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Question about skills?

So my first skill was dragon slash. When i fist used it in battle, there was some numbers like 0/6. What does this mean? Also, my second skill was hypnowhip. But when i tried to use it in battle, it doesnt work. Can any1 help me out?

Barbaric asked for clarification:

You need to be more specific about hypnowhip's failure to work. Otherwise, nobody has any idea what you're talking about.


exCLOUDyGH answered:

I think the 0/6 is Current MP / Total MP...

Sorry... but I don't know about your 2nd question...
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exCLOUDyGH answered:

No... 0/6 means that that skill uses 0 MP... and you have a total of 6 MP...

Don't know about the 2nd question...
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juno_131 answered:

You have to have a whip equipped to use whip skills don't know if that was your problem or not.
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