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Asked: 4 years ago

Does anyone know how to change your Class?

Okay so I just beat the knight guy (I think his name was the Right Knight?) and i'm wondering when or where I can change my class to warrior or something.

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Okay good. I'm at Coffinwell right now (this game is epic) am I really close yet?

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From: SolNeko 4 years ago

Once you return to the observatory and can travel to destinations by the blue trees, complete the scenario in alltrades which involves u going to a tower, then you and your party can change classes at any time at alltrades

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After a bit when you go to the first actual town, in the pub/inn area there will be a woman at the counter that'll let you create your own custom characters (you choose their appearance and class).

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progressing with the game you'll stumble upon a Church in which you can change your class. I'm a little further than you, and I have unlocked the Alchemy thingy, but I can't change my class yet.

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You have about 3 towns and 3 dungeons to go before you unlock the town with the class changing. You'll know you're close when you get back to the observatory.

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you need to get past the events in Coffinwell, after that you'll move to the next area. There's the place called Alltrades Abbey. go there, and you'll have to complete a scenario. Folowing that scenario, you'll be able to unlock the class change option

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Can you change classes for your additional party members, or just yourself?

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You can change your class as soon as you beat the Master of Nu'un,"Abbot Jack." I am @ the Master of Nu'un and he is SUPER hard. These are the people in my party. I am level 15, Minstrel, Ted, lv15 Martial artist, Jimmy, lv9 mage, and my brother, Sean, lv15, minstrel. Any suggestions on my party? I know I have to lvl up Jimmy, though.

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And yes, you can change classes of people in your party. :)

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Ok i beat that yesterday im at a part where u have to rescue a doll that took life from the fruit and its easy level em up to 17 and make sure u ave 2 martial atrist and a warrior make sure the warrior attacks r stronger than u and get 2 girl martial artists that not only looking hot but also great equipment like mine and if your main characther is a minstrel equip the feather headband got it?

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Alltrades Abbey will become available to you eventually. After doing the event there you will unlock the option to change your character's vocations.

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Although i don't understnad why you haven't closed this question yet, you progress in the story, thats all the answer you need. One of my pet peeves is when people ask about things that they know WILL happen, and ask when... When they are ABOUT to happen, you will KNOW.
and @carlxx3, that part is a spoiler, and has nothing to do with the question being asked... and its overall irrelivent... and not even helpful to somebody who does want to know how to get past bloomingdale.

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