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Asked: 4 years ago

Where is the frickin alchemy pot?!

Im 9 hours into the game just got past alltrades abby....where the hell is the alchemy pot?!

Additional details - 4 years ago

Thanks guys i figured it would be like DQ8 and it would just pop up in the plot sooner or later.

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From: JesseH21 4 years ago

You get the alchemy pot after going back to the Quester's rest after beating the Wight knight quest series. A cutscene will occur and Erinn will give you access to the alchemy pot. Unfortunately, unlike DQ8 you cannot take the pot with you.

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The Alchemy Pot is found all the way back in Stornway, after you defeated Morag and spoke to the King. There should be a scientist-looking guy (wearing glasses) in the center of town, left of the sign, who will have a quest for you. After that, go to the inn, where Erinn will present to you the Alchemy Pot.

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In the stornway inn

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After you defeat the wight knight just go into the quester's rest, after a cutscene you will get the alchemy pot, however, it can not be taken around with you. The good news: it's instant alchemy

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You can find it at the inn in Stornway.

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The inn at Stornway after you beat the Write Knight and then talk to the king.

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