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Where are the locations and their NPCs for changing to a Prestige class?

The title says it all. I need a full list of locations and the NPCs that offer the quests for the Prestige classes. I also want the description of the NPCs.

Accepted Answer

SirFlyingbob answered:

Gladiator- Need someone with dragon slash and ability to get super high tension (quest giver is a priest in the basement of alltrades abby}
Armamamentalist- Ability to cast wizard ward (quest giver is the guy in red near jack of alltrades}
Ranger- A thief with toxic dagger ability (quest giver is a chick at the base of Zere rocks)
Paladin- A warrior with whippingboy ability (quest giver is a paladin lady on the roof of Gleeba castle behind the fountian)

sage comes later in the game and superstar is after you beat the game.
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