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Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja by Cipriano Rodriguez Jr.
4/17/2007 - Version 1.10


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To make searching easier, since this is somewhat of a lengthly FAQ, there have
been search codes added in the Table of Contents. Use CTRL + F and enter the 
code to jump to that part.

Table of Contents                                                   [IZ.00.00]

* Table of Contents.................................................[IZ.00.00]
* History and Next Version..........................................[IZ.01.01]
* Introduction and How to Play the Game.............................[IZ.02.01]
* Walkthrough.......................................................[IZ.03.01]
  * The Troubles Begin..............................................[IZ.03.02]
  * Snake Hole......................................................[IZ.03.03]
  * Wind Corridor...................................................[IZ.03.04]
  * Shakugan Cavern.................................................[IZ.03.05]
  * Tokofuyu Cave...................................................[IZ.03.06]
  * Zekuu Path......................................................[IZ.03.07]
  * Maze of Gods....................................................[IZ.03.08]
  * Singularity.....................................................[IZ.03.09]
* Character List....................................................[IZ.04.01]
* Enemy List........................................................[IZ.05.01]
* Trap List.........................................................[IZ.06.01]
* Items.............................................................[IZ.07.01]
  * Inventory.......................................................[IZ.07.02]
  * Equipment.......................................................[IZ.07.03]
  * Talismans.......................................................[IZ.07.04]
* Secrets...........................................................[IZ.08.01]
  * Village of the Gods.............................................[IZ.08.02]
  * Path of Trials..................................................[IZ.08.03]
  * Limiter Removed Gods............................................[IZ.08.04]
* FAQ...............................................................[IZ.09.01]
* Tips..............................................................[IZ.10.01]
* Conclusion........................................................[IZ.11.01]

History and Next Version                                            [IZ.01.01]

Version 1.00 (3/1/2007) - Everything is brand new. (40.8KB)
Version 1.10 (4/17/2007) - Updated monster list, added their gold and money
values, also added the two missing claws that are only from Path of Trials.
This should cover all that I set out to cover. (43.9KB) 

Introduction and How to Play the Game                               [IZ.02.01]

Before we start, let us make some things clear:

* This FAQ is designed for the English version of the game only. If you have
the import version and need help with something, don't ask me. I am not your
personal Japanese help-desk.
* This game is very strict when it comes to saves. You can only retain a
permanent save in the village, and your dungeon saves are temporary. The game
also overwrites everytime you enter and leave a dungeon because it saves
automatically to prevent any cheating. Please keep this in mind.
* This game is a Roguelike, although many question it's quality of one. If
you do not know what a roguelike is, you might want to check out some games
such as Nethack, ADOM, Azure Dreams (PSX), Nightmare of Druaga (PS2), or even
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. The basic premise of this game is to go into the 
dungeon, go down the floors to find the boss, kick the above mentioned boss'
behind, then move on to your next dungeon after restocking and repairing.
* You can only play as Izuna.
* If you cannot beat up a Boss or monster, try to level up. Level plays an
important factor for Izuna.
* Never be afraid to run away and restart the dungeon. You lose your progress,
but you get to keep your items and level. The stronger you can become, the 
easier time you will have with the bosses.
* Even if you die and lose everything, your level is still retained. Equipment
is easily found when you travel through the dungeons, so don't be worried.
* It is impossible to provide a walkthrough of where to go, what items are
where, and so forth. This is because the dungeons are randomly generated each
time you enter, so there is no way to say "Yes you will find Haja Blades in
the northwest corridor of Floor 2." because that might not be true!

Now let us go over how you play the game:

+ Control Pad - Moves Izuna
A Button - Attack / Talk / Confirm
B Button - Hold to Dash while moving / Cancel
Y Button - Lock Position (Hold the Y button to change Izuna's direction while
not moving at all) / Sort Items
X Button - Open and Close the menu. Select multiple items at certain shops.
L Button - Shortcuts
R Button - Lock Movement (Hold to prevent Izuna from moving in any direction 
but diagonally)
L + R Buttons - Skip (Stay put and pass your turn)
START - Start the game (When at Title Screen)

There are also some advanced combinations that some might not know about:

L + A Buttons - Throw Shuriken
L + B Buttons - Ignite Bomb
L + X Buttons - Throw Kunai
L + Y Buttons - Lay Caltrops
R + Y Buttons - Lock Position (Hold the R and Y buttons to change Izuna's
direction to diagonals only)

Walkthrough                                                         [IZ.03.01]

The Troubles Begin                                                  [IZ.03.02]

The game starts off with telling the history of a village, about how battles
between demons and people are over, and how the Gods that everyone worshipped
and feared were fading away from everyone's hearts. Much like the Gods, ninjas
are finding themselves without a role in the world. Thus, four ninjas decided
to find a new home...

The four ninjas enter Kamiari village seen in the prologue, and after a very
minor discussion, decide to live there from now on. Of course, the young
female of the bunch, Izuna, quickly objects to it due to being a million miles
from nowhere. Although she quickly compromises because she is plain exhausted.

Shino, Mitsumoto, and Izuna decide to go tour the village for a while. After
they are done, and have decided it is really satisfactory, Shino tells Izuna
to go find Grandboss Gen-An. Izuna objects at first, but since nobody else
wants to bother with it, she has no choice. Thus begins the first objective.

Head north to the Shrine and a cutscene will commence. Izuna spots a shiny gem
and since nobody is around she decides to snatch it for herself. Immediately
upon doing so, Gen-An appears and looks to be troubled. An omnious voice then
says that everyone is going to pay for the one crime that was committed. This
may seem like nothing, but suddenly Gen-An isn't acting like himself! It is
somehow brought to Izuna's attention by Mitsumoto that if you upset the gods,
they will place a curse upon the village (how does he know this...?). The
Innkeep, Ume, shouts to Izuna that if she does not earn the forgiveness of
the Gods, they will be charged 300 times the normal fare, per night! Izuna
decides it is time to make a getaway, and tries to carry Gen-An. However, he
has completely changed and doesn't even recognize Izuna anymore! Izuna
asks Shino for some help, and gets slapped! Mitsumoto goes on about something
pointles like the end of the world. What is going on here!? Nobody is acting
normal!! The village elder runs by and screams "It's a curse!!" Izuna wisely
catches onto this and knows the gods must be up to something. So she is
determined to set things straight by kicking their butts. So the real game

Snake Hole                                                          [IZ.03.03]

So, at this point you can walk around talking to the villagers and what not.
However all of them are cursed, so your options are very limited. At any rate,
the lower right part of this village is where you want to be. Inside the cave
known as Snake Hole is where the God of Earth, Shuuchi, resides. Talk to the
old man standing under a house in the southern part of the village. He warns
you not to enter the cave as it is not wise to upset the gods any further.
Of course we don't care what he thinks, so in we go!

It is with great interest that you only engage enemies in a 1 on 1 setting.
The best way to do this is to lure them into narrow passageways so that you
will not be so easily overswarmed by monsters and get wiped out instantly.

Since this is the first dungeon of the game, one would expect it to be rather
easy. However this is a roguelike, so it may be a little easy, but not enough
for the casual gamer.

There are a variety of monsters in the game, and of course Snake Hole would
possess the weakest of them all.

A monster to make note of are Frogguns, these are frogs that lay eggs when
they are killed. Their eggs then hatch into Tadduns if you attack them. While
they are the best source of experience and money in the game, they are also
very strong as well. It would probably be wise for you to ignore Tadduns for
a while.

Snake Hole consists of 6 Floors. 5 Floors you get to freely explore and then
the final floor is a battle against Shuuchi. Shuuchi doesn't have any special
tricks up his sleeve, but he can use his Iai Slash to attack you from a slight
distance. An easy way to stop this attack though is to have your back to a
wall. Shuuchi's Iai Slash goes through you, but if there is nowhere for him
to end up at, he cannot do the attack. Kick his butt then proceed to the next

Wind Corridor                                                       [IZ.03.04]

After you defeat Shuuchi, you are granted the Orb of Earth. You can use this
on Tsubaki the Shrine Maiden in the West side of the village to open up the
well deserved storage feature. She can hold up to 120 items and 999,999,999
money. You can also use it on Katsutake (go north from Tsubaki's position) who
resides in the Mining Area.

The basic goal is to talk to the village elder, Takechiyo, to find out about
the next god. You also should talk to everyone you uncurse, so you can get
access to the next dungeon. The Wind Corridor is on the left side of the
village, there is usually a fellow walking back and forth next to it.

Since all the basics are covered, I will stop being so detailed on what you
have to do, as nobody likes reading lengthly sentences that don't do much for
you. You should also use the Orbs on every villager that is still cursed
whenever you defeat a god. A lot of the villagers don't do anything, but it
never hurts to uncurse them. You should also talk to everyone again before you
enter the next dungeon.

Back to the matter at hand, Wind Corridor is also 6 floors deep. Fuuka, the
Goddess of Wind, protects the Orb of Wind. She has a nasty attack, Senpu Kick,
that confuses Izuna everytime (unless you have something to guard it). When
you are confused you will most likely not move or attack where you want to.
Although you can still throw Shuriken and other throwable items without any

Notable enemies in this dungeon are the Tentaball. It uses an attack that may
Anchor Izuna. While anchored, Izuna cannot move. It goes away after a while
though so don't worry too much. Talisbeast can sometimes throw a Talisman at
you. If your equipment's Talisman slots are full, it will hit Izuna and level
her down. If they aren't, it will stick into your weapon and level it down.
Ittan Momen can wrap itself around Izuna and hit her with Seal. While Sealed,
you are unable to use any Talismans for the duration of the floor. There is
also the Departed Soul, which can use "Boo" to sap away Izuna's SP. The
lower your SP is, the less damage you deal out. Take them out ASAP. Chibi
Marimo is something that you usually will not have to worry about. However,
if there are monsters nearby and the Marimo is not chasing you, it may decide
to eat them instead. If this happens it will level up to Super Marimo, and
cause much more hassle. Drowsy Shrooms can put Izuna to sleep. As you can tell
this dungeon is mostly about status effects and ruining poor Izuna's life.

Anyway, beat up Fuuka when you get the chance, collect the Orb of Wind, and 
move on.

Shakugan Cavern                                                     [IZ.03.05]

Shakugan Cavern is located to the north of Tsubaki, in the Mining Area. It is
on the north part, with a sign saying Authorized Personnel only, unless you
are here for Shakugan Cavern.

Shakugan Cavern is 11 floors, and the god that governs is Kagen, God of Fire.

Beware of Red Lanterns, these are the beginnings of much hell for Izuna's gear
as they "Purify" some talismans on Izuna's equipment. There are a few upgrades
to monsters.

This is also the beginning of traps appearing in dungeons. From this point
onward, the next dungeons will have traps in them. Traps are very nasty, and
there are only one or two beneficial traps. They be covered later.

Kagen is a very beastly fellow, his fire combo does 400 a hit, so this will
easily wipe out the unprepared. It is at this time when you should seriously
start using Awakening Pills for the god battles (as they last for the entire
floor), and using status effects on them.

Once you manage to defeat Kagen, collect the Orb of Fire and get out of there.

Tokofuyu Cave                                                       [IZ.03.06]

Tokofuyu Cave is located on the northern part of the village, a little bit
away from Tsubaki (she seems to be a reference point to a lot of dungeons!).
There is a rock path for you to take there.

Tokofuyu Cave is also 11 floors, the god that reigns over it is Suiren, the
Goddess of Water. 

Not being content with status effects and burning away talismans, a few new
baddies appear. Kappas spray steam at Izuna, which makes her sweaty. If she
is sweaty, she cannot wear anything. This is bad for you. Karakasa Boys also
will splash Izuna with water. No, this doesn't make her wet and soggy. What
it does is wash off any Talismans you have on your equipment. They go into
your inventory or the floor, depending on whether you have room.

Suiren is not too difficult, she can attack you from a vast distance with her
water balls though. I'm not too sure if they do anything, I would expect
probably she washes away your talismans as well. When you beat her, gather the
Orb of Water and keep going what you've been doing.

Zekuu Path                                                          [IZ.03.07]

In the Shrine Area (where Izuna first swiped the gem that started this whole
mess), there is a cave between two bamboo trees. That cave is Zekuu Path.

Zekuu path is 16 floors, it is quite the journey to go through! The god that
manages this dungeon is Utsuho, God of Air (apparently, Air as in void).

Akanames run in this dungeon. They don't do much aside from devouring the LUV
of your weapons from time to time. 

To be honest, I don't remember much of Utsuho... at this point I had a decent
Houshin Blade so I was able to cut him down rather fast.

At any rate, get the Orb of Air and off to the final god! Almost done!

Maze of Gods                                                        [IZ.03.08]

What!? There's an actual maze? What nonsense! Remember the Shrine that was
above the gem? Yeah, that's the dungeon. Enter it with caution as monsters
are pretty rough.

The master of this Maze, and guardian of the village and ruler over the gods
is known as Takushiki, God of Consciousness. Seems like he has power over 
everyone's minds. Perhaps if we take him out everything will be solved!

The Maze of Gods is 21 floors long, it is certainly no easy task. Only the
sturdy can survive this place, as it is full of nasty surprises. In addition
to having stronger monsters all around, there is now a Foreman Mole who lays
traps randomly around the floor for you to step on.

Takushiki himself is pretty strong, although again with a Houshin Blade, just
about any god will be a piece of cake for you.

So... with Takushiki defeated, and everyone cured of their curses, the game
should be over... right?

Singularity                                                         [IZ.03.09]

Wrong. Apparently Gen-An is still cursed, and makes off with the gem. Lord
knows what kind of powerful curse he is under that not even Takushiki could
dispell. It also seems everyone is barred from entering or leaving the village
as well! This is no good. Well, we can't end the game without removing 
Grandboss' curse, and we can't leave the village until that is done either, so
it is off we go!

So, how exactly do we FIND Singularity? Well, if you look below the entrance
to Wind Corridor, there is a path that looks like you could go through. This
is the "exit" of the village, and also the entrance to Singularity.

Singularity is the final dungeon of the game. As such, it must be properly
designed to screw you over in any way possible. 41 floors of Hell is what this
place is, all the monsters in here are at their final level and deal a ton of
damage to poor Izuna, even if you have well over 600 DF. What's a girl to do?

Since this is the final dungeon, and a rather lengthly one, come at it like
you are prepared to go all out. Bring your weapons, many Light of Divinity,
same with Likeness of Mother, Awakening Pills, and various talismans that may
put monsters to sleep or the like. This dungeon means serious business, and
so do you.

...but wait a second. We've defeated all six gods, so who could possibly be
the one with the power to do this? Well, if you manage to make it all the way
down to the last floor, you will find out. It is none other than...

...Gen-An himself! Apparently the gem has cursed him and allowed him the power
to cause many bad things. Well we can't let this happen, and Izuna wants her
Grandboss back, so let's get to work!

Gen-An possesses an enormous amount of HP and deals an even greater amount of
damage to you. It is safe to say you should come to this battle at LV 99 with
a lot of healing items and under the effect of an Awakening Pill. If you are
able, destroy all the monsters before you focus on Gen-An. If you can't, then
get away or isolate the monsters because they will bother you a lot. Gen-An
also possess an ability that is similar to the Abacus Trap. In other words,
it will take off 1/2 of your HP.

Once you kick poor Grandboss' old behind, and knock some sense into him, the
curse is finally lifted and peace is restored to the poor village. Izuna
and company decide to live here (didn't they already decide this before?) and
your game is pretty much over as far as the main story is concerned. The fun
doesn't end there though, so keep on playing!

Character List                                                      [IZ.04.01]

Characters that do not do anything for you will just have their names listed
unless people feel that they deserve their own descriptions as well.

Izuna - Main Character
Gen-An (Grandboss)
Tsubaki - Manages the storage house. Holds your items and money
Ume - Manages the Inn. Saves your game.
Katsutake - Manages a Blacksmithery. Repairs your weapons.
Azuki - Manages the general store. Sells you some items.
Ippitsu - Comes to start a talisman shop. Sells you Talismans.
Nagasada - Manages the Equipment Shop. Will do various things to your weapons.

Enemy List                                                          [IZ.05.01]

Pretty much complete at this point, not sure if Path of Trials has a few that
may be different from the rest, the only thing I would think of is the fact
that near the end you may end up going against the Gods as normal enemies. If
you want descriptions of the monsters and possible strategies, I suggest you
take a gander at EntropicLobo's guide. My guide is just more of a bare-bones
kind of FAQ; I don't have plans to go in-depth on how to fight monsters, that
would take away some of the enjoyment in you figuring out how to best deal
with them now wouldn't it? He is a pretty cool fellow so don't be scared of
him. :)

* Name - Money/EXP

Snake Hole:

* Bean Bunnia - 25 / 50
* Bore - 150 / 300
* Fresh Heads - 155 / 310
* Froggun - 115 / 230
* Hikari - 65 / 130
* Jabadillo - 125 / 250
* Marumon - 50 / 100
* Nurikabe - 160 / 320
* Rock-Head - 140 / 280
* Taddun - 850 / 1700
* Shuuchi - God of Earth

Wind Corridor:

* Chibi Marimo - 125 / 250
* Chirp-a-Doodle - 215 / 430
* Cold Wind - 260 / 520
* Daigoro - 500 / 1000
* Departed Soul - 200 / 400
* Drowsy Shroom - 175 / 350
* Gale Puncher - 160 / 320
* Ittan Momen - 195 / 390
* Talisbeast - 200 / 400
* Tentaball - 170 / 340
* Fuuka - Goddess of Wind

Shakugan Cavern:

* Bang - 650 / 1300
* Entangleball - 310 / 620
* Fire Puncher - 500 / 1000
* Firework Artisan - 600 / 1200
* Homura Spider - 700 / 1400
* Honome - 345 / 690
* Ittan Kenpu - 475 / 950
* Red Lantern - 365 / 730
* Shiranui-kun - 400 / 800
* Stabadillo - 350 / 700
* Steel Bore - 525 / 1050
* Kagen - God of Fire

Tokofuyu Cave:

* Anemic Apple - 1000 / 2000
* Desperate Fish - 950 / 1900
* Drowsy Shroom - 175 / 350
* Dynamite Froggun - 750 / 1500
* Dynamite Taddun - 4650 / 9300
* Hidden Clam - 900 / 1800
* Kappa - 900 / 1800
* Karakasa Boy - 1100 / 2200
* Super Marimo - 700 / 1400
* Taddun - 850 / 1700
* Tako Sashimi - 750 / 1500
* Usurahi - 1050 / 2100
* Suiren - Goddess of Water

Zekuu Path:

* Akamaru - 1600 / 3200 
* Akaname - 1850 / 3700 
* Bang - 650 / 1300 
* Burning Wind - 1450 / 2900 
* Cluck-a-Doodle - 1650 / 3300 
* Cursed Mirror - 1200 / 2400 
* Evil Spirit - 1950 / 3900 
* Harmful Shroom - 1350 / 2700 
* Joke Scarecrow - 2000 / 4000 
* Kamikaze Fish - 1850 / 3700 
* Koppa Tengu - 2400 / 4800 
* Language Barrier - 1750 / 3500 
* Puppet Artisan - 1950 / 3900 
* Red-Eye Soldier - 1600 / 3200 
* Shadow Clam - 1250 / 2500 
* Taro - 1900 / 3800 
* Vampire Apple - 1400 / 2800 
* Weapon Breaker - 1600 / 3200 
* Utsuho - God of Air

Maze of Gods:

* Bonfire Lantern - 3600 / 7200 
* Boom - 3150 / 6300 
* Boulder-Head - 2850 / 5700 
* Chaos Mirror - 2950 / 5900 
* Cursed Scarecrow - 2450 / 4900 
* Demon Claw - 3400 / 7000 
* Foreman Mole - 2500 / 5000 
* Grade-A Shroom - 3100 / 6200 
* Gwappa - 4000 / 8000 
* Ittan Nylon - 4150 / 6300 
* Kakka-san - 2550 / 5100 
* Karakasa Man - 2600 / 5200 
* Karasu Tengu - 3900 / 7800 
* Kodama - 2750 / 5500 
* Kurayami Spider - 4350 / 6700 
* Over-Easy Heads - 3000 / 6000 
* Red-Eye Colonel - 3800 / 7600 
* Tako Wasabi - 3250 / 6500 
* Talisoul - 3000 / 6000 
* Wasabbit - 2400 / 4800 
* Takushiki - God of Consciousness


* Akanamezuri - 8500 / 17000 
* Agonizing Wind - 4500 / 8900 
* Asura - 9500 / 19000 
* Bondage Ball - 5250 / 10500 
* Calamity Mirror - 5750 / 11500 
* Chicken-Z - 15000 / 30000 
* Dynamite Taddun - 4650 / 9300 
* Fish May Care - 5900 / 11800 
* Gerronpa - 14000 / 28000 
* Gokuraku Spider - 11750 / 23500 
* Gonjinka-Sama - 11000 / 22000 
* Green Apple - 6500 / 13000 
* Hell Puncher - 14500 / 29000 
* Hell Scarecrow - 6000 / 12000 
* Horned Bunnia - 8000 / 16000 
* Hou'ou Tengu - 13000 / 26000 
* Insupperable Wall - 6750 / 13500 
* Iron-Head - 100000 / 200000  (This is not a typo)
* Jet Froggon - 4900 / 9800 
* Jet Taddun - 14750 / 29500 
* Kaboom - 12500 / 25000 
* Karakasa God - 5000 / 10000 
* Mimimaru - 4250 / 8500 
* Ninja Clam - 6250 / 12500 
* Nozomi - 9250 / 13000 
* Pierceadillo - 7000 / 14000 
* Power Bore - 16500 / 33000 
* Rainbow Marimo - 10000 / 20000 
* Red-Eye General - 8750 / 17500 
* Rush Job Mole - 5500 / 11000 
* Sacred Lantern - 9000 / 18000 
* Scrambled Heads - 4300 / 8600 
* Shisaku - 15500 / 31000 
* Sprite Artisan - 11000 / 22000 
* Talispectre - 8250 / 16500 
* Vampire Claw - 11500 / 23000 
* Vengeful Ghost - 17500 / 35000 
* Gen-An - Grandboss?!?

Trap List                                                           [IZ.06.01]

* Abacus - Dash forward until you hit an object or wall and lose 1/2 HP
* Blind - Reduces Izuna's visibility to just on her, does not lower accuracy
* Bomb - Surrounds Izuna with bombs, will destroy traps and items
* Curse - Izuna will only receive 1/2 EXP
* Demon - Spawns monsters on Izuna's left, right, and entire front sides
* Excite - Doubles Izuna's attack
* Fire - Burns a Likeness or Talisman and inflicts 200 damage
* Float - Izuna hovers above ground and does not trigger traps
* Forgetful - Izuna may drop items on the floor randomly
* Paraysis - Izuna is unable to move until it wears off
* Shoulder Ache - Izuna cannot throw anything
* Smoke - Izuna teleports to a random spot on the floor
* Sweaty - Izuna cannot wear equipment for a while
* Tube - Izuna forgets the entire map and is inflicted with 100 damage

Items                                                               [IZ.07.01]

Inventory                                                           [IZ.07.02]

Ninja Tools:

* Shuriken - Flies in a straight line
* Kunai - Fly in three directions, your front and diagonals
* Bomb - Goes off in 6 turns, can create a chain reaction explosion and has 3x3
* Caltrop - Planted where Izuna stands, deals damage to enemies that walk over

Recovery Items:

* Light of Healing - Recovers 500 HP
* Light of Blessing - Recovers 2000 HP
* Light of Divinity - Recovers all HP
* Likeness of Pochi - Recovers 100 SP and removes Fear
* Likeness of Mother - Recovers all SP and removes Fear
* Picture of Hell - Adds 1 to 2 SP to Izuna's Maximum SP, and causes Fear

Other Items:

* Flame Pill - Causes fire damage when you throw it
* Float Pill - Gives Izuna the Float status
* Heavy Pill - Cancels Float status and raises Izuna's Maximum HP by 3 or 4
* Awakening Pill - Raises Izuna's evasion and accuracy
* Charge Pill - If eaten, Izuna's runs forward until she hits an object or wall.
Takes 1/2 HP damage. If thrown, the monster will be under the same rules.
* Poison Pill - Inflicts poison on an enemy
* Sleep Pill - Puts an enemy to sleep


* Purification Flame - Purifies all weapons you have equipped, burning away
their Talismans forever.
* Burn-In Flame - Burns all Talismans you have stickied into equipped gear. The
remaining SP that was left on the weapon becomes the new CAP. The weapon will
also receive a slight boost if you use AT or DF talismans. Abilities do not

Equipment                                                           [IZ.07.03]

 + Blades only have 3 talisman slots and no DF; they can be worn with Arms.

* Musou Blade - Tends to have great AT
* Zantetsu Blade - Ignores DF
* Houshin Blade - Deals more damage to gods
* Asura Blade - Receive 10% more EXP from enemies
* Shingan Blade - Never miss with attacks
* Haja Blade - Chance to convert enemies to your side

 + Claws have 8 talisman slots but can only be worn by themselves.

* Steel Claw - Cheap to repair
* Demon Claw - Consumes your HP to attack
* Giant Claw - The higher your HP the greater the damage
* Quandary Claw - The lower your HP the greater the damage
* Vampire Claw - Absorbs some damage as HP
* Sword Defender - Reduces damage from Blades
* Cat Claw - Does more damage to Fish type
* Exorcism Claw - Does more damage to Ghost type
* Weapon Breaker - Weapons enemy attack and destroys Traps
* Dragon Claw - Breathes flames when HP is full
* Baku Claw - May put enemy to sleep
* Claw of Ouryu - Breathes flames when HP is full (direction is similar to a
kunai's radius) [Path of Trials only]
* Falcon Claw - 2x Attack [Path of Trials only]

 + Arms have 8 talisman slots, but they do not provide any AT. They can be
worn with Blades.

* Kagutsuchi Arm - Resistance to Fire
* Orochi Arm - Resistance to Water and Thunder, Immune to Paralysis
* Izanagi Arm - Immune to Curse
* Izanami Arm - Immune to Seal
* Enma Arm - SP does not decrease when hit
* Susano-o Arm - Has a chance to nullify any status abnormality

Talismans                                                           [IZ.07.04]

* Rekka - Use: A small fire attack / Stick: Increases the AT of a weapon and
adds Fire Element to your attack or defense
* Gouka - Use: A huge fire attack that envelops the entire "map" Izuna is
currently in (what her visibility is) / Stick: Possibility of adding Fire to
your attacks
* Mikagami - Use: Confuses enemies / Stick: Increases the DF of a weapon and
adds Water Element to your attack or defense
* Jinrai - Use: Paralyzes enemies / Stick: May cause paralysis when attacking
and also adds Thunder Element to your attack
* Reppu - Use: Pushes back enemies and reveals nearby traps / Stick: May push
enemies away when attacking and adds wind Element to your attack
* Kaishin - Use: Automatic one-time Critical Hit / Stick: Critical Hit rate is
* Mikiri - Use: Blinds enemies / Stick: Evasion increases
* Kikan - Use: Leave the dungeon / Stick: Any equipment wearing this will be
sent to the storage when you die
* Fukugen - Use: Repairs a weapon slighty / Stick: Fully repairs a weapon when
burned in
* Ashikase - Use: Anchors enemies / Stick: Attacks may anchor enemies
* Suimin - Use: Enemies fall asleep / Stick: Attacks may put enemies to sleep
* Ten'I - Use: Teleport to a random spot on the map / Stick: You may switch
places with the enemy when attacking
* Fuuma - Use: Seals an enemy / Stick: No Effect
  + The true effect of Fuuma is Unseal an Enemy that was Sealed by Fuuma. In
order to activate this, you must throw Fuuma at the enemy to try to seal it.
* Zoufuku - Use: Slightly increases CAP of a weapon / Stick: Increases CAP of
a weapon by the SP value.
* Tsukumo - Use: Move the abilities of well-loved equipment to another
Stick: Transfers the abilities of a weapon with max LUV.
  + The effect of Tsukumo is still being debated. It is known that using it
in a 100 LUV Blade or Claw and using Burn-In will destroy the weapon and make
a spirit of that weapon. This will pass along the ability of a weapon if you
stick it into a weapon.
* Kou'un - Use: Convert enemy into an item / Stick: Enemies may drop items
* Hayate - Use: Hits twice / Stick: Place 3 into a weapon to have 2x Attack
* Suitai - Use: Level decreases / Stick: Equipment becomes weaker
* Yami-Uchi - Use: Send an enemy into the void / Stick: Attacks may instant
kill enemies
* Fukusei - Use: Duplicate another Talisman in your possession / Stick: May
duplicate an enemy when attacking (the enemy will be against you)

Secrets                                                             [IZ.08.01]

Village of the Gods                                                 [IZ.08.02]

After completing the game, this secret village opens up. In order to access it
you simply have to go to the Shrine Area. A little bit northeast of the shrine
is a sign:

"Right until a dead end.
Up until a dead end.
Right 4.
Down 4.
Right 1.
Down until a dead end.
Right as far as you can......"

I believe the last part is supposed to say Left, because going right is a dead
end. In any case, there is a ninja that is covered by the shadows of the 
bamboo leaves. He says he'll take you somewhere cool, so agree to go with him.

You'll end up in the Village of the Gods. Here you can chat with the gods and
some various developers of the game. There is a mini-soundtest available by
talking to Aesop (is disguised as Takechiyo), and then talking to Keron (who
is hiding behind the zipline and looks like Mitsumoto)

Path of Trials                                                      [IZ.08.03]

This is the post-game dungeon. 100 floors with a true roguelike experience.
You start at LV 1 no matter what level you are (this does not affect your
level outside of the dungeon), and with no equipment at all. In order for you
to access the dungeon, simply get rid of all of your items either with storage
or by selling them. Then touch the gem that started this whole crazy game.

Have fun with the hardest dungeon in the game! The monsters will develop as
you progress through this dungeon, so you should kill every single monster
that appears in this dungeon, as long as you can handle it. Beware of traps
like curse, which will severely hurt you for this task.

If you go to visit Takushiki after beating the game, he will mention this
dungeon, and tells you how to access it.

Limiter Removed Gods                                                [IZ.08.04]

Not really a secret, but after defeating Takushiki, he orders all the gods to
take off their limiters. This means the gods are now going to be at their
true power. They start at LV 1, and if you manage to beat them rise to LV 2.
This continues until they hit LV100. They also are granted an aura that makes
them immune to status effects and pills. It's certainly a nice way to try to 
challenge yourself if you believe you have ultimate equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions                                          [IZ.09.01]

Q: Any sidequests?
A: None sadly, although they would have been very welcome.

Q: Where’s the lesbian sex?!
A: There is none, go away.

Q: I used a Kikan to send my weapon into storage upon death, now where is it?
A: You must still be in the 1st dungeon. Until you complete this dungeon you
will be unable to access repair and storage features.

Q: How do I know when my weapon is going to break?
A: The various degrees are as follows:

* Nothing - still good to decent durability
* [Crck] - Cracked, damage goes down, weapon is going to get more damaged
* [Dmgd] - Damaged, damage goes down more, weapon will break or shatter
* [Brkn] - Broken, damage is severely reduced, next few hits it will break
* Shatter - Weapon shatters into pieces and the Talismans scatter about

Various things contribute to the durability reduction as well:

* Hitting those brick wall or boulder-head enemies will break it faster.
* Overloading the equipment with Talismans will greatly break the weapon.
* Hayate's double attack comes with the price of faster durability loss.
* Destroying traps with Weapon Breaker also lowers the durability.

Q: What the heck do all the stats mean!?
A: This is a lengthly response.

* AT stands for Attack. Izuna's attack can be roughly estimated with a formula:
Base LV x 30 + AT = Izuna's Attack. An example is at level 10, Izuna would 
have 300 attack from her level, and then an additional 5 from her naked power.
If you were wearing a 100 attack Musou Blade, your final attack would be 405.

* DF stands for Defence. Unlike Izuna's attack, this value is only raised by
your equipment. The more you have the less damage you will take from monsters.

* LUV stands for Love. This is Izuna's affection towards her equipment, which
rises as she uses it and takes hits with it. When this value goes up, her
attack, evasion, and accuracy with the equipment goes up. The cap for this is

* CAP stands for Capacity. This refers to the Spirit Capacity of equipment. A
higher value is desired, as it lets you use stronger spirital talismans.

* TSP stands for Total Spirit Points. This is the total Spirit Points of all
the combined Talismans you have placed into your equipment. A higher value
than your CAP is a bad thing so you should avoid that.

* SP stands for Spirit Points. This is the remainder when you take CAP - TSP.
If this number is red your equipment will break at a much faster rate. This
is also in reference to the number in parenthesis on Talismans. A Rekka (99)
has a Spirit Point value of 99.

Q: What is the Max SP on weapon? AT? DF?
A: The highet Spirit Capacity you will ever attain on a weapon is 711. I know,
this is a weird value to end on. That is what it is though. AT and DF should
cap off at 999. 

Q: What is the max level? HP? SP?
A: Highest level in the game is 99. Your HP and Izuna's person SP should be
able to go to 9999, this requires much work though, as the only way to raise
her HP and SP is with Heavy Pills for HP and Picture of Hell for SP. They do
not add a significant amount either, so you can see this will take a while to

Tips                                                                [IZ.10.01]

* Stacking seems to only work for Hayate (3), Rekka, Mikagami, Zoufuku, and
the weapon spirits.
* Haja Blade is considered very useful when you are in Singularity, because
of the conversion effect. If a monster is killed, the killer does not level up
because it is already at the max level.
* Houshin Blade is your bread and butter if you want to go up against the gods
since it deals more damage to them.
* Enma Arm is desired for battling when you are in the final dungeons, since
having no SP is not fun at all.
* If you have 0 SP, your AT is 10% of what it should be. THerefore always try
to keep your SP up.
* Weapon Breaker can destroy traps, Wind Element lets you detect traps, so it
is wise to destroy harmful traps if you can. A problem with this though is
that it greatly lowers the claw's durability.
* Use a Fukusei to duplicate Zoufukus and burn those into your equipment for
a high CAP. You can also use Fukuseis to create powerful Rekkas or Mikagamis.
* The first time through the game, the gods can be easily beaten by throwing
sleeping and charge pills at them. Sleep lets you get in a free hit, and
charge lowers their HP by 1/2.

Conclusion                                                          [IZ.11.01]

I hope you enjoyed my guide, since there was a lot of work put into it. If you
see any problems, feel free to e-mail me. Suggestions, feedback, comments, and
whatever else are also accepted. The e-mail address is at the top of the file.

Thanks-list: Grawl for being a good friend, and showing me how to do a guide.
(http://www.grawl.nl), AtlusUSA for publishing this game in America and intact
(http://www.atlus.com/izuna/), dolorsitamet for bringing up the sleep & charge
pill strategy against the gods, sunst0rm for figuring out how to use Tsukumo, 
and a ton of various users from the Izuna boards on GameFAQs that helped me 
figure out missing things and corrected me on issues (http://www.gamefaqs.com)

Most importantly, you the reader. Without you, there would be no inspiration
to write up this guide, and no one to even read it.


             © 2007 by Cipriano Rodriguez Jr. All rights reserved.