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How do you get your job?

How do you get your job?

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exCLOUDyGH answered:

I hear that it's about 1-2 hours to arrive to the 2nd town... where you're able to get new characters... but around 10-15 hours to Alltrades Abbey...
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BaKuRi answered:

You start the game as an Entertainer(not sure of translation) and within 2 hours of gameplay or so you should arrive at Altrades Abbey, there you can change your class/job to any of the starting six.
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Yutaka133 answered:

Yeah dude i dont know what your smoking but im 9 hours in and i just got past alltrades abby. Btw very disapointed they start you as a mistral it seems like an evened out class but i would have perferred to choose warrior at the beginning of the game kinda stupid you cant choose ur own class when you make your character. Cause im not gonna waste another 5 hours leveling back up to level 17 on the warrior class.
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