Question from Yarouman

Asked: 5 years ago

How much does -approximately- this game cost (US ver.) ?

there's a 'ultimate hits' ver. of the re-release japanese version in cheaper price ($35-40 US).. it would be very NICE if it affect the us released price ^^

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From: crustydougan 4 years ago

I bought it at gamestop and it was 34.99 but with tax came up to 37 and some change

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Nintendo is publishing it so it will probably be $34.99, and not drop much in price for a long time.

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You won't have to pay a Square tax on this one, it's just $5 over a normal DS game ($34.99)

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About $35

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It costs 34.99

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only paid $35can from best buy in Canada

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Retail price is USD $34.99

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