Question from Nintendork2468

Where can I find Magic Water??

Its for a side quest, and I just need to know!!!

Azn_Playah asked for clarification:

dragonriderz81, none of the "set" items are magic water. If you got lucky and got one from the blue chests then congrats, but that's a random reward.

Nintendork2468 provided additional details:

thanks but I found some, apparently you can eventually buy it

Nintendork2468 provided additional details:

There is no "set place" except maybe one or two chests in the the Alltrades tower. Otherwise you can start buying somewhere, Idk exactly when, I forgot.

Accepted Answer

Nebion answered:

The Jinksers drop is for magic water, also a shop south of Abby ( where you can change your job), there is fishing town, which sells magic water for 500 each
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Azn_Playah answered:

For that quest, the only way to get it is to farm the fire spirits in the hexagon dungeon. It's their rare drop at like 1/132 drop rate. I tried to farm it and gave up so I'm hoping to just find one through normal gameplay later and come back to that quest.
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dragonriderz81 answered:

When the king of Stornway asks you to defeat the Wight Knight, go to the Loch north of the castle and and fight him. Return to Stornway, talk to the king and princess. then head to Zere in the northwest. there talk to Alanna in the northeast of town. Afterwards the Wight Knight will show up again. talk to him, then leave. Go northwest to Brigadoom. Make your way to the thrown room and fight Morga. After all of this, return to Stornway and talk to the king. one of the rewards for completeing all of this is the magic water.

NOTE: before taking on Morga, I was level 11. Otherwise it could be a hard fight.
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apink21 answered:

Hey i dont get any magic water after that quest
can someone help for this quest ?
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apink21 answered:

And where is the original location of magic water ?
I can't find it...,,can someone help me ?
Im gonna die for this quest (-_-)
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rccx answered:

Does anyone know where to find fresh water??
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Nebion answered:

Jinkster's drop them, at the Tower of Trades
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