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How do you become a paladin.

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When do u get that there .

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Zaane1291 answered:

When u get to the Desert town that starts with a G head to the top of that castle and talk to the chick behind the fountain and do her quest
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Shaddowval answered:

In Gleeba above the palace and behind the fountain is a paladin, she gives you a quest to use whipping boy 10 times in the djust desert as a warrior and then you unlock paladin, it's pretty simple really.
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chaosjr7 answered:

From what I know you use Whipping Boy Ability successfully 10 Times, by actually taking 10 hits for your Selected Party Member by whipping boy's effect, to complete this quest. In essence you must use Whipping Boy Effect on a party member, then one monster must attack that specific party member in some way for the quest to progress..
I.E. Party Member X uses Whipping boy on Party Member Y, Monster Z attacks Party Member Y, Party Member X takes the hit for Party Member Y then Quest for Paladin Vocation is 1/10 complete, for 100% Success you must Repeat a similiar scenerio 9 more times to fully complete the Quest.. I also hear that if gain a LVL 15 Paladin, you can return to the same Paladin "Lady" for another possible Quest, but being without a LVL 15 Paladin I don't know what that quest is yet. Good Luck.
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