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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I beat Morag?

After you defeat the Knight and talk to the Princess you and the Knight both go to a castle to the north to find it in ruins. When you get to the boss the Knight is already there and is made unable to aid you in combat. Keep in mind you are NOT teamed up with him. How do you beat Morag though? Is there some secret?. I am lv.15

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When I tried this I did not know how to get more people that is changed. I am going to close the gap, now have a warrior and Priest both at 5 then try again. It would not let me enter the name I wanted to for one of them though. "Noah" but I will close the ghap and try agian.

Additional details - 4 years ago

I had the main person at lv. 17, a Warrior and a priest ech. at lv. 10, only the lv.17 survived but I beat her. so be sure you have more then one person for her.

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From: dragonriderz81 4 years ago

I was at about level 11. I also had three other party members which I recruited in Stornway Inn. (Warrior, Prist, and Mage). When I fought her, she finally went down after several rounds of combat.

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Also, had the best weapons and almost best armor put skill points toward each character's weapon of choice.

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I was using martial art , priest and mage
I was about level 15 , beat morag was so easy for me..

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