Question from Gryphonsrcuul

Asked: 4 years ago

How do i solve quest # 3?

I have pirouette set to left, clap to down, jump to right, and air punch to up. Every time I do all four correctly in a row, the quest doesn't complete. I'm using the US version if that makes a difference.

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From: Taption 4 years ago

what you need to do is go into your Assign Party Tricks and you'll see that the down one has 4 slots put them in the order she tells you and then jus hold b and hit down your MC will do all 4 of them in a row and you'll get the quest done

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If enter pirouete then clap then jump then air punch then hold down B and control down. make sure u are right in front of her and then she will teach you "Pray".

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