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I went to the inn to go to another persons place but I have no signal when I try, can someone please tell me why, or maybe I don't have a signal until I find someone...I just got the game so I don't really understand how the multiplayer work.

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I saw ppl playing together in a place though, and I still don't get it...I keep trying to join or invite for a few hours but nothing ever happens and why doesn't it show me having a signal, sorry I keep asking questions but I'm just trying to understand.

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Yea the wi-fi works fine, i tested it a few times and i configured it before i even started the game, i dont know anyone else who has this game so i just randomly try to find someone, so just trying to find someone doesnt work?

Accepted Answer

Azn_Playah answered:

Just like every other DS local wireless game, you don't have a signal until you find someone. You're also going to need to have that person host before you can join their game or vice versa. And if you're trying to invite for a few hours, you might want to let someone nearby know that you're inviting them to a game since it's unlikely random people are going to have their DQ9 out searching for open hosted games.
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Azn_Playah answered:

You need to be sitting in the same room as another person to play multiplayer with them. There's no wi-fi play aside from the online shop and map downloads.
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JesseH21 answered:

are you sure the wi-fi on your DS works? It's possible your wifi transmitter is busted.
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SirFlyingbob answered:

When starting your game be sure to configure the wireless settings. Make sure you have an access point that works.
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