Question from testing223

Is the Reckless Necklace of any use?

I came across one, seems to be cursed. Sells for a decent amount. Should I save it for alchemy?

puffinclassics asked for clarification:

What do cursed items do?

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Shaddowval answered:

You can alchemize it into a lucky pendant, and if you have benediction on a priest or go to a church you can remove a curse which does not destroy the item. Cursed items are simply locked onto your character unable to be removed until they have benediction cast on them,
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FragonWestTine answered:

You cannot alchemize it, so I suggest you sell it, since it is cursed.

NOTE: If it really is cursed, DO NOT WEAR IT. You will regret it.
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testing223 answered:

On second thought, it can be used for a quest, with other cursed items.
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dq9fan answered:

Shaddowval is right again and the recipe for the lucky pendant is recklass pendant+ saints ashes= lucky pendant.
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Firion09 answered:

I'd save it until you get some saint's ashes, because you need lucky pendants to make Monarchic Marks, and you need those for a few good alchemy recipes.
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