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How do I solve Quest no. 024 ?

A farmer called George from Zere asked you to chase away the betterflies that keep attacking his crops. He says he'll be happy if you can just get rid of ten of them. So far, you've managed to oust 0. Well thats the quest's description... please answer and thank you.

blazingearth provided additional details:

Don't really know how to "chase the betterfliy" please give me the step please, because when i make it run from me, and have it out from the field, still my quest is no there any information popped that you have chased it(like the other quest)?

Accepted Answer

manadart1 answered:

You to go in battle with first when you do just defend until they run away.
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Kiroku answered:

In the field south of Zere you will want to chase the Betterflies off from the field; Killing them is worthless to you.

When you have chased 10 off go talk to George and your reward is a Seed of Defense for a job well done.
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