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Why hallo thar!  Welcome to Chaet's guide on "Yu-Gi-Oh! WCT 2007"!  As many of
you know, I have written guides on this topic before, and I always get people
who take the time to thank me for helping them, because my guides really work.
I hope the same things for you, too.


1)  Go to http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/ds/file/937148/47593
2)  Press the "Ctrl" button simultaneously with the "F" button.
3)  A text box should appear, type in the name of the card you want.
4)  Find out what pack its in.
5)  Find out how to ulock the pack (No, I will not be answering anything that
    is asking how you get certain packs, if they have no listed way, dont ask)
6)  You just saved yourself emailing me and getting a rocket back.
7)  If you choose to ingnore this, you will get one very pissing off email sent
    in your direction.
8)  I will be pissed if this is on gcw.

Right, now onto the actual walkthrough...


1)  Introduction
2)  Legal info
3)  Thanks/Version history
4)  Email me
5)  Walkthrough
-Decent/Fun/Themed decks
-Quick Money
-Limited and Theme duels


World Championship 07 is the fourth in the Championship tournaments (as far as
I know), starting in 04.  It is the third game for the DS, and this lets you
trade for certain cards with Nightmare Troubadour and Spirit Caller.  You 
can also send over deck recepie's.

The format is pretty much no change, there are dueling monsters, like last
year, and there is the shop, the deck contruction, the puzzles, etc.

So, that means no storyline, just dueling.  A plus and minus on both sides,
because we know how repetetive the storyline gets in Yugioh games, fellow vets

Anyway, might as well get on, no point in babbling over the intro.
|~<>Legal info<>~|

This guide is copyright 2006 by Chaet_legend.  Below are the rules:

@  This may not be reprouduced without my permission.

@  You may not put this on your site without my permission.

@  You may not steal it and claim it as your own.

@  If I do give you permission, which happens sometimes, you MUST give me 
   full credit.

@ Below are the sites eligibal to host this FAQ without my permission:






@ Bla bla bla *FALLS ASLEEP*

And thats it with all the negitave stuff

Thanks to - Me for creating this
          - You for reading this
          - Konami for making this game
          - contibutors (first version, so none yet)

VH - 0.1 - 19:41 26/07/2007 GMT - Complied pretty much all the basic info.  Took
me a month, lol.

Right.  No Flames. No Viruses.  If I receive them, after a while I will take
My email address off.  But then to contact me, you MUST give me your email
Address On a message board.  THEN I WILL POST YOU A PRIVATE MAIL.  Ok here it


No nothing.  You may ask me FAQ and I will be glad to reply to you and make a 
Section about it.  Thank you for your co-operation.  Make sure to put as a 

YG 07 FAQ Update :  Something that I missed.

YG 07 FAQ :  For a question about the game

YG 07 Guide : If something confused you

YG 07 Legal :  If you want to know about legal and ask permission.

Hi : If you just want to say hi!


Do NOT ask me for specifc decks, I dont have the time to make them.  However,
I am happy to receive and host decks in this FAQ.

Well, here it is, enjoy!

Decent decks, fun and themed decks go here.  Users, this is your chance to
majorly contribute!


While by no means perfect, this deck helped me thrash a few monsters, in
particular, Destiny Hero Dogma, Cyber End Dragon, Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys
and Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV8.  Indeed, I will not that some of these
cards can be juggled about a bit.

Monsters:  (21)

Zure, Knight of Dark World x 3
Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World x 2
Broww, Huntsman of Dark World x 2
Brron, Mad King of Dark World x 2
Dark Ruler Ha Des x 1 (this could go for another Sillva)
Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World x 3 (I set this as the Key Card)
Gren, Tactician of Dark World x 1
Kahkki, Guerilla of Dark World x 1
Morphing Jar x 1
Reign-Beaux, Overlord of Dark World x 1 (Dark Deal is your only hope for this)
Sangan (Again, could go for another Sillva)
Scarr, Scout of Dark World x 2 (not hugely useful, might want to swap)
Sillva, Warlord of Dark World x 1 (yes, swap some cards for this if you want)

Spells:  (13)

Dark World Dealings x 3
Dragged Down into the Grave x 2 (again, 1 is subbable for Sillva)
Emergecy Provisions x 1
Excavation of Mage Stones x 1 (not sure about this, it doesnt activate anything)
Graceful Charity x 1
Lightning Vortex x 1 (read extra notes on Excavation of Mage stones)
Sealed Gold Coffer x 1

Traps:  (6)

Chain Helaing x 1 (I just love this as a filler)
Dark Deal x 2 (basically, only use if your sure it'll hit Broww, Goldd, Sillva
or Reign-Beaux)
Draining Shield x 1
Mirror Force x 1
Ring of Destruction x 1

You can also put Dark World Lightning, Gateway to Dark World etc. in where the
subs are.
Heart of the Underdog  

Popularised a while a go, if you haven't heard of it, here it is (you might 
find a few people on Wi-Fi with this)

Monsters:  (38/39, depending on how many HotU you want)

x 1 Piece of each Exodia

x 34/33 NORMAL (no effect) monsters.  They can be defensive, offensive, any
star, but usually, I go with 4* 1900 + Attack, with a few 2000 + DEF thrown

Spells:  (1/2, depending on how many HotU you want)

x 1 or 2 Heart of the Underdog (I Personally play it safe with 2)

Basically, once you draw your HotU, the only things that can stop you winning
next turn would be if you drew the head before one other piece, or if you were
playing with 2 and you drew that.  Oh and the obvious S/T desturction...

Necroface's deck is pretty much an ownage deck.  I sometimes take Card
Destruction out and put D.D. Warrior in.  Its also a great way to beat the
"Recover" theme duel and get an S rank, 5000 LP just for removing a Necroface
from play.  Sealed gold coffer makes it all the more fun.
Skill Drain

People sometimes want to go a bit crazy with the over load 4* monsters with the
bad effects.  But Skill Drain is a great way to make this kind of deck work.

For Example:

Monsters:  (25)

x1 Beserk Gorilla
x3 Chainsaw Insect
x3 Fusiler, the Dual-Mode Beast
x2 Giant Orc (can have another one if you want)
x3 Goblin Attack Force
x2 Goblin Elite Attack Force
x3 Infernal Dragon
x3 Majestic Mech - Goryu
x1 Majestic Mech - Ohka
x2 Spear Dragon
x2 Thunder Nyan Nyan

Spells:  (7)

x1 Book of Moon
x1 Graceful Charity
x1 Heavy Storm
x1 Mage Power
x1 Mystical Space Typhoon
x1 Premature Burial
x1 United We Stand

Traps: (8)

x1 Call of the Haunted
x1 Magic Cylinder
x1 Mirror Force
x1 Ring of Destruction
x3 Skill Drain

Focusing primarily on Beatdown, this deck basically needs to get Skill Drain
before you play some dodgey effect monsters.  Otherwise, blast away.  You can
sub a few monsters for other Staples.


There are 6 tiers, with the following monsters (the number is the rank, I
won't bother with the pentagonal graphs):

Tier 1:  (Starting)

Winged Kuriboh - War Bred people - 430
Fox Fire - Unforgiving Flame - 465
Des Wombat - Animal Prey - 575
Snipe Hunter - Las Vegas Deck - 520
Eria the water charmer - From the depths - 505
Dark Red Enchanter - Nothing to do - 490

Tier 2:  (Beat all the Tier 1 monsters 5 times each)

Ultimate Tyranno - Jurassic Period - 780
Dark Ruler Ha Des - Writhing in the Darkness - 700
Tualatin - Summon, Please! - 715
Hita the fire charmer - Hot Plate - 620
Frostosaurus - My Special Deck - 655
Ancient Beast - Ancient Knowledge - 730

Tier 3:  (Beat all the Tier 2 monsters 5 times each)

Yamata Dragon - Brun, Flame! - 925
Neo-Parshath, the Sky Paladin - Heavenly Power - 935
Allure Queen LV 5 - Out of this world - 835
Infernal Dragon - Who Needs Skill? - 905
The End of Anubis - Natural Curse - 955
Fusiliser, the Dual Mode Beast - Dangerous Deck - 850

Tier 4: (Beat all the Tier 3 monsters 5 times each)

Levia Dragon - Deadlus - Legendary Land - 1085 (his deck name is odd, seeing as
						how he is from the sea...) 
Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys - Reset Syndrome - 1115
Cyber End Dragon - Machines for Food - 1170
Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV 8 - Still Flame - 1125
Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch - Open Door to D.D. - 1090
Destiny Hero - Dogma - Destiny Ceremony - 1025

Tier 5: (Beat all the Tier 4 monsters 5 times each and unlock LV 3 Theme and
	 limited duel)

Elemental Hero Glow Neos - Contact with You - 1310
Great Shogun Shien - Invincible Legend - 1275
Dark Ruler Vandalgyon - Out of Nowhere! - 1345
Cyber Ogre - Super Combination - 1320
Necroface - Look At Me - 1255
Stronghold the Moving Fortress - Chain Equation - 1290

Tier 6: (Beat all the Tier 5 monsters 5 times each and unlock LV 5 Theme and
	 limited duel)

Deatiny Hero - Bloo'd - Deatiny Irony - 1545
Gorz, the Emissary of Darkness - Go, go!  Gorz! - 1505
Chimeratech Overdragon - CHimera Explosion - 1590
Reign-Beaux, Overlord of the Dark World - Dark World Lords - 1530
Elemental Hero Air Neos - Super Hero - 1465
Mobius the Frost Monarch - Melody of Victory - 1425

Tier One:

Winged Kuriboh:

He has 22 Lower than Lv 5 monsters, meaning he will have immediate access to 
summoning monsters, and at this stage in the game, Clayman, Wildhear and even
possibly Ocean will give you problems.  Buy some packs and get some monster 
removal, possibly also, something to negate spells.  Remember, you can always
trade cards from SC that you wouldnt get until later on.  Otherwise, this guy
is relitivley easy.

Fox Fire:

Can be annoying because it is early on and you dont have access to good cards.
Jogen Bakudan and Raging Flame sprites are jokes, but, please note, if he gets
both of his Solar Flare Dragon's out, as well as recieving 1000 damage at the
end of each turn, you wont be able to attack (the mechanics are kind of
complicated, its like 2 Marauding Captain's).  Otherwise, procceed to pwn like
you did with Kuriboh.

Des Wombat:

Arguably the most...annoying of the tier.  Alligator's sword and Silver Fang
are complete jokes, but be very careful, if he gets out his Master of Oz or
Big Koala, your screwed (unless you have the ever so useful monster removal).
Otherwise, there isnt really much to say.

Snipe Hunter:

Arguably has the most...strategic deck of this tier.  This does indeed, have a 
LOT of Risk about it.  Skull Archfiend of Lightning will be a pain, Slot
Machine you probably won't be seeing, and the Ojama's arent really great.
Be very wary of Snipe Hunter, because his effect can be used over and over
again in the same turn, unlike something like Abyss Soldier.

Eria the Water Charmer:

Can be a real pain if she gets her Field Spells out.  Because of her Attack - 
Boosting Deck, you might want to bring Spell and Trap removals this time as
well.  Otherwise, a worthy opponent at this stage in the game.

Dark Red Enchnter:

Really, he isnt that good.  A lot of his strategy is luck of the draw, but note
that if he does manage to get Dark Red Enchanter out, your in deep trouble.
Otherwise, you should be fine.

Beating all of the above 5 times gets you tier 2.

Ultimate Tyranno:

Tyranno here, for those who played Spirit Caller, has a similar but not 100%
total same comparison to Tyranno Hassleberry.  As such, you can expect to see
the usual Jazz, Miracle Jurassic Egg, Jurassic World, Ultimate Tyrrano, Hydro-
geddon, Sabersaurus, etc.  Magic Cylinder/Marshmallon can frustrate
him, as well as Man-Eater Bug, seing as how if he gets Ultimate Tyranno out,
he must attack all monsters, meaning he is forced to attack MeB.  Anyway, you
should have better cards at this point, so you can go the physical or the
strategical route, but I recommned staying away from Defence/Luck.  

Dark Ruler Ha Des:

You guessed it, fiends!  His deck isn't particularly well contructed, he has an
odd array of monsters, but Goblin King, when played right, can be annoying.
Dark Ruler Ha Des is his strongest monster, but please be careful of his 
Bark of Dark Ruler.  Otherwise, he should be easy.


Lol...the most surprising thing about Tualatin is the lack of Gellenduo, and
there is Castle of Dark Illusions (...) in a non-zombie deck.  Anyway, because
of this horrendous mix up of decks, he shouldn't be too hard to defeat.  If 
your really struggeling, use King Tiger Wanghunu (SP?) and Jinzo, he has FAR
too many traps for anyone to even consider in a deck (barring of course Uria

Hiita the fire charmer:

Pretty standard fire deck here, Spiritual Fire Art, Backfire, Molten
Destruction, Ultimate baseball kid etc.  Easy as hell though, but beware of the
Charcoal and Blazing Inpachi's.  Woodbord Inpaci is a total laugh, but whatever,
just don't go attacking it unless you have enough attack.  Or shield and sword.


Very...strange mix of cards here, all normal high attack monsters, staple spell
and traps (traps to a minor extent though), but for pete's sakes, SKILL DRAIN
in a PURE NORMAL DECK?  Anyway, might be a slight challenge at this point, but
it is overcomable with Magic Cylinder, your own high Attack Tributes, Stalling,

Ancient Gear Beast:

Ancient Gear Beast is very fickle.  Half the time, he wont draw a single card,
and some times, he can summon every turn.  Basically, if he gets his monsters
out, you MUST refrain from using S/T cards (his Ancient Beast cards negate them)
but instead, I suggest using stuff like Man Eater Bug.

Beating all of the above 5 times gets you tier 3.

Yamata Dragon:

Yamata Dragon's deck just doesn't work.  He has a card that negates effects
at the cost of 800 LP, and sometimes, he'll use the cost until he cannot pay
anymore.  And also, he summons his Spirits for nothing.  AKA he loses 2000 LP.
So basically, he isn't as good as rated.  I suggest having stalling cards (eg)
Swords of Revealing Light until he has 2000 LP left.  After that, just batter
Neo-Parshath, the sky paladin:

Neo isn't the hardest duelist of the bath, but don't go easy on him.  He uses a
fairy deck, including Nova Summoner, Gellenduo, The Sanctuary in the Sky, and of
course, the Parshaths.  Pretty much, if he has Gellenduel out with SITS, if you
don't get rid of one, you cannot get rid of the other.  No damage = no dead
Gellenduo.  Monster / S/T removal and effect negating will help here.

Allure Queen LV 5:

Lol.  So easy.  Its not hard to beat her.  Beatdown = win.

Infernal Dragon:

Infernal Dragon is a slightly annoying duelist.  He uses a Skill Drain deck, 
packed with 2000+ monsters, with Big Shield Gardna.  However, he only has 17
monsters to summon, so pack Trap Holes, Bottomless trap holes, etc., and
counter with your own beatdown deck.

The End of Anubis:

Anibus runs a fiend deck, focusing around Gravekeeper's cards, with other fiends
thrown in.  His Spells and Traps are chosen well, so try and get Jinzo/Imperial
Order.  Dont worry too much about the monsters, and Spirit Barrier will help 
negate even more damage.  You shouldnt have too much problem with him, just go
for it, while using the cards mentioned above.

Fusiler, the dual mode beast:

Fusiler runs a strange Machine type deck, with lots of tribute monsters,
and staple cards like DD Wariror Lady, and Exiled Force.  Go 1900 Beatdown,
possibly with a few high DEF thrown in.  Counter the Effect Monsters most
certainly, Skill Drain is good here.

Beating all of the above 5 times gets you tier 4.

Levia-Dragon - Daedalus:

Annoying, annoying...his deck looks odd, but it all fits together amazingly
well, and most annoyingly, his Spells ae almost perfect at annoyance.  There
are however, a few tip I can give you:

-Always destroy Legendary Oceans when you can, this will make him tribute
 more and destroy his Tornado Walls.  It also negates some of his effects, like
 Mermaid Knight.

-Counter his Level Limit Area B and Gravity Bind, because he downgrades his 
 monsters, which will cause severe annoyance to you.  Either use a Fire Princess
 deck, a simailar Water Deck, or just simply remove them from the field.

-Get Jinzo out.  Torrential Tribute, Tornado Wall and Gravity Bind will annoy.

-Similarly, if you can, Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV 8 will help even more.

-Removing his monsters from play is good, Necroface Decks will work.

Sacred Phoenix of Nepthys:

SPoN is very very painful depending on his draw.  He uses a Semi-Earth deck,
with a few other low level monsters thrown in, with a hell of a lot of
destructive Spell and Trap Cards.  Skill Drain is gold, and you need to get 
these Spell and Traps Countered.  Fire Pricess again, works.  Try not to 
destroy his monsters with attacking (except SPoN), Man Eater Bug, Old Vindictive
Magician, and even Ectoplasmer (to an extent) with Light of Intervention works.
There isnt really much other advice I can give you on helping him, find
something that works, and stick with it.

Cyber End Dragon:

Cyber End Dragon goes all attack, without considering anything else, so Magic
Cylinder and Mirror Force will totally rip his deck apart.  Similar to
Chimeratech Over Dragon.  He also hardly summons any monsters, but occasionally
he does.

Horus the Black Falme Dragon:

HtBFD has a very clever Fire Deck.  The Horus' themselves negate Spells, so,
Effect Monsters and Traps Serve you well here.  I also reccommend destroying
all possible spells and traps on his side of the field when you can, because
they often come at your disadvantage.  And get rid of those Solar Flare Dragons!

Thestalos the Fire Monarch:

Not a Monarch deck that you would expect, but a deck that focuses removing cards
from play.  Use any deck that you want, beatdown, Necroface, Six Samurai, Fire
Princess, but NOT something that relies on the Graveyard.  Easiest duelist in
the bunch.

Destiny Hero Dogma:

Dogma uses a poorly constructed Destiny Hero Deck.  Macro Cosmos and hand 
destruction works.  If he summons Dogma, you NEED to destroy it before your
standby phase, or your LP will be cut in half.  And he has extremely high attack

Beating the above 5 times AND unlocking LV 3 Theme and Limited Duel will unlock
tier 5.

Elemental Hero Glow Neos:

This deck heavily relies on Neo Space and E-Hero Neos, so, basically, if you
can completely remove from play Neo Space and E-Hero Neos, your only REAL
threat after that is Neo Spacian Grand Mole, which obviously can be destroyed
by Mirror Force etc.  If you cant destory Neo Space or E-Hero Neos, prepare for

Great Shogun Shien:

Uses a poorly constructed Six Saurai deck.  Basically, if you can stop him from
getting more than 1 Six Samurai Monster on the field, it totally wrecks his
strategy.  Array of Revealing Light can help prevent an attack from these 
monsters for a turn, if you need some extra help.  

Dark Ruler Vandalygon:

Wow, how annoying can he get??!!  Be VERY VERY careful when he has a few face-
downs, because he will easily counter you, and then get DRV out,  And then your
life will be hell.  So pretty much, go all beat down, and for every single
effect monster or S/T that you activate, make sure you have something ready to
Counter a Counter Trap.  Thats Solemn Judgement, Seven Tools of the Bandit and
Vanity Call to you and me.  Its hard for me to help very much here, but I spose
Skill Drain could negate his effects when he's on the field, and destroy it/
torture him with Mirror Force.

Cyber Ogre:

You may exactly ask, what the hell is this deck, and I totally agree, he has
EIGHT monsters he can summon immediately (not counting Cyber Dragon), and they
all go extremely easily to anything with 1900 Atk.  However, his Spells and
Traps are alright, but not exactly "Staples".  All Beatdown, possiblities of
Jinzo and Horus LV 8 to help with the Spells and Traps.  


Wow, debatably the best duelist in the game, with the most luck and strategy in
the game.  Deck and hand destruction and removal from play and extreme LP are 
just a few things you'll see about him.  It is most important that all cards
that remove from play are immediately destroyed, and Skill Drain to negate the
Banisher's, Needle Worm, Marshmallon and D.D. Warrior Lady.  I have made a deck
to help you with this guy, because I think he is THAT hard.

Monsters :  (21)

x3 1900 Atk Monsters
x3 Gene Warped Warwolf
x1 Breaker the Magical Warrior
x3 Chainsaw Insect
x3 Goblin Attack Force
x1 Magician of Faith
x3 Mobius the Frost Monarch
x1 Night Assailant
x3 Toon Goblin Attack Force

Spells:  (11)

x3 Axe of Despair
x1 Enchanted Arrow
x1 Graceful Charity
x1 Heavy Storm
x1 Miracle Dig
x1 Mystical Space Typhoon
x1 Premature Burial
x2 Twister

Traps:  (8)

x1 Dust Tornado
x1 Magic Jammer
x1 Raigeki Break
x1 Ring of Destruction
x1 Seven Tools of the Bandit
x3 Skill Drain

Focusing heavily on S/T removal, obviously, don'y activate Skill Drain if your
just about to summon Mobuis.  It worked for me.

Stronghold the Moving Fortress:

Weird Deck.  He only has 1 StMV, so destroy that, or destroy the Gadgets, and 
you ruin his strategy.  Kycoo is something to watch out for, and Breaker too.
Hydrogeddon can summon more of itself, so don't repetedly let him destory your
monsters.  However, his Spells and Trap's are Clever, so Imperial Order +
Solemn Wishes might be useful.

Beating the above 5 times and unlocking level 5 Theme and Limited duel unlocks
the final tier, tier 6.


I PROMISE I will get this up next update, its not that I havent dueled them, its
just I am testing a hell of a load of decks on all of them, I have about 2
people to go.  


Quick Money

Well, seing as how some packs can cost 300 DP and excess, you may be wondering
how to get quick money.

Well, dowloading high levelled ghosts (over rank 3000) can net you up to 750+
from the duelist bonus alone, particularly if you download EmeraldRyu's ghost,
its near 4000+ points and thankfully, he packed it full of Lv 5+ monsters, so
you pretty much get an open attack each turn (this was on purpose, thanks for
that ER!!!).

There aren't really any other get rich quick scams in this game...maybe one will
be discovered one day?

One of the best new features of the game, this lets you download stuff and duel
people in real life.

Search for Opponent:

You can select features here.  The best conditions for getting a clean, non dis-
connecting people, who are not funny, and I seriously loath them are:

Single Duel
Whole World
Random Rating

All the broke'd decks are basically ruined on the WC list, so less people DC.
I use it all the time.

Duel against friend:

On the message boards (if your on a site that has one), ask everyone for their
Friends Codes (which you can find in Friend Menu, Check/Input FC), and you can
see if they are online, duel them when you want, and even sometimes Voice Chat
(but this sometimes doesn't work).


After dueling online at least once, and having hit the refresh button, you can
download the ghost of ER if you ask him nicely to put up his 5+ deck, and other
high ranked duelists to get easy DP.  You can customise the search you want.


This is where you download cards, duelists, duel puzzles and banned lists.

The following have been up for download:

Cards:			Puzzles:		Duelists:

Dark Dreadroute		Duel Puzzles 1-5	Alexis
Dark Avatar					Double Coston
Dark Eraser					D.D. Warrior Lady
						Silent Magician LV 8
						Seto Kaiba

Ban lists:

March 2007
World Championship

Deck Edit:

Where you edit your deck.  Just like you do offline.

Limited and theme duels:

These are used for a bonus, unlocking packs, outfits, tiers and much more.  I 
won't go into how to do it, but I'll give the requirements for the theme duel
"S" rank.

LV 1:

Battle Damage - 20,000 LP
Deflected Damage - (I think) 8,000 LP
Normal Summon - 20 Times
Special Summon - 15 Times
Spell Cards - 20 times
Trap Cards - 20 times
Field Spell Cards - 15 times
Low LP - (I think) 100 LP
Equip Cards - 20 times
Recover - 20,000 LP

LV 2:

Remove Monster - 20 Times
Flip Summon - 20 Times
Rebirth - 20 Times
Token - 20 Times
Quick-Play - 20 Times
The Forbidden - 5 times
Deck Destruction - 5 turns
Coin Toss (I think) - 15 times
Low Deck - 1 Card
Ritual Summon - 15 times

LV 3:

Unoin - 15 times
Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zan (I think) 5 turns (tip, Elemental Mistress Doriado counts as all
	       of the attributes)
Fusion Summon - 15 times
Victory in 5 turns - 1 turn (tip, use Catapult Scientist OHKO for this)
F.G.D. - 5 turns
Direct Damge - (I think) 40,000 LP
Destroy Monsters in Battle - (I think) 30
Tribute Summon - 20 times
Exodia Necross - 5 times
Elemntal Hero Tempest - 5 times

LV 4:

Victory Dragon - 5 turns
Ojama Delta Hurricane!! - 5 turns
Dark Dreadroute - 5 turns
Cyberdark Dragon - 5 turns
Return Monsters - 20 times
Toon - (I think 16,000)
Destiny Board - Glitch in the game, impossible to "S". "A" however, is using
		Catehdral of Nobles and Destiny Board on turn 1.
Huge Damage in a turn - (I think) 16,00o LP
Continuous - 20 times (tip, Hamon and Uria are good for removing them).
Blue Eyes Shining Dragon - 5 Turns

Havent done LV 5 yet, and therefore, not unlocked LV 6, sorry. 
This FAQ is now, as you say,

 la fini