by going 
to the southern end and where there are two little brown things stinking up 
just go in that and Hachi will give you a ride…when you drop down go north then
you will see a cave go in and you should find villagers. The cave is called 
Osore Valley Cave…

*Osore Valley Cave
When you enter when you can go north and talk to that villager, his name is 
Goro, he tells that a boy went to Osore Valley in a hurry. When you get done
talking to him go right if you go down talk to the old couple, and they tell
you nothing important. Just keep following the path until your outside, and
then go right then down. Follow the path until you meet Kohaku. Ok so leave
the cave and go to the where you found Kohaku, but go down. Follow the path
until you get to where you can go left and right go right. Keep following 
the path and you should meet Akagne with Kohaku and you are supposed to lose.
Once you beat him Kagura will come and take Kohaku and now we go back through
the Cave and then go to where the very end of the path so then talk to Hachi
and leave and go to Hiba Village…

*Hiba Village
To get to Hiba Village you go all the way right and you should see a little 
village in the corner of the map and so make Hachi drop down (hit A). then go 
into the village talk to the gut out side the house to the left and then go 
down then go all the way right and you will see a old lady praying talk to 
her and she will repeat the name Datara over and over thanking him for his
goodness. When you are done talking to her go up and enter the house with the
puppy outside it and you will meet a man and then you will ask who is that 
woman out side praying…now he tells you that you have to go up north. When you
leave if you head up and to the left a bit and you will see a bridge, cross it,
and you will see a patch of tan grass go in talk to Hachi and then you will be
able to go to the northern lands…

*Northern Lands     
This place has a lot to do…Hachi is tried and he won’t fly you back until you
did everything. Start by going right into the Susuki Plains Village and talking
to the man in the house to the very top after Kagome talks. Then you have to 
right until you find another castle/fort and it’s close to the top a bit too…
when you get there you have found the Demon Fortress…

*Demon/Mt. Mansetsu Fortress
When you enter the Fortress go right and pick up the remedy, and then go right
and through the door release the people from the Demon Blood Binding Spell,
after you do that go straight back and through the mountains, Mt. Mansetsu.

*Mt. Mansetsu
In the mountains you go straight and then right, and follow it until you go 
down then it leads you out and then go right to the next section. You go up and
to the right and then keep going till you get to where you go down or up go up.
If you keep following the path and keep going up. Then go up then you will
eventually go down and then out, when you’re out go to the right. When you
enter the next section go to the left then up then go to the right and you 
will find a dragon remedy. After that go down and follow it to the right then
the next section and were are almost out! Go straight then go to the far left,
and then down then just keeping left until you are at the wall. After you 
basically hit the wall go then down when you can then go left. Then go right
after you get out of the cave and then go into the next section then it should
be a straight line up and you are finally out!!! Now go left when you reach the
top of the lake where you can go left and right, go right. There is Datara’s
Shrine ahead then you will get another cut-scene. When the cut-scene is done
you have to stay in the Shrine and go to the far left then up, and then the
far right and up to get the Keys of Gods…

*Mitsurugi Shrine (I suggest you level up to level 45 and up.)
 To get to Mitsurugi Shrine, you have to go up from where Datara’s Shrine…now 
when you enter go straight then go right. Next sections follow the path until 
you see a yellow circle in the room. Now follow then path and then left until 
you find another circle, go through that and follow the path until you can go 
down go down and then right. Go through the circle and then go down right and 
then go up then to your right and through the circle. Go down and then you can
get the high remedy (very helpful!) then go to the right across the bridge. Now
go up to the first circle, when you get out of the circle go left then cross 
another bridge. Then you will be in the final room until you get to Mitsurugi.
If you think you are ready to beat him to through the circle that is closest to
the stone tablet…if you beat him Congratulations! You are now one step closer
to finding Datara. Now you are off to find the next spirit, called Sugagaki…

*Sugagaki Shrine
If you are ready to beat Sugagaki then go all the way to the north then go to
the left and you will see a body of water go to the edge of the water and there
is her shrine-so hard to find!-just go down that’s all you do down, down, down,
and down…when you finally reach her just do the same thing go through the
yellow circle and then there she is. After you beat her now you have the two
keys of the Gods, when you’re ready go to Datara’s Shrine again…

*Datara’s Shrine
When you enter the Shrine Monk Sen will be gone and you can go through when you
enter the door, you almost beat the game! Ok so big cut-scene I won’t tell you
what happens, but you get the picture.
  Head back and talk to Hachi, refuse his first offer to go back to the
Southern Lands, and then he say I’ll fly you around here take the offer. Now 
fly back up to Datara’s Shrine (unless you feel like going up the long way) so
enter and there should be Mitsurugi and Susuki there and tell you that Tsugmi
and Datara were living long ago, 500 years ago to be in fact. They ask you if
you want to go back 500 years ago, say yes now your off to the past…

*500 Years Ago
 When you awake you are in the past and in Izoyio’s Castle, this is in fact 
InuYasha’s mother. The gang asks’ but he refuses it. Leave the castle by going
left then when you get the cut-scene go down and leave. Now you have to go to 
all the way right to the other village (I forgot what it was called…sry) but 
then you explore and you get many cut-scenes but you ask the villagers about 
Tsugmi she is not here. Then leave and go back to Izoyio’s Castle…

*Izoyio’s Castle
When you first enter everything is on fire! Just keep left then up when you see
a rock in the middle of nothing, then go up and you see Kamui Meteor Shower 
being used by…Tsugmi!!! Now you have to lead her to the Shrine with the Demon
Mask in it. Go across the bridge to the left, then up and around then straight
down to the Shrine. Go in side the shrine and follow the path.
Next Day: 
  so when you get done go back to the village you will find demons everywhere
and things on fire if you follow the path right the you will eventually meet
Datara and Gorai and the villagers then defeat one of the demons of Misfortune.
Then you should get a cut-scene. Then you will find out what really happened
and be sent back to the present day (feudal era). You should be at Datara’s 
Shrine and then go down Mt. Mansetsu and talk to Hachi again first refuse and
then say yes and go to the middle of the rock mountain towards the middle
leaning to the left and go in. Monk Sen will be standing guard at the final
battles. You will have to battle him twice!!! After you beat him twice
cut-scene now you have to find his blood…

*Kagome’s/Janis’ Time
You have to go to the park again, so then where you first meet his shrine go
there and now it’s a maze but if you go to the right you meet a wall eventually
but if you go left that’s not the case so go left and up until you come to his
Blood. Now that you have it go back to the Northern Lands**if you want you can
do the New Moon Cave now instead of doing it first! 

*Tempest Tower
Do the same things to enter it in the first place talk to Monk Sen and you will
get a cut-scene. Now you can enter the tower you can’t go in then middle so go
in the right first and go over the green circle and now the middle door should
be open then go up the stairs and second floor go right (I think) then that’s
where the switch is now you can go through the third floor door which was lock.
And then you go to the left (third floor) and through the door there should be
only two platforms the one you went through has the door but it’s locked so go
to the right and there is how you get to the other platform to hit the switch
and now you can go through the door that was once locked. Now the final battle
almost begins you have to reface the Mitsurugi and Susuki they aren’t much of a
challenge I thought when you beat them now the final battle begins you against
Datara and Gorai…

*Final Battle
When you first begin your battle you get a cut-scene I think and you have to
battle Datara who is you biggest threat and Gorai. Take out both of them if you
can but Datara doesn’t attack every turn but when he does look out it kills. 
Gorai is the most annoying he attacks more but less threatening. Good luck! 

After you beat the game Janis has to move they don’t see each other but Kagome
writes and she keeps in touch and is very happy they went on this journey…

Oh and yes they did get the Jewel Shard back and thanks for playing and 

This Walkthrough is Copyright (c) Cathirgirl16.