Question from SUPA_GLUSTEE

A couple of questions?

1. Do you get to make a character when ever you want?
2. Is the job system like 6, 3 or a other?
3. Are there any other mechanics that have been changed, updated or new ones?

Accepted Answer

AdmiralSyrup answered:

1. After playing for an hour or so, you reach the second city, which contains Luida's Tavern. After that you can make characters there at almost any time.

2. It's a mixture of elements from 3 and 6, along with new ideas. When you class change, you return to level 1, while keeping skills and stat bonuses earned from skill trees in your previous job. However, when you return to the first class, your previous level/skill progress is retained.

3. Many. Major examples include the replacement of most random battles with visible enemies, and a treasure map system similar to that of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
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