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Unlocking other classes?

How do i unlock the 2nd set of classes not available at the beginning?

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SirFlyingbob answered:

Gladiator- Need someone with dragon slash and ability to get super high tension (quest giver in in basement of alltrades abby}
Armamamentalist- Ability to cast wizard ward (quest giver is the guy in red near jack of alltrades}
Ranger- A thief with toxic dagger ability (quest giver is at the base of Zere rocks)
Paladin- A warrior with whippingboy ability (quest giver is the lady on the roof of Gleeba castle behind the fountian)

sage comes later in the game and superstar is after you beat the game.
FYI- you do not need gladiator before paladin but the paladin is much later compared to gladiator
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JesseH21 answered:

Well, I know you have to get the gladiator and paladin via quests. note you need gladiator before you can unlock paladin. but i think all advanced jobs might be through quests.
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